Can I move in? Not Yet!

Hey Batfans. I’m in Denver! The kids are back home being smothered with love and attention by Lindsay and my 3 nannies. They all decided to make it a girls’ weekend and I know that means swimming, laying out by the pool, shopping, and eating every piece of food in my house. As long as my kids are taken care of, I really don’t care what they do.

I got into town yesterday afternoon. I went straight to my new house to check things out. WOW! It has really progressed. The photos just don’t do it justice. I’m very happy with the finishes we picked out. I’m happy with the furniture, flooring, and mostly the landscaping. I’m not at all happy with the master bathroom, the kitchen, or the living room. Those are all things we can get fixed. It’s frustrating. If I lived here I could watch out for a lot of these mistakes and prevent them from happening. My guys are working very hard and I do appreciate them.

Guys, it’s almost done. Probably the end of August. DONE! I can not believe they can finish it up that fast. Of course I’m pushing for sooner but I don’t want to move in and have to do a thing. I’m going to be busy enough getting the kids settled.

All of the guest rooms and kids bedrooms are all done. The furniture is all in there but still in the boxes. I told my interior designer to send over her staging crew and unpack everything. Get it done, close the doors. The less rooms we have to deal with, the better. She told me it would cost me this much or that much and I said just get it done, soon. She said next week they will come over and get it all set up. Thank goodness. I just want them to do as much as possible so we can get in here sooner.

We have spent most of the morning and afternoon shopping, eating, and checking out the new neighborhood. Some of my friends know this area well and have been very helpful. We’ve had a chill rest of the afternoon focusing on our gaming and talking about how to better build the apps/game dev. The ideas are so interesting to me. I love it.

Tonight we are hosting a big dinner for everyone and then we will be heading downtown for a few hot spots. Denver is hopping after 10pm, I’m kind of surprised. We met some very cool girls last night that told us about a few places to go to tonight. I asked if they will be there and they said yes. I’m already making friends here. I like that a lot.

I just called to check on my kiddos. Everyone is fine. They are grilling out tonight for supper to make it easier. That means they will grill fish (Yuck) on my grill (Double Yuck) and I’m going to have to scrub the heck out of it the next time I use it.

I’m so happy here. Things are going smooth, I’m trying to remember how to get around town but it’s a big place. I hope I can find my way back to the house from downtown tonight. It will be fun but I’m a little worried about staying up too late again. My old butt needs sleep Lol I can’t hang out with these youngsters like I used to. 11pm and I’m zzzzzzz.

Anyone in Denver? Want to come say hi to me and my crew?

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