Paintball anyone?

I woke up late. Well much later than I wanted to. My buddies and I got dressed up in our old camo outfits and met up with a group to play some paintball this morning. It was a lot of fun. I have not done that in, well I don’t even remember. Maybe 10 years? Wayyyy before my kids came into my life. I forgot how much fun it is and it’s a great way to get some outside exercise time in. I loved it. We lost, I didn’t mind, I laughed so hard at some of the plays.

I’m making a bunch of new friends. I added probably 20 or so guys numbers into my phone so I can start getting info about Denver and specifically my neighborhood. A few of the guys live blocks from my new house. That part is really exciting. We FINALLY got to see my friend Nice show off her skillset as a police officer. It seemed like every time our team tried to move up she was right in the front line picking us all off. She knows how to shoot Lol There is no question at all she can handle a gun and very, very, proficiently. She was awesome. She also looks really good in her outfit. It was different, I think all of the guys had a comment or two about it. She had to take off but she’s going to come over the house later today to check it out. Then we will all go out to eat together.

This weekend has been about fun, community, and really just hanging out with the boys. I needed this and didn’t realize it. My kids are doing great I check in with them a few times a day. They are spoiled rotten. My daughter had her nails done. I don’t like that at all. When I get home I’m getting that stuff off of her. She has plenty of years to do that, I want her to be my little baby girl for as long as we can. And that means no nails painted! I was told to chill out, it looks great, and she loves it. We will see.

I only have today and tomorrow left in Denver. I’m going to take off after lunch tomorrow. I’m going to Church in the morning because I need to start finding a Church close to the house. It would be easier if I was Roman Catholic but I’m not and never have been. My kind of Catholic does have a few Churches close to downtown so that may be my option. We will see. Church is very important for me and the kids and it’s at the top of my list to deal with this weekend.

I did make it to the nearby grocery store yesterday and I’m happy to find out they do deliver groceries. That will sure make life easy. There is a dry cleaner nearby and a Subway. I’m happy to figure this stuff out.

I’m going to go get cleaned up. I think we are heading downtown to check out a few places. I know tonight we are going to a restaurant that plays live music. That’s going to be fun, I love places like that.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. I know I am! Have a great Saturday Batfans!

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