So it’s dunzo? Yeah, I think it is

In the progression of working things out with Stephanie I invited her over for dinner last night. We had a lot of fun with the kids, she’s so great with them. We had a chance to go sit out by the lake and watch the crazy waves flow in and out. We got to talking and she had some hard questions for me. If this, what would I do. If that, what would she do. Going back and forth on things, some of her answers didn’t make sense to me. I started asking why she felt that way or why she would do things that way and it just didn’t flow with me at all. We had a deeper discussion and at the end, we both sort of just looked at each other and knew. I said “So it’s dunzo?” and she said “Yeah I think it is.”

She started crying, I felt bad. We hugged and I kissed her goodbye then I walked her out. She didn’t go in the house to say goodbye because she thought that would be hard. I was cool with that. She got in her car and she left. I did feel bad about it later when I was laying in bed thinking it over. I’m glad we at least tried because I really felt I would have regretted not giving it one more chance before I moved. Things are in a good spot. I texted her this morning and I think her and I can be friends. I’m friends with all of my ex’s so that’s not a huge surprise. In fact 3 of them texted me yesterday about my blog post and Twitter Lol They kind of check in with me every once in a while. I’m amazed that I’ve met and dated such incredible women, they still care. I do treat them well and show respect always so that’s a big reason they all have said they want to remain friends. I’ve invited some of them over at the same time for bbq weekends or whatever. It’s never been an issue unless they bring up our dating history. Then it gets awkward and I just laugh and walk out of the room because who wants to be in the middle of that at a party?

Am I maturing? I think I am. Letting go of someone can be hard but it doesn’t have to be drama. I think being completely honest and upfront about how you feel and what you think is key. Also both people listening. It’s no fun at all getting raged on by someone who interrupts every sentence. When they ask you a question, you start to answer and then BOOM here comes all this venom. I’m happy Stephanie and I left it peaceful. It’s nice.

So I’m single again which is fine. I’m not going to date until after I move and get the kids settled. I’ve already decided that. I told Stephanie that too. She appreciates the gesture. She half believes it I’m sure because my dating history has been so many first or 2nd dates then I move on. I’m just out here trying to find love. Again. It kinda sucks but I’m not giving up.

The kids went to day camp. After I dropped them off this morning I went to Church. I signed up to volunteer to help pack up some mission supply boxes. We have 5 couples out of the country on missions and we send them monthly supplies. It was fun getting together with my Church family and spending time laughing as we worked. I took a moment to pray by myself before I left. I feel at peace. I’m doing okay.


Next is my weekend trip. I’m leaving Thursday and will be all over Periscope showing off my new house. Guys, I’m really excited to see how far they are. I wish I could move in now but I know they are still doing my kitchen. It’s going to be a big change but I’m ready. I worked my a** off to get here. I don’t have to work out there, I don’t have to do anything but be a dad. I’m going to enjoy life, make new friends and figure out what my next step is. I’m so blessed. I really am.

Here’s to my next chapter in life and in love!

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