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Good morning Batfans. I’m still in Denver, Colorado. It has been an amazing weekend and I’m sad to have to leave later today. I’m taking my friends out for one last lunch together and then I’m flying myself back home. Boy has it been a big, fun trip. My house is coming along great. We had a few changes to the mistakes that were made and I’m happy to say in about 3 to 4 weeks my house will finally be done. It’s been a huge 4 month renovation. It’s been worth it. I know the school district is great and I’m going to be very happy raising my kids in Denver. It’s the right move at the right time.

Starting over can be scary if you let your fear win over the fun that it can be. I’m always up for an adventure. I’m a “Go For It” kind of guy and I really enjoy new experiences. I just want my kids to be happy and enjoy their new home. It’s a lot to ask of them to move, give up everything they have ever known, but I know it’s going to be okay. My safety net is being taken away. I have always had my 3 nannies to back me up whenever I needed help. Now, I’m all on my own. I’m finally going to really retire from everything. I want to focus on my kids and find myself a new business or a new hobby or something. I don’t know yet.

I thank God every day that I’m in such a great financial position. I don’t have to work. I always have because I don’t know anything else. I have already put money in all of my kids’s college accounts, I have a savings account for each one, and I have a large savings account in a completely different bank for anything else that comes up for them. My paychecks I get from Lindsay/mine businesses I throw into savings and some in checking. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I give money to different charities each month because I truly feel with this much cash I need to help others. I have been known to help my friends that read this blog or from Twitter on small things. I tend to be generous in cash and love. I want my kids to learn it’s okay to help people. But only help with what you are comfortable with.

I did find a Church that I really like. The Mass wasn’t that long, they allow the children to be in the sanctuary as services are going on and I prefer that. I won’t have my nannies to take my kids down to Bible study while I’m at Mass. I want all eyes on them at all times. It’s going to be complicated at first but I can always pick up and leave if they don’t behave. For the most part my kids are well behaved. I give them a look and they knock it off. I’ve got that DAD stare down Lol KNOCK IT OFF, with my eyes. I signed us up for transfer so all of my records from our Church in Chicago will come here. And of course I’ve already got my box of envelopes for our family donations Lol I thought that was pretty funny.

I’m going home with a lot of plans to pack, sell, or donate a lot of our stuff. It’s time downsize. I don’t even know where to begin but I have a month to get it done. I’m so happy, guys. I really am. I mean I wish I had someone to share this all with but I’m happy to have some new friends that are looking forward to us moving out. It’s going to be so much easier to have some buddies to help me out when we get to our new home.

I better get myself going. I hope you all had a great weekend. I just uploaded videos and photos to our Family Facebook page. Go check that out. I took some great shots of Denver! Yes, the blonde hair is almost all gone. It’s fading away slowly. I won’t do that again, it was worth a little change. I think I will stick with my brown hair. I like it much better.

I will miss you Denver, but see you soon!

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