School Picture Day is Tomorrow

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated. Let me try to recap. We are home from Church. That didn’t go so well. I spent half of the time in the back with one of my children. They have a “quiet room in the back and to the left where you can take your loud kids. I’m in there so much I asked if I could bring a better chair Lol No one thought that was funny. We are still trying to get settled in and that includes being among our new Church Family. I’m trying to make friends, okay no I’m not Lol I don’t really like some of the people that go to my Church. They are ********. I said it. I don’t care. They really have high expectations of themselves and try to throw that on everyone else. That would be wonderful if it wasn’t full of malcontent and spite. I’m not into that. So they get very little of my attention. Hey, it probably goes both ways, so who knows. It’s just not what I expected. I may need to go find a new Church. I’m not sure yet.

The boys are doing well in school. Everyday I walk in with a fake grin trying to get ready for whatever their teacher has to tell me. The mornings aren’t so bad. It’s when I go get them in the afternoon. I dread the walk to the classroom. I can feel myself stressing out. I stand in the little hallway and try to wave them out to me for a quick escape. I got by with that once Lol

Can I speak to you for a moment????


I’m kidding (sorta). They are doing well. They need to work on sharing and communicating better. All things I knew about already. Their teacher helper person (F U, Trolls Lol) is great. She has been a big help and I really think she’s the real teacher.

Peace, hmmmm. She goes to daycare 5 days a week because I want to give her a huge jumpstart to education and socializing. She only goes half a day, shes in the morning class. She has the socializing down. She wears her sunglasses into class. She swings her backpack off like she’s been a big school girl for decades. It’s really getting ridiculous. Do the Karsmashians have a long lost half Asian cousin? I think I’ve found her. My daughter is in the midst of her terrible 2’s. Everyday is a fight. Yesterday I flung a plastic bat at her to make her shut up. Okay that’s not true. Yesterday I thought about doing that but I know better Lol She was arguing with me over nothing. But she was very passionate and loud about it all. I just stand there. I don’t know how to fight with her. I really don’t. I mean she’s so cute and it makes me laugh. That makes her even madder and that’s the moment I see what all of my ex’s had to deal with when we’d argue. I just laugh. I think it’s a defense mechanism or something.

So things are going okay? Can I even say that word? Yes, it’s not all bad. It’s just a lot all at once. My baby girl Sky is getting so big. I took her to her checkup appointment. She’s doing awesome. Her weight is good, her heart, lungs, everything are good. She’s perfect. She has started sleeping a little longer in between feedings. I keep thinking to myself just make it to the end of this year. By then she will be sleeping all night I hope.

I’m good. I really am doing okay. The boys in school and Peace at daycare gives me special bonding time with Sky. I love it. I haven’t really taken her out much at all yet. I’m waiting. She roams around the house in my arms and I let her look outside. She doesn’t care. She will have this big beautiful yard to play in someday but for now it’s all a big green smudge.

I hope everyone is surviving school. I’m spending more time on Twitter because you guys keep DM’ing me everyday. I got caught up most of last night on all of my messages. I still have to get back to Jamie and Nelson. But I do think I have replied to ALL. So check your messages, guys.

Happy post Batman day! It was a lot of fun. I got to spend most of yesterday talking all about Batman. My podcast had the 2nd biggest crowd of the year. I loved all of the questions and rapid fire trivia that I nailed. I know my Bible and Batman. That’s all that’s in my brain. And food. I love food.

Have a great Sunday, it’s the official last day of Summer. Go enjoy it!

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