It’s starting to Fall around here

Hey guys! I haven’t updated in a while. I have been out of town and I also broke my hand. I was going to try to one of those dictate into text apps but that wasn’t going so well. Now Brenda is typing for me because Sarah has “attitude right now, I don’t want to help you”. That’s her own words. I’m not sure what I’ve done now.

Some big, BIG, BIG NEWS to update you all on. Sarah is pregnant. It’s obviously NOT MINE in case any troll tries to lie about that. Her ex-boyfriend David and her had one last goodbye that was eventful enough to get her pregnant. Unplanned. She freaked out initially. I tried to fire her twice so she could either fly home to her parents or fly back to Chicago to be with David. She said no. I didn’t have to wait long that weekend after she found out, both her parents and David showed up. She was on the fence on what to do but after much prayer, she’s keeping the baby and raising it as a co-parent with David. They are not back together (Yet, I have hope for the kid, he’s a nice guy) and I’m supposed to shut up about it Lol Maybe that’s why she’s annoyed with me today?

Brenda are you even typing any of this. You know there’s a spell check as you type, right? Brenda? Don’t type all of that. OMG Brenda stop! Very funny. My nanny has some jokes today.

Yes put a space down from my main paragraph. Don’t type that.

Brenda has settled in well. She’s doing a great job with my kids, especially Sky. Guy,s Sky is getting so big. I missed her the most while I was out of town. I came home thinking she wouldn’t even remember me but she did. I love her so much. I’m very happy she’s with us. The boys are causing all kinds of trouble at home and at school. Their new school seems to be working out fine. I wasn’t sure how the school system in Denver would work out but so far, so good. I really enjoy dropping Peace off for some socialization and fun, and the boys into their classroom. We’ve had a few issues with the 3rd grade teacher but that’s been resolved. I hope. I have no idea why the 3rd grade teacher was causing an issue but she did.

I had Lindsay stay at my house to help with the kids while I was out of town. That was fun for them and a headache for me. While I was away, no I’m not paying you to type this blog for me. I’m going to say thank you and then start thinking on what to type for my next blog. Brenda, you better not be typing all of that again. Don’t type when I tell you things, only type to dictate my blog. It’s not funny. No it’s not. This is my blog. Not Brenda’s HAHA time. Fine, we will go get a Starbucks. No. Because I said no. Fine, 1 muffin. That’s it though!!!!!!!!!!

I broke my left hand. Showering was a trick at first so I switched to baths. I don’t fit into any bath tub in North America so that was short lived. Short lived doesn’t have to have a hyphen but you can. Brenda, can we just finish this please!!!! I was already ambidextrous so it wasn’t hard to do things right handed. It’s challenging. What? There’s no I in the ending. It’s just the extrous. I’m getting a little big frustrated with you typing this out. Let’s just wrap it up, go get your Starbucks, and get back home. Okay? Can we just finish this blog please?

Fall weather in Denver has been up and down. Nice sunny days followed by snow (Yes it snowed already once) and then more nice days. The wind is completely different here. I’m still getting used to sitting outside. The kids love Denver I think. They have adjusted well and this is the month when I’m going to start doing playdates for them. I think meeting their little friends and their parents will be interesting.

Giant sigh, Brenda I don’t know who Timmy is yet. Who is he? The one with glasses? Oh he’s a total, wait don’t put that in there.

Let me read this blog please. Thank you Brenda.

I did not want you to put that in there. Edit it all out please. Brenda. Don’t hit publish! Wait, no

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