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Hey #Batfans. How’s it going? Things have been so busy I’m sorry I haven’t updated anything lately. Let’s start with some good news. My broken hand is all healed up. I no longer have to wear that stupid brace on it anymore. Thank goodness. I’m okay. I was walking and slipped in my new dress shoes and completely caught myself on my hand. My full body weight. Snappppppp. It hurt. I tried to make myself believe it was just a sprain but after it puffed up like a popcorn ball I figured I better go to the hospital. I’m all better now.

I just uploaded probably 200 photos or so. I couldn’t find the time to clear off my photos from my iPhone until this morning. Please enjoy the new albums in there as well as some updates to the existing albums. There are a ton of new photos of baby Sky. She is getting so big. She has a massive amount of hair. It’s a little weird to deal with but she’s so pretty. I love her so much. She is sleeping almost all the way through the night. We put her to bed at 9pm now. It was hard finding the right time that works for her. She does like to stay up but we decided by 9pm she’s good to go and she gets up around 4 or 5am. That’s not too bad. It also depends on well she sleeps too. She’s not doing anything fun yet but she will soon. She is growing up way too fast. This is my last baby (I swear Lol) so I’m really trying to enjoy every day with her. When we drop the kids off at daycare and school, I get that precious few hours with her and I love it. I’ve really bonded with her which is more than I can say for my boys when they were little. Back then it was just putting out screams with food or a new diaper. I didn’t even realize how fast it all went by. It sure didn’t feel like it at first.

The boys are doing well in school. We’ve had a little bit of drama from a 3rd grade teacher who kept trying to….I actually don’t even know but I had to tell her to leave us alone. I’m at the school to drop them off and pick them up. That’s it. I did get to eat lunch with them last week but that was a special occassion. Heston, first born, was awarded Student of the Week! He received a certificate, a new book, and I was allowed to come eat lunch with him and Alex. It was so much fun sitting with his group of friends and watching him interact. Alex just talks all through lunch I had to tell him a few times to eat, and less talking. I didn’t realize how much he talked at school. Thankfully Alex’s friends are also talkers so they get along great. I’m so proud of both of my boys for hanging in there with this Catholic school. We originally started out at the Deaf school because I wanted to get them the foundation for communication. One of the teachers was a complete tool so I pulled them, despite what Father Tom wanted me to do. I don’t care. If I don’t think my boys will like it, and both of my boys said they hated it there, time to go. They didn’t like the Catholic school either but they were assigned a wonderful woman to help them out all day. She said they have both blossomed and are learning at the same pace as everyone else. The only issue we still have is their teacher will ask them a question then turn around and they can’t see her talking Lol I’ve told her over and over for them just face them, they can read your lips. I think she forgets so they have to get it translated with sign language and can answer her questions. It just takes a few seconds longer.

Peace. Oh my gosh. Where do I even start with this child. I’m not even sure she’s mine anymore Lol She belongs to her “fans”. She rocks her baby aviator sunglasses like she’s one of the Kardanshians? Is that even how you spell it? I have no idea. Okay I googled it. I’m right. Her outfits get more and more outrageous and she is throwing tantrums like a dice game. It’s too much. She is way too much. Then…at school everyone says how smart she is. Just my luck, the 2 year old who already runs the house is getting smarter than the boys. I’ve had 3 teachers now come up to me and tell me they need to watch her development. She may be ready to jump a grade by the time she starts kindergarten. WTF, Peace! I don’t know how or why but okay. It’s probably all of the one on one time she gets with me or Sarah. We are constantly playing educational games with the kids. I don’t want them to waste time on toys and silly things. If we are doing something together it needs to have a little value. I mean I already have no clue what I’m doing as a father but I’m trying hard. I keep reading these parenting books to figure out what is coming next for the kids. Some of it rings true but some if it is not stuff I would adhere to. I think you just figure it out as you go? I’m not sure but I know my kids are all happy. That’s all that matters right now.

Sarah’s pregnancy is going very smooth. We had a minor hiccup when her parent’s house got smashed in that Dallas tornado. They were slightly injured by we flew down to help them out. They are okay, just fighting with their home owner’s insurance. Isn’t that usually the case? You pay the bill every year and the 1 time you need to put in a claim it’s a battle royale Lol Geez. Glad it’s not me. We survived a snowstorm? Was that even a storm? It was more like a giant puffy snow blizzard then days of cold af tempertature and light to CHUNKS of snowflakes. The weather here is very confusing. At this point I have a light jacket and a full on snowsuit Lol I don’t know which one to wear half of the time.

Let’s talk about my love life. This should be interesting. I met someone. We have been talking for months. Things were going okay then a big thing happened. Then another big thing happened and finally we are both dealing with a ton of crap in our lives. Things sort of faded and are in the process of friendly to not even talking to each other. I’m not sure what to think about any of it other than hmmmmmmmmmmm alright. That’s where I’m at. Her life isn’t going to change any time soon and I’m sitting here wondering what to do about all of it. Dating has been taken off of the table for some time now. I don’t even have any plans to go visit her or even make plans to go visit. That’s not even a topic we discuss. I’m thinking it’s fading but I don’t know. Yesterday was an absolute shitshow so I kind of just backed my ass up from the situation Lol I don’t need stress, she definately doesn’t need stress. We shall see, guys. I don’t know.

Denver is getting fun. I am finally getting out more exploring. I have made some new friends and plan to start hosting dinner parties as well as playdates for the kids. I’m hosting the teachers, my boys’ helper, the Vice Principal and Principal for dinner tonight. I want them to see how we handle the boys at home so everyone has a better understanding of why my boys do the things they do. There has been so much confusion that I finally said, come see for yourselves. If I’m doing this all wrong at home, help me figure this out. I offered to get catered dinner and as I’ve always known, teachers LOVE FREE food Lol

I have to get the house cleaned up and get the kids off. I will update more, I swear. Things have been busy but I do have more time now. Thanks for sticking around, guys. I love you all. Check back soon!

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