Rowboat Book Club Book #84

This book was not in my wheelhouse at all. I was surprised when it got voted in for this month. I had bought it back in June, ran it through a Periscope and thought that would be it. I loved it. I connected with so many of the stories in it. You guys kept on me to do it in the book club, not just the Periscope group. Fine! Merry Christmas Lol The Beautiful No by Sheri Salata.

“Thursday morning.

One hundred pounds overweight, no man in sight, and rounding the bend to 57 years old—a full-blown catastrophe.”

What happens when you realize you’ve had the career of your dreams, but you don’t have the life of your dreams? This was the stark reality facing Sheri Salata when she left her twenty-year stint at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios and the OWN network. She had dedicated decades to her dream job, and loved (almost) every minute of it, but had left the rest of her life gathering dust on the shelf.

After years of telling other people’s makeover stories, Sheri decided to “produce” her own life transformation. And this meant revisiting her past, excavating its lessons, and boldly reimagining her future. In these pages, she invites readers along for the ride—detoxing in the desert, braving humiliation at Hollywood’s favorite fitness studio, grappling with losses, reinventing friendships, baring her soul in sex therapy, and more. Part cautionary tale, part middle-of-life rallying cry, Sheri’s stories offer profound inspiration for personal renewal.

I’m going to fall in love with 2020

I had a pretty great 2019. I saw my love life get a small kickstart. It didn’t last long but that was okay. My boys had a birthday. My gosh the years are just flying by. We traveled a little, we grew as a family. We welcomed my last child (I’m pretty sure), Sky. Having 2 daughters is a balance I love. Let me think. This year I’ve sold way more books than I realized. I’m HUGE overseas. HUGE. I think the stupid tv show must be a season or 2 behind. I’m not sure. Either way the orders kept coming in and looking at my sales totals for 2019. WOW. So we are going to Miami Beach right after Christmas to celebrate another great year.

My kids are healthy, I’m healthy-ish and we are happy. I love my kids! I really do. They drive me nuts some days but for the most part I have some really great kids. The boys love their sisters. Their sisters tolerate their brothers. Sarah is pregnant and will be welcoming her baby in the middle of next year. Brenda has been a life-saver! She adjusted so quickly to our life. The guest house is NOW BUILT and done! The girls will be moving their things in next week. My dog is great. He’s actually lost a little weight which was fine by me. He loves his new backyard.

Our move was not as hard as I thought. I love Chicago, God knows I do, but Denver. Ahhhhhh, Denver. You are my new home. I will raise my kids all over you!

And a sidenote to this year, the trolls have left me alone Lol I mean there is still that one hold Jen Jen who is obsessed with me and anyone I talk to but all she has done is made them wonder about me, talk to me in DM and actually created new friendships with her nonstop harassment. Stalkers aren’t all bad. They are mentally deranged af and I have no idea how their family stands them but, ok. Stalk away. I don’t do anything. Literally Lol

So what about 2020. The year of the Sam? Let me think. I want to spend New Year’s eve with my date, Jen. Yes I have fired up an old flame from the last time we inhabited Denver/Colorado Springs. We have a date planned before the downtown party just to see if we can have fun still. I think we can.

I’m looking at new business for my house flipping in the area. I’m doing one house at a time. I think going slow and learning the entire process and the )(*#@$)(*#$ permits you have to wait for is going to be great.

I really think this year wasn’t so bad. 2018, Ugh. But 2020, Here’s Looking at you BABY! I can’t wait. A new year, a new chance to make my life everything I want it to be.

I love each one of my readers. You have hung in with me, oh my gosh, 7 years now! My podcast is banging hot and I’m getting a bunch of new people joining our book club. I really don’t know how much better things can get.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. You all deserve it. Thanks so much for keeping up with my life. It’s pretty great.

And Trump got impeached. I couldn’t have asked for more!