Manifest the Write Stuff & Happy 7th Birthday to my Blog!

I typed Happy Birthday and a set of colorful ballons didn’t float up from the bottom. Wow, I am an iPhone addict I guess. Hey guys! Welcome, welcome, wellllcome to 2020. I’m so happy you are still here and reading my blog. I started it on January 1st, 2012 because I wanted a fresh start from my original website. I remember the first post was me just testing out WordPress. It looked complicated and now I can safely say I sorta of know what all the buttons do on here.

How did New Year’s eve go for you? I was asleep before 11pm and then my gorgeous baby Sky, who we affectionately call Pudge (She has very pudgy cheeks and legs), woke me up to eat and get a fresh diaper. Man, I can not wait until I throw out the very last diaper in the next year or so. I’m kinda over all of that after 4 kids. It’s never the highlight of my day. I was watching the CNN version of New Years Eve that I had taped, but it was getting kind of weird so I went over to a documentary that I had taped. It was much more low-key and I was slowly dozing off. Then hit Midnight in Denver and my phone went off. Calls sent to voicemails, texts, and a few photos. I love my friends and family. They really know how to celebrate and I love seeing they were bringing in the New Year.

I had a very good night’s sleep and I feel productive this morning. Don’t worry that won’t last.

Let me go backwards for a second. On December 1st of this year the 2 months build on my guest house was supposed to be completed. They didn’t exactly hit that finish date it was a little after. But it was finally finished and we spent the rest of the month getting the furniture, décor, and things moved in. After promising my nannies, Sarah and Brenda, a million times they could move in soon I told them yesterday, today is the day. I spent most of the day hauling boxes on my movers dolly from their bedrooms, the garage, and a few from the shed we stored everything in. They spent the afternoon and evening unpacking. They have so many boxes left to do as of this morning so I know it’s going to be a fun time for them to decorate their house. It’s in my backyard. It’s meant to be a downstairs guesthouse for my visitors if I don’t have room in my main house slash the pool house for spring/summer/fall for my swimmers. It’s a small 2 story but it’s functional and that’s all that matters. It was a marathon build and I’m very happy to get an assessment later this month to see what kind of value I’ve added to my land. My house is located in Congress Park area/Cherry Creek area so construction was a challenge.

I can report the girls LOVE IT. I love having my house all to myself for the first time in almost 5 years. Just me, my kids, and our pets. I’m slowly working on getting myself and my kids into a routine where I can do this all by myself. Later this year when Sarah has her baby we will figure out what we are doing. They have both been put on alert probably around May or maybe sooner I will no longer need them. They are welcome to transition into different positions for me and my kids but I want to raise my kids.

I’m just as surprised as anyone that in 2020 I am still not married, still not dating anyone, and still not really putting myself out there yet. I mean, I sort of am. But not really. I will have to manifest the right woman into my life this year. I do want to share our life with someone special but after everything I’ve been through, I’m being extrremelllyy picky Lol Do you blame me? It will happen.

So here we are. I just got home with Peace. I took her to a nursing home nearby to serve breakfast to the residents. I signed up for it 2 months ago and forgot all about it until last Thursday. I got her all dressed up and she loved all of the compliments and sweet words on her pretty dress. She was so happy standing on a chair next to me wearing clear gloves and putting slices of bread into a 4 bread slot toaster. This kid is easily entertained Lol She said it was really funny daddy so I know things like that we can do with her at age 2 and a half.

Today is all about getting my sh** in order. I am a list maker. I know, nobody is shocked to hear that. I am lowering the prices on my houses I have for sale. I really just want to unload them. I have too many houses. I’m going to go later this week and trade in my 2 Range Rovers. I’m going to get 1 larger SUV. I have no idea what I want but I need it to have the 3 row seating. That’s a must. Sarah has my old Escalade and we kind of use that more than anything else. It fits all of us. I may need to go back to that. I will start looking that up tomorrow. What else? I did my 15 minutes of treadmill this morning listening to a podcast before Sky woke up. I had to top. That’s going to have to be good enough for the day. I will work on my new stretches. My lower back is tightening up. I think it’s the cold weather. It’s not feeling good. I’m trying to mitigate the pain somehow. If stretching doesn’t work I will go find an indoor pool and do that. Swimming has always helped with my back issues. That’s why every house has a pool. I need it.

I’m just checking out my 2019 analytics for my blog. Not too shabby at all.

I have 2,169 users that have signed up for my blog. They get the fun email saying I have posted a new blog so they can come here first and read what I said.
Since January 1st, 2012 I have written 827 blog posts. This will be 828 🙂
And in 2019 I had 2,180,592 page views. How cool is that!

I’m going to rest that stat after I post this blog. 2.1 million page hits. I love that. It means I’m really building a following.

Thank you so much for staying with me. 7 years. That’s a lot of my life out there in the interwebs. So happy to share the things I’m up to.

Watch what I do in 2020 Batfans! It’s going to be amazing! I love you all.

Happy New Year. 2020 is going to be great for all of you too. Manifest your dreams then watch them all come true.

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