That’s a little Curio(us) Cabinet

Yesterday I built my baby daughter Sky a small Curio cabinet. Every time I have a new baby I always build them something to put in their room. This one fits on her dresser and will hold small special trinkets as she grows older. It turned out very well. I hope she likes it. She looked at it and just looked back at me like WTF is that?

Batfans, I just uploaded over 175 photos to our Family Facebook page. It’s Christmas, Family Foundation Christmas, Echo Mountain ski trip, Disney World, Miami Beach vacation and New Year’s Eve stuff. I know I haven’t uploaded for a while but it’s on there. I spent the past 3 days labeling everything. We are good to go now. Enjoy!

Today has been weird and busy. The weird I can’t talk about, the busy is just getting things arranged. I just called and made an appointment to add Sky’s name onto my back tattoo. He’s going to look and touch up any areas that might need some enhancement ink. I will go get that done tonight. I also made an appointment at the Ranger Rover dealer to turn in both of my trucks and buy something that’s bigger and more suited for my party of 5. I’m going to take the money from that and go to the Cadillac dealer and buy this:

2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

It’s a black Cadillac Escalade that seats 8. It’s also a 4×4 which is perfect for Denver. I’m keeping my truck. So I’m going to go from 3 vehicles down to 1. I think I will be happier. The Range Rovers I will always love but it was time to make more room with my extra kid. It will still give me room to bring stuff with us and put in the groceries. I think I’m going to like it.

And the last thing on my list was to make sure the houses I still own got price reductions. I want them to sell. I have fixed them all up so I’m not going to lose any money but I won’t be making much of a profit. That’s okay. In the spirit of downsizing my life, I think I’m ready. And I barely travel to those cities now.

I have to go make lunch. I didn’t realize what time it was.

Have a great day everyone! Go listen to my new podcast. I added it yesterday, should be easy to find. I love you guys!

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