Impromptu Family Meeting

We are still in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

For the first time since she became one of our nannies, Brenda called for a Family Meeting. Which included me and our neighbor Gabby who is staying with us in Hawaii. She is getting worried about her mom who is now laid off of work. Her mom had asked if she could come here. She has been stuck at home working since March 12th. She was getting her food from other family members dropping it off. She said she has not left her house at all, she has no pets, was not going to Church. She was quarantined and safe. I asked to talk to her mom so she put her on speakerphone. I asked, if you come here, do you mind a 14 day quarantine until I let you around my kids? She said no and she understands. I said I don’t know when we will or can go home but if she wanted to leave at anytime we would make the best arrangements we could. She said she is laid off of work and now would be the best time to get out of the Dallas area if she wanted to go. She had never been to Hawaii and probably would never be able to afford to come. Brenda said she would pay for the ticket here and when it was time we would take her back to Denver with us, then Brenda would buy her a ticket back to Dallas from there.

Then came the logistics. Can you even get a flight right now? Do you have a mask and gloves? Are you willing to wear old clothes so you can burn them as soon as you arrive, shower, then help us figure out what food and supplies you want in your cabin? Will you be understanding about just staying around your cabin which will be the furthest one away from all of ours? You can go outside there, you can use your golf cart to look around. You won’t be shut in without enjoying our nice weather. So many things to talk over. She said she can bring her canned goods, she can bring her toilet paper minus one roll to leave at the house. She will help us cook and watch the kids, she will do whatever I ask.

We voted yes, 3-0 so Brenda’s mom is coming out later today. Brenda found a flight to LA, then over to here. Her mom is so excited. She’s going to give away the rest of her food in the fridge and freezer to family so they can use it. She said she will bring her Ipad and some board games. I said and bring a deck of cards I didn’t have one. This will be great. I like Brenda’s mom. She’s a very sweet woman. She loves kids and I know my boys will latch onto her.

Things are going okay. We are staying on the island and not going anywhere. I think we have enough stuff to last a few more weeks. We talk to Sarah a few times a day on Facetime. She’s happy to be home with her family. She’s excited for her baby to arrive and said she’s sad she left. It really was the best decision for her. She went to nursing school with a lot of the people that work at the hospital where she will give birth so she knows they will take very good care of them both when it’s time. I’m glad she’s safe. That’s all that mattered.

The kids are doing the best they can. They don’t understand why we can’t go home. I’m trying to not tell them what’s really going on. I want them to just be kids here. I don’t want this on their mind. They like homeschooling (Sometimes) and they really enjoy being outside so much. The only issue is I may end up running out of sun tan lotion. We are outside constantly. Even when it rains the covered patio out back is plenty big enough to play or eat meals on.

I am so thankful to God and everyone for helping my family stay safe and making sure we are okay. We are becoming a lot closer as a family. I’m so used to swooping into town whenever a family member needs me. It’s hard to sit here and not be able to do that. I am sending out money where it needs to go to make sure my family and friends are okay. I’m also still donating to online causes or to random folks in my private messages a little here or there. I’m not looking forward to my next Walmart trip (I really don’t like shopping at Walmart) but I want to get everything we need in 1 store. I will do my best.

How are you guys doing? Is there anything I can do to help you? All I can offer are prayers and a little bit of money. I want you all to know I am thinking about you and please stay home. I’m saying it everywhere, the more you stay home the quicker we can all get out of our homes. I’m doing okay. My anxiety is finally calming down. I think worrying about Sarah’s baby was a big issue. I know she’s safe and I know her family will take care of her. I’m still dealing with a very odd sleeping pattern. I sleep a few hours at a time. It’s crazy. We are okay. We know God is going to guide us through all of this. I know it’s going to take more time. We are following the CDC’s recommendations and I’m making sure we are washing our hands and the other things that we can do at home.

It’s going to be okay, guys. Stay home, and deal with a new normal for a few more weeks or months. We all have to. I love you all!

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