The votes are in

We all voted today and have decided to go home on Monday. We may leave late Sunday evening so my kids can sleep the whole way. We won’t have to quarantine when we get home since we’ve been in quarantine since March 12th.

When I get home I’m going to have to figure out a lot of things really fast.

I’m glad for the time we have all had here. We are going to have a great weekend. I am ready to be home. This has been a wild experience.

Isolation or Isatoners?

We are all getting along so far. We have had a few snippy moments but I’m very proud we are all behaving well. The kids have their moments and I can say my twins are finally acting like 5 year olds. They are sweet and nice, helpful even, and then all of a sudden they throw a fit, yell, and stomp off. I’m enjoying the in between moments when we are all playing nicely.

Update on my foot. I bruised my heel and I’ve been put on 3 days of rest (sorta) and I have to take a few days worth of pills. I’m resting by not doing much. The girls have all stepped up to help me and I am enjoying it (taking advantage of not cooking or cleaning) all that I can. I’m working on Week 6 of Quarantine. I’ve been to the stores a few times. We spend all of our time here. Hawaii has finally relaxed a few things but we are not going out. Not yet. I get a final decision tomorrow on what I need to do about Sky’s adoption appointment. It’s stressing me out. If I need to take her back I will but I promise you that baby will be bubble wrapped or something Lol Do they make baby hazmat suits? It does sound like we can do it virtually. They will mail me the documents, I sign them, we mail them back. It’s the best we can do. I will take it. She will be my first (and last) kid I adopt over the internet Lol How crazy is that?

Things are calm. I love it like that. I think I’m really enjoying all of this family time. My kids are growing up so fast and I’m noticing the small milestones. I hope everyone is doing okay.

I ordered Isatoner slippers for everyone. They will get here Wednesday. I’m excited to see what everyone thinks. I got all kinds of questions when I started looking at shoe sizes. I tried to sneak around and do it but with a house full of 3 adult females, there’s no sneaking anything. Not even ice cream sandwiches for the kids.

Stay safe guys, everyone that lives in a state that has opened back up, use your common sense. It’s not a safe environment. This stuff is not over. Protect yourself. You have to. Love you guys!

Rowboat Book Club Book #88

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

Lydia Quixano Pérez lives a comfortable life in Acapulco, Mexico, with her journalist husband, Sebastián, and her eight-year-old son, Luca. Lydia runs a bookstore and one day befriends a charming customer, Javier, who appears to have similar interests in books. However, Javier is revealed to be the kingpin of a drug cartel.

Sebastián publishes a profile exposing Javier’s crimes, who then orders the slaughter of Sebastián and his family. Lydia and Luca escape the massacre, but are forced to flee Mexico, becoming two of the countless undocumented immigrants from Latin America who undertake the dangerous journey to the United States, taking a treacherous trip on La Bestia north of Mexico City.