Another Family Meeting

Hey guys. How are you holding up? I’m okay. I’m having a little insomnia lately and a little anxiety but I think that’s normal right now.

We are still in Hawaii at the Family Compound. We are still all healthy and safe. The kids are doing good. They are still being homeschooled. That’s getting much easier. Brenda and Gabby are doing okay. And now Brenda’s mom has also joined us. She has been in a 14 day quarantine in the furthest cabin from the main house. We take a golf cart down to her a few times a day to check on her. We stand back from the back sliding glass doors and talk to her through the windows. That’s the best we can do. She isn’t sick. She had already been stuck at home. When she got here, we ran her through all of the steps we had to make sure she wasn’t bringing anything onto our little island. She’s a champ. She gets to join us on the afternoon of the 13th and boy are we all excited. Brenda struggled with it at first but she’s finally calmed down. I’m no longer accused of keeping her mom locked up like a damn zoo animal Lol We all agreed to the 14 day quarantine before she even got here.

So we had a family meeting this morning early. We had Lynn on speakerphone so she could get in her votes. She is strongly opinionated which makes everything so much easier. We rationed out this weeks food and snacks. We are running low on a few supplies and I explained to them I have some ordered but good luck getting it all here. I hope it shows up soon but I don’t know. I’m going with what I have at the house. Everyone has their pick. I ran Lynn’s box down to her house and chatted for a little while. She said my kids can call her Grandma Lynn which I love. I know they will love it too.

We are okay. My focus this week is to stay calm, to make a shopping plan and in 2 weeks go back to the stores. The Coronavirus is getting worse. I hope you guys are all okay. I pray everyday for all of you. God is going to watch over us and with our own decisions and guidance from the CDC we can be safe.

Stay Home guys. It’s only a little bit longer than we will be free again. My kids want to go home and I haven’t explained any of this to them. It’s going to be okay. Take care of each other!

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