Hawaiian Tourists

After the family quarantined for 14 days plus 2 extra days we all loved up into the rental van and went out into the world. We had our masks around our necks and our gloves in our pockets. YES I DID MAKE EVERYONE WHERE GLOVES! I got so many comments today about that. I don’t care. This was our first family trip out into the real world in months. I wanted to see what’s going on first before I say hey, no more gloves, we will Purell after every store. It went fine. The kids LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVED getting out. Finally! They felt free and happy. They had not been out at a grocery store in months. Proabably since early March, I’m not kidding. Heston said can I touch everything. I said no or you will go sit back in the van. He kept his hands to himself. Alex was spinning in the milk aisle Lol And yes I did make a small video of Sky walking in a grocery store Lol My family loved it. She held onto the basket and wobbled a few steps before I put her back in the cart seat. She’s still new to the whole thing but I wanted to show off her skills.

We finally bought the foods we wanted. No more lists and fighting about whatever I forgot to buy. Everyone was happy. Then we drove around and got out at 2 tourists things that were outside. We made it quick before we had freezer items to drag home. It was really fun to take family photos outside. I will put them on my Instagram account tonight. Yes I signed up with Instagram because I did delete my Facebook.

We are back home and everyone has happily put their items away. The kids are playing with their new toys. I did buy a few school supplies. I’m looking into maybe putting my kids into public school here. NOT Catholic school. I’m having an issue with the local Catholic Church and their lazy COVID response. I have several months to do some research and figure out if that is even a possibility. Hawaii did not get hit that hard. It’s really nice knowing that things might be, dare I say, NORMAL here come fall? If that’s the case I will stay here until January. I don’t know yet. I just want my kids to be safe and healthy.

I really did enjoy taking the family out. Tomorrow I’m going to take the kids and Lynn with me for a few hours in the morning. We are going to go explore the city. When I come back I will leave the van and the girls can go anywhere they want the rest of the day. Wednesday we will go out as a big group again, Thursday, same thing as tomorrow, just me, the kids, and 1 adult. And we will not go anywhere Friday/Saturday/Sunday to avoid the huge tourist crowds. Today we were not in any crowds. It was really nice. I feel pretty good about my decision to come back here. I think we will be okay. I’m still going to make everyone where the masks until we really get used to the social distancing. The kids are having a tough time learning that one. I may need to get 2 pool noodles and tape them to their heads Lol If your pool noodle hits someone, you are too close. Just kidding.

How are you guys? I hope you are having a great start of your week. A lot is happening back in the mainland, I am keeping an eye on things. Mask up, Americans! We have to do our part to prevent COVID in our local communities. Love you guys!