Happy 3rd Birthday to Peace Taylor!

3 years ago my first daughter Peace Taylor was born. I remember being excited, scared, hopeful, and anxious. The first time I saw her I bawled my eyes out. She was this sweet, tiny, little girl. She had a soft cry and as it turned out she was a chill baby. My 2nd chill baby so far.

Wow, how things have changed Lol

Now, my once chill baby is now a big girl. She is sassy, attitude, NO DADDY!!!, and smart. Very smart. Everyone notices her cute smile first and how smart she is second. As soon as she speaks it’s obvious. She is learning at such a rapid pace I’m shocked at how fast she picks things up. She has a very strong memory, like me. But she’s smart. I know I’m smart because of my memory, not because I’m a smart guy. My powerful memory serves my mind. Because of my memory I have of lot of information stuck in my head that makes me sound smart when I’m just reciting what I’ve read. That’s why I read ALL OF THE TIME. She’s just like me, except with a lot less drama. She loves me to read to her and get our time snuggling. She LOVES to eat just like me. She loves colorful things and she loves to dance. She is all me in a much pretty package.

I have loved her from the moment I said Yes, I will adopt her. I will love her until my dying day. She is one of my best friends and I really just enjoy being around her. She’s so funny. She can be a brat. That’s what makes her different from my twins. She’s very individual. She demands independence and she has a stubborn side. I love everything she is and everything she will be. She’s my inner Peace. When I hold her my whole world calms down. Even today when we snuggle together she and I have our quiet talks. She tells me everything she thinks and asks me if I like her. I love her. I have a hard time telling her no. She’s too cute. I love watching her be a little sister and a big sister all in one. She is my middle child. She is everything I prayed for her to be.

Happy Birthday my girl! We can’t have the big party I wanted to give you but we can celebrate you all day and make you all of your favorite meals. Today is for you and for us to make you feel special. I hope you enjoy your presents, your cakes, yes there are 2, and your new sunglasses. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel whole. You are daddy’s girl. I love you my little Peacey Pie!