I don’t….wait do I smell bread baking?

I’m in another midst of not sleeping well. I am not feeling well (Again), I blame 2020. I’m on antibiotics, a muscle relaxer (relaxor?) and Tylenol. I’m supposed to take it easy for 3 to 5 days and my girlfriend is in FULL ON WIFE MODE. She’s bossing me from afar Lol It’s very cute.

I’m okay, it is nothing serious. I went to the clinic yesterday and had to drag Sarah with me out of quarantine for the Essential medical visit. She stayed in the van. I rented a big passenger van for this trip. I’m all done relying on Mads to bring me around for shopping. He’s happy I can finally get myself around now. Blood draw, urine sample, fever checker. I did not have to get another COVID test. I’m going to live. I just needed to ease the pain a little. It is nice to know my body parts are finally aging as fast as my sunbaked face and forehead. I also don’t like the weird ass symptoms that pop up out of nowhere. I woke up yesterday with this issue and next thing I know I can move my left arm or hand and had to stoop to walk. Laying/sitting on the couch all day was not helping anything at all and I knew it was time to go get real help. Sarah had been nagging me all day to just go in and get it looked at. I’m glad I listened to her and my girlfriend.

Today is all about Chilltown. I’m ready for some real couch tv time. I never get to do it so I’m anxious to see how long I actually last. 20 minutes is my best guess Lol I can not sit for long. I have too many things I want to go do.

Hawaii is perfect. I love it here. I’m glad we left when we did. I’m glad we have a set time line this trip. I’m also glad to know if we HAVE to stay here, it’s still going to be okay. My kids love it here. They really do. No one has even mentioned going home. Yet. That’s a big plus so far.

The plan for this week is baking. I’m going to bake a bunch of stuff and throw it in the freezer. That’s how I stock up on my families favorite treats. I also love baking because I let my kids help me. They are already learning how to sift, sprinkle, and roll out dough. I love it, I really do.

Here’s to another day of chilling. Have a great day guys. I’m going back to bed and I’m going to try to get more sleep.

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