I’m ashamed to admit this, but…

Yesterday the girls and I sat on the couch and watched the first 3 Twilight Movies. Yes, I really did. We had been so burnt out on being outside, swimming, running around in the backyard, I decided lets have an indoor day. I had 3 activities planned for the kids. One involved a huge box of legos I had brought with us. As soon as that box came out all 3 of my kids latched onto it. That’s all they wanted to do yesterday was build stuff with legos. The baby is still trying to learn to walk and we had worked with her in the morning. Sarah flopped on the couch, flipped on the tv and there it was. Twilight. She said hey lets watch the first one. I said no. Then I said NO and then I sat down. I started asking questions. Sometime later everyone was watching Twilight and when the bad parts came on the tv was paused, fast forwarded or the kids went to the other room for a snack or bathroom break. The kids didn’t pay any attention to the tv at all. I was sitting on the floor by the table playing and building legos almost all day. It was fun. Those things are great because you can build anything.

That’s about all we got done. Today I’m doing laundry, I’m cleaning the house. I love being on an off time schedule so I can get all of the chores done while everyone sleeps. There are 2 movies left so I agreed to finish off the series. I’m going to put out healthy snacks because yesterday we all munched on junk food.

Kate is doing the best she can during a very sad time in her family. We are praying for her family and I hope you all will send up a quick prayer for her right now. Amen.

Hawaii is perfect. The weather is the exact same every day. I love it. I don’t want to go home. I may not have to. It doesn’t look like things are getting any better. There’s no rush to get home. I’m working on the birthday party for next week, then another birthday party and then it’s all going to be about homeschooling and setting it up.

We called the contact tracer and took my whole family off of the restrictions list. Yes, that’s a real thing. They all had to quarantine for 14 days. I didn’t because I had all of the paperwork I needed to get out of it. That being said I only a few times to get groceries. And one other time for something else.

My health is finally much better. I’ve been struggling this year with some very oddball ailments. Kate is either freaked out by it or just very patient. I’m finally back to feeling normal. It has taken months.

The rest of this month is going to be about exploring the islands. I can’t wait to get everyone out and about finally. We have decided to do our adventures during the week when things aren’t so crowded as opposed to the weekends when the huge crowds are out. I am picking ONLY outdoor activities with a mixture of shopping here and there. Everyone will wear masks and gloves or they are not going. I’ve managed to keep COVID away from my house so far, I don’t need to get all this way and then it infects everyone. I’m happy tomorrow we will finally get into the city. It’s going to be fun and I hope my kids will handle the mask thing okay. We’ve been doing test runs around the house. I made sure the masks fit properly and that everyone is comfortable.

Safety first. Masks on, always.

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