OG Family Weekend

Sarah asked me a few weeks ago if we could make this weekend a family weekend with just her, I, and the kids. She wants to do a lot of craft activities, movie night, baseball games, Uno so we can have one last weekend alone. I sent Lynn and Brenda to Dallas for the weekend to visit family. She hired a professional photographer to join us and take photos so she can pick out a few to hang on her wall at her condo. She is leaving us at the end of this month and she felt strongly about having a weekend with just the kids. I offered to leave too but she said 6 kids vs her was too much.

We are just coming off of a week with Rain’s 1st birthday party, family meetings figuring out the new work schedule for the summer, and planning the last weekend with Sarah party on the 28th to the 30th. She has an interview on Monday to become a professor teaching Nursing at a local community college. If she doesn’t get that job she is going to try for one more teaching job that’s open. Also a local community college. If she doesn’t get that one either, she is going to apply at hospitals in Denver. She wants summers off to spend with her daughter and visit family. We wish her the best on whatever career she ends up in.

The other party will have everyone here to celebrate all of the years Sarah has been my nanny. I’ve got some BIG surprises in store Lol It’s going to be a lot of fun. Lynn and Brenda may have some text messages for me today after they read this. I didn’t tell them that’s why they were going to Dallas Lol Sarah asked me not to. She didn’t want them to feel left out, she wanted to have 1 fun weekend with the kids to get ready for a very emotional, ugly cry weekend that will be happening soon. She thinks she’s going to be a total wreck saying bye to my kids and didn’t want that to be how they remember her. She wants this to be the fun weekend they will always think about. I mean, I had plans to slob around my house all weekend and maybe do some yard work if it didn’t get a hard rain.

We did movie night last night. We watched Tangled. I fell asleep within 15 minutes Lol I woke up with 3 kids snuggling me also asleep. Sorry Sarah. I don’t watch tv or movies much. I’m also not use to sitting down longer than a few minutes so my body tends to shut down as soon as I’m resting. This is 48, guys. It’s not easy. I’m starting to nap for an hour in the afternoons with my daughters. And I like it Lol

So today is spending time as a family. Enjoying special treats Sarah is having delivered, and getting our FUN, FUN, FUN weekend started. I’m happy she thought of this. I’m going to miss her. I’m also going to crying on her last weekend. I depend on her. I rely on her completely. I’m more worried about how my kids will handle it. I know we will ween off of her over the next 2 weeks, but this is a huge change in their life. They want a mom, Sarah can never be their mom. This will be hard.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I plan on kicking my kids butts in Uno and baseball. I’m tired of them piling on me with their Draw 4 cards. Enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Love you guys!

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