That’s Yacht All, Folks

I had been thinking about what can I do for a woman who has been my nanny for more than 6 years. Someone who has completely dedicated her life to my children and as I added more and more kids never ran away. Nothing I threw into her life was easy, she kept our house running smoothly, she created schedules for all of us to follow and on vacations she always made sure each adult who was meant to help watch the kids had plenty of real vacation time to make it fair. What do I buy for someone like that? What do you do to celebrate her departure?

Sarah had always wanted a party on a Yacht. Before every birthday with me, she asked is this the year I get my Yacht party? I told her there was no way I’m doing that, I don’t even do that for myself. She kept asking anyway. The only way to send her off was to throw her goodbye party on a Yacht. I don’t have a Yacht. I had to charter one. It came with a Helicopter so I had the Helicopter pick us up from Los Angeles and fly us out to the boat in 2 groups. Lindsay has a friend in California that owns and runs his own Yacht Charter business. He must be doing well because our party night was absolutely perfect. The staff was wonderful, they helped with the kids. I mean, I actually got to eat supper with the entire adult table! That never happens. I was so happy to see Sarah in her moment. She was excited, happy, none of the sadness and tears she said would ruin our last weekend together. That will be happening today.

If you are ever invited or blessed enough to go on a Yacht for a party or a weekend, DO IT! I highly recommend the adventure. I have been on them for parties or social gathering for work events. I’ve never had an overnight stay on one. I would love to buy a Yacht but I wouldn’t use it as much as I want. I’m cool with renting them from time to time. Obviously that’s not something I do on a regular basis because this is the first Yacht post I’ve had since 2010 Lol

Today is the big move out. She’s been storing things in my garage from Chicago. She has slowly moved some of the boxes a few at a time to her new downtown condo. Today we are using Brenda’s truck to get it all and then we are going to help bring it all up to her place. She can’t move boxes very easily with a baby in tow.

Sarah booked her flight back to Dallas, Texas. She’s taking Rain to visit family for 2 weeks then she’s going to start working on her paperwork and things for her new job. She is going to teach Nursing at a local community college. She wants to stay in Denver. I had pushed her to move back to Texas for family support. She doesn’t want to be that close to her parents and sister. She wants to do things on her own. I get it. I moved out of Nebraska when it was time for me to go. She is happy to have a job that gives her summers off, but she does have the opportunity to teach a summer course for a few weeks in a close related subject. She’s thinking about doing that. If so, we will watch Rain for her. We have always been the babysitter option for Rain. That makes sure we see Sarah and my kids see her. It also makes Sarah know for sure her baby will be okay and not in daycare. The other option was for her parents to sell their home and move up here. There are condos for sale in Sarah’s building. I told her that would be best. She said HECK NO! Okay, okay.

So our new normal will start. Lynn and Brenda here during the week. Weekends it’s all me vs the kids. Trey and I work very well together. My daughters are older now so that helps a lot. The twins are sorta helpful. They don’t listen very well and they walk off the job Lol But that’s okay. I think we can do this. We have always been a “It Takes a Village” to raise the kids and I anyway. I’m going to miss Sarah. It really is going to be hard for me to know she’s gone. I tried to keep her. I really did. She wants to do this. She went through her education and received her Master’s. It’s time to use it.

That’s all guys. I will be posting my Memorial Day post in a few. I have some thoughts. Love you guys!

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