Catching Up

This is the week I’m trying to do about a year and a half of catch up work. I did our medical appointments the past 2 weeks. That was top priority. I did the Trey finalizing his conversion to Catholicism. I took him down to the Church by myself after the poor kid had to do virtual/delayed/virtual/delayed again class. I felt so bad for him. It took 3 times longer than it’s supposed to take. That was number 2 on my list.

Sigh. Clothes shopping. Like probably, all of you, I’ve had to shop online to buy clothes for 5 children that outgrow everything in 2 months. They are all at different growth spurts. It feels like I just get one re-clothed? Is that even a word? Lol We get everything in, someone else pops up with a shirt that is now a bib. It’s ridiculous. Throw in, I don’t know how to shop for kids. I had Sarah do that. She’s gone, enjoying her quiet life before she starts her new work life. I could have called her and asked her to help but I want to figure things out on my own. I signed a contract with Lynn and Brenda for 5 years. We are in the 2nd year of that, I have 4 more years to figure parenting out because at that time, they are moving on. I wanted to get Sky (MY LAST CHILD I SWEAR) into school and everyone else into a routine.

Clothes shopping with my boys is a nightmare. They want to look at everything but not pick anything out. And then there’s my favorite, the BAD ATTITUDES. One gets going, the other 2 join in and next thing you know I am saying PICK A SHIRT, I DONT CARE WHAT SHIRT. JUST PICK 1! And when they refuse, I grab 2 shirts and off we go with a chorus of I am not wearing that, That’s ugly following me Lol

My daughters have always been much easier to shop for. They love everything. Everything is Ohhh Daddy, its pretty. Easy. And now today, I have to finally shop for myself. That means I have to go to the Big & Tall stores because regular clothes do not fit me. I’m too tall and lanky. Also I have a round bubble butt so regular shorts, dress pants, jeans do not fit me either. I got the family butt and mixed with my dad’s tall tree family traits, I’m a freak Lol

It’s also uncomfortable because I’m going into a store where most of the guys are just Big, not so much Tall. My skinny a** is looking for things and the other guys are looking at me like you A**HOLE, get out Lol It sucks. So here is the game plan for today. The nannies are going to play a few games with the kids. I’m taking 2 hours out of my morning to hit 2 stores. I’m going to grab lunch on my way home to make it easy. I will spend the rest of the day doing laundry for my new clothes and finishing up the girls laundry with their new clothes from yesterday. We are going to swim and swim often. It’s been hot in Denver. I love it!

And then I am going to host a neighborhood dinner. I am FINALLY ready to make friends and invite people over to my house. My house is done, my yard is done. I’m ready. I’ve had my house in disarray for almost 2 years now. I’m ready to gather the few neighbors I sorta know and get to know them much better. I have 1 friend here in Denver, Gabby and 2 down in Colorado Springs. My buddy Mike and his mom. I haven’t made time to go get me some new friends. I tried to sign up for an Open Mic night, but then the place got shut down and they re-opened with no spots for a few weeks. I’m also planning on going to the Farmer’s Market on the weekend because honestly, that’s mostly where I’ve met my friends. That is one perk on being a Vegan. The minute you say that, the veggie/fruit vendors chase you Lol HAVE YOU TRIED MY GREEN BEANS? Uh no. HERE, YOU WILL THANK ME. Uh, okay.

My life has been on pause. I just hit Unpause, and off we go. We have several trips planned over the next many, many, weekends. I’m taking my kids the heck out of the house. This weekend is another trip. We just did Nebraska, last weekend. Next weekend is a trip, and the following week I have the car permit passes to drive up to Estes Park.

I’m happy to be in the air again. I love to fly. I love the convenience (Had to look up that word, I forgot the other e) of having my own plane. Right now it’s very safe and private. Right now, its the best way to get across the country. I don’t need hot weather trips, I have 99 degree weather in Denver. We are exploring up North. Yes, really. My babies need some heat relief. We have some beautiful tourist spots that even I have never seen. I want my kids to enjoy our land. It’s part of their lives too.

I need to go, this blog post has taken a year and a half to write my goodness. I can hear one of my son’s looking for me. Have a great day guys, Love you!

I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing Lol But I’m trying.

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