My Faith is stronger than your doubts

Oh I caught this Spirit today! This week’s devotional message around my house is Lean on God. We read “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken” Psalm 62:1-2

Well the last part of that is not true. I have been shaken in my life. I have cussed out God in my 2 times of ultimate despair. I have asked for forgiveness and understanding and I pray to God I am never shaken again. This is the message and the truth I want my kids to know. We all have moments in our life that we have lost our trust in God. It never lasts long and if it starts to stretch out, it will be time to heal and pray. They have had some great questions this week. I love it.

“What if God doesn’t want me to live a long happy life that you keep promising me?” Oooohhhh, that’s deep and scary.

“What if I wake up and I don’t think God exists” He does, I will remind you, and that is part of your spiritual path. We all walk our own way to God’s Will. Our life and story have been laid out for us already. I have wandered from my Faith. It has been very few weeks but there have been times I did not believe. I can say today and for many years, my Faith has only gotten stronger and I’m very happy to know that no matter what my struggles, God always loves me.

I love hearing my own children ask the same questions I asked. But my kids are a lot smarter than I was at their ages. They know God loves them. They know my Faith is a lot stronger than any of their doubts. If I can’t answer the questions they have we always look in our Bibles for guidance. I wanted my kids to stay in Catholic school but I can’t support the Denver Catholic school system. It’s a hot mess. We do our religion class at home. After supper we do half hour of a foreign language and then half hour of religion. We have done that since they were around 4 years old and up. I love knowing they question things in life and they actively seek the answer. I’m trying my best to put a solid foundation of faith and love. When they go out into the world without me, I will know I gave them all I had. And God will give them the rest.

I love God. I know God exists in my life. I also love talking to others who either don’t believe or they have different religious views. Send me a DM with your thoughts or an email. I love hearing from you guys! God loves you and I love you too!

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