Out with the Red, in with the Blue

Things got a little more complicated, then it was fine, and now it’s complicated again. I will update more when I can. Thank you all for the wonderful messages and emails. I can’t respond to them yet. I hope to by this weekend. I appreciate ya’ll so much. Check back soon for a better update. Love ya’ll!

Is this fun yet?

I have been in Colorado Springs over a week now and it’s not as much fun as I thought. I’m limited to the things I can do or actually move around to do. My neck is getting there but geez already. I’m very impatient with this whole thing. My attorney has finally sent me all of the paperwork from my Want more?

Well, that’s that

The reason why I haven’t been active on social media or on here is because my wife and I are now legally separated. She wrote me a letter and told me she loves me, it’s not me, it’s the kids and the family life. She can’t do it anymore, she’s overwhelmed. I’m dealing with a lot right now and I Want more?