Go Cubs!

Yesterday we took the twins to the Cubs game. My boys love going. I love being there with them. We will always be a Cubs family. We got in and got settled in our seats. I got out the drinks for my boys and a baggie of their snacks. We were each holding one on our laps even though I purchased 4 seats. I knew I would be putting our stuff in the seats next to us. Heston decided he wanted Mommy. I got Alex for the first few innings. Then the boys wanted to walk around so I took them by myself around the back and started walking with them hand in hand. The people swarm to us I swear and it scares my kids. I do my best to keep them in close to me so we don’t get in anyone’s way and we were walking on the outside of the area so people can walk freely but here they come at us. It makes my heart race and I try to answer their questions quickly so they can go away. I hate being rude but I can’t protect them, pick them up and run faster than any drunk a-hole trying to touch on them. Thankfully at this game we didn’t have that happen. We did the last game. Sarah was of course waiting for me so I could purchase a few things real quick and stuff them in my pockets to take back to our seats. The boys ditched me immediately and went to their SaySay Lol They can’t quite say Sarah so Heston turned it into Saysay. Whatever works, son.

The game was great. The Cubs won of course and we got to cheer them on as my boys would yell just because everyone else around us was yelling. I did pick Heston up once to cheer and he got a high-five from the lady in back of us. He sort of got his hand up for it but that’s the best he could do. He was scared.

We left early because my wife said Alex was getting restless which he always does and we wanted to get out of there before the entire stadium emptied all at once. She takes the bag, I take the both boys and off we go. My boys are both chunks at this point. It’s like carrying two bags of dog food around for 8 blocks. I had to put them down once we cleared the area. Then it’s a foot race to keep them in front of us and not off into the street. Heston is always the one that wants to hit the curb. If there’s a stroller that folds up and you can stuff it in a backpack, let me know. That would sure come in handy for us. If we could at least stroller one of them the other one would be easy to carry for me.

We went out to dinner after the game because other than the hot dog and fries my wife had we really didn’t eat much. My boys had their snacks. They didn’t want anything else. It explains why they both pigged out like I did at dinner though. By the time we got them both in their car seats and headed back up north they were passed out so my wife and I could hold hands as I drove everyone home. She has always done that since we started dating. She likes to hold my hand while I’m driving. I asked her why once and she said it’s a comfort thing. Girls are weird.

This morning my wife, Sarah, and I are going to Church. Everyone else is staying home. We have to stop at Starbucks on our way back and then we are all going out for brunch. My wife found this really cool breakfast place nearby that she wants us to try. She said they make omelette frites that she heard are the best. I’m sure we will have oatmeal or some seasonal fruit which is all my boys want anyway. Man, they can blow right through a thing of grapes. I’ve never seen anything like it. They have teeth enough we can let them eat them but we watch every grape. We don’t want any choking. We all literally watch them chomp it up Lol Sarah still cuts them in 3rds because she said I’m dumb for letting them eat a whole grape like that. If one of them had ever chocked on one yet I wouldn’t, but they really like to chomp hard. I made it into a big game. Chomp on it! Get it! And they do.

Today is lazy Sunday at the Cooper house. It’s going to be a little cloudy and there’s a small chance of rain but it’s going to be hot enough we are all going out on the boat again. I have to put it up once the weather changes soon so I want to get more time out on the lake. I just looked it’s supposed to be 78 degrees. A little rain won’t hurt my group if we get caught in it. This time I need to remember to actually bring the sunscreen. I laid it out on the counter and forgot all about it. Of course it was solely my fault and not anyone else’s fault. That’s okay I’m so used to getting the blame now I just say Yeah okay that’s my fault and we all move on. Even if it’s not my fault, with 4 women versus me it’s just easier.

We are in full Halloween costume mode. We have no idea what to dress our babies. My wife wants Peace to go in a baby pumpkin outfit because she has seen all of her nieces dressed as that. I was wanting something different. We are still searching. I’m really thinking it’s Batman time for my boys though Lol I have been dying to get the all dressed up as Batman. How cool is that! I can’t wait.

I better get in the shower and get myself ready. My wife hogs the bathroom as soon as she gets up so I need to get ready to go.

Have a blessed Sunday and go to Church! We all need a little Church in our lives. I will update more tomorrow guys.

It’s Game Day @Cubs!

My wife and I have decided to take the twins to the Chicago Cubs game today. The weather will be nice enough for them and by the time it starts getting cooler the game will be done anyway. The plan is to go without the nannies even though I have Sarah going with 2 friends. She wanted to go I didn’t ask her. I did ask her if we need help will you come help us and she said of course. So my backup plan is already in place. My wife knows about it but doesn’t want us to use it. She is trying to get us to do more things out with just the boys and no help at all. She said they need to start listening to us and they need to also get used to big crowds because with twins we get swarmed wherever we are anyway. We are a side-show act apparently. We are all wearing our custom-made Cubs jerseys again. I love that you can get them made and shipped within a day or two. That really was a good deal. My wife is going to wear a baseball hat too. That never happens. I was shocked when she stole one of mine and put it on last night. She said “What do you think?” I said get in the bedroom right now that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen Lol She just laughed and said she thinks this will help block the sun. I said well I like it. Her long blonde ponytail was a struggle to yank through the back she said but it worked out. She looked great! I will be taking photos of course and I will upload them tomorrow to our family page.

Let me think, nothing else much going on. Work is good, my wife’s work is good. Oh. We did pick the date for her baby shower. Our son is coming in January of 2018 but we are moving her over to Paris in November. So we are doing the baby shower early. We asked everyone not to get us gifts because we don’t need any, we asked if they wanted to do something, donate to Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma Food banks instead. Just bring a card with a nice note inside would be all. We are having the event catered with staff on hand and my wife said she’s looking forward to her baby games. She asked if I could convince Lindsay to come and I said I would try.

I tried. Lindsay hung up on me the first time I asked. The second time I asked she said why do you people have parties for a baby when you keep having babies every 2 months. That’s too many babies, stop making me come out there to celebrate your sex life. That made me hang up. Then she called back and left a voicemail laughing and saying she will think about it but I need to stop humping on my wife Lol It is NEVER just an easy yes or no with her. Unless she’s mad. Then it’s an f-bomb no and there is no further discussion. I’m caught between laughing really hard or being very offended.

We have begun to pack up some things to take to Paris with my wife on our first trip over. She’s going to turn in her two weeks notice in the middle of October. That way on November 1st she is done working. They have her just helping out other cases right now anyway. They don’t want her taking a case and having to leave in the middle of it. That would not go over well.

Our first trip to Paris will be that first weekend in November to go see the house and make sure she has everything she will need. Our kids will not be going over at that time. I am bringing them in January when I move. I thought about it, I know it will be easier for them to acclimate but I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it and I decided. She said okay. She is going to enjoy a few months off and get the house ready for all of us. It’s a huge move but one we both want. We both have said if either one wants to move back we will. For now we are set on staying forever. I like the location to all of Europe and the other continents. I want to travel. She likes being out of the U.S. and raising our kids in another country. She said she wants them to be cultured and learn about the world. I agree. I want the best for them and right now the best for our family is Paris. I can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

It sounds like everyone is up now. Peace woke me up this morning. I got her changed and fed. Then she was still up so I already got her bathed and changed for the day. She was taking a nap but I think my boys woke her up. Sorry? Time to get my rugrats and get breakfast going. I love seeing their faces in the morning. My boys are very sweet.

Have a great weekend, guys! Go Cubs!

Cubs game on Saturday? Okay!

  I shouldn’t have to say this but… THAT IS NOT ME IN THIS PHOTO Lol

That’s Chicago Cubs awesome pitcher Jake Arrieta. Anytime I post a photo on here of some dude doing something the trolls assume it’s meant to be a photo of me. It never has been. That’s how dumb the trolls are. It’s meant to represent something funny I’m trying to write about. Yes I do like the cubs, I do know how to pitch a ball, I have been to many ball games but I’m not a pitcher for the Cubs, I wish!


My wife has decided we are taking the boys to the Cubs game on Saturday. We aren’t taking any nannies. I think that’s a big mistake but she said we need to figure it all out ourselves. Okay. I like that idea. I just don’t like them being in big crowds like that without a few adult watching every move they make. Sarah is pissed, she wanted to go. I told her I would get her and some friends some tickets and she said okay. I didn’t tell my wife that part, because having a backup plan with the boys is no longer cool at our house I guess. My wife is in full on MOM mode lately and wanting us to cut back on how much we use the nannies on the weekends. I mostly don’t use them at all. I am with my kids 24/7 on weekends. I make sure I get all of my work stuff done Friday night late so that all weekend it’s me and my babies. I use the nannies if I need to run to the store or if I need to go out back and do something for a little while. My wife says when we are in Paris we have to really rely on each other because we don’t know how nannies. So it’s not about our current nannies it’s about what are we going to do once we are in Paris. I’m going to say here watch my kids I need to go buy groceries. How hard is that? Lol I guess that’s not right. Okay? Not Okay? I don’t know. This pregnancy stuff is starting to weird her out I think.

We also found out yesterday that our son is a little bit bigger than normal size charts. I tried to tell her before I knocked her up. The doctor is predicting over 9 pounds. Good luck with that sweetness Lol Sorry? My boy is going to be HUGE! I love it. I hope he’s tall just like me. My wife almost passed out when she got the news. I told her what did you expect, look at me.

So now she’s freaking out. We wanted to do natural birth but she said it’s going to rip her you know what all to h e double hockey sticks and now she’s considering a C-Section. I told her it’s her choice but either way, take the drugs Lol She’s going to need them. She agrees. So far her pregnancy has been really easy. She loves it. She said she loves being pregnant. She wants to enjoy every week growing a little more. She’s loving eating anything she wants right now. We are still working out together and keeping her fitness going. She’s eating more and more vegan foods which really makes me happy. I think it’s going great. I don’t see any problems yet.

Work is going good too. We are busy and trying to catch up has been a challenge. I’m finally caught up on all of my meetings and emails. I had a lot waiting for me on Monday. I have a few meetings today but then none the rest of this week.

Sounds like my wife is up I need to go get ready for work. Hope everyone is having a great work week. I will update more on Friday!

Keep praying and donating to the people effected by all of the hurricanes. They still need help. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

She took my hat then my coat

Last night we went to the Cubs game. What a great game it was.  Grand slam by Riz to start it off and it stayed pretty even until the last innings. Maddon got tossed on a bs call and it really was. My wife got mad and started shouting that was funny. The rain made it worth the win. I offered her my hat. She said no then it started streaming down and I offered her my coat. She said no again so I said it’s not for you it’s for peanut. That’s what we have been calling our baby. That’s when she took my coat and my hat and let me sit there getting soaked Lol Anything for my wife and baby.

Cubs won on yet another Bryant play. Wild pitch to score Javi, Cubs win Cubs win!

We got back to the condo and she had to fix herself up before we drove home. We parked her car there so we could both see all the finished work. Each condo looks great. All of the floors are redone and fresh paint everywhere. I cant sell anything until November so we don’t need to get them staged yet. Looks great!

We got home and I accidentally woke up Peace just in time for her to eat. I did feel bad. She ate pooped and went right back to sleep Lol

Tonight I’m playing at Cam’s bar from 9pm until 10:30. His regular guy called in last night and said he can’t make it. So if you are in the Lake Forest area and enjoy singing and guitar live music ask me for the address today. Would love a big crowd.


I’m taking my wife to a Cubs game tonight it might rain though. I told her that part and she said it will be fine. She loves the Cubs as much as I do. I’m meeting her downtown when she gets off work at 5:30. Tentatively. Might be 6 she said. She said its a perfect date night for us. She wants to eat at the game which means I need to eat before I meet her. I’m not a big fan of the 2 vegan options. They have a fake chicken shawarma and spicy tofu taco. No thanks. This gives me a great excuse to hit Native Foods Lol

We are finally on the last episode of Big Brother so we got caught up last night. Why does anyone listen to Paul. Vote him out. This show is dumb and that is why I don’t watch it. The girls love it and want Mark to win. Mark cries too much.

Hope everyone is having a good work week. I will update more later.

Cubs game tonight..again

Last night was Boy’s Night out for me and the few male friends I have here. My other guy friends are flying in this weekend so we can hit the Fri/Sat/Sun games together. We had a great time the guys ate, cheered, and joked around the whole time. I needed a night like that. I’m surrounded by women everywhere so it’s good for me to get around the boys. All of them are doing fine. Josh, Cam, and Johnny. My Chicago boys. I took 3 employees the night before and they all had a great time. They were still talking about it the next morning at work. I made sure to buy all of their kids stuff for them to take home so no one would be that mad. The ladies both really enjoyed it. The guy not so much. I didn’t realize he wasn’t into sports Lol I asked him then why did you want to come. He said because I can pick your brain on the projects you have me working on. I said Oh. And then he did.

We will be staying in the city all weekend. My condos will be full of people from Nebraska. I’m very happy to play host. My wife wanted us to go to the house so that everyone had their own bedroom and we would be more comfortable but I said no. With the commute it’s just easier to stay downtown. She agreed, after a few texts back and forth. I told her to plan her weekend because I’m taking my babies and my friends and heading out each morning. The nannies will watch the boys at night and she can do whatever she want. I also said you are more than welcome to come hang out with us but it was up to her. She said as long as I have the babies with me she knows I’m not going to get into trouble Lol My friends and I have a bad rep. We always manage to get into something. Drew especially.

What else?

Oh we are all in serious vacation mode. I’m taking a bunch of people to Ireland on July 1st. We are going to spend a week there. Then a week in Las Vegas just my wife and I. 2 whole weeks with no work. I can’t wait. My wife has planned it all out. She has made the arrangements, bought all of the things we need and is so excited to show off her native land. Her parents are over the moon they get to go back. They want to show me everything. I asked about vegan food there and her father said What’s wrong with you son, you don’t eat those weeds there” Lol I guess I’m going to figure that out myself. The good thing is the place we have rented has its own kitchen. I can go to the store or send one of our assistants.

All of my nannies are going and we are taking 2 security guys. I’ve learned some Irish words. I can ask where the bathroom and say This is my wife. That’s about it. Thankfully they speak Irish but I know some of my wives relatives will show off and start speaking it and I will just stand there and grin. That’s my go to move.

Alex has been a big crabby pants the last few days. I asked Sarah if she thinks he’s not feeling well and she said he’s going through a grow spurt. I said why isn’t Heston and she said he is but he handles it better. Great. He seems 100% and we all know one little sniffle and off to the doctor we go. Yes, I am THAT parent Lol I don’t know what I’m doing so I go get help. That’s just who I am. I will not wait things out so my kids sit and suffer just because I’m a moron and a 2nd time parent. This is still my first time raising my kids so I know nothing.

Heston has started saying Daaaadaaa really extended and loud. I crack up and say Heessttooonn back. He just laughs. My boys are always laughing. I have the happiest babies on Earth. I’m already at work and I just want to be home with them.

TGIF, right?

Have a great weekend everyone. I will update probably Monday morning. And Go Cubs!


The No Hot Dog Video

I posted it last night on my Facebook. Yes that really did happen and it was hilarious.

I took my boys and the 3 nannies to the Cubs game last night. My wife took my NBC Chicago prize tickets to the Mummy preview party with a co-worker so we all had plans. We got to the Cubs game, got to our seats and were just hanging out a little bit. The game was going slow, we were down by 1 early but made a monster come back. Not that I was able to be at the game when the big rally was happening. Cubs win, that’s all that matters. So last night we were sitting there, probably the 3rd inning. My nannies had all gotten their food and were happily munching on hot dogs. Please keep in mind that I never deny my kids food at fun places. If they want to try regular food, fine. That’s the only way I can

  1. Figure out any food allergies
  2. See what food they like/don’t like
  3. Figure out what foods they gorge on and not bring it into my house

Some guy in our row was getting himself and his 2 kids hot dogs. He saw my boys sitting in their seats not eating anything while my 3 nannies all had hot dogs. I was not paying any attention to him. I was watching my boys and half- ass watching the game. Now keep in mind he obviously didn’t see them both plow through 2 bags of their vegan snacks and before we even left the house they both had supper. Sarah made sure of that. We have found out that’s just the best way to do it with them. Give them snacks while we are out but they eat beforehand. It’s how we have always done it.

This really nice guy bought my boys a hot dog each and passed it down while saying “Hey buddy feed your kids a hot dog, it’s baseball”

I know. I was stunned then just grinned. I handed $20 to Brandi to pass to him to pay him back. I said thank you and left it alone. I have my babies right there. I know better than to stand up and be a dick to some guy that had zero bad intentions. He tried to deny the money but eventually took it.

We helped them unroll their hot dogs and Sarah peeled the bun away so the tip of the dog was sticking out. Alex licked his. That was pretty funny. Heston just held it. I think he tried to sniff it. So I got out my cellphone and threw it on video. This is what happened.

Heston grabbed his hot dog with his hand. He waved it like some kind of Sorcerer and threw it down Lol I died laughing and everyone in our area that saw him did too. It was a small, but loud burst of laughter from our row. He didn’t hit anyone with it. In fact it went all of .3 feet and landed on the ground and stayed there. Yes I picked it up and yes I threw it away. The guy that bought him the hot dog just laughed and that’s when I said,

“They’re vegan. No hot dogs for my boys!” Which made everyone else laugh and that’s when Alex threw his too Lol

It’s all on video. I didn’t tell them to do it. I was just sitting there recording it. The guy said Huh? Which is what I get often and he just laughed it off as little kids being little kids.

Proud vegan dad moment there. Even my kids won’t eat hot dogs. That’s a good thing. Those things are made up of the leftover parts. It’s really disgusting. I eat a hot dog maybe once a year at a game if I have some weird craving. Yes it is baseball. Hot dogs and baseball go together. It was very nice of the guy to do that. I wasn’t insulted. I was curious as to why he would think I don’t feed my kids anything. When we left I took a closer look and both of them still had the peanut butter stuff all over their lips and mouths from their snacks. Sarah had to wipe them both clean before we got in the Escalade.

On Facebook overnight the damn video went crazy. It’s not going to go viral but it has had a lot of shares, likes, and comments. About 100 comments so far. It really was funny.

We left the game early which was fine. We got the boys home for baths and bedtime. My wife got home just before midnight. She texted me they were going out to a bar afterwards. She came home not drunk. She said she just had one drink to be social and had a good time.

My wife says the Mummy movie is predictable. She said it’s just like all of the other Mummy movies that, is it Brendan Fraiser? Wasn’t he the guy that did those? She said she liked all of the action but it’s going to bomb at the box office. She said it would be something we rented.

Remember when we all went to Blockbuster Friday after work to rent movies for the weekend? That’s so funny I just remembered that.

Today I have no meetings which is a miracle. I can catch up on a lot of emails.

We just did the random drawing for the 3 employees that are sitting with me at tonight’s Cubs game. I told them I’m going to pick all of them up at their homes so feel free to drink beer. One of the woman just called her husband and told him he has to take care of the kids tonight she’s going to a Cubs game. I don’t think that went over very well but she said she doesn’t care. It’s her turn for fun Lol That’s funny.

The other 2 have never been to a Cubs game before so I’m very happy to be providing them with that experience. I’m letting them all go at 3pm so I can also get home and get ready. I have their addresses and I’m trying to figure out who to pick up first. I’m excited. I’m going to buy them all some Cubs gear at the game and send them home full of food, happy, and excited from a great evening. My wife asked who won and I just texted her the 3 names. She said Ok, Ok, Hmmm to the young blonde in our group. I said ? back to that and she said we will talk at lunch. That means I’m about to get the “She’s blonde and young” speech. I deserve it because of the affair I had and I now take it as a good reminder and not as a criticism or man-bashing session. I have zero reason to look elsewhere in my marriage. My wife is perfect! I love her very, very much and there is no other woman on Earth for me. She knows that but she’s also aware of my past so she likes to claim me from time to time.

Look at the time. I need to get back to work here. I hope everyone has a great day. Don’t eat hot dogs Lol God loves you and I love ya’ll too!