F*** Donald Trump and Homeschooling Lol

Here we go, here we go, here we GO! Hey guys. Yesterday we spent most of the day getting the bedroom down the hall from my bedroom into our home school classroom. The other half of the day was unpacking our boxes from Amazon of school stuff for the classroom. This is going to be hard. 1st grade is not necessarily hard, but the hours per day commitment for my kids will be a real challenge. Making them sit there as Sarah and I try to figure all of this out is the problem. She wants to teach nursing in college, that has been her goal for years, this is her preview. If she can survive 4 weeks (Maybe more?) with them she may skate by with college kids someday. We have all of the things we need downloaded to start the first week of school. We both looked it over and she is coming up with a schedule. I’m going over things with my girlfriend, Kate, today. She’s a teacher. We will tighten up what Sarah’s plans are. I may need to just hand over my phone and say work it out girls, we want the best for all of this. I don’t know yet.

I have more boxes coming in today. It’s what every thought we needed to homeschool. I’m looking forward to getting this room done. It’s been a lot of talking. I don’t understand why it’s a huge deal, it’s just a classroom. I thought a table and a few chairs was good enough. Boy, was I wrong. We are all working hard to make it perfect. I know the kids will destroy the room by October Lol I hope this works out. I really don’t know what the best thing to do for all of this. I do feel much better the kids have to stay home the first 4 weeks. This may be what we do the entire half of this school year. I don’t know yet.

Kate is also getting info about the start of her school year. It’s a lot of school talk right now. It’s really fun. She knows everything Lol I know nothing. Not surprised. She’s been such a huge help the past 2 weeks figuring out what is the best thing to do.

I’m going to start my exercise routine up again. I’ve had a few ridiculous health issues so I haven’t been able to work out like I want to. I’ve been swimming and…. well mostly swimming. I walk back and forth all over the place so I do count that too. We have been trying to teach the boys baseball but they don’t have the passion for it that I thought they might. I think they are in it for hitting the ball Lol I don’t think they care about rules of the game or anything else. I have not gained pandemic pounds. Because of the nature of my illness I actually lost a lot of weight and have been slowly putting it back on. Thank you Youtube/WebMD/ and various google searches that did nothing to help me figure out what was going on. I went into the clinic and they figured it all out within 15 minutes Lol I’m an idiot. I’m glad the antibiotics have kicked in and I feel MUCH better. Finally.

How are you guys doing? Any back to school stuff going on for you? I love reading your comments. I have finally answered back all of the comments/emails/DM’s I have received. Check your inbox. I even checked my spam folder to make sure nothing went in there. Nothing from you guys did, just some random buy this health candle ad that smells like the pine forest. No thanks. Better than whatever Gwyneth Paltrow is selling Lol Yes I had to google her name to know how to spell it. I got it wrong the first try.

We are all doing well. We are surviving the global pandemic. I am happy Biden/Harris presidential campaign has started. I’m happy she is our VP pick. I am not a Democrat but at this point I would vote for a bedroom lamp before I voted for Don and his ghostly buddy. No way!

Have a great week guys. I am blogging more often. My blogging club friends encouraged us all to write things out. Write it don’t fight it, that’s their club mantra. They think it’s healthy for our mental health. They are probably write (See what I did there).

I’m Protected

Sarah’s parents are here. It was a little bit of a rough start for all of us but they are finally settling in. I took them to the stores yesterday to pick up what they needed for their cabin. I think they are well stocked and we did find a few new outfits so they can enjoy the local style. I love a good Hawaiian shirt, I am that annoying tourist who thinks that’s what the local population wears. I don’t care, they are very comfortable. The family is happy they are here and I know they are enjoying time with their grandbaby. She is very cute and getting a little more sleep overnight.

This week is all about getting our at home classroom ready. The boys have to homeschool the first 4 weeks. That was kind of a bummer but I’m very happy to know our school district is taking COVID serious. I’m working on some brand new vegan recipes. I found an old recipe book in a family member’s cabin and they said it belonged to one of my Great Great uncles. I was shocked. I haven’t known of any guy relative that loves to cook enough to write his recipes down. I’m going to tear them down and make them into something new. I hope it works out. I love trying new things but I’m never prepared for criticism on my food Lol Oh well.

I have locked up my 2 social media accounts. My 2 book Twitters that I don’t run have been locked up since earlier this year. My @NotBatmanYet account is LOCKED UP. That’s because Kate is getting ready to open her account up again. Things with her beloved family member are settling down a bit and she is thinking about being more active on her accounts. The trolls think they found out her real name. They were obviously lied to by someone I don’t even know. The whole thing is hilarious. Kate and I have been laughing about it for 2 days. I do feel bad for the woman they all tried to harass. They are wrong, I love it, it shows how psychotic this hate group really is. We are in a global pandemic and a group of Trump loving reality tv fans are stalking me. Yay!

So if you are a lurker and you are a nice person add me. You can leave me a comment on here with your username. I do not post my comments anymore. I do read them and I will email the person back when they have questions. I love all of my readers. I really do. You all help keep me active in the blogging community and make me want to write. I love interacting with my fans. I have way more positive feedback than the few negative things I have to deal with. Block and report my friends. It really does work.

I have a big thing happening soon. I’m not going to talk about it but it’s exciting news for my family. Wish us luck!

I love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Family time Sunday

We have Sarah’s parents here. They are staying 2 to 3 weeks. They will have to quarantine on the island but not in a cabin. They brought their medical records and also their negative COVID test results so their contact tracer said 14 days in our compound then call to get released. I was leary about letting them around my kids at first but I did read everything they had and I believe we are okay. I still checked their temperatures and made them take showers before they came in my house Lol I know, I know. I don’t care.

So we are in for some big time family fun. It is very nice having another adult male here. We can buddy up and shoot looks at each other when one of us is getting crabbed at. Which happens daily. Sarah’s mom loves to cook so she said she will help me prep meals. They are staying in a cabin, not in the main house. And already they have both kissed all over their grandbaby, Rain. It really is a nice thing they can be here with us. I hope they relax and enjoy their time here. I wanted them to maybe explore a little but the government here is scaling things back.

I found out that the boys will be starting school online for the first 4 weeks. I was stressing out about sending them to school, now I don’t have to worry about it. This entire week is going to be about building a real school room in one of my rooms on the 1st floor. I’m putting it near my bedroom since I’m tucked away from the main living areas. It will be used for the boys and for Peace. Sarah is going to teach, I will help her. I think it’s going to be fine. When she needs to help with her baby, we will take a break. It should be fine. We ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon to get it here in time for school next Monday. I’m looking forward to them starting the 1st grade. It will be interesting. For me it’s all about getting them to age 8. That’s when we can practically fix their hearing loss. I pray everyday it goes well and I can keep their ears healthy until then. It’s hard. We deal with a lot of ear infections, a lot of rinsing, drops, doctor visits. It’s not fun. I just want them to be happy and healthy. They are.

The weather has been perfect. We are getting back to a lot of swimming and hanging out together. The kids play together. I’ve noticed the kids are not fighting as much. With the kid to adult ratio that may be why. I’m not sure but I am enjoying it. We have completed a lot of home projects and yard work. I think teaching my kids to work with me on things it is teaching them responsibility as well as using their imaginations. We are building things, painting it, putting in place. I think they really do enjoy creating structures that we all can use.

Things with Kate and I are great. I love the trolls think they know her real name and know all about her. In fact all they have accomplished is harassing some poor unknown woman and family members who know nothing at all. Good try, wrong person Lol We both love it and laugh our asses off. I also enjoy them trying to figure out if they broke us up. Nope. I know their insane hate group thinks they have some power over my life or her life but they don’t. Look at the source of info. Look at all the fake, created, new accounts that magically has “insider info”. Nope. If you listen to a complete stranger tell you about me, that shows how indifferent we are to each other. A troll is a lying, sack of poo, who has no love in their own life. They have to obsess over me to feel powerful, wanted as part of a group with no real end game. All they want is to harass me. I ignore them, I block them, I report them. Please do the same when you see them show up on my social media. All of us reporting them gets their accounts taken away. Some of the things they post are hilarious, but I don’t see it. I hear about it from our insider trolls that work with Lindsay spilling the beans. The trolls are regurgitating the same info from 5 years ago like a bad piece of fish. There is nothing new, no one has found Kate’s real Twitter account or real name. You’ve wasted your entire summer on stalking me. Good job, Trolls. It does nothing. I actually sell more books and make new friends from all of your efforts Lol So thanks? Nahhhhh, F*** Y** Lol If you would have been nice and respectful I would have answered your questions. Instead you show who you really are inside and it’s a dark ugly piece of filth that I don’t want anywhere near me. Look in the mirror. Why do you do all of this? Because it makes you feel good? Because you honestly think I’m lying? I’m not. You are throwing around photos that ARE NOT ME. And…I’ve never posted those photos so whoever came up with those photos, you are a liar and a dumbass. You are trying to drum up any amount of false info that you can try to convince others is the truth. How about stop with the games and move on? I moved on 5 years ago. I’m in a very happy, healthy relationship. Just because her Twitter is deactivated (NOT DELETED) because her family member took a turn for the worse in the hospital does not mean you did something to us. We are fine. We love each other. We will probably get married next year. It’s time to get your own sh** together and look at who you have become. You are listening to people that have never even talked to me. That’s the best part. They know nothing about my life, yet pretend they hold all the secrets. What secrets? My life is open and live. Maybe try to get off the computer or phones a little more. Go outside. How about go make a real life friend instead of attaching yourself to Troll Life. It’s got to really suck to spend all of your waking hours hating on me. And I don’t even read your tweets/messages.

My orange roll dough is almost ready. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday with my family. Have a good rest of your weekend guys, even your trolls. I wish you well I just wish you would STFU. I’m not even worth all of your efforts. But keep doing you, boo boo. It sells my books for me.


This week has been a long one. I’m happy we made it to Friday. How are you guys doing? Long week? We survived the birthday party. It was the best I could do for my baby Sky. 1 years old and it’s been a struggle the whole way. I have had some life changes, moving back and forth, business things, and her growing up with 3 siblings. It’s a lot for a 1 year old. She’s healthy, still happy, and doing her best to talk. A LOT! She’s very vocal now. Alex was the same way so I don’t mind. The kids are getting her to talk as much as they can, she is trying to do new words. She’s eating everything we put in front of her. She’s becoming her own little person. I love seeing it.

We did presents, a big lunch, then cake and ice cream. For the finale, we drove her around the island in a golf cart parade and we stopped at different areas to take family photos. I honestly didn’t know what else to do for her. I felt so bad we couldn’t have a big family and friends party. I did my best. She had fun. We got a ton of new clothes. Thank you to my family and friends that spoiled my little girl rotten. This is my last baby (I’m pretty sure) so I tried to enjoy all of it. Her smash cake was destroyed Lol That was the best part. She laughed and laughed and grabbed hold with both hands. The boys laughed too because she was so messy. I had to hose her off in the shower before we could eat lunch. I really think for a 1st birthday party it was enough. So now we are onto the next thing in our life, school.

The COVID numbers are going up here in Hawaii. It’s not fun. I have to send the boys to school on the 17th and I’m starting to rethink that. Sarah will be spending all weekend ordering things online for our make-shift at home classroom. We will keep Peace at home this year. There are daycare/school places I can send her to but I don’t want to. I know the elementary school has to abide by all the strict guidelines the State and Education Department has put out. I have no idea who will regulate the daycare situation so I’m not even bothering. I’m going to teach Peace at home or Sarah will. We may switch off and on. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffff I send the boys to school, it will be with caution. Right now, I am leaning towards not sending them. I can sign them up for online learning, the teacher can come by 1 time a week for 1 hour to make sure they understand the material. That is an option for us. The boys being classified as “special needs” because of their hearing loss gives us a slight advantage on getting extra help. They can hear 80% with the hearing aides, however, when the teacher has to wear a mask they can’t rely on lip reading which is a huge problem for them. That’s why I’m thinking more and more to keep them home. I know our 1st grade teacher will wear a mask. Sarah already asked her when she stopped by the school to pick up their schedules. I think them missing the 1st grade or at least half of it will be okay. I think if we get into the 4th and 5th grade that might be an issue. I want them in school. I did NOT sign them up for Catholic school. I have a few big issues with our local Catholic school and Church so we’ve been doing our Mass on Sunday based off of our Denver Church. I don’t like how it’s set up, I don’t like the person in charge. I highly suspect he is money hungry which I don’t appreciate in my spiritual leader. It’s not for me. This is a big decision and I’m waiting to see when we get closer to school opening to figure this all out.

The weather has been perfect. Nice cool mornings into bright sunny days. I’m still on Denver time but I am getting better. I go to bed when the kids do, I’m up after a few hours, I get things done around the house, then I lay back down. I am trying to nap during the day with all 4 of them. That has worked a few times. It’s just hard for me to get my mind around Hawaii time. And of course my insomnia is in full party mode so that doesn’t help at all.

My book sales went crazy overnight. So much so my publisher emailed me to ask what I was doing. Uh nothing Lol I don’t think I’ve even promoted my books in the past 3 years. I’m lazy. Usually when the tv show gets going I get a lot of book sales. This is the off time for that. I don’t know what’s going on but I’ll take it. More money for my 2 charities I support with the book money. More ego tripping for me on still having 2 books that actually sale. My publisher wants to know if we should do a reprint. Why not. I told them yes. I only ordered 1000 more copies. I would think that would last me a few months. They want to me sell autographed copies. Why? Lol No one gives to sh**s about me signing my books. I don’t get that at all. I said no to that. Sorry but my books are to share my truth, not to be a collectable piece of literature.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. We will be getting in the SUV’s and exploring the island some more. More shopping, more trying new food places. It’s all about keeping the kids entertained. Have a great weekend guys. Love you all! Thanks for buying my books!

WordPress Updates & 1st Birthday

This week has been a busy time already. I’ve been dealing with trying to get Sky’s 1st birthday ready. Happy 1st Birthday my baby girl! I’m working on my blog and checking out all of the very cool new features. I haven’t updated the version or plugins in way too long. Now it’s much easier to schedule my posts and make them automatically go to my social media accounts at random times. I love being able to fix all of my spelling and grammar errors while I blog. I love being able to write more often because it is much easier.

Sky’s birthday party will be an indoor event. I wanted it outside but it’s not going to happen. That’s fine. I will get up in the morning and decorate everything. We will do her party at lunch time so I can clean it all up and have a nice quiet supper. She is so vocal now. And her hair Lol Thank goodness for hairbands, hair things, and hats. It’s really out of control. When I comb it back in the morning to just get control over it, the only thing I can do is throw a hairband on her. I can cut it short but I don’t want to. Her hair looks like the top of mine when I first wake up, a rooster head. It’s crazy. She’s walking, on solid vegan foods, and babbling up a storm. I love her so much. I pray her 1st birthday is fun and pure happiness for her. We have her cakes ready to go. The bakery did an amazing job on her smash cake. It’s going to be an awesome video. I’m planning on trying out Instagram LIVE for the event. I think that will be cool for my family and friends to view as soon as I figure out Instagram. I got rid of my Facebook a month or so ago because I don’t agree with them not censoring Trump. Now all of a sudden they are censoring him but it’s not enough to draw me back over.

Hope you guys are having an amazing week! I’m going to get a few things done around the house then go back to bed. The time difference still sucks for me but I’m doing better. The kids are all on Hawaii time, the adults not so much.

Stay safe guys, wear a mask in public, social distance. Do your part, I am.

It’s probably time for a backup? Nope

My blog is back up. Thank you all for the messages. We ran a backup on it ALL DAY LONG. I’ve had this blog since 2012 but I had my original blog since 2010. I had a lot of stuff Lol The database error was because we ripped out the database while we were backing it up so nothing would get screwed up. I don’t know if that’s how everyone else does it, but Lindsay said that’s how she was doing it. It must have worked because here we are. Finally. My forum board is back up now too. How cool is that.

How are you guys doing? I’m great. Things have been pretty quiet all weekend. My girlfriend is going to call soon so I’m going to make a quick blog post out of this.

If you are in the path of Hurricane Isaias please stay safe. My family is praying for all of you. We have family and friends down there too. It looks like it’s weakening but they said it may grow back up again. I don’t know. Just be careful everyone. We love you all!

The kids are getting excited for school to start up. I’m getting excited that we may have to keep them home. I’m not sure yet. Hawaii announced a delay so that gives me more time to think on this. It’s a big decision. Kate is helping me out with what to do. She’s been great with advice on this.

I’m happy my blog is backed up. Lindsay also installed some cool new plugins. I can’t wait to activate them and see what they do. Check back tomorrow guys. I will have more time to play with this and we can figure out what this new blog version and plugins do.

Hurricane Season 2020

Oh boy. First Hurricane Douglas whipped by us with just some winds and rain, now Hurricane Isaias is barreling toward Florida where most of my family spends the summer. There is already talk to get the older relatives out of there and everyone end summer early. Of course, none of them want to and no one is listening to the family. I’m not sure if this Hurricane is going to strengthen or if it’s going to fly off like ours did. I pray everyone stays safe and if they need to, evacuate NOW instead of making a last minute decision that may turn bad.

We are finally able to get out and about a little. I like taking my kids to the stores. It’s helping being able to bring them we we are picking up school clothes and school supplies. I have almost everything ready. I’m still not 100% sure I’m sending them to school with the best intentions. I’m going to make that decision on Monday. I have to prepare like they are going. I think it’s going to be okay. I’m overly protective and finally that’s a good thing Lol

I’ve been getting a lot of work emails caught up and I see I have some new comments and emails to get to this week from my blog. I will catch up soon guys. Thanks for reaching out, I love that!

Summer has been pretty chill, not a lot going on but a ton of little things here and there. The most important thing is we are fine. Everyone is healthy and we are all trying to have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather there. I love Hawaii. I really do.

Have a great weekend guys! Love you all!

Toy Purge & #HurricaneDouglas

We survived 2 events the past few days. My daughter Peace’s 3rd birthday party and a hurricane. I think the birthday party did more damage in my house than the wind and rain.

Peace decided she wanted to open each and every single gift by herself. She refused any help, AT ALL. That being said I sat there with a few spectators off and on for a total of 5 hours until she got everything unwrapped. It’s not because she had a ton of presents. She had, what I would say, the usual amount. But being 3 and very stubborn she took her sweet a** time with each one. Then she started playing with things and needed a drink, a snack, to walk outside, to go see what the boys were doing. It was the last time I ever let one of my kids do that Lol In the end, I still had everyone help me cut the toys out that are so wonderfully strapped into a box. That took more time and we had to clean it all up. She had a wonderful birthday. She said she had the most fun ever. I did the best I could during a global pandemic. Checkmark that done.

Then it turned into Hurricane prep. I really don’t know we even bothered. We did more work to get the main house ready and closed up than we did to deal with the weather that never materialized. This is why we stayed. We had several weather guys telling us via the tv that this thing was going to swing out. It wasn’t going to hit us head on and to be safe but also know it’s not in our path. We got the outerband of hardly much. Windy, yes, rainy, yes, dark and cloud, oh boy yes. We were fine. We spent the whole time watching tv until the tv satellite flicked off a few times. The kids were a little anxious about all of the noise but more curious why they couldn’t go look out the window.

I wouldn’t even say I survived Hurricane Douglas, I did what all Nebraskans do when a tornado siren blares off, I went outside to go look Lol I’m very happy it took off the other way and no one was injured or had serious house issues. We had some palm fronds down and a few branches. Nothing major. We picked it all up within 30 minutes. Life goes on.

Back to beautiful Hawaii and enjoying the last bits of our summer.

The boys start school next week. YIKES! Yes IN SCHOOL, school. I went today and officially signed them up but I told the Principal, if I feel like my kids are in any type of danger from COVID I will remove them immediately and deal with the ramifications from that. I like their safety precautions, I like they are going to do their best to distance the students. I think we are okay. I feel good about it. My boys want to go. I can put Peace into a program but I decided not to. I will take her and her baby sister on little outings and we will continue the Little Mouse online class she’s already doing. I think that’s the best I can do for her this year.

Did I mention I’m sending my boys to a public school? It’s not a Catholic school. I’m not sure how this will go but when Heston realizes he doesn’t have to study religion he’s going to implode with happiness. He hates “so much Jesus, Daddy!” Lol Alex will be fine. I hope they make a lot of new friends. I really hope they both behave. I pray ALL of the kids, staff, teachers, and other parents stay healthy. For all of our sakes. I know my family will be doing our part. I’m done tossing and turning about this decision. I had a long talk with Kate about it. I think she really helped me decide. We will try it.

Rep. John Lewis passed away, his stay in the Capital is today. God bless that man. He really fought for equality for all. I will miss his voice and his sincerity. He was a great man and he leaves us with an enormous legacy. I pray I turn out even a 1/10 just like him. I’m trying.

Hope you all are okay. The rest of the day is all about purging toys. I brought some with us, we have bought some, and with all of Peace’s birthday gifts, some things are getting donated tomorrow. She doesn’t need all of these things. It’s time for another Toy Purge.

Have a great day, America! Love everyone outside of America too, hope you guys have a nice evening? mid morning? early morning?