Happy 3rd Birthday to Peace Taylor!

3 years ago my first daughter Peace Taylor was born. I remember being excited, scared, hopeful, and anxious. The first time I saw her I bawled my eyes out. She was this sweet, tiny, little girl. She had a soft cry and as it turned out she was a chill baby. My 2nd chill baby so far.

Wow, how things have changed Lol

Now, my once chill baby is now a big girl. She is sassy, attitude, NO DADDY!!!, and smart. Very smart. Everyone notices her cute smile first and how smart she is second. As soon as she speaks it’s obvious. She is learning at such a rapid pace I’m shocked at how fast she picks things up. She has a very strong memory, like me. But she’s smart. I know I’m smart because of my memory, not because I’m a smart guy. My powerful memory serves my mind. Because of my memory I have of lot of information stuck in my head that makes me sound smart when I’m just reciting what I’ve read. That’s why I read ALL OF THE TIME. She’s just like me, except with a lot less drama. She loves me to read to her and get our time snuggling. She LOVES to eat just like me. She loves colorful things and she loves to dance. She is all me in a much pretty package.

I have loved her from the moment I said Yes, I will adopt her. I will love her until my dying day. She is one of my best friends and I really just enjoy being around her. She’s so funny. She can be a brat. That’s what makes her different from my twins. She’s very individual. She demands independence and she has a stubborn side. I love everything she is and everything she will be. She’s my inner Peace. When I hold her my whole world calms down. Even today when we snuggle together she and I have our quiet talks. She tells me everything she thinks and asks me if I like her. I love her. I have a hard time telling her no. She’s too cute. I love watching her be a little sister and a big sister all in one. She is my middle child. She is everything I prayed for her to be.

Happy Birthday my girl! We can’t have the big party I wanted to give you but we can celebrate you all day and make you all of your favorite meals. Today is for you and for us to make you feel special. I hope you enjoy your presents, your cakes, yes there are 2, and your new sunglasses. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel whole. You are daddy’s girl. I love you my little Peacey Pie!

Don’t buy her a Cameo video

We love it here in Hawaii. We really do. The kids have so much more open space to run around in and explore. We are working from our new nanny schedule. You work 1 day, have a day off, work another day, have 2 days off, work 2 days, have 3 days off. This is mixed between 5 adults and it’s working out very well. We should have been on this schedule the whole time. This allows you to completely have more than 2 days off in a week. It’s a nice break. I’m still hanging out with my kids daily. But when it’s not my day I get to lean back a little and relax. The kids enjoy not having all day with me.

This week is all about Peace’s 3rd birthday party planning. Good luck with that, thanks COVID. I’m thankful we are all healthy but I’m bummed for her because no one can come. Lindsay said she was going to quarantine and follow the rules but she already broke the rules on Day 4 and now she can’t make it in time for Peace’s birthday. She’s mad but I’m glad she’s going to start over to get here in time for Sky’s 1st birthday. The theme is summer days. She loves sunglasses, the beach, and being outside so I have ordered and brought a whole bunch of Hawaii themed decor. I have more coming. We are going to throw her a very fun birthday lunch. I’ve rented a bouncy house but I’m not even sure they are bringing it now. They restarted their business than Hawaii said NOPE last week to that kind of stuff so I really don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s all I’m working on this week. I’m going to try to throw her the best birthday party I can under COVID restrictions. I’m also thinking ahead for Sky. What works for Peace may be relaxed and better timing for Sky. With everything else, I just need to figure it all out.

It’s fun being back here. I love standing outside in the backyard and watching everyone hang out and play. We set up a baseball diamond. My boys were supposed to start baseball this year but that got cancelled. I’m teaching them all of the basics and I really hope this summer they get the basics down easily. They have a lot of fun batting but not so much fielding.

I’m finally feeling better. I had two issues that are being resolved with medicine. It was nothing serious, it was more annoying. I feel like I’m finally getting my full lungs back. I did not heal up like I thought I would. Getting older sucks. You don’t bounce back, you just bounce then lay there and wonder why you can’t get back up and be normal again. I mean, I am 47. I need to do things with the forethought that I can not just jump around and do everything that I used to do. I have to remind myself before I do things, hey, you may get hurt, be careFUL!

How is your summer going? I love all of my comments I’ve received the past 2 weeks. Yes I will continue to blog more often. Yes I am still with Kate. We have been in a good place for months. We had 1 stupid fight the other day that we squashed within a few hours. She will have an announcement about what is going on with her soon. Probably in the next podcast, it’s the reason we were fighting but it’s leveling off now. Things are pretty great. No complaints. My plan is continue to chill out and relax. I’m plan to still surf the morning waves and find new recipes. That’s about it. All family time this summer. I love it.

Did you throw your shirt in a tree?

I have reached the point in raising twins that they don’t think I know anything. They argue with me when I present them with the right answer to their question. They also act like I’m dumb. They finally stopped whispering into each other’s ears when they are trying to figure out how to get out of trouble. The new thing is stand there and assassinate me with their words Lol Heston is not my shy one. He will blast away with whatever is on his mind. He’s good at holding back the big stuff but he eventually lets it out. I got yelled at yesterday because his life is too happy. It’s too fun. He’s always happy and he doesn’t like it.


Alex is my social butterfly. He wants to be around people all of the time so they can listen to him talk nonstop. It’s cute and exhausting and I love it. He is so curious and wants to know everything about everything. He’s turning into my reader. Heston will get through a book or text to get it done with so he can go back to doing whatever he wants. Alex will bring books to us and say let me read you this really funny part. He loves it. I love seeing him read.

Twins is not easy at all. I don’t know how I have survived all of these years with them. It was much harder when the were babies. It’s getting easier but this is the part in life where I can really f*** them up if I’m not careful. I need to fill them with confidence, joy, strength of mind, and a sense of adventure. I’m watching when I criticism them, I’m being careful with my words. This is the age they start remembering big moments. I wanted to fill this summer up with so much travel but maybe this is God’s plan for us. Family time. ALL. THE. TIME! It’s not so bad. They can be annoying, I’m sure I can do. But we really have no complaints. Other than Heston getting mad yesterday and throwing his shirt up in a tree. I had to climb up and get it. Then I made him say sorry to the tree Lol He was confused but he did it and then we both laughed. He’s never going to remember that moment. But I will. And that’s what keeps me happy and loving my life.

My twins are turning into little people. It’s so interesting to see how their minds work. I’m doing the best that I can. It looks completely different than other parents but I think I’m doing great.

And no more shirts up in trees. I hope.

I don’t….wait do I smell bread baking?

I’m in another midst of not sleeping well. I am not feeling well (Again), I blame 2020. I’m on antibiotics, a muscle relaxer (relaxor?) and Tylenol. I’m supposed to take it easy for 3 to 5 days and my girlfriend is in FULL ON WIFE MODE. She’s bossing me from afar Lol It’s very cute.

I’m okay, it is nothing serious. I went to the clinic yesterday and had to drag Sarah with me out of quarantine for the Essential medical visit. She stayed in the van. I rented a big passenger van for this trip. I’m all done relying on Mads to bring me around for shopping. He’s happy I can finally get myself around now. Blood draw, urine sample, fever checker. I did not have to get another COVID test. I’m going to live. I just needed to ease the pain a little. It is nice to know my body parts are finally aging as fast as my sunbaked face and forehead. I also don’t like the weird ass symptoms that pop up out of nowhere. I woke up yesterday with this issue and next thing I know I can move my left arm or hand and had to stoop to walk. Laying/sitting on the couch all day was not helping anything at all and I knew it was time to go get real help. Sarah had been nagging me all day to just go in and get it looked at. I’m glad I listened to her and my girlfriend.

Today is all about Chilltown. I’m ready for some real couch tv time. I never get to do it so I’m anxious to see how long I actually last. 20 minutes is my best guess Lol I can not sit for long. I have too many things I want to go do.

Hawaii is perfect. I love it here. I’m glad we left when we did. I’m glad we have a set time line this trip. I’m also glad to know if we HAVE to stay here, it’s still going to be okay. My kids love it here. They really do. No one has even mentioned going home. Yet. That’s a big plus so far.

The plan for this week is baking. I’m going to bake a bunch of stuff and throw it in the freezer. That’s how I stock up on my families favorite treats. I also love baking because I let my kids help me. They are already learning how to sift, sprinkle, and roll out dough. I love it, I really do.

Here’s to another day of chilling. Have a great day guys. I’m going back to bed and I’m going to try to get more sleep.

I might have bought a boat, maybe

I went and looked at a boat today. I’m not sure we need it but it might be fun to have here. I love boats. I’m a little concerned about our area for boating. It’s a little shallow and a little choppy. I’m still thinking on it. I offered the guy a fair price. He countered and I said no so I walked away. He’s already texted me twice.

I’m going to sleep on it.


We made it safely. I did have to adjust a cargo area that I had put too much stuff in when we landed in L.A. BTW I hate flying in, near, around, out of LAX. It takes forever for smaller planes to leave, you sit and wait, wait, and wait some more. It’s annoying to me. The family and pets are here and happy. We let the kids sleep a little on the plane ride out here so when we arrived they would want to stay up and start getting acclimated to the time change. I am now 6 hours away from my girlfriend which always messes things up for us. I don’t like being this far away from her. It was a discussion on whether I should come back or not and how that would impact our relationship. I think she understands I’m not planning on staying here for the rest of the year. I mean if that’s what is best, I will. I plan on staying here 3 weeks. We want a different area to explore. It’s summer time, I can’t travel with my kids like I wanted to so this is the 2nd best thing. And I mean, it is Hawaii.

I did not have to quarantine. I had all of my health paperwork in proper order. I was a little worried I would have to quarantine like everyone else. They are all in lockdown. But after their 14 days we will explore the islands this time. A lot of restrictions are being lifted here because the Hawaiian government has done a fantastic job on COVID response. They took it very serious from Day 1 and I appreciate that. We will abide by all the rules and do what we need to so we can all enjoy our vacation time here.

We got everyone to the main house, I told them stay in here tonight. The next morning we ate a small breakfast, had a family meeting and divided out the cabins. Sarah is staying in the main house with me and her baby. She said everyone ends up here all day anyway, it would be easier for her and the baby. I said okay after trying to kick her out several times Lol Brenda got 1st pick and loves having her own cabin this time. The last time she pulled her mom into her cabin because Lynn had a 14 day quarantine all by herself and she was worried. Lynn got 2nd pick and took a cabin a little bit further away from everyone. I was surprised. She said since the nanny schedule is so set in stone, she wants to enjoy her time off. Gabby took the same cabin she had before. She really liked it. Everyone got 2 golf cars each. One to charge, one to use. I reminded everyone these are our family homes so don’t break or rearrange too much. We moved all of their luggage to each new home and let them get set up. Then they came back and I hit the 2 grocery stores I wanted to go to. Mads picked me up in a new truck. He said his old truck finally died Lol I was happy to see him finally treat himself and then wondered if I’ve been overpaying him all of these years Lol Who cares if I do, he does a wonderful job taking care of our family compound. He deserves it all. He will be retiring this year and I’m already anticipating a huge loss when he is gone.

After the stores I came back with about 2 weeks worth of food, we handed that out to the girls and I told them cook for yourselves more so I can enjoy only cooking vegan food. They agreed.

So here we are. We did absolutely nothing for 4th of July other than grilling out 2 meals. I don’t do fireworks and my boys hearing loss is not a good thing for big booming noises so we avoid that stuff. We did see them going off in the distance here and there.

For the twins, we will continue doing ABC Mouse Academy online to catch them up on school things. Peace will also be doing about an hour a day to prep her for school this fall. No school stuff on weekends. I think making them all do 1 hour a day is a good thing. This trip I plan on relaxing way more. I was in such a rush to keep the kids active. This time it’s going to be more about let them do whatever they want to. As long as we can see them and they don’t go near the water unsupervised. They already understand how danger works. And the boys are vigilant on watching after their sisters.

Peace will be turning 3 in a few weeks, followed up by Sky’s 1st birthday in August. We will be here for Peace’s birthday which screwed up plans for a few family and friends to show up for her party. That’s okay. I’m working on figuring all of that out. I’m still going to work from here a little. I have bigger plans for my blog, podcasts, and writing. Now that Sarah made our schedule to watch the kids, I can see a lot of free time. I do actually need that.

Sarah and Gabby are on the nanny schedule for part time. Myself, Brenda, and Lynn are on full time but we get to skip days. It’s a good schedule and I don’t know why haven’t tried this format before.

This upcoming week is going to be fun. I fretted over the decision to come back here. I think it will be okay.

How was your 4th, guys? You doing okay? Wear a mask, social distance. Stay safe! Love you!

We are going back to Hawaii

I’ve been waiting for the US/Canada border to open back up so I can go and visit my girlfriend, Kate, Not her real name, and hang out for a weekend or a week. It’s getting pushed back, again, to the end of July. So we decided to go back to Hawaii for 3 weeks and enjoy ourselves. We are going to leave some time Friday. I wanted to leave Friday night late but the girls think it’s a better idea to leave in the afternoon because of the time change and the kids. I guess.

Brenda and Lynn have moved back in to continue being my nannies. They have been home for a little while and decided maybe with Sarah being here, with me doing it all on my own, it would be a good idea. I was fine. I could use some help, yes, but I was really managing it. It wasn’t that hard. The hardest part was trying to get everyone ready for bed. That part was trying to do too much all at once. I’m happy they are back. I’m happy to have them under contract for the next few years. We are going to do this the right way. The other thought is, homeschooling. I may need them to help me if the schools do not open back up this year.

Sarah is here. She’s doing great with her baby. They are both getting used to each other. That baby is cute af. She’s precious. And my little Sky is getting to be a big girl. She finally said DA DA. It melted me. She’s reallllly close to walking. She has been lifting herself up and she tries to take steps holding onto my fingers. She’s almost there. Her 1st birthday is coming up and I know she’s going to grow up super fast now. After 1 it all goes fast. Look at my twins, already 5! It’s crazy.

I’m doing good. A few minor family issues but we are doing okay. Work is going well. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my yard this year. I wanted to have our first spring be a full success and a smooth summer. That didn’t work out because we weren’t home. I’ve been trying to catch up on all of it with the baby in tow. Sky loves to be outside and I only do an hour or so per day before it gets hot out. The kids LOVE hanging out in the swimming pool. It really is a lot of fun. We are trying to keep our spirits up during this whole 2020 is a dumpster fire mess.

The other issue is living in Denver, I can’t take my kids out and feel comfortable. These people don’t give a sh** about the pandemic. I don’t understand that but not my business. What is my business is keeping my kids safe and healthy. In Hawaii we can actually mask up/glove up and go out and enjoy all of the islands. I just had a negative COVID test and I got the additional paperwork so I will not have to quarantine 14 days. Everyone else will. Sarah had a negative test too but not within the past 30 days so she has to stay in. She’s not very happy about that. 2 weeks on the compound, after that we can explore. This time we will. There are so many places I want to show my kids. It’s going to be a fun 3 weeks. If the border continues to get delayed we will stay longer. I joke I may not even come back to Denver this year, but there is a chance. COVID is not going away. It’s not getting any better at all.

I hope everyone is doing their best. Please always wear a mask outside. It’s important to not get sick, spread it around, and drag it home to your kids. Go out in public, but with a mask on. Live your life the way you want, but consider you live amongst other people. Not all of them are as healthy as you. That’s why you need to wear a mask. It’s to protect yourself.

Have a great start to your summer guys! Prays for Kate’s grandma. She had a minor health setback (NOT Covid) and she could use some prayers. Also to my buddy Joel. I miss seeing him on Tv. He’s a sweet guy. Love you guys! Stay safe!

Quick Medical Update on Me

Since last year I had figured out my leukemia made a swing forward I had been on pills the past 6 months to help fight that. I’m finall off of those and feeling fine. I only get a stomach ache for the entire 6 months and I lose my appetite some days. Now I will be in remission for the next 7 to 8 years hopefully and life goes back to normal.

What I didn’t expect was to have horrible spring allergies as soon as we got back to Denver. Mix in I was coughing my brains out and I end up in the ER when I had a houseful of visitors. It turned itself into walking pneumonia which I have had 1 other time in my life. It was a mix of walking pneumonia/bronchitis when I was little. My Aunt can’t really remember but she was sure I had it once when I was a kid. I got treated for that and they did a COVID test on me. Negative. I knew it would be. I’ve been vigilant in keeping the germs away from our house and I haven’t gone hardly anywhere. To the grocery stores about once or twice a month since we’ve been home. I can happily say I’ve been tested, I will continue to stay safe and keep my eyes on whatever next immune issue that flairs up.

2020 is a shitbox Lol I’m telling you guys it’s the worst year I’ve ever lived through.

So now we go from global pandemic to economic crisis right into the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter protests. I support the protests. George Floyd was murdered with purpose. It has opened up my eyes to everything the Non-White community has been saying for decades. I really hope they write better laws, I hope they enact real change, I will vote for better policing policies. It’s time. Enough killing our Americans by police. ENOUGH!

The kids are doing the best they can. I am all alone now. No nannies at all. Sarah has moved back into the guest house with her baby. She named her Rain Marianne. She is so sweet and cute. I love all of her black hair. She’s very quiet and has a soft cry. I love her to death and I can’t wait for her kid to grow up with my kids. That being said Sarah has found a condo downtown near the hospitals. She is going to put down a deposit this week, she will get the keys on July 1st. She is planning on finally moving into her own spot. She wants to spend the next month or so getting her new condo ready for life and baby. Then she is going to start applying for nursing jobs or teaching nursing job. She prefers to teach it, not do it. I don’t blame her. Her plan is to have our neighbor Gabby babysit Rain since Gabby loves babies so much. Gabby is retired and divorced with no grandkids. My house is her pitstop every day. She is now known as Grandma Gabby or as Alex calls her, Grabby Lol Sarah does not want to be a nanny anymore and I’m happy. We are helping each other out for now. Like today.

I have to go my doctor’s office to get a follow up appointment for my hospital visit. I was in there all day getting breathing treatments. I am finally feeling better. All last week I was till coughing up a lung. I’m doing better. It’s been a slow recovery and at night I’m so exhausted I can barely talk to my girlfriend on the phone once I lay down. I’m usually out within 20 minutes.

This isn’t the summer I planned on but I’m glad to see that social change is taking place. I hope they continue to protest until something substantial happens. Looting and rioting is not okay. If you are a part of that, stop. You are screwing up all of the hard work of peaceful protesters. I wish I could be down there but with my healing process being slow, I can’t risk it if I get tear gas in my face. Which my big mouth probably would. Instead I’m reading and watching all of what is going on. I’m posting on Twitter. I’m doing my small part to help out and keep the message alive. Black Lives Matter. Period. There is no disputing that.

I did delete my Facebook page. Sorry about that but Facebook no longer is run by a company that cares about protecting the masses from bs messages from the President. Twitter finally stepped up their content blocking. I’m happy to see they did something. Facebook, sorry. Not that my absence takes a huge dent but it did inspire 2 of my friends to also delete their pages.

Thanks for being so patient with my updates. I wasn’t feeling well at all and really didn’t want to take the time to sit here, cough, type, cough, type.

I need to get ready to go to the doctor. I also have a dentist appointment this morning right after. Just a cleaning and checkup. Next week I have an eye exam for my pilot’s license. I’m still good there but you never know what old age will bring.

Hope you guys are doing well. I love you all. Be careful out there. Shit is getting real!