Hurricane Season 2020

Oh boy. First Hurricane Douglas whipped by us with just some winds and rain, now Hurricane Isaias is barreling toward Florida where most of my family spends the summer. There is already talk to get the older relatives out of there and everyone end summer early. Of course, none of them want to and no one is listening to the family. I’m not sure if this Hurricane is going to strengthen or if it’s going to fly off like ours did. I pray everyone stays safe and if they need to, evacuate NOW instead of making a last minute decision that may turn bad.

We are finally able to get out and about a little. I like taking my kids to the stores. It’s helping being able to bring them we we are picking up school clothes and school supplies. I have almost everything ready. I’m still not 100% sure I’m sending them to school with the best intentions. I’m going to make that decision on Monday. I have to prepare like they are going. I think it’s going to be okay. I’m overly protective and finally that’s a good thing Lol

I’ve been getting a lot of work emails caught up and I see I have some new comments and emails to get to this week from my blog. I will catch up soon guys. Thanks for reaching out, I love that!

Summer has been pretty chill, not a lot going on but a ton of little things here and there. The most important thing is we are fine. Everyone is healthy and we are all trying to have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather there. I love Hawaii. I really do.

Have a great weekend guys! Love you all!

Hawaiian Tourists

After the family quarantined for 14 days plus 2 extra days we all loved up into the rental van and went out into the world. We had our masks around our necks and our gloves in our pockets. YES I DID MAKE EVERYONE WHERE GLOVES! I got so many comments today about that. I don’t care. This was our first family trip out into the real world in months. I wanted to see what’s going on first before I say hey, no more gloves, we will Purell after every store. It went fine. The kids LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVED getting out. Finally! They felt free and happy. They had not been out at a grocery store in months. Proabably since early March, I’m not kidding. Heston said can I touch everything. I said no or you will go sit back in the van. He kept his hands to himself. Alex was spinning in the milk aisle Lol And yes I did make a small video of Sky walking in a grocery store Lol My family loved it. She held onto the basket and wobbled a few steps before I put her back in the cart seat. She’s still new to the whole thing but I wanted to show off her skills.

We finally bought the foods we wanted. No more lists and fighting about whatever I forgot to buy. Everyone was happy. Then we drove around and got out at 2 tourists things that were outside. We made it quick before we had freezer items to drag home. It was really fun to take family photos outside. I will put them on my Instagram account tonight. Yes I signed up with Instagram because I did delete my Facebook.

We are back home and everyone has happily put their items away. The kids are playing with their new toys. I did buy a few school supplies. I’m looking into maybe putting my kids into public school here. NOT Catholic school. I’m having an issue with the local Catholic Church and their lazy COVID response. I have several months to do some research and figure out if that is even a possibility. Hawaii did not get hit that hard. It’s really nice knowing that things might be, dare I say, NORMAL here come fall? If that’s the case I will stay here until January. I don’t know yet. I just want my kids to be safe and healthy.

I really did enjoy taking the family out. Tomorrow I’m going to take the kids and Lynn with me for a few hours in the morning. We are going to go explore the city. When I come back I will leave the van and the girls can go anywhere they want the rest of the day. Wednesday we will go out as a big group again, Thursday, same thing as tomorrow, just me, the kids, and 1 adult. And we will not go anywhere Friday/Saturday/Sunday to avoid the huge tourist crowds. Today we were not in any crowds. It was really nice. I feel pretty good about my decision to come back here. I think we will be okay. I’m still going to make everyone where the masks until we really get used to the social distancing. The kids are having a tough time learning that one. I may need to get 2 pool noodles and tape them to their heads Lol If your pool noodle hits someone, you are too close. Just kidding.

How are you guys? I hope you are having a great start of your week. A lot is happening back in the mainland, I am keeping an eye on things. Mask up, Americans! We have to do our part to prevent COVID in our local communities. Love you guys!

I’m ashamed to admit this, but…

Yesterday the girls and I sat on the couch and watched the first 3 Twilight Movies. Yes, I really did. We had been so burnt out on being outside, swimming, running around in the backyard, I decided lets have an indoor day. I had 3 activities planned for the kids. One involved a huge box of legos I had brought with us. As soon as that box came out all 3 of my kids latched onto it. That’s all they wanted to do yesterday was build stuff with legos. The baby is still trying to learn to walk and we had worked with her in the morning. Sarah flopped on the couch, flipped on the tv and there it was. Twilight. She said hey lets watch the first one. I said no. Then I said NO and then I sat down. I started asking questions. Sometime later everyone was watching Twilight and when the bad parts came on the tv was paused, fast forwarded or the kids went to the other room for a snack or bathroom break. The kids didn’t pay any attention to the tv at all. I was sitting on the floor by the table playing and building legos almost all day. It was fun. Those things are great because you can build anything.

That’s about all we got done. Today I’m doing laundry, I’m cleaning the house. I love being on an off time schedule so I can get all of the chores done while everyone sleeps. There are 2 movies left so I agreed to finish off the series. I’m going to put out healthy snacks because yesterday we all munched on junk food.

Kate is doing the best she can during a very sad time in her family. We are praying for her family and I hope you all will send up a quick prayer for her right now. Amen.

Hawaii is perfect. The weather is the exact same every day. I love it. I don’t want to go home. I may not have to. It doesn’t look like things are getting any better. There’s no rush to get home. I’m working on the birthday party for next week, then another birthday party and then it’s all going to be about homeschooling and setting it up.

We called the contact tracer and took my whole family off of the restrictions list. Yes, that’s a real thing. They all had to quarantine for 14 days. I didn’t because I had all of the paperwork I needed to get out of it. That being said I only a few times to get groceries. And one other time for something else.

My health is finally much better. I’ve been struggling this year with some very oddball ailments. Kate is either freaked out by it or just very patient. I’m finally back to feeling normal. It has taken months.

The rest of this month is going to be about exploring the islands. I can’t wait to get everyone out and about finally. We have decided to do our adventures during the week when things aren’t so crowded as opposed to the weekends when the huge crowds are out. I am picking ONLY outdoor activities with a mixture of shopping here and there. Everyone will wear masks and gloves or they are not going. I’ve managed to keep COVID away from my house so far, I don’t need to get all this way and then it infects everyone. I’m happy tomorrow we will finally get into the city. It’s going to be fun and I hope my kids will handle the mask thing okay. We’ve been doing test runs around the house. I made sure the masks fit properly and that everyone is comfortable.

Safety first. Masks on, always.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Cold Feelings

I had to go to the grocery store yesterday. It took 3 hours. I wasn’t very happy about it. When I got home I did my COVID protocal Hawaii recommends which is pretty much what I do anyway with 2 differences. We moved the food into the kitchen and Lynn, Gabby, and I prepped, chopped, wrapped, and sorted out the items. Then we started handing it out to the girls so they could take it back to their cabins. I overbought (Again), I forgot things even though it was clearly on the list and no one was happy I brought home Taco Bell. I had a frustrating afternoon.

Then I tried to make up for that by running into town after supper and getting everyone Rainbow Shaved Ice. That turned it around a little but not much.

The food in Hawaii is just like that Popeye’s commercial, I’m having a moment here. It’s so good! I’m really enjoying buying the local foods I never get to cook with and experimenting. I love it. I really do. I’m finally feeling better. I can take a full, deep breath without coughing. Whatever got in my lungs (NOT Covid) exited stage right and I feel great. My swimming is improving, I may even be able to go walk on the treadmill again soon.

The kids are great, they are having fun, except yesterday, the girls are all having a blast. Sarah’s baby is so cute I could just smooch her chubby cheeks all day.

We love Hawaii!

Don’t buy her a Cameo video

We love it here in Hawaii. We really do. The kids have so much more open space to run around in and explore. We are working from our new nanny schedule. You work 1 day, have a day off, work another day, have 2 days off, work 2 days, have 3 days off. This is mixed between 5 adults and it’s working out very well. We should have been on this schedule the whole time. This allows you to completely have more than 2 days off in a week. It’s a nice break. I’m still hanging out with my kids daily. But when it’s not my day I get to lean back a little and relax. The kids enjoy not having all day with me.

This week is all about Peace’s 3rd birthday party planning. Good luck with that, thanks COVID. I’m thankful we are all healthy but I’m bummed for her because no one can come. Lindsay said she was going to quarantine and follow the rules but she already broke the rules on Day 4 and now she can’t make it in time for Peace’s birthday. She’s mad but I’m glad she’s going to start over to get here in time for Sky’s 1st birthday. The theme is summer days. She loves sunglasses, the beach, and being outside so I have ordered and brought a whole bunch of Hawaii themed decor. I have more coming. We are going to throw her a very fun birthday lunch. I’ve rented a bouncy house but I’m not even sure they are bringing it now. They restarted their business than Hawaii said NOPE last week to that kind of stuff so I really don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s all I’m working on this week. I’m going to try to throw her the best birthday party I can under COVID restrictions. I’m also thinking ahead for Sky. What works for Peace may be relaxed and better timing for Sky. With everything else, I just need to figure it all out.

It’s fun being back here. I love standing outside in the backyard and watching everyone hang out and play. We set up a baseball diamond. My boys were supposed to start baseball this year but that got cancelled. I’m teaching them all of the basics and I really hope this summer they get the basics down easily. They have a lot of fun batting but not so much fielding.

I’m finally feeling better. I had two issues that are being resolved with medicine. It was nothing serious, it was more annoying. I feel like I’m finally getting my full lungs back. I did not heal up like I thought I would. Getting older sucks. You don’t bounce back, you just bounce then lay there and wonder why you can’t get back up and be normal again. I mean, I am 47. I need to do things with the forethought that I can not just jump around and do everything that I used to do. I have to remind myself before I do things, hey, you may get hurt, be careFUL!

How is your summer going? I love all of my comments I’ve received the past 2 weeks. Yes I will continue to blog more often. Yes I am still with Kate. We have been in a good place for months. We had 1 stupid fight the other day that we squashed within a few hours. She will have an announcement about what is going on with her soon. Probably in the next podcast, it’s the reason we were fighting but it’s leveling off now. Things are pretty great. No complaints. My plan is continue to chill out and relax. I’m plan to still surf the morning waves and find new recipes. That’s about it. All family time this summer. I love it.

Did you throw your shirt in a tree?

I have reached the point in raising twins that they don’t think I know anything. They argue with me when I present them with the right answer to their question. They also act like I’m dumb. They finally stopped whispering into each other’s ears when they are trying to figure out how to get out of trouble. The new thing is stand there and assassinate me with their words Lol Heston is not my shy one. He will blast away with whatever is on his mind. He’s good at holding back the big stuff but he eventually lets it out. I got yelled at yesterday because his life is too happy. It’s too fun. He’s always happy and he doesn’t like it.


Alex is my social butterfly. He wants to be around people all of the time so they can listen to him talk nonstop. It’s cute and exhausting and I love it. He is so curious and wants to know everything about everything. He’s turning into my reader. Heston will get through a book or text to get it done with so he can go back to doing whatever he wants. Alex will bring books to us and say let me read you this really funny part. He loves it. I love seeing him read.

Twins is not easy at all. I don’t know how I have survived all of these years with them. It was much harder when the were babies. It’s getting easier but this is the part in life where I can really f*** them up if I’m not careful. I need to fill them with confidence, joy, strength of mind, and a sense of adventure. I’m watching when I criticism them, I’m being careful with my words. This is the age they start remembering big moments. I wanted to fill this summer up with so much travel but maybe this is God’s plan for us. Family time. ALL. THE. TIME! It’s not so bad. They can be annoying, I’m sure I can do. But we really have no complaints. Other than Heston getting mad yesterday and throwing his shirt up in a tree. I had to climb up and get it. Then I made him say sorry to the tree Lol He was confused but he did it and then we both laughed. He’s never going to remember that moment. But I will. And that’s what keeps me happy and loving my life.

My twins are turning into little people. It’s so interesting to see how their minds work. I’m doing the best that I can. It looks completely different than other parents but I think I’m doing great.

And no more shirts up in trees. I hope.

Surf & Sunrises

Good morning everyone. I’m up early because I want to get my meditation and stretching in before I go surfing. It’s my first time back in the waves since we’ve been back. I haven’t had time to enjoy a quiet morning alone so I’m hoping this becomes my routine. The sun comes up at 6am here and I can’t wait to get a few waves in. I really look forward to my morning surf. When I’m done I come in and shower and I can start my day. I’m happy.

Today I’m going to try cooking some different kinds of foods. I hope my family likes it. This whole week is all about catching up on every thing. I’ve been blogging more. I know that’s exciting for some. I’m going to try to keep that going as well. The plan is to stay here for 3 weeks. If the US/Canadian border stays closed we might stay longer. I want to see my girlfriend very badly. It’s been months. I am trying to keep the effort up high between us. I don’t want to become complacent with her. I’m always challenging her to do new things or to talk about new topics we haven’t delved into yet. It’s good for my mental health as well as hers.

Quarantine is no fun and being isolated in our Denver house wasn’t working out very well. The kids were fighting more, they kept being “bored” in the afternoons so I think being here will change the dynamics. I hope so.

I need to go center my soul and get my body ready for the water, waves, and fun. Have a great day guys! Love you!