The party is over and over

Yesterday we hosted over 300 people for my twin sons’ birthday party. They are now 1-year-old and 1 day. The party was football themed and the decorations were awesome. The cakes looked really cool and everything tasted delicious. The people who tried the vegan cakes said they really couldn’t taste the difference. There was more left over of the traditional cake which made me happy. I sent that home with several employees. 3 of the moms and babies from our swim lessons came to the party. Which was so funny watching all of them walking around or crawling to get to each other. These women said they had no idea I lived in such a nice house and I said well now you do Lol I have cut down on my flashy, braggy lifestyle a lot. I have found being classy and not even talking about it much anymore is the better way to live. That doesn’t mean I have stopped buying or wanting flashy things. I still love them. Cars, planes, watches. I want it all! But for my children who watch and listen to everything I say and do, I need to change that. I’m working on it. I told them we would love to have some baby playdates some time together and that I would be happy to host them at any time. I told them we have 3 nannies so if they ever needed us to babysit and we were available, let me know. They all looked shocked. I said if I can handle 2, what’s a few more. 2 of them immediately looked at their schedules and booked dates for next week Lol The other one was going to tell her husband so they could plan a date night. Most of them had not had a date night out yet. That’s sad. Their babies are all close to 1-year-old so to know they haven’t had a real night off yet, wow.

My boys had a great time. They were so happy. I finally let other people hold or touch them. I said go for it because as soon as they smash-up the cakes they are getting baths and no more holding them. Sarah is very vigilant about germs and with that many people it can spread something bad, quickly. It was mostly my family that wanted to hold them. And for the first time since they were born their birthmom held them both. It was very emotional for me and for her. My cousin elbowed me and said look, she’s holding Heston. Then Alex came over and wanted up so she picked him up too. They were both sitting on her lap and I teared up. I’m so happy she is finally in this space where she can do that because I really think a part of the boys needs that from her. We didn’t take a picture even though I really, really wanted to. We left them have their moment. Then Alex started wiggling around and I walked over to get him. I said see, that’s when you hand him off and she just laughed. Heston just kept staring at her. I am sure he knows her voice. I don’t know how, maybe I’m crazy for thinking that, but the way he looked at her I think he knows her.

We received so many presents we will be able to donate a large number of gifts to the Childrens’ Hospital where we hosted our Christmas event last year. I’m excited to return there with more gifts. I have worked closely with them for years and have donated any time they ask me. Money, food, clothing. They even started a Food Bank for the families that don’t have time to go shopping for groceries. We donate monthly to that.

We sang Happy Birthday, brought in their little cakes with a candle in each. I blew out one, their stepmom blew out the other and I pulled out both candles. Then I said okay boys, get your cakes and they immediately started grabbing handfuls. Heston just laughed and laughed. He liked the squishy feeling. Alex stuck a big bunch right in his mouth Lol Everyone was laughing and the photos and videos we have crack me up. Heston did put some in his mouth but he was happier just playing with it. They both had cake EVERYWHERE! I have no idea how they got some on top of their heads Lol Probably flinging it. After it looked like they were over it, Sarah and I took them up for baths. We came back down with fresh, clean babies in Tuxedo pajamas. They looked awesome. And just like everyone told me, my boys passed out before the party was over. So we took them to bed and they both passed out.

I went back out to see how the guests were. I thanked everyone for coming and said stay as long as you want and please eat and drink, I didn’t want any leftovers. The party mostly got over around 10:30. Drew and his wife and kids stayed longer, so did Lindsay and Dave. Most of my family took off for their hotel rooms and the older family members that need to stay here wheeled their way down the halls to bed. Drew said I never thought you would make it 1 year with twins, good job. I said remember how scared I was trying to change diapers? My hands would shake because I wasn’t sure how to do anything. He laughed and said he felt the same way. Lindsay said she knew I could do it but didn’t think they boys would grow up this much. She said they are 2 peas in a pod. She hopes they will stay this close all of their lives. I really can’t imagine what would ever come between them in life. They will always know they need each other. I pray one day they take over my businesses or they find a great career on their own. Whatever it is, I just want to be in their lives.

We stayed up until 1am talking. My wife said we all need to get to bed. She did such a great job. She made everyone feel welcome and she helped out the party planner so much. It’s days like yesterday that makes everything I have been through worth it. I know I have the right woman by my side. I love her so much. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Everyday is fun. Every single day we laugh and still say I love you. It’s been perfect. It really has.

Thank you all for the great birthday wishes. I appreciate them. Thank you to the people who mailed me cards or gifts. We will be working on thank you notes on Sunday. We kept track of all of it and we will do our best to send those out soon.

This really has been a big year of my life. I love Heston and Alex so much. I can’t imagine life without them now. Thank goodness the adoption went through and I never have to.

Have a great Saturday!

Birthday party or social event?

Thanks to Lindsay’s email and now Facebook page she created our small family get together has turned into a bigger party than I expected. We have ordered more food and drinks, more cake, and more seats and tables. Thanks a lot Lindz! She said each year will only get bigger so be ready. I hope not. I’m at work looking over everything and still trying to get through all of my To Do’s for tonight. We are leaving after supper to go up to the lake house because all of our family portraits are done and up. My wife wants to go see them. Fine by me. Because if they are not what we want on display we will yank them all down before everyone can see them. The proofs looked good but it always looks different when you blow photographs up.

The next few days will be all about the family and hosting them so I won’t get to update for a few days. I pray everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the rest of today. Wish me luck. It sounds like this birthday party is turning more into a social gathering. Geez.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

1st Birthday party coming up

We had an amazing Valentine’s day yesterday. It was all I wanted it to be. My wife loved it and all of the gifts she received. I also loved her gifts to me. She was overly generous. Thank you baby.

Back to the next big thing in my life. My boys’ first birthday party is in 2 days! The party planner has done a really good job. She sent me photos of the lake house. It looks like all of the things are set up and ready to go. Now it will be about coordinating all of the family and friends coming into town for the big event.

I still can’t believe they are going to be 1. I just can’t believe it. It has really flown by. I still remember the first moments of their lives. How scared then happy, how worried, then in love. And the sheer panic of the first few minutes of Alex not breathing well. Then hearing him let out his first cry and then they swooping him off. I thank God everyday for allowing their birth mom to choose me. She was really considering an abortion at first because she didn’t want her parents to know. She said she couldn’t do it and didn’t even seriously consider it because she didn’t want that on her life forever. I’m glad she chose to adopt them out. I’m glad my cousin called me that day to just vent and how slowly it turned into I Will Take Them. I was laughed at so many times by family, friends, and others. No one thought I could do it. I didn’t either Lol And here we are.

My wife is really starting to grow into family life. She is really excited about the party. She took the whole day off of work tomorrow so we can go up to the lakehouse to pitch in. She NEVER does that. She only took off a week for our honeymoon. So that was shocking. I’m happy to see her do that. It won’t mean much to them right now but when they are older I can say she took the day off of work for you guys because she loves you and wanted to help make your very first birthday party perfect. That will make a difference. I love her for it.

This small 50 person gathering has now turned into over 300 Lol Only because Lindsay got on the email and invited all of the employees and vendors we work with. We had to order more food because so many more people RSVP’ed for the party. And Lindsay said anyone that wanted to travel in for the party would get all of Friday off but they need to show up. I think that’s hilarious. I don’t see any of them fly all the way here just for this. But we will be happy to host them if that happens.

My boys loving coming to my office. Sarah brings them in more now that they have all of their immunizations and can be around big groups. She still doesn’t let people hold them. Or even touch them. She says Sorry germs for twins are double. Who can ever argue that one? That’s a great line. We have had a few runny noses but neither one has had a full-blown illness yet. Alex had a failure to thrive for the first 2 months but we got that reserved very quickly. He just had bad gas. A few drops in his bottle and he was perfectly fine. And he caught up with Heston within 3 months.

Geez, I feel like I remember everything. I think because I was so scared every day the first 4 months. Things got easier just like everyone said it would. Now that they are walking a little things will get harder again.

The party is going to be fun. We saw photos of the 2 smash cakes. The design looks great and the caterer will be making them first thing Friday morning. She’s bringing 8 cakes, 6 different round ones for the party and the 2 smash cakes. I can’t wait to see them dig in. Their smash cakes will be vegan so they can eat as much as they want. I am told they mostly squish it and only shove so much in. I really think Alex will squeal laughing and Heston will just pound the crap out of it Lol Two very different personalities. They look exactly the same. I thought about doing different hair cuts when they get older but I don’t know. We are going to match them for part of the party. Then after they get baths from the cake smashing they get their own outfits.

The next few days will be very busy for us. I can’t wait to see everyone and show off my family to everyone. They are my biggest pride and love. I married very well and I have raised two sweet and amazing babies.

1 years old. Geez! Did anyone think I would survive?

Thank you Sarah! She is the only reason I made it this far. And to Brandi and Heather thank you ladies too. All 3 of you are family and I hope we all stay together for as long as you want. Your help has been invaluable. Priceless even. I pray you all 3 enjoy the party without having to lift a finger for my boys. You deserve a great time and to get to watch them like we will.

Have a great work day everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Our first Christmas

We took the boys to their first ever Christmas mass at midnight on Christmas Eve. Surprisingly enough they slept through most of it. When we stood up to leave that’s when they decided to wake up and cry. Thank goodness it was over at that point. I had so many people want to take a peek at them under their blankets but I said after the service please. I can’t wake them up. Lindsay loved holding Heston and showing him off. He is my dominant one. He’s not afraid of anything. Alex will go to a stranger then scream and cry until he gets handed back Lol Two different beings that look exactly the same. Having identical twins is completely different from I had expected. But it’s twice the fun also. So let’s go to our Christmas update!

The twins had a very nice and relaxing first Christmas. Auntie Lindsay and I got up early enough to set out the presents that Santa left in the closet so my dog wouldn’t get them Lol Santa is so thoughtful. I took Sam jr for a long walk while Lindsay finished getting things ready and then she went back to bed. I think I was more excited for the boys than I am. I went down to my Church food bank and volunteered to feed the homeless. The breakfast smelled great and I was able to help serve over 200 people. I gave extra to all the kids and got scolded twice. Oh well. God wanted them to have extra. I finished washing the dishes from my service station and then helped take out the trash. Then it was time to go home. I stopped and picked up some breakfast for Lindsay and I. She just wanted donuts. Of course I got the wrong kind. Apparently an assortment is not good enough. Had to be chocolate icing with whip cream filling. My bad. By the time I got back the boys were still in their cribs but awake. Lindsay had already changed them and got them into outfits. But they were both full from eating their breakfast and wanted to lay back down. I got home and showered. Then it was time to show them what Santa brought them.

I put Alex down and he immediately started crawling for the tree. I told her to watch him then I went and got Heston. He did the same thing. We sat down with them and I started handing out gifts. They were more excited to rip stuff up and touch the boxes then they were for the actual present Lol So funny. We got things opened and cut the plastic tie things off. Whoever invented the idea of plastic tying things inside of a baby toy box, thanks a lot. That took forever. And as impatient as my boys can get it was a crying fit until I freed the toy. We got clothes, toys, baby shoes, baby coats, baby everything. We also got a lot of stuffed animals. And Alex let out a new word. BobooobbooOOOOhhhhh Lol It was so funny. I don’t know what boboooh is but we all cracked up. We have already had our first Da da. Heston finally let that one out and I started crying. I said that’s right. I’m your da da! Alex is holding his in I guess. I know someday soon he will say it but for now it’s fine. And Heston has either forgotten he said it or is holding it until Alex says it next. Either way the Da da was here and now it’s gone. At least it’s on Video. That much was worth it.

We played for a few hours and both of my boys literally passed out on the wrapping paper. That allowed me time to clean up and start putting things in piles. Thank you to everyone that sent us gifts, well wishes, and cards. You will all be receiving thank you cards next week. My boys love everything you gave them. And for all the people who sent loud, beeping, horn-making toys I plan to donate the box full of them to a Women’s shelter Lol My boys do not need to drive me nuts hitting the same button 50 times per hour. They would too. So those toys are going bye bye.

Lindsay and I also got some amazing presents from Santa. We both must have been very nice this year. She did talk a little about missing her “mum” and how hard it will be every year without her. She did go spend time with her former stepdad and stepbrother’s families. They had invited her over for a meal and to ask for money. The yearly handout as she calls it. She said she had fun and came home a few hours later than she said. I’m glad she got to see everyone. I enjoyed the peaceful quiet time alone with my babies. They will never have a first Christmas again. They will never get much alone time with me over the next year.  My travel schedule is going to get worse since I am ending my career with SJC. But retirement from those businesses will lead me into full-time parenting. And will also give me plenty of time to adopt more kids. My life purpose is my boys right now. I want to be there for everything. When they are both in school that is the time I can launch my next business adventure. Right now I need to figure it all out. I have plenty of time and I’m not in any rush. I want to enjoy my 2017 and watch my boys go from babies to toddlers, God help us all.

I’m excited for how Christmas went. It was perfect. Everything was quiet just like I wanted. We are going back to the city tonight and preparing for the arrival of the nannies tonight. I can’t wait to see everyone and see how their holidays were.

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and you feel joy and happiness all week! God bless and have a great week!

1st Birthday Party planning started

My twins first birthday is coming up. With everything I have going on I decided to start planning their party months in advance. We decided to go with a football theme. We are going to have a custom football shaped cake made with vegan ingredients. I want the cake to taste extra delicious so we are still searching for the right bakery to help out with this. I have been looking online for football decorations and did go to a few party stores to see what they had to offer for football birthday stuff. I have bought a few things and tucked them safely in a spare closet. We decided to have their party at the lake house. I have invited my entire family and expect most of them to show up. They also know that a weekend with me will also include shopping, all the good they could eat, and a fun family time. I am working with the same party planner I had before. She and I did not get along at all Lol But at the end of the day she did a great job and I asked her to help again. She said she needed to think about it. She contacted me the next day, doubled her price and said that’s what it would take to work with me. I said ok and told her this time she would work directly with Sarah. I think having Sarah in the middle will be better.

We are NOT going to have one of those over the top kids parties you see on tv. It’s going to be cake and ice cream the boys will get to open presents with my help and then we are all going to just hang out. I’m not going to have a bouncy house, a petting zoo or anything ridiculous for 1 year olds. They can’t really enjoy much because they are still too young but I wanted to make it more about the family being there than anything else.

Now when they are 4 and they really start to realize how fun their birthdays can be I will probably lose my mind and go big time for them. I want it to be special and casual. Not fancy. She asked if I wanted an ice sculpture with the number 1 carved and I said no and that’s the exact opposite direction I want to go. I said I wanted her to help more with the decorations to make it look awesome. And to help me come up with party ideas to make it fun. I told her I wanted a photographer and one of those silly photo booth things set up on one of my walls. I am pretty sure I can get my boys to be held and have pictures taken with people at random times. If we do one after the other that won’t work. But if we do smaller groups we can get them in all the photos.

I think that’s the most we will do. I can’t wait to see my boys smash their little football cakes and chow down Lol I watched some 1st birthday videos on Youtube and they are so hilarious. Sarah and I were laughing so hard at some of their expressions once they get to taste it. We had a long discussion on whether to make have a vegan cake but I told her I didn’t want to deny them a sugary cake I just wanted to make sure they can eat it and not get all hyped up and crazy. They both tried turkey at Thanksgiving. That was a debate also but I decided to let them try it. Heston spit it out. That’s my boy Lol Alex woofed his down and smacked his high chair for more. I gave him 5 bites of turkey and then he spit out the last piece. Heston does not like meat yet. I know that will change but for now I decide what to feed them. You can’t even tell my boys are vegan. They are both so big and healthy. Their pediatrician is impressed with their growth chart and is happy to see Alex thriving. I really thought I had screwed up when he wasn’t gaining weight. He was so thin for a few weeks and I was scared. Knowing it was just a digestive issue for them made it a quick fix. We have never had an issue since. We have dealt with some throwing up and few runny noses but nothing at all serious.

We have teeth coming in, they are crawling everywhere and we are working hard to help them learn to walk. If you hold them up they will kick and get going a little forward. Mostly sideways Lol I told Sarah last night I’m going to end up with the kids that walk sideways not forward and back. She just laughed.

By the time my sons are 1 years old the decision to adopt again will already be made. We will already have begun our search for their little sister. I will be adopting again in the next few years. I don’t know who she will be, what she will look like or where she will come from. All I know is God will lead me to her and I will bring her home. The urge to have a daughter has been really strong ever since the 3rd month of having the boys home. I thought having a little sister would be the best for our family. Most likely I will adopt a few more times. I want a big family. I can afford to provide for them and I will devote my life to my children. I want my life’s work to be about raising my kids and doing all I can to parent them always. I have so many hopes and dreams for my children. I know adding to my family will only bring us more love and compassion for each other.

This first year has flown by. Celebrating my boys will be a big family event and I can’t wait to see what we come up with. A football theme is a great start. And we all know they will most likely end up with 10 or so Batman themed birthday parties in the near future Lol

Party planning is not my favorite thing but watching my boys enjoy their family and cake will mean everything to me. I am so happy to be their dad. It’s been the greatest part of my life for sure. I’m happy to continue to share stories from their lives with all of you.

Is it February yet!

Happy 6 months to Heston and Alex!

We made it! And I know I have messed up a lot on raising my twins, but we have made it. A huge milestone for anyone with a new baby. Well double that, that’s how relieved and proud I feel today. My boys are 6 months old. They are both healthy, happy, and perfect. I can’t believe how much they have grown. I can’t believe how much my life has changed.

A year ago I was not even thinking about these 2 little blessings. I wanted kids, it was a discussion but I had no idea a few months later it would be a real decision. I don’t regret anything in my life. Well okay a few things, but not these babies. Not for one second. They have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I saw them both come into this world. I saw their first cries. I saw that 10 seconds of when Alex was not breathing and I had a complete panic over that. Then crying as soon as he did let out his first cry and all the relief that washed over me. I remember it all. I think about it every day. They came into this world wanted, needed, and already so loved. And I intend to spend the rest of my life doing exactly that. Even when we hit the pre-teens and I am no longer cool.

I hold my boys every night and I thank God for them. I tell my boys how lucky I am to have them and how much I love them. And our nightly prayers speak of how much I pray for their happiness throughout their whole lives. I want nothing more than my kids to feel loved. I tell them all of the time. Because you never want to stop hearing that. And that’s what happened when I was a kid. It just didn’t get said much anymore. Why? I don’t know. That was how my parents were. I’m nothing like that. I’m probably way overboard Lol In every way. I can’t help it.

I’m excited the adoption will happen this year and not next. I’m so thankful to my nannies. I’m very happy my boys have God parents who worship them. Not so excited about the competition to buy their love. That’s getting way out of hand.

We will be getting our family photos back in a few weeks and I’m very excited to put a few of them up on the wall. They turned out great. Even the candid ones are funny.

I never thought I would have twins. It’s hard. I really was not prepared for how hard it was going to be. But I made it. We made it. We survived. I feel like having a cold beer tonight. I won’t. But that’s the kind of feeling it really is. 6 months. Wow. Time flies. I’m just trying to spend as much time with them as I can. All of my traveling has slowed down. I needed those breaks and to allow my family to get to know my boys. They need to bond with all of their cousins. And I need to remember I’m not alive just to feed and change kids Lol

I can not wait to see what happens in the next 6 months. I know we are pushing forward with the adoption of a little girl. I’m still going through that process. I think sometime next year we will begin the search. Their birth mom made a joke about don’t ask her for anymore babies she’s done for a long time. She’s so great. She has been so supportive for me. This has worked out well and I’m glad we have an open adoption. I want my boys to know her. She wants to know them. She wants to know they are okay and that she made the best decision for herself and for them. She said she feels happy thinking about them now. It’s no longer a pain she feels. She says she gets the pictures and her heart feels really good. Because they look so happy and healthy.

One more quick story from last night before I get back to work. I had both of the boys on the couch with me. One on each side. We were watching the Olympics and when the American runner was running so fast I raised up both of my arms to cheer her on. I wasn’t shouting but I was saying GO GO GO! And Heston raised up his fist a little Lol It was hilarious. He was doing what I was doing. We all laughed which made them both laugh. Sarah said she wished she had gotten a picture of it. I’m going to have to go back through the Nannycam video and see if I can pull an image from it. It was pretty funny.

I just uploaded a ton of photos on my Facebook this morning to mark our 6 months. Lots of great comments from my family and friends.

My boys. My perfect baby boys. I love them!

6 months old almost

Good morning from the Lakehouse. We are celebrating our almost 6 month old twins this weekend. Lindsay came up with the idea. It’s their half birthdays. So much fun. She put together a slideshow of the photos I sent her or she took from the past 6 months. I can not believe my two little peanuts are this big. Wow. It was very emotional for me to see how we started off. I didn’t even mind the really bad photos of me with unshaved face, messed up hair and big bags under my eyes. That’s what a real dad looks like.

It has been sleepless nights, worrying all  of the time, feeling like a total failure, realizing I can not handle all of this, wanting to give up some nights, not knowing anything, to finally starting to realize I did it. Well we did. I could not have gotten this far without the girls. My nannies are the best. They really are. We will be back to all 3 nannies soon. And we are in a much better position that way everyone is getting more time off. We have all built trust together. We can now all schedule to do things. And we are getting ready to add in swim lessons for the boys. I had to wait until they were 6 months old. That will happen in a few days so next Thursday will be their very first swim lesson. I can’t wait. I have a pool here. I want everyone to be safe with the boys when they are in the pool. And I will be even worse than I am now once we are in our home pool with no trained life guards Lol I even asked Sarah if she would go take a baby water safety class with me. She said no. She is a great swimmer and she feels confident about how we both will handle it. She said at this age the adult HAS to have their hands on the baby at all times in the pool. You can teach them to back float but at this age it they can not do any of it all on their own. I guess I am paranoid. I just don’t want them to ever get hurt. Which is dumb because at some point they will. We did have scratches early on from them scratching their faces a little. Then we put mitten things on them to help that and made sure their nails were trimmed.

Guys, the first time I clipped Heston’s nails my hands were shaking Lol It took me a few seconds to finally do it. Then I was like NO I’M DONE. I CANT DO THIS! Lol I was ridiculous. Now I have it down. No problem.

6 months old. I feel like that’s a big accomplishment for me. If we make it to Year 1 with no major disaster I will be so blessed. Heston babbles but not like Alex. Alex has a lot to say. He is always babbling. They are both scooting around on their tummies a lot. They are both raising up on their arms and knees a little bit. It’s fun to watch them try. Alex finally did a roll over. They are both still working that out. We figured it out because we put Alex in the crib on his back and when we went in to check on him he flipped himself over. I have Nannycam so we watched it on the video. Then I took a video of it with my cellphone and sent it to everyone.

Our family photos with Lindsay and Ben was ……… Hmmmm it was fun at first. My boys did fine through the 2nd outfit. But after that it was all downhill. They were all done smiling and looking at the stuffed animals above them. Nothing we did could get them to stop and that’s when we said enough. The photographer said that was normal and they usually have a twin meltdown sooner than that. Hey, my boys are awesome they don’t meltdown as fast as other twins I think? I have no idea. I have never had them around other twins yet. That might be fun.

Today we went out on the boat this morning, just cruising around slow. The weather is perfect. The girls are shopping. I’m writing this then going to start making stuff prepped for dinner tonight. My buddy Cam and John are coming over tonight to eat with us. We’re grilling out. Chicken and steaks for them. I’m grilling tofu and asparagus for me. Yummy, my favorite. I saute the tofu for a few hours to give it a nice flavor. It really is good if you have never grilled it.

This afternoon we will go back on the boat for a little while then go swimming. I want to see how my boys do. And with all of these adults here we can keep a very close eye on them.

Things could not be better in my life. I’m dating 2 beautiful women, I have the most perfect twin boys. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My life is great! I am so happy. I really am.

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. Go have some fun today!