Book sales bonaza!

For whatever reason my book sales have been great. On paypal it’s going really good. Getting a lot of orders. And Amazon. Who knew Amazon would be so great to  me! They send me reports monthly on how my book sales are and so far I have received 2 royalty checks from my book sales. It’s awesome! I donated another Want more?

Season 7 Tell All

Season 7 Tell All Erica Hill: As we learned last season Meri had been catfished. She connected with someone online who wasn’t actually who they claimed to be. This season we found out that the fallout and the saga was far from over. That is not true. Meri was not catfished. It has never been proven it is a lie Want more?

Season 7 Ep 5

Meri: Because I hate it when she shuts down. And she hates it when I’m direct. So what do we do? Meri just said she is direct. Remember that for later on in this one. I had been talking to this guy, you know we were becoming friends and we were laughing and he was saying all the right things Want more?

Season 7 Ep 4

In my darkest spot last year when I knew that something was wrong but I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how to get out of it the thing that I felt like that really anchored me was the kids. Didn’t matter how crappy I felt like my relationship was with Kody at the time. It didn’t matter how Want more?

Season 7 Ep 3

Meri: Can I make these tables go right together so we have less tables because they are butted right next to each other. Kody: I’m sorry why are we switching that why don’t we keep the space and make it so everyone can get around the table easier. He said it calmly and just asked why. Yet she freaks out. Want more?