More like a Grapefruit – 10 Weeks Pregnant

My wife is now officially 10 weeks pregnant. She is supposed to start showing finally. I keep talking to our baby and it hasn’t done anything. She said the doctor told her any day now she will start feeling our baby kick. I can’t wait to feel that for the 2nd time. With Ryan I just knew he would be a soccer player. He passed away at 7 months gestation so I got to do a lot of things. My wife made me download the same pregnancy app she uses. It’s called The Bump. You flip it on and it shows you how big the average baby would be. Today it’s a strawberry. I said oh no my baby is going to be huge, more like a grapefruit. I think last week it said a cherry? She doesn’t believe me. Right now our baby is 1.18 inches long according to this app. I think it’s probably more like 2 and a half inches long with legs out to………………………… Lol

We get to find out the sex soon. I think she told me at 14 weeks but I can’t remember. We are NOT having one of those reveal parties. I’m going to make a post the same time she puts it on her Facebook and that will be that. I don’t feel like we need a party to announce that. I’m not that much into myself, I swear. We both want a little girl. It’s more of a balance of gender thing but if we get a boy I will have that proud man thing going for weeks. Ryan was my first, I ended up with 2 boys not one. What’s one more boy in this house. My wife said anymore boys and she’s going to go nuts.

I showed my boys a strawberry this morning and told them that’s how big their baby is. They just looked at me until Heston tried to eat it Lol I said “Babe, Heston just took a bite out of his baby strawberry and she said tell him to not bite his sister” Lol

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Oh and read this neat article. I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time. At least I learned this trick today!


140th Voicemail, 141st Voicemail, 142nd Voicemail, 143rd Voicemail – June 10th, 2015

This is when she sent me all of the text messages between her and Kendra. It was shocked to see what people had begun to say about me and to say about us. I had no idea anyone paid attention to this kind of thing. We talked about a lot of things and decided to start being more careful when we were using Twitter. So we began to not tweet as much to each other anymore.

140th Voicemail 6-10-2015 7:16am

Wakey wakey sleepyhead. I’m just calling you I’m out walking. So just give me a call, okay? Love you, bye.

141st Voicemail 6-10-2015 10:01am

Oh my gosh that totally came out wrong. I’m really, really sorry please call me. Oh my gosh. No. I was just saying just like. Do you know how you were saying to me the other day about oh you know anything text can be used you know becareful about what you text or something. Anyway, I’m sorry that totally came out wrong. Anyway, give me a call, okay.

142nd Voicemail 6-10-2015 6:20pm

Hey so. I thought since you are off work I thought I would just try giving you a call. Seeing how you are doing. Anyways, just give me a call when you have a minute. Okay. I’ll talk to you…

143rd Voicemail 6-10-2015 11:26pm

Baby you told me I could call you whenever I wanted. So I’m calling you and just wondering where you are or what are you doing. It’s like super late. I haven’t talked to you in hours and I’m just wondering what’s going on. And I just want to know like what’s going on with all of this stuff and I miss you and I’m hoping you are doing okay. Anyway, okay…


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89th Voicemail – May 10th, 2015

This was the day the guilt for her finally hit. It took 2 months. I had told her she really needed to figure out what she was doing with me. The rumors were getting thick. She was starting to see a lot of people online ask me if I was dating her. She was starting to get questions from people about what was going on. We both laughed it off but it wasn’t funny. We had been too public talking to each other on Twitter and too arrogant about being open about our relationship. It was beginning to start rumors.

We had a long talk that day and I told her you need to pick. The life you know or the life you want. She had also found out that Mariah wanted to come home for the summer instead of staying in Utah. This would throw a giant monkey wrench in all of her plans to move out soon. She was scared I was not going to wait. I told her I would but I was pissed. She wanted out, I wanted her out and we had a plan. Now we have to wait until Mariah moved back up to school. She took time alone to think. I told her to contact me when she had an answer.

She picked me.

89th Voicemail 5-10-2015 7:42pm

Hi Sam. I just wanted to let you know that I just got your texts. I know it’s a couple of hours after you sent them. And I just wanted to respond and say I am very glad that we talked too and I do miss you extremely. I really miss you. I love the conversations that we have and I totally understand that you need to be careful and where you are coming from. I do understand that. I had to just leave my house for a while. I left my phone. I just needed to go be alone for a while. Just to drive and just was alone in my thoughts. Went up to the mountain a little bit and so that’s where I’ve been. That’s why I didn’t respond I just needed to just leave my phone and be alone and just figure some stuff out and just think. Anyway, I love you very much. I really do and I don’t want you to think that my response was anything about not wanting to talk to you because I do want to talk to you so that last one that you said maybe it’s better that we don’t talk I understand your frustration because I didn’t respond but it’s not because I don’t feel like we shouldn’t talk. I just needed to leave my phone at home because I drove around for a while. Anyway, alright, I hope you are having a good evening whatever you are doing. Thank you so much for talking to me. And…