31st Voicemail, 32nd Voicemail, 33rd Voicemail – April 15th, 2015

We were still communicating very well. Things were fine. Still in love and working on how we were going to be together.

31st Voicemail 4-15-2015 12:34am

Hey babe I just thought I would try and reaching you. It kicks me right to voicemail so your phone must be off. So, anyway, oh I just got your text, no you are not available. Sorry about tonight. I hope you are feeling better with me. I love you and I hope you sleep well and I hate that we didn’t get to say goodnight. If you wake up and you want to call me, feel free. Okay. I love you.

32nd Voicemail 4-15-2015 4:18pm

Hello Mr. Cooper. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I want to see your face and I want to have your babies. And I love you very much. And I will talk to you soon. Give me a call whenever you want. Okay.

33rd Voicemail 4-15-2015 7:25pm
Look at you throwing me to voicemail. Okay, so that video of the puppy (Sam jr.) is adorable oh my gosh he is so cute. Alright, give me a call later, okay? I love you.

15th Voicemail – April 7, 2015

I had begun to work a lot of late hours. I was still recouping from my broken foot but had to figure things out. We were still in our happy relationship. Still laughing everyday and still trying to stay in touch with each other throughout the day.

15th Voicemail 4-7-2015 7:44pm

Hey baby. I was just giving you a call real quick. You told me that it was okay, I know you are probably busy or resting or whatever. But anyway, I’m just missing you like a lot right now so I thought I’d call. Anyway, give me a call when you have a second, okay? Alright, I love you babe. I’ll talk to you soon.