It’s a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday party and a surprise announcement

My daughter’s 1st birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since she came into the world. I didn’t get to meet her until 3 days later but it was worth the wait. She is still perfect. She’s very chill except when she’s saying dada over and over. She is my little snugglebug. She loves to be held, she loves to laugh and play. She’s doing all she can to grow up into a sweet little angel. Until her brothers take her things, then it’s whack-city Lol

Over the weekend we had family and friends fly into town. We were going to do her party on Saturday. Saturday morning she woke up sick. I said let’s try for Sunday. She still wasn’t doing better so I told them sorry, go home. We are going to do a small party with a ton of food and decorations because I still have everything we ordered. My living room looks like a garden Pooh party. You can barely get around in there.

Did I mention I’m still in Colorado Springs? Yes, we will be here for the next 7 weeks. Our house is finally all set up and ready. The nannies helped out so much with that. God bless them both. Sarah is flying in tonight. She wouldn’t dare miss the make-up birthday party. I texted her early Saturday and told her to hold off on her flight. We have a poop issue, not a pooh issue. She said okay. Lindsay has been here for a few days. She’s been very entertaining. She has Peace thinking that she runs the whole house, which she probably does. Peace gets everything she wants right now. Thankfully she’s not of age to know that she has such powers full-time. She mostly just wants some fruit. That kid is a fruit nut. She loves all kinds of chopped, pureed, or diced fruit. I’m very happy about that.

I had to reorder the Pooh cake because the boys destroyed the first one. I wasn’t very happy but I have to remember, kids will be kids. As long as we have the new one in time tomorrow morning I will be fine with it.

Alex is doing great. He’s getting around much better and his breathing treatments at night are going faster. We get to reduce down the dosage. I just wish that machine was quieter. It’s loud.

Man it’s been raining here all day. I wanted to get the backyard set up with a bouncy house but that’s not going to happen. I bought a nice size inflatable swimming pool so that the smaller kids could at least dip in with their parent holding them. It’s not big enough for adults to do anything but sit in it. I thought the 1-year-old friends might enjoy a dip. The sun is supposed to come out right around party time at lunchtime so I’m really hoping that we can do something fun outside. If not we can play the 3 games I found for babies and hope they have fun.

I’ve tried so hard to get this party perfect. I ordered way too much stuff. I made too many birthday present choices. I wanted a nice, small family gathering. It turned into a shindig.

Colorado Springs is pretty awesome. I’m starting to find my way around town. I love the local radio stations here. The morning talk stuff is pretty funny. They are playing a great selection of the newer songs and the old. I listen to it a lot while I’m cooking breakfast and then cleaning up. I really have enjoyed my time here. We haven’t been able to get out and explore much but I hope to soon.

Happy Birthday to my little girl, Peace Taylor! I love you very much and I really hope you enjoy your special day even though you aren’t going to remember any of this. We are still going to take a mountain of photos and videos. I will do a special Facebook Live tomorrow with the birthday girl for you guys. Be sure to check it all out on our Family Facebook page. I will try to update more tomorrow.

Have a great week! Love ya’ll!

Hi from Paris

Hey guys.

Sorry for not posting as much. With my wife not being around it’s all on me to make sure all 3 kids are doing okay. Sarah and Heather help out a lot but I come home from work and it’s game on.

After we play, eat, snuggle, bath, bedtime, re-bedtime for whoever won’t stay asleep, that’s when I have to clean up the house, do the dishes, laundry, get meals ready for the next day, and finally finish my own work that I didn’t get done. It’s mostly emails so it’s not hard but it is time-consuming. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But as you can see I have done a much better job of posting our photos to our Family Facebook page. Check those out I just added more.

So my wife called me up crying and saying she can’t do this alone anymore. She was struggling to sleep, eat, and relax. She’s anxious about giving birth and MY SON is too big. She’s scared. I tried reassuring her over the phone and finally said Ok ok we are coming. I called the airlines to find a flight out that night but I could only get early morning tickets to NYC. Once we were in NYC we could get plenty of flights onward to Paris. It was REALLY expensive to switch everyone’s travel around but as long as she was happy it made it worthwhile. This meant I had to rearrange the 2 nannies flights back to the states too. They were okay because that meant they get to their families a day earlier. You guys have no idea how hard it is to keep 4 women happy all of the time Lol Ironically I think one person that still READS my blog religiously can (You are still a douchebag). He knows who that was meant for.

So we got tickets, I started packing that night and finally called my wife to tell her. Honey we are coming and we will be there tomorrow late. She sounded a little better. Whatever was going on was not a momentary flip out. If I was longer into my marriage I would have done the It’s going to be okay, I will be there in a few days, stop crying Lol But I’m not and I’m still new at being a husband and I really don’t want to blow the big emotional support moments that I want to get better at. So I sucked it up, I made arrangements and here we are.

I did get a heroes welcome when we arrived. But first let me get back to the flights.

So my kids are not exactly great travelers. Especially Alex. He freaks out when we get on a plane. We can calm him down after about 20 minutes but I had to warn every passenger around us that he will freak out for a solid 10 minutes with 10 extra minutes of soft boo-hoo’ing and then he’s quiet the rest of the ride. They were all very understanding. I mean I could see the look on all of their faces when I show up with 3 kids under 2 Lol It was like Oh GREAT this flight is going to suck! Well it didn’t. It was actually Heston that had the major freak out. Alex mostly slept and Peace near the end of a full day of traveling literally cried the entire way off of the plane, through customs, and into the vans waiting for us Lol The ENTIRE 45 minutes, guys! She was done. She was over it. And thankfully I’m not putting my kids back onto the plane for a long time. They are all now officially moved to Paris. Big huge sigh on that one. My nannies did a great job helping me with the kids. I tried my best. I’m really sorry if you were on our flight Lol The food was crap, we had been traveling all day and all of us had lost our patience while we were in New York City waiting for our overseas flight.

My wife gave me a huge hug and a few kisses when we got to the house. I said HERE, here’s YOUR DAUGHTER! Lol I had enough of the crying nonstop. I had a massive headache. She swooped up all of the kids and sat in the big oversize chair with them while I got bags put up and started to unpack clothes. I finally reemerged to see Peace eating her bottle and both of the boys trying to point out all of the gifts. My wife was sobbing. I mean a full on bawl when we came in. I felt so bad. She really was not in a good place. I said do we need to fly your mom over? She said no. She just needs me hold her. I said no problem. I let all of the nannies deal with the kids and I took my wife into our room. We laid in bed for about 10 minutes before I fell asleep Lol I didn’t mean to but I’m old. I was exhausted. I just couldn’t go anymore. I took a 35 minute power nap with snoring which I rarely do and got up. My wife said she feels better but not fully. She just needs me around. I said okay.

In the back of my mind I’m sitting here thinking am I even going to be able to go back to the states after Christmas for that week? I really have a lot of things to get done. I am going to have to ease into things.

Guys, My dog went NUTS when he saw me Lol He was doing circles. He was running around and jumping up on me. I laid down and let him kiss all over me and kept asking if he was a good boy. He was so happy. I did take him for 2 long walks and he slept with me when I crashed for several hours.

I’m awake. Finally. I’m showered, the kids are good and I’m getting ready to take all of the nannies to the airport. They are such good sports. My wife and I gave them their GIGANTIC christmas checks Lol They were shocked. I was shocked when I wrote that number down on all of their checks but you know what, for almost 2 years they have been there for me. I can’t really come up with the right number for how I really feel but it was a big fat check. And they were all very happy to receive them. I do feel bad they are going back on the planes to get back home and then on to their families but they are young and can handle it way better than I can.

I’m a wuss. I’m so old I get up out of bed all stiff and sore. It’s pathetic. My lower back said “OH you want to stand up Hahahahahha……”. I struggle the first few minutes. Does anyone else go through that?

So here we are. The kids are happy. They slept longer than I did. My dog is soooooo happy and my wife hugs me nonstop. She just is scared I think. She watched the birthing video without me. I told her not to. She did. She saw what’s about to happen Lol

I did not look when my twins were born but I was in there holding onto their birth mom’s hand. I was near her head and that big curtain thing covered up the view. What I saw was them hold up Heston, put him on her stomach and let me cut his cord then rush him off. And then I came back to see them struggle to yank Alex up, them not even really put him down, they cut the cord I didn’t and he went right into a flock of nurses and doctors. They were trying to save his life. He was not the right color at all. It scared the sh** out of me. I will never forget those moments until I heard him let out a cry. I pray every day we don’t go through any of that with Talon. I pray he comes out easy, it’s not very painful for my wife and I get to see his little face. I’m so excited. And nervous. I am scared too but not in the same way. I just want my wife and son to make it through the delivery and both be okay. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to either of them. I would lose my sh**. Thankfully they are both very healthy and doing great and we won’t have any issues.

I need to get going. Sarah just told me to be downstairs in 20 minute. Off to traffic and airport drop offs. I’m going to pick up my wife’s favorite meal on the way back. She found this cafe that has her very favorites she said. I’m going to surprise her. I hope I can do something to make her feel better. I’m trying hard but dealing with a pregnant woman is all new to me. I wasn’t allowed to spend much time with my cousin while she was pregnant. It was in small bits and she wouldn’t really talk to me. She just kept it short and sweet. This is my first full on experience and guys, this is hard. I feel like I’m on eggshells every day. I am trying to be supportive and I don’t even suggest her to try things anymore because I’m tired of getting yelled at. I can’t wait until my son is here so I can have my wife back Lol

Am I sure I want my kids? Yes! I can get through anything cuz I had twins first. One baby at a time is a piece of cake.

Have a great Christmas break guys. I don’t know when or if I will update until after Christmas. I will try. Things are going to get very busy for me.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

Love The Coopers, 2017

Change in plans, as usual

Brandi has already decided to move to Paris with us and be our nanny. Sarah is starting to come around. I’ve offered her a wad of cash so big she said that’s too tempting Lol I’m a **** I know it but I really want Sarah to come. If she decides to stay that’s okay too. I just want my boys to be happy. Brandi is great with both of them and she’s already got Peace in a routine. Since she told us she wants to come we have made Brandi the personal nanny to Peace. She hangs out with the boys but Sarah and Heather have been their nannies. We thought it would be better this way. Sarah didn’t like the change at first but now that her schedule has lightened up she’s much happier. I swear sometimes I think Sarah acts just like Zoila Lol If you don’t understand that reference you need to Google it right now.

My wife spent most of yesterday shopping and packing. We are going to leave Friday at noon to go to Paris. We are taking Brandi and both pets. Sarah has said she wants to go when we actually move my wife next weekend and that’s probably not a bad idea. That might sell her on this! I pray every night for Sarah to change her mind. I ask God to show her the path to the decision but I know that’s selfish and wrong. I can’t help it. My wife doesn’t even get mad because she sees how much my kids rely on Sarah. I’m probably going to cry more than she does when we leave each other Lol I don’t know what I will do without our Sarah.

Work is going great. In October I was able to visit all of my companies and tell them all goodbye. I handed out bonuses for Xmas early. I wanted to personally do that so it’s done and no one expected that so soon. I wanted to thank each employee and let them know that next summer we will all be together again in Hawaii. I think making that a yearly trip will be good for everyone. Months after they all still talk about how much fun it was. I’m so happy to hear that because that’s exactly why I decided to do it. They all deserve a break even for a few days.

I’m not going to say the exact date but Happy 1 year anniversary to my wife and I for our marriage! Who would have thought we would make it a full year without her killing me Lol She said it’s been an adventure every day and she never has felt so loved in all of her life. She feels beautiful even being pregnant and feeling fat but I make it seem like she’s a Queen, which she is. She never dreamed her life would have so many kids this fast but she knew coming into our marriage that I wanted a big family. She said she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with me and our kids and make more babies.

I love my wife with all of my heart. We will have a very special day celebrating the actual day. We will be in Paris on the date and I have all kinds of gifts for her. Things sentimental but not all material. She’s going to be so surprised. I feel the happiest I have ever been and it’s all because of my wife and kids. She really takes care of me and makes me feel like I can do anything. She supports all of my crazy ideas and doesn’t let me get away with anything. I love that she cares so much and I see all of her friends always gushing about her. She really is an amazing woman. Smart, beautiful, blonde, and all mine!

I love you Abby. I can’t wait to see what the next 60 + years has for our life. God brought you to me and when you asked me out after I broke things off and we had a break. I never thought we would end up married. You are the best thing in my life right next to my kids. I can’t wait to see what our Talon looks like. My good looks and your brains, look out world! I want more kids with you, I want more time with you, I want every special event in my life to have you right next to me. Thank you for loving all of us. I told you in my vows that God sends your soul mate at the right time and right place. We found each other and you said Yes. That’s all it took for us to become a family. I love you. Wait until you see what I have planned for our 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!


Birthday party presents

Last night my wife and I got a bunch of birthday presents bought. I had some things but we needed the bulk of the gifts. I told her I did not want to go crazy like we did on Christmas. We kept it small but this is their first birthday. We are having a lot of family and friends come into town for their party. All of the gifts we picked out are safe, recommended for 1 year olds and do not make a lot of noise. I’m not a fan of loud noises, thinks with flashing lights or big thinks you smack around on. They have a lot of really cool learning toys that aren’t so loud and don’t flash all of the time. I know those things are important for babies.

We did get some matching toys so they each have the same toy. But I also bought them different toys too. Honestly these 2 will end up sharing everything we ever buy them. That’s how twins are. The best I can hope for is no one starts a fist fight over gifts. We are several years from that I hope. Although I do remember my brother and I slugging it out over the new atari game. He liked Pac-Man, I liked Dig-Dug. It was a battle royale.

We spent most of the night wrapping gifts and writing in their baby book on the gifts we bought. I like to keep that stuff up to date. Next friday night is their party. I’m taking off all of next Friday so that I can help set everything up. The party will be at the lake house. Since we will be out-of-town this weekend the party planner is able to start setting everything up this weekend and next week since we won’t be at the house. She said that will help out a lot. She has a team of people that helps her out. They are great people. Very sweet.

We are having a football theme this year. Mostly Chicago bears stuff but some generic football stuff too. We ordered 2 small football cakes for them to smash. I guess they are called smash cakes. We are going to take the boys on Thursday night for little haircuts Lol They both have fuzzy blonde hair. They also have blue eyes. We are taking our 1st birthday family photos tomorrow so that they will be ready in time for the party.

This birthday party stuff is hard. There’s so many things to plan for, decide on and figure out. I like it but I see this getting harder as they get older.

I just pray for healthy babies all of their lives. When I make their wish that’s what I will ask God for. Their first year has been so amazing. I almost didn’t make it Lol But I did.

Thank God!

1st Birthday Party planning started

My twins first birthday is coming up. With everything I have going on I decided to start planning their party months in advance. We decided to go with a football theme. We are going to have a custom football shaped cake made with vegan ingredients. I want the cake to taste extra delicious so we are still searching for the right bakery to help out with this. I have been looking online for football decorations and did go to a few party stores to see what they had to offer for football birthday stuff. I have bought a few things and tucked them safely in a spare closet. We decided to have their party at the lake house. I have invited my entire family and expect most of them to show up. They also know that a weekend with me will also include shopping, all the good they could eat, and a fun family time. I am working with the same party planner I had before. She and I did not get along at all Lol But at the end of the day she did a great job and I asked her to help again. She said she needed to think about it. She contacted me the next day, doubled her price and said that’s what it would take to work with me. I said ok and told her this time she would work directly with Sarah. I think having Sarah in the middle will be better.

We are NOT going to have one of those over the top kids parties you see on tv. It’s going to be cake and ice cream the boys will get to open presents with my help and then we are all going to just hang out. I’m not going to have a bouncy house, a petting zoo or anything ridiculous for 1 year olds. They can’t really enjoy much because they are still too young but I wanted to make it more about the family being there than anything else.

Now when they are 4 and they really start to realize how fun their birthdays can be I will probably lose my mind and go big time for them. I want it to be special and casual. Not fancy. She asked if I wanted an ice sculpture with the number 1 carved and I said no and that’s the exact opposite direction I want to go. I said I wanted her to help more with the decorations to make it look awesome. And to help me come up with party ideas to make it fun. I told her I wanted a photographer and one of those silly photo booth things set up on one of my walls. I am pretty sure I can get my boys to be held and have pictures taken with people at random times. If we do one after the other that won’t work. But if we do smaller groups we can get them in all the photos.

I think that’s the most we will do. I can’t wait to see my boys smash their little football cakes and chow down Lol I watched some 1st birthday videos on Youtube and they are so hilarious. Sarah and I were laughing so hard at some of their expressions once they get to taste it. We had a long discussion on whether to make have a vegan cake but I told her I didn’t want to deny them a sugary cake I just wanted to make sure they can eat it and not get all hyped up and crazy. They both tried turkey at Thanksgiving. That was a debate also but I decided to let them try it. Heston spit it out. That’s my boy Lol Alex woofed his down and smacked his high chair for more. I gave him 5 bites of turkey and then he spit out the last piece. Heston does not like meat yet. I know that will change but for now I decide what to feed them. You can’t even tell my boys are vegan. They are both so big and healthy. Their pediatrician is impressed with their growth chart and is happy to see Alex thriving. I really thought I had screwed up when he wasn’t gaining weight. He was so thin for a few weeks and I was scared. Knowing it was just a digestive issue for them made it a quick fix. We have never had an issue since. We have dealt with some throwing up and few runny noses but nothing at all serious.

We have teeth coming in, they are crawling everywhere and we are working hard to help them learn to walk. If you hold them up they will kick and get going a little forward. Mostly sideways Lol I told Sarah last night I’m going to end up with the kids that walk sideways not forward and back. She just laughed.

By the time my sons are 1 years old the decision to adopt again will already be made. We will already have begun our search for their little sister. I will be adopting again in the next few years. I don’t know who she will be, what she will look like or where she will come from. All I know is God will lead me to her and I will bring her home. The urge to have a daughter has been really strong ever since the 3rd month of having the boys home. I thought having a little sister would be the best for our family. Most likely I will adopt a few more times. I want a big family. I can afford to provide for them and I will devote my life to my children. I want my life’s work to be about raising my kids and doing all I can to parent them always. I have so many hopes and dreams for my children. I know adding to my family will only bring us more love and compassion for each other.

This first year has flown by. Celebrating my boys will be a big family event and I can’t wait to see what we come up with. A football theme is a great start. And we all know they will most likely end up with 10 or so Batman themed birthday parties in the near future Lol

Party planning is not my favorite thing but watching my boys enjoy their family and cake will mean everything to me. I am so happy to be their dad. It’s been the greatest part of my life for sure. I’m happy to continue to share stories from their lives with all of you.

Is it February yet!

1st Voicemail, 2nd Voicemail, 3rd Voicemail – March 10, 2015

Meri’s brother passed away early in the morning. She told me via text that woke me up. Then I called her right away and we talked for a few minutes.

This was a hard day for Meri. I tried to say the right things but I didn’t know what to say at all. As soon as she told me I called her. I prayed for her and her family. I prayed for her brother. I was in shock, so was she. I felt so bad for them. It was so unexpected. She was still in Utah. I was in Las Vegas. She went up there for her mom’s birthday party. She had planned on coming home that day but then when she got word she was trying to figure out what to do.

I offered to come up there and help out. I knew I couldn’t be with her around her family but I wanted to support her. I told her I would fly up, hug her, give her a check for the funeral expenses and take off so she could get back to being with her family. She told me to come up if I wanted to.

Later that afternoon I flew back as she was driving back and you can hear how happy she was for the time we had spent together. She said no one has ever done so much for so little time before. She did not need a check for the funeral costs she and her family figured it out so my offer was declined. This was a big step forward into our relationship deepening. Me being there for her. It was this day and everything that went on when we really started to feel and trust in the love we were creating together.



1st Voicemail 3-10-2015 12:56am

Hey Sam it’s me. Listen, I know you’ve had a really rough day and I’m really sorry about that and I wish there was something I could do to help you. I just need you to know that I love you and I care about you and I care for you and I just. I’m just really concerned about you right now. And I just, I want to talk to you I want to make sure you are going to be okay. I know you needed to check out and just get away so I’m sorry I’m calling you again. I’m just really concerned about you right now. Take the time that you need I guess. Take an hour or a day or a couple days. I don’t even know. I don’t know what you need and I don’t know how best to help you right now. You are just such a good guy. You care about people and I don’t know if other people that for you and I just wanted to make sure you are okay. I’m just really concerned about you. You are just really down right now. So anyway, know that I care. Know that I love you, know that I care. Know that I’m concerned about you.

2nd Voicemail 3-10-2015 8:48am

Hey. So I’m driving so it was easier and safer to call you than text you back. But, as far as you saying you want to come up here just to hug me. I think that is just really sweet, but I don’t want to make you do that at all. It’s too out of the way, you know whatever thing and I just, I mean, I don’t want you to think that I’m turning you down. But I, you know how I am about not wanting to ask somebody to do something and that’s a huge thing to do. But I really appreciate that. So, it’s up to you. If you want to, I would love to see you and if you don’t, it’s a hassle, it’s an all day thing, I’m totally understanding of that. The other thing is…

3rd Voicemail 3-10-2015 3:47pm

Mr. Sam Cooper. I wanted to leave just a quick little message for you just thinking about you, just wanted to say I’ve had a fun time getting to know you. You are a great guy, I’ve totally enjoyed it. We’ve had great conversations and I’m just having fun with it. This is, just really sweet. I am on my way home now and I was just thinking about you so I thought I would leave you a message. Anyway, I will drive safe, I want you to fly safe and we will talk later. As soon as you touch down and have some time you should shoot me a text and let me know that you got there all safe and everything is all great and I can’t wait to talk to you again.

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