Looking back on 2019

I plan to write up a year in review later this month. It’s probably going to take me a full 3 weeks to get it done. I’ve had an incredible year and I love to look back to see how far I’ve come.

How is everyone doing? How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty good. We had a few small issues but everything worked out well. We ALL ATE TOO MUCH! The food this year was mostly catered. I had a few homemade dishes that my family and friends demand we have each year. I did not invite my Aunt and Uncle but I did invite my cousins. I did not want them to toxic up the holiday with the annoying fighting nonstop. I didn’t want to spend the whole time referring them. Their separation/pending divorce is not very amicable. I loved my divorce. It was over waaayy faster than I expected and once I signed the final papers, I felt freed! It was a good life decision. I’m still friends (Sorta) with my ex-wife and I have now made a new life for myself. It’s going well.

I just uploaded a bunch of photos to our Family Facebook page for you guys. Go check it out!


I have a very specific game plan for our family Thanksgiving this year. And then the snow came into town Lol

I may or may not have family/friends flying into Denver. This will be our first Thanksgiving in my new home and I think this snow storm is going to be bad. I’ve been to several stores and stocked us up. We are prepared for anything. The pantry, freezers, and fridges are all full and ready for eat-a-thon 2019. I’m having the majority of our meal will be catered with my homemade side dishes that my family requested. I’m so excited to see everyone and this year will be quite small. I’m very happy….hold on someone is trying to Skype call me. Does anyone know someone named Lovely Love? Lol I’m not answering that one. I have no idea who that is. Okay I blocked her. I think that was one of those spam calls from a random e-girl. No idea but she’s Skype-blocked.

I have been working hard on my decorations in my house and getting all of my stuff ready to cook. I think I know what I’m doing this year without having to call anyone for help. I can’t wait to see how things go this time. I’m really glad to be hosting because I didn’t want to travel with my kids this year. Especially my baby daughter, Sky.

She is so big now! I was looking at her photos from when she was first born until now. Wow. She really has changed. Her hair is just too much but it’s great. I love her little face and I know soon she’s going to be my little roll over on her own girl. I The boys love to help me with her but they still think she’s Not fun. You kow because she doesn’t even do anything but lay there. Yes, that’s what they do at that age. You did the same thing when you were small.

The boys are deep into school this year and Peace is in her daycare mode so hard. She loves going, she hates leaving and I’m surprised she leaves when I come get her.

Things are going great. I just uploaded, FINALLY, a bunch of photos to our Family Facebook page. Go check that out, guys.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I will no matter what happens. Be safe out there and God bless you and your family! We love you!

School Picture Day is Tomorrow

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated. Let me try to recap. We are home from Church. That didn’t go so well. I spent half of the time in the back with one of my children. They have a “quiet room in the back and to the left where you can take your loud kids. I’m in there so much I asked if I could bring a better chair Lol No one thought that was funny. We are still trying to get settled in and that includes being among our new Church Family. I’m trying to make friends, okay no I’m not Lol I don’t really like some of the people that go to my Church. They are ********. I said it. I don’t care. They really have high expectations of themselves and try to throw that on everyone else. That would be wonderful if it wasn’t full of malcontent and spite. I’m not into that. So they get very little of my attention. Hey, it probably goes both ways, so who knows. It’s just not what I expected. I may need to go find a new Church. I’m not sure yet.

The boys are doing well in school. Everyday I walk in with a fake grin trying to get ready for whatever their teacher has to tell me. The mornings aren’t so bad. It’s when I go get them in the afternoon. I dread the walk to the classroom. I can feel myself stressing out. I stand in the little hallway and try to wave them out to me for a quick escape. I got by with that once Lol

Can I speak to you for a moment????


I’m kidding (sorta). They are doing well. They need to work on sharing and communicating better. All things I knew about already. Their teacher helper person (F U, Trolls Lol) is great. She has been a big help and I really think she’s the real teacher.

Peace, hmmmm. She goes to daycare 5 days a week because I want to give her a huge jumpstart to education and socializing. She only goes half a day, shes in the morning class. She has the socializing down. She wears her sunglasses into class. She swings her backpack off like she’s been a big school girl for decades. It’s really getting ridiculous. Do the Karsmashians have a long lost half Asian cousin? I think I’ve found her. My daughter is in the midst of her terrible 2’s. Everyday is a fight. Yesterday I flung a plastic bat at her to make her shut up. Okay that’s not true. Yesterday I thought about doing that but I know better Lol She was arguing with me over nothing. But she was very passionate and loud about it all. I just stand there. I don’t know how to fight with her. I really don’t. I mean she’s so cute and it makes me laugh. That makes her even madder and that’s the moment I see what all of my ex’s had to deal with when we’d argue. I just laugh. I think it’s a defense mechanism or something.

So things are going okay? Can I even say that word? Yes, it’s not all bad. It’s just a lot all at once. My baby girl Sky is getting so big. I took her to her checkup appointment. She’s doing awesome. Her weight is good, her heart, lungs, everything are good. She’s perfect. She has started sleeping a little longer in between feedings. I keep thinking to myself just make it to the end of this year. By then she will be sleeping all night I hope.

I’m good. I really am doing okay. The boys in school and Peace at daycare gives me special bonding time with Sky. I love it. I haven’t really taken her out much at all yet. I’m waiting. She roams around the house in my arms and I let her look outside. She doesn’t care. She will have this big beautiful yard to play in someday but for now it’s all a big green smudge.

I hope everyone is surviving school. I’m spending more time on Twitter because you guys keep DM’ing me everyday. I got caught up most of last night on all of my messages. I still have to get back to Jamie and Nelson. But I do think I have replied to ALL. So check your messages, guys.

Happy post Batman day! It was a lot of fun. I got to spend most of yesterday talking all about Batman. My podcast had the 2nd biggest crowd of the year. I loved all of the questions and rapid fire trivia that I nailed. I know my Bible and Batman. That’s all that’s in my brain. And food. I love food.

Have a great Sunday, it’s the official last day of Summer. Go enjoy it!

Happy Father’s Day 2019

To all the cool dads like me, to all the moms that have to be mom and dad for their kids, to all the dads that are waiting on their little bundles of joy, dads of the world, ITS OUR WEEKEND!

We have all kinds of fun stuff planned for me this weekend. Most of it encompasses the fine art of doing nothing Lol We are going to cookout all weekend, that’s what I wanted. I already got breakfast in bed, that was a nice surprise. The kids “helped” pick out my food from the bakery and I noticed a few had jelly smears on their shirts which only means Mrs Tanenbaum gave them samples. I asked her not to a million times and she said she has to Lol I’m showered, dressed and ready to hit the town. My kids are taking me to Best Buy to FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY pick out my new gopro camera. I’ve waited and waited for the new one for a long time. It has all of the features I’ve been dying to try out. I’m going to strap it on my drone and see how she looks with 2 different angles to view from the sky. I know I’m a nerd but I love it. If I had balls enough I’d strap my cellphone to my drone and do a live periscope but I just know I would crash or something and bye bye cellphone.

Dads, what are your plans for this weekend? Anything fun? My entire weekend is geared around relaxing. It also means I get a few hours of me time because my nannies in the city are coming up to take the kids back to the city to make my father’s day cards and such. I love the homemade ones. I keep them all and I make a huge deal each time I open them. The kids laugh and giggle when I read it out loud then smother them each with kisses of appreciation.

We are on the countdown for our big vacation trip. It’s very sooooooon I can’t wait. I’ve been ready to go for more than a week. Life is going a little slow I just want to get on the plane and get over there already. Tokyo is going to be a blast.

Kids are good, I’m good, life is good. I couldn’t be any happier. I love ya’ll have an amazing weekend!

It’s almost Tokyo time

This year’s big trip will be to Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been there before and I love it. I want my kids to see the city and really get a good look at the history of the entire country. I’m trying to expose them early so that when they are older they stay excited to travel all over the world. Lindz will be going with us and finally taking a real vacation. She has been working nonstop and it’s time for some downtime/family time with me and the kids. We’ve been planning this trip out since January and I’m very happy to say we are all ready to go. We are leaving in 2 weeks. Stephanie is not able to join us she has to work. She is bummed out but asked for photos so she can see all the fun.

Are you guys doing any summer vacation trips this year? We have a lot of smaller trips planned out but for now we are staying home until we get back from Tokyo. I would love to take Peace to South Korea when she’s older so she can learn where half of her life started.

We have been hanging out at the house all morning and are about to roll into town. I think we need to pick up some new shoes for the boys (again) and probably get haircuts for everyone. The rest of the day will be hanging out and working on our colors and numbers.

Have a great day guys! I wrote up our Miami Beach trip post and will add that later. I just wanted to do a quick one for now and also let everyone that asked for my family Periscope account on here, it’s now sent to you all. The ones asking for it on Facebook and Twitter I will send it out later today to you guys. Thanks for your interest. I’m loving the feedback Lol Yes, I’m a dork but I love my kids and I’m so happy to share them with you all.

Happy early Mother’s Day

Good morning Batfans. How is everyone doing? I’m great. Life is smooth sailing right now and I love it. The boys are almost out of school once they are out it’s all about having a fun summer. My daughter is growing like a weed right now. She’s still small for her age but we are waiting for a growth spurt any time now. I’m doing great. I’m back to exercising and taking the dog for a jog with Peace in the stroller after we drop the boys off. It’s become a routine. The days that we can’t get outside because of nonstop rain and yes snow we workout in the home gym. Peace plays with her toys and we listen to music for kids. I didn’t like it at first but it’s supposed to get her used to the songs they will use at this school. I’m pretty happy with it now and I have memorized most of them. She sings along but not the words yet. She is become waaaayy more vocal finally. She’s such a little sweetheart. She’s so smart. I think she’s going to be the smartest one of my bunch. I don’t know. I only have to show her things 2 or 3 times and she gets it from there. The boys had to be shown over and over until one of them figured it out then showed the other. Usually Heston.

Good news on the adoption process, we are still in the loop. I don’t think we will get to adopt our new girl this year. I have to have patience with it. My adoption agency is working hard to figure out the best match for our home. I would love to just order a child like Amazon but that’s not practical and probably not smart Lol I want to complete my set of kids but I also know God has that all planned out and very soon my daughter will be here. I’m good with 4. Stephanie does not have kids which is okay by me. She’s also glad that I do have kids because she said she’s always wanted to be a mom. She has dated guys with kids before and she said that was hard when things ended. She loved the kids and wanted to stay in their lives as a family friend but both situations didn’t work out and she said it was probably for the best.

Stephanie and I are doing great. We are still in the just happy to be together phase. We laugh all of the time. We are now texting a little during the day. Just on her breaks at work. We decided not to spend every evening together that way we can all ease into this but we are doing what feels right. We skipped Monday and will skip tonight too but tomorrow she will come over for dinner and spend the night. We will skip Thursday and then I’m taking the kids to her place Friday night after she’s home from work. I’m glad she lives close to a Target that way I can go get anything we might need. We don’t have any plans but she said there are some fun places we can take the kids and if we had to we can just drive into the city and do our usual things. I’m trying to show her every part of my life but there’s still some things she doesn’t know yet.

She’s well aware of my past with Meri. I was upfront and honest and told her to google me. She just laughed and said how can anyone believe the tabloids. That’s been my position from day one. If you believe a tabloid you are not smart, at all. If you believe everything you see on the internet coming from “unnamed sources” or people who have zero access to me, you are also not smart. I’m so happy she looked at it herself and shrugged it off. She said she knows I got caught up in a situation and blamed for all kinds of crazy things but she isn’t worried about my past, she trusts me. I trust her too.

I know she said her sister is going to come by some time Saturday. She wants to meet me and the kids. I guess she has been talking about me nonstop. That makes me feel good. I don’t know guys, this may be the first big relationship since my divorce. I’ve dated a little but no one has been as great as Stephanie. I’m really enjoying getting to know her and hanging out. Dating is hard with kids. I have to balance everything and keep my mind on what is best for the family.

I just posted a bunch of Marine Corps pictures of myself and my family members who served to our Family Facebook page. I had been meaning to add those to the Marines folder I have on our photo albums but didn’t get it done. They are FINALLY in there. I added about 80 or so photos. Most of them are me and yes I haven’t changed much Lol I was tall and skinny wayyyy back then too. It was an honor of my lifetime to serve but near the end I just wanted out. I didn’t agree with the things the government asked me to do and I was severly injured making my decision easy. 8 proud years of my life and I made it out with my mind in tact. Sort of Lol I think I’m doing pretty good I know a lot of my brothers and sisters from my service time have not bee as fortunate and I pray for them to heal and live a happy life. I keep in touch with most of the guys I worked closely with and have done my best to support them however I can. It was an important time in my life and I’m glad I finally get to share my experiences through all of my photos. Go check it out and leave comments. My family and friends really enjoy reading the things you post. I’m happy to share as much as my life as I want to. I’ve made some really great friends off of my blog and Twitter and I hope you all enjoy watching my kids grow up through the photos.

Mother’s day is coming up this weekend and I have zero plans to do anything. I mean I could get the nannies to celebrate with me since Sarah has basically been their mom since day one. I do always send her flowers so that’s about all I do. I don’t know. It seems weird and without being in a longer relationship with Stephanie I just don’t want to make it weird. We will be leaving at noon on Sunday so she can go to her family Mother’s day party. They make a giant fuss over her mom and I’m so happy to hear she’s so close with her family. That’s very important to me. She did ask if I wanted to go and I said it’s too soon for me, sorry. She gets it.

So have a happy Mother’s day to everyone this weekend. I won’t be able to update more until next week. I have to get some work done the rest of this week and won’t find the time to update. I love you all and I will talk to you guys again soon!

3 kids + eggs = FIGHT!

My daughter’s approach to Easter egg hunting is a dainty little stroll into the backyard paradise we created for the kids in our family and friend group. Keep in mind we’ve been planning this blessed event for 2 weeks. She took her pink basket and began to just look around at all she owns. She then set her basket down and proceeded to follow the kids around and steal their eggs. Nice.

My sons approach to Easter egg hunting is more of an exhibit in Black Friday shopping mixed in with some punches and basket tug of war.

Ahhhhh yes, it’s that time of year again, when I get to see how my kids really do misbehave right in front of my closest family and friends Lol We call this the yearly Easter Brawl. Last year it wasn’t so bad because they were still too young to realize that there are prizes in every single egg. Nothing fancy but surely a surprise gift. My boys had a plan to stick together early until Heston punched Alex in the ear for raiding his basket. Then Heston punched his cousin and then his other cousin because they followed him to a honeyhole full of eggs he thought he owned. Alex kicked 2 kids, the dog, and lost a shoe in a tantrum that grass-stained his new Church pants as he rolled around crying “No Fair!”


That’s done with, thank goodness. Everyone had a very fun day. They are passed out and we just finished cleaning up the backyard. It’s a beautiful day and I’m really bummed I don’t have the boat out yet. I need to do that because random nice days like today would be good for a little stroll around our part of the lake to see what’s happened since last year. I love caterers. Have I mentioned that? They show up with food, they set up the food, they serve the food, they clean up the mess from all the food….and then they leave nothing but the scent of a food party and an enormous bill marked PAID IN FULL for my records. I also love that I didn’t even attempt to cook anything myself. I just bought the things they told me to buy and unlocked the garage fridge as soon as they showed up. Easy and easier.

Oh yeah, so Church this morning Lol Gathering my Catholic family and friends for Easter Mass is exciting and very bingo-like. I have to call out names to crawl into certain vehicles. The bingo part is when they realize who they get to sit next to. It’s either the wrong number they scowl at or it’s the exact person they want to sit next to as we hoard my herd to Church. The first vehicle was laughing as they all exited onto the sidewalk. The 2nd vehicle had a “misunderstanding” about the true meaning of Easter which turned into what I was told as a “Holy discussion with lots of kids covering their ears”. I blame my cousin Jeff for his not so Churchy-mouth Lol

Mass was great, so happy to be through Lent this year and not so happy to wade into a pew full of Taurus season gals with very tawdry hats on. The feathers were a bit much, but I mean it is Taurus season, this is all we can expect the next several weeks. Stephanie was there with her parents. I know this because I have her the grin and nod and promptly turned my back towards my family and ignored her so she’d get the don’t come over here hint. It worked but I did receive a sassy text later.

“Nice nod and turn, felt planned”.

No, not planned, just needed. I’m not ready to share her with the fam just yet. Today is not the day for that. Today was all about the kids and learning about Christ’s resurrection from the dead, as told by everyone around me. I’m still having a hard time believing he just up and disappeared, however I also saw my cousin Jeff eat and run today without as much as a See ya or a dirty napkin left behind, so I mean, it’s possible. Today represents the fulfillment of God’s promises to mankind. We are supposed to give thanks, be wholehearted, and offer our services to others in a show of gratitude and humbleness. We threw a brunch party on my very expensive lawn, hid plastic eggs filled with random candy and plastic toys, for some very nuknik kids that really didn’t deserve it, yes mine included.

After the egg hunt we all got to hear how boring it was, how they hated the candy and toy prizes. They wanted to go home, this place is stupid, I’m stupid (Gee thanks Gina, Barry, and Bentley), and my kids are the worst. Okay today they were all bad. Even my daughter but hey, I warned every parent beforehand. My kids think today is the one day a year I let them whale on each other. It’s really not but how can I break up every single fight when I’m inside dealing with the adult complaints.

I have my house back to ourselves and I’m happy. Another family holiday checkmarked off this year’s calendar. Now if I can figure out how to get Stephanie to come over tomorrow night late. Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe we have some left over Reese’s chocolate eggs here, she loves those.

Hope your Easter was as fun (I hope it wasn’t this bad) for all of you! I love you guys! I will update more soon. I just put the photos from today on our Family Facebook page!

Game of Thrones is on tonight, guys! Woot!