So this is Christmas?

I am very excited to share that our 1st Christmas with Trey went very well. My family, friends, and neighbors are all very generous people and they made sure his 1st Christmas in our family was special. My kids really enjoyed all of their gifts and even helped me clean up with the mess without me having to yell at them. I am pretty sure the girls enjoyed their Christmas with their families. I am so happy we were able to get them back home to Texas for a much needed visit. With Covid destroying everyone’s holidays, it was worth it to at least try.

We have zero travel plans. We might go out to drive around and look at Christmas lights again, but I haven’t decided on that yet. I’m supposed to be skiing. The plan was to take the kids to Aspen for a week and enjoy a fun ski trip OR to go somewhere else, warm, and away. Thank you Rona, you ended our year with a sad trombone.

That being said, I am so happy we have managed to keep everyone under my roof healthy. This has been a real test of kindness. Being stuck 24/7 with everyone here, never leaving, too scared to even let my kids go to a local park to play on the swings. It’s been nothing. I keep promising them when this is over, I will make it all up to them. They don’t know what that looks like. Either do I. I pray this does not stretch into all of 2021. I’m not sure some of his will make it out alive (Heston). All of the complaining, fighting, but also the laughs, the funny moments, the kids growth milestones. I just shake my head at all of it. My goodness, we are getting by.

That reminds me of that song. Give me one last look, as you walk away. I don’t know what to say. I start calling out your nameeee! 2020, I will not miss you at all. You have been a giant pain in my rear. That song, Until then I’ll get by. Somehow I’ll get by. I’ll get by. I’m thinking that song name is I’ll Get By Lol But I don’t know who sang it.

Here’s to getting by until 2021, guys! Merry Christmas to you all! Love you.

Hurricane Season 2020

Oh boy. First Hurricane Douglas whipped by us with just some winds and rain, now Hurricane Isaias is barreling toward Florida where most of my family spends the summer. There is already talk to get the older relatives out of there and everyone end summer early. Of course, none of them want to and no one is listening to the family. I’m not sure if this Hurricane is going to strengthen or if it’s going to fly off like ours did. I pray everyone stays safe and if they need to, evacuate NOW instead of making a last minute decision that may turn bad.

We are finally able to get out and about a little. I like taking my kids to the stores. It’s helping being able to bring them we we are picking up school clothes and school supplies. I have almost everything ready. I’m still not 100% sure I’m sending them to school with the best intentions. I’m going to make that decision on Monday. I have to prepare like they are going. I think it’s going to be okay. I’m overly protective and finally that’s a good thing Lol

I’ve been getting a lot of work emails caught up and I see I have some new comments and emails to get to this week from my blog. I will catch up soon guys. Thanks for reaching out, I love that!

Summer has been pretty chill, not a lot going on but a ton of little things here and there. The most important thing is we are fine. Everyone is healthy and we are all trying to have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather there. I love Hawaii. I really do.

Have a great weekend guys! Love you all!

I might have bought a boat, maybe

I went and looked at a boat today. I’m not sure we need it but it might be fun to have here. I love boats. I’m a little concerned about our area for boating. It’s a little shallow and a little choppy. I’m still thinking on it. I offered the guy a fair price. He countered and I said no so I walked away. He’s already texted me twice.

I’m going to sleep on it.


We made it safely. I did have to adjust a cargo area that I had put too much stuff in when we landed in L.A. BTW I hate flying in, near, around, out of LAX. It takes forever for smaller planes to leave, you sit and wait, wait, and wait some more. It’s annoying to me. The family and pets are here and happy. We let the kids sleep a little on the plane ride out here so when we arrived they would want to stay up and start getting acclimated to the time change. I am now 6 hours away from my girlfriend which always messes things up for us. I don’t like being this far away from her. It was a discussion on whether I should come back or not and how that would impact our relationship. I think she understands I’m not planning on staying here for the rest of the year. I mean if that’s what is best, I will. I plan on staying here 3 weeks. We want a different area to explore. It’s summer time, I can’t travel with my kids like I wanted to so this is the 2nd best thing. And I mean, it is Hawaii.

I did not have to quarantine. I had all of my health paperwork in proper order. I was a little worried I would have to quarantine like everyone else. They are all in lockdown. But after their 14 days we will explore the islands this time. A lot of restrictions are being lifted here because the Hawaiian government has done a fantastic job on COVID response. They took it very serious from Day 1 and I appreciate that. We will abide by all the rules and do what we need to so we can all enjoy our vacation time here.

We got everyone to the main house, I told them stay in here tonight. The next morning we ate a small breakfast, had a family meeting and divided out the cabins. Sarah is staying in the main house with me and her baby. She said everyone ends up here all day anyway, it would be easier for her and the baby. I said okay after trying to kick her out several times Lol Brenda got 1st pick and loves having her own cabin this time. The last time she pulled her mom into her cabin because Lynn had a 14 day quarantine all by herself and she was worried. Lynn got 2nd pick and took a cabin a little bit further away from everyone. I was surprised. She said since the nanny schedule is so set in stone, she wants to enjoy her time off. Gabby took the same cabin she had before. She really liked it. Everyone got 2 golf cars each. One to charge, one to use. I reminded everyone these are our family homes so don’t break or rearrange too much. We moved all of their luggage to each new home and let them get set up. Then they came back and I hit the 2 grocery stores I wanted to go to. Mads picked me up in a new truck. He said his old truck finally died Lol I was happy to see him finally treat himself and then wondered if I’ve been overpaying him all of these years Lol Who cares if I do, he does a wonderful job taking care of our family compound. He deserves it all. He will be retiring this year and I’m already anticipating a huge loss when he is gone.

After the stores I came back with about 2 weeks worth of food, we handed that out to the girls and I told them cook for yourselves more so I can enjoy only cooking vegan food. They agreed.

So here we are. We did absolutely nothing for 4th of July other than grilling out 2 meals. I don’t do fireworks and my boys hearing loss is not a good thing for big booming noises so we avoid that stuff. We did see them going off in the distance here and there.

For the twins, we will continue doing ABC Mouse Academy online to catch them up on school things. Peace will also be doing about an hour a day to prep her for school this fall. No school stuff on weekends. I think making them all do 1 hour a day is a good thing. This trip I plan on relaxing way more. I was in such a rush to keep the kids active. This time it’s going to be more about let them do whatever they want to. As long as we can see them and they don’t go near the water unsupervised. They already understand how danger works. And the boys are vigilant on watching after their sisters.

Peace will be turning 3 in a few weeks, followed up by Sky’s 1st birthday in August. We will be here for Peace’s birthday which screwed up plans for a few family and friends to show up for her party. That’s okay. I’m working on figuring all of that out. I’m still going to work from here a little. I have bigger plans for my blog, podcasts, and writing. Now that Sarah made our schedule to watch the kids, I can see a lot of free time. I do actually need that.

Sarah and Gabby are on the nanny schedule for part time. Myself, Brenda, and Lynn are on full time but we get to skip days. It’s a good schedule and I don’t know why haven’t tried this format before.

This upcoming week is going to be fun. I fretted over the decision to come back here. I think it will be okay.

How was your 4th, guys? You doing okay? Wear a mask, social distance. Stay safe! Love you!

We had to make some Tough Decisions today

Good morning.

Last night my cousin Mark Evans passed away. He had Covid 19 for a few days. He had symptoms as far back as 2 weeks ago but he continued to go to his friend’s dinner parties and shopping for food. He was resistant to believe this would get him. He did get a test when he went into the hospital. He never came out. I spoke with him about 6 days ago and he said he was surprised he had it. He felt really guilty for anyone he infected. So far no one has been tested. I pray he did not spread it around.

My Aunt called this morning to tell me. We both cried. She doesn’t even know if they can bury him. She thinks they need to cremate him so the infection ends with him. She said there will be no funeral. Only her and my Uncle paying their respects and saying goodbye. She said in a few months we will hold a memorial service for him and that this is the worst thing that has ever happened in her life. I have no idea how she is going to make it through this.

Tomorrow we will be under a Stay at Home Order until April 30th. I had to talk to the adults and make some decisions. Sarah is pregnant and very near the point she can no longer fly. She does not want to have her baby in Hawaii. She wants to be in Dallas with her parents and family. Lindsay needs to get back to Chicago to handle work from there. Brenda wants to stay here with me and the kids. Gabby wants to stay here too. We have all been here since March 12th. We have put in 12 days of self quarantine. None of us are sick.

So I called my cousin Big Tyson and asked him to go borrow my buddy JJ’s plane and com here. It’s been sitting in a hanger in Los Angeles for several months. No one was touched it so it will be 100% safe for them to go home in. He’s on his way now. The girls are packing up. We are figuring out what supplies I can give up. They will each go home with a few boxes of food and what toilet paper I can spare.

I have to stay here for Alex but also for myself and my 3 other kids. It’s a very tough decision to make. Denver is starting to really show an outbreak. My pets are with me in Hawaii so I have no real reason to go home. I have to keep my kids safe from this. Especially Alex. It would take him out in a few days. We all cried talking this over. We spent 2 hours figuring it out. Ultimately I want the girls to make their own choices. Sarah’s parent said they are okay if she can’t come to Dallas. She wants to go. She’s excited to welcome her baby but is scared of what world her daughter will be born in.

Please follow all medical advice from the experts. Don’t listen to Trump. I no longer believe he is even doing his best. I just wish he would read a prepared statement each day and then go do whatever he does all day. Leave this to our medical people. They know best.

Thank you for all the sweet comments this morning about Mark.

Mark was a brat when he was younger. He was always following us around to see what we were doing. I loved him. I will always love him. I’m so upset he’s gone. God needed him more than we did. It’s still tough.

God bless you guys! I love you. If you need help, contact me. I will do my best. Take care of each other.

We are still in Hawaii

Hey #Batfans. I’m finally getting a minute to update everyone. I pray you are all okay. I have been thinking about all of you and wanted to get my words out there.

On Thursday March 12th I received an email from the Denver Catholic school my boys go to. They said they were going to stop school for 2 weeks. Within an hour and a half we packed up the kids, the 2 nannies, all the pets, my neighbor Gabby, and all the food, toilet paper, anything we needed. We fly all night long which wasn’t a bad trip. I had to land my plane in Los Angeles. That part woke up the kid but we needed to refuel. Then we continued and got to Hawaii pretty early in the morning. We packed everything into a shuttle and got dropped off at my Family Compound.

We are in Waimanalo, Hawaii. My family has owned this small island since the 1970s. Over the years, they have put a lot of money into building houses that we call cabins, a huge 3 story main house, and various outdoor buildings. The infrastructure has been an ongoing construction for years. We have a golf cart path all the way around our little island and we have beach access to every house. You can lay in bed in all of them and listen to the waves.

The reason why I decided to move out here is because of my son Alex. He had heart and lung surgery 2 years ago and is still dealing with a few health issues. The Coronavirus is a respiratory virus and I’m not going to take any chances of him getting it. So here we are. We have rationed out food, essentials. The girls all have their own cabin. I’m in the main house with the pets, and the kids. It’s working out. It’s not a bad place to self quarantine. And then here comes Lindsay and her 2 huge dogs Lol She got here the day after we did. I can say we have all been here almost 2 weeks and no one is showing any symptoms. We are not going outside of the gate. I put a huge chain and padlock on it so no one goes in or out except me. I’ve been out to a local Walmart 1 time to pick up a prescription. I shared photos of what the empty shelves looked like on my Twitter. Check that out if you want to.

I know how lucky I am to own a plane, own a Hawaiian private compound, and have money. I’m not struggling to stockpile food or supplies. What I am doing is doing our part to Flatten the Curve. We are doing our best to keep the kids happy and busy. We even did a family Color Wars over the weekend. My team came in 3rd place. It was a lot of fun and my kids have been talking about it for 2 days. This may become our new Spring Break tradition. Hawaii + Color Wars Competitions.

I pray you are all okay. I promise we are going to be. A lot of challenges and bad days to come. God is going to take care of us. I believe that with all of my heart. Please do not go out unless you have to. It’s really hard shutting down your life, work, family time. You have to. Please help others.

I have donated 2 of my paychecks to give out via social media to strangers in need of a small amount of cash. It only took 4 days to burn through it all.

Our Family Foundation is giving out canned foods, next a toilet paper, Kleenex, baby diapers, wipes haul. This will be announced for 2 weekend from now. It’s taking a lot of work to coordinate these things but I know it’s the right thing to do. I want to help as many people as I can. I have been sending out cash to people in DM on my social media accounts because they are requesting help. I’m trying to help because that’s what I’ve been called to do.

I just uploaded about 400 new photos to my Family Facebook page. You can see all of our volunteer efforts for the canned food give away, the screenshots of over 50 + people reacting to the cash giveaways, as well as video calls with a few that needed encouragement, prayers, and cash. I’m doing what I can.

I also uploaded photos of our Hawaii trip so far. My kids are happy, we are relaxed and just trying to stay calm. I can feel anxious at certain times when I am overloaded with information. This is scary stuff.

If you need help, reach out to me. I will do what I can to help. It’s important that we try to take care of each other. I will be donating more money soon and announcing more free giveaways as we get items in. I’m working on getting some ventilators bought and sent to hospitals. We are in coordination with New York, Washington, and Nebraska. It’s expensive and I may only be able to buy 50, but at least that’s something.

God bless you all. It’s going to be okay. Hang in there guys. I love you all!

P.S. Homeschooling twins is *@#$)(*#$%)(*!!!! Lol This is hard! Much love to all the teachers out there.

I can’t BEE-lieve its almost Spring

Good morning #Batfans! I know it’s been a minute since I have updated my blog. It’s been a very busy year so far. I survived my twins’ 5th birthday party, my birthday weekend celebration, eat-a-thon, and the beginning of our family Spring cleaning.

I have been spending time outside with Peace clearing out all of our flowerbeds, and garden spot doing the prep work. I can’t plant until the end of March but almost everything is cleared and ready to go. We decided to put the garden area in the back part of our yard near the fenceline. It seems to have the best soil and I need to keep our dog out of it. He likes to go in and sniff everything. Not this time! I’m putting up a temporary fence around it so he can’t get in there. I’m a little concerned about other varmits getting in my yard because the girls think leaving my gate open and not shutting it is a thing. I’m about to padlock it for life and make sure we have no more runaway dog issues.

The outside work is getting done. I’m proud of myself for how hard I’ve worked. I did not hire someone to do it. That being said, we all know, I’m going to hire someone to tend the garden Lol I will help. I’m just not a big weed pulling guy. I know I can plant it wide enough to run the rototiller up and down, but I’m sitting here admitting I’m a lazy gardener. We have already planted our indoor spring flower pots. The kids were so excited to get them going. I have them all lined up across the back sliding glass window to soak up the sun. I hope we get a great start on them so we can move them around the house and enjoy.

We have also been spring cleaning the entire house, room by room. I even painted the boys’ bedroom myself. They got new bunkbeds and really wanted a different color in their “man” room Lol They still have separate rooms but they always end up back together. I let go, Let God on that one. Heston is the one that prefers some alone time. He says “Daddy I just need some Me time”, which means to not open his bedroom door. I hear him in there playing and talking to himself so I know he’s fine. Alex is my social bug. He wants everyone together all of the time. He talks nonstop and is teaching Peace everything he learns in school. I think he’s going to be a teacher. He’s SO patient with her. It’s amazing. I’m so happy to have smart little boys that know who they are and have their own little boundaries already.

My daughters are amazing. Always. I get to spend all day with them during the week and I love it. I’m obsessed with my baby, Sky. She’s getting so big. She’s laughing and doing all the cute baby things we all love. She’s sleeping through most nights and that helps me. Rooms are cleaned up, toys are went through and donated. New toys are in toy boxes, clothes are donated, new clothes bought and put in their places.

Life is pretty darn good right now.

Oh and who can forget my beautiful girlfriend. She’s amazing. I keep telling her how much I love my nice, boring life. It’s fantastic. I appreciate each day and whatever kid crisis I have to deal with. I have nothing to complain about. I really do miss Chicago. It was my home. Denver is my home now. I’m making new friends. I’m taking small trips and getting to know my community. I love it here.

Today is going to be 69 degrees. Can you believe it? All the next week 60’s also. That’s shorts weather for me, not the kids. I love how weird the weather is here. Snow for decades, then the sun says Hi for a week straight.

Also today, both of my boys qualified for the Kindergarten spelling bee. Instead of studying the 3 and 4 letter words, all we have been working on is not cheating Lol My boys can do sign language to each other and help each other out. We have them sitting on their hands ONLY when a brother has his turn. It’s working at home but who knows on stage. The one cautious thing I’ve been working on is they mess up a word and their potty mouths being in front of a hot mic Lol If I hear a bad word today, THAT’S IT and I already warned them. Just say dang, or shoot. Be 5 year olds. I don’t think either one will win but I am so proud they made it out of the 10 kids that will be up there.

I did bribe them with food right after school. I admit that. I think it will help out. The judges said they are going to put down a piece of tape so the boys don’t stand too close to the mic and get feedback from their hearing aids. I hope they can hear the word, sound it out, and do their best. That’s all I want for the rest of their lives.

How are you guys? I’m great! I’m getting ready to go to the store to get a few things for the weekend. Sarah is getting really close to her due date. She will be moving at the beginning of April. She’s going home to her parents in Texas. They want to be there for her and I am so happy she decided to have her baby there. I wish her and David could work things out so he could also be there but it sounds like he’s not interested. It’s sad and it’s also none of my business. We all do not know if Sarah will come back to us. It’s okay if she doesn’t. I want her to be where she belongs. If it’s with her parents, okay. If it’s with us, okay. I’m ready either way. I’ve been taking on more responsibility with all 4 of my kids. They are finally at an age I can handle all 4. Brenda will be staying with us until the first part of June. She plans to also go back to Texas and start her life over.

I wanted this family. I want to raise my kids. I needed nannies but I really want to raise my kids myself. That’s why I quit working. My family means more to me than a job. I couldn’t always say that, but now that I have them, it’s all I care about.

Have a great weekend guys! I love you. I just uploaded a bunch of new photos and videos. The birthday party (both) are up now. Don’t I look so freaking happy now? I really am.