146th Voicemail, 147th Voicemail, 148th Voicemail, 149th Voicemail, 150th Voicemail, 151st Voicemail June 22, 2015 – Our Vacation in Utah

I had been talking about my week in Paris work trip for 2 months. Meri decided she wanted to go away for a week to just get her life figured out. She told the family she would be gone, she would not tell them where she was going to be, and she needed time to think. We talked about her coming to Paris with me but my concern was the press people or fans recognizing her and then everyone would know. Then the idea came that we would go somewhere together. I told her go to Utah. We can get lost in the mountains. So she drove up to Utah and stayed in their old house. She stayed in Christine’s apartment, back of the house, downstairs area. I drove up the next day that evening and got a hotel. Meri’s sister lives a few houses down from the old house so she had to be seen staying there at night. Or at least her vehicle there.

146th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:21am

Hi baby I’m just trying to reach you. Just give me a call if you want to. And, I will talk to you soon. Okay. I love you, bye.

147th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:24am

Hey. Wanting to talk to you. Call me when you can, okay? Love you, bye.

148th Voicemail 6-22-2015 12:43am

Hey. Just wanted to try to touch base with you. Say goodnight. If you want to. I don’t know if you’ve already gone to bed. So anyway. Talk to you later. Call me (Me beeping in) if you want. Oh look there you are.

149th Voicemail 6-22-2015 1:08am

Baby, where’d you go. I need you. Will you please call me. I need you baby.

150th Voicemail 6-22-2015 7:21am

Hey can you give me a call? Thanks, love you bye.

151st Voicemail 6-22-2015 11:59am

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Do you understand me. I love you.


108th Voicemail – May 22, 2015

Another busy day working. We were getting along much better. Each time something came up we always talked about it. I usually needed about 10 minutes to cool off and accept things for what it was and then I was able to talk.

108th Voicemail 5-22-2015 12:05pm

Okay dialing you was completely an accident I meant to text you but then I thought it would be totally rude to just hang up. So I’m leaving you a message. It’s so funny how you can just sit  there retweeting a text and yet you won’t answer my call. You are such a dork. Okay I’ll talk to you later. Okay, love you bye.

52nd Voicemail, 53rd Voicemail, 54th Voicemail, 55th Voicemail, 56th Voicemail – April 22, 2015

This first phone call was letting me know she was at my house. She got there late around 1:30am in the morning and stayed until around 6am. We had a very passionate and awesome morning together.

This was right around the time she and I were talking about moving forward with our plan to get her out. She was really having issues with him for a lot of reasons and she began to pressure him to get out. It was in May when she kicked him out.

52nd Voicemail 4-22-2015 3:31am

Baby I’m here. Honey I’m here.

53rd Voicemail 4-22-2015 10:59am

Hey baby. Wanted to touch base with you. Oh my gosh, really, just sent me that text that said it’s going to voicemail. Yours sent me to voicemail too babe. We are calling each other at the same time.

54th Voicemail 4-22-2015 8:26pm

Sam you are texting me but you won’t answer my call. Which only leads me to believe that you really are still mad at me. I don’t. All I can do is tell you where I am, tell you my truth, tell you my absolute truth is that I don’t lie to you. I never have and I never will. And I just, I don’t even know what else. I don’t even if you’ll be listening to this message. So I’m, I just feel really bad that you’re so angry at me and I’m doing the best I can here. Okay? I love you bye. I don’t know how you feel.

55th Voicemail 4-22-2015 10:11pm

Hey I see that you texted me and you’re saying I’m sorry and I appreciate that, it’s sweet. I’m assuming you are saying I’m sorry for just kind of struggling just for the last couple of…

56th Voicemail 4-22-2015 10:15pm

Hey sorry to bother you again. I just wanted to let you know, I just wanted. I wanted you to hear it from me that I just really do love you and I really hope that is enough for you. I really do. I know you are struggling and I totally understand. I really do. I’m just. You know I’m here and well I just hope you can believe that. I really. This has just been big for me and I hope it has been for you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m really not. Except for in your direction if that’s what you still want. And I hope that it is anyway. I really do love you Sam. I really do. You make me smile. Yeah. I just want to work through this so…