60th Voicemail, 61st Voicemail, 62nd Voicemail – April 24th, 2015

Meri came over the night before and stayed until around 1am. I had to go do something but she was upset that I wouldn’t tell her what it was. I went looking for Lindsay. I didn’t want to tell Meri that because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I knew she couldn’t go with me. She was not very happy about me not telling her what I was up to. By that morning we were fine, I explained everything to her and we went back to being in love and happy. She is a planner and needs to know everything. If you do not tell her things she gets really upset and feels out of control. I had never done that before where I did not tell her what I was doing so we learned how better to deal with it.

60th Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:29am

Sam will you please call me when you get home and in bed?

61st Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:39am

Sam please call me.

62nd Voicemail 4-24-2015 1:54pm

Hey babe. So I just have to tell you. I was sitting here in my chair doing some homework and I was getting really super drowsy so I put it down for a little bit and actually just took a snooze and while I was snoozing  I dreamed just a little bit. And in my dream I really don’t know exactly what it was but it was like all chaotic, it was just like chaos and anxiety and whatever. And then I was thinking of you in my dream and everything calmed down and everything was good and I woke up thinking about you and so. It was just kind of cool that everything was good. So I just thought I would share that unbelievable moment with you. Anyway, so, I love you. I will…


11th Voicemail, 12th Voicmeial – March 24, 2015

This is when she started to blow up my phone. I get busy during the day and can’t always answer my phone but I can shoot back a quick text. I was beginning to realize Meri is someone that needs a lot of attention. And if she doesn’t get it, she will do things to get your attention. It was fine except when I was busy. That’s when things would get a little frustrating for me. She has plenty of free time on her hands and at this point she was using it to contact me every few hours. I loved it. I loved hearing from her. I did the best I could to get back with her as soon as I could.

This was one of the many times I was over at her place. She is very well organized in her office. That’s where all of the pieces of My Sister Wives Closet are at. They do the orders, assemble the orders and get them ready for shipping. Meri and her assistant are the ones that do all of the orders.

11th Voicemail 3-24-2015 11:30am

Good morning. I just thought I’d try giving you a call. I know you wanted me to the other day and I didn’t so I thought I would try today. Anyway, I hope to talk to you soon. Hope you are doing okay. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. I love you, bye.

12th Voicemail 3-24-2015 3:56pm

Hey babe, sorry about that. I just got a couple of people come and not leave. Give me a call whenever you want. I’m completely available. So, alright, I’ll talk to you soon. Love you.


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