156th Voicemail, 157th Voicemail, 158th Voicemail, 159th Voicemail, 160th Voicemail – June 24th, 2015 – Our Utah Trip Together

Meri wanted to have a private spiritual union ceremony together up on the mountain at her favorite place. She said we would promise to someday marry each other and that we would get rings and start to wear them as a symbol of our committment. At this point she wasn’t even wearing her wedding band during filming at all. We talked about doing it but we never did. We spent a lot of time talking and figuring out where we will live, how many kids we wanted. We fell in love all over again on this trip. It was very romantic. The sex was amazing because we could be loud and not worry about anyone in my hotel room knowing it was her. We made love every day, sometimes 3 times a day/night. We had an amazing time together on that trip. I fell in love with her all over again.

156th Voicemail 6-24-2015 12:08am

Baby why aren’t you answering your phone? Listen, you must not have got my text. That was just a cute little conversation that somebody had on Pinterest. It was just a Pinterest thing. And I thought it was just cute because all it was me saying that your smile or my smile is just specificially for you. That’s all it was. It’s just something on Pinterest. Okay? Don’t worry, don’t get funny? Okay? I love you.

157th Voicemail 6-24-2015 12:16am

Okay baby you need to answer the phone. I don’t know what’s going on but you need to stop whatever it is you are thinking and quit going there. Okay? Don’t take this completely out of context it was a thing on Pinterest. You know what? Just call me back okay?

158th Voicemail 6-24-2015 8:45am

Hey I’m not quite sure how long you wanted me to stop calling you. So I’ll just do it this once today until I know that you are ready to talk to me. I don’t know what is going on I’m really, really confused and now you’re not answering this call. I just, I don’t know what is going on. So, anyway,  just know that I am open for a phone call from you whenever you ready. I don’t really have no idea what’s going on at all. So anyway, just know that I love you and you can call me whenever you…

159th Voicemail 6-24-2015 7:01pm

Forgive me for being a nag. It’s been like a half an hour baby. I’m just anxiously awaiting your arrival. Come find me baby.

160th Voicemail 6-24-2015 8:16pm

Hey just letting you know I called. I love you, bye.

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21st Voicemail, 22nd Voicemail, 23rd Voicemail, 24th Voicemail, 25th Voicemail – April 13th, 2015

This whole day we were laughing all day. So many weird things had happened and we were trying to get in touch with each other to share them. We were in such a good place together that she was being a lot more open about how she felt about me and us. We were completely in love. And very, very happy.

She also mentions me writing her a letter and mailing it to her. I had been traveling so much I didn’t have time to continue to write her letters. She loved the letters I had written and given to her. So she was reminding me to keep doing that but mail some so she would be surprised to get them. I asked if anyone else got the mail and she told me she was the only one with the key so it was safe. She said she would grab them and go into her room and lock the door before she opened it.

Each time I sent her a letter she would read it a few times then call me and be very emotional. I can write really good letters. And I have always been very romantic.

21st Voicemail 4-13-2015 1:43pm

Hey babe I saw you tried calling me a couple of times I was just trying to call you back. I just stepped out of a meeting to try to reach you. Anyway, I hope everything is okay, I love you very much and I will call you back in a little bit. Okay? Alright, I love you, bye.

22nd Voicemail 4-13-2015 2:34pm

Hey just give me a call when you have a second. Okay. I’m getting texts from you, give me a call, bye.

23rd Voicemail 4-13-2015 4:06pm

What is it with you babe, about texting me and then not answering me when I call? Holy crap. I am so confused by you. What were you saying about me like being the protecter. I never said I was a protecter. Why are you cracking up? I need to know why you are cracking up. So anyway, call me. Now. Obey.

24th Voicemail 4-13-2015 7:11pm

Well Mr. Cooper. So here you are throwing me to voicemail again. I’m just teasing you. So I just wanted to mention to you really quick that I was just out getting my mail and I haven’t gotten it for a few days but there is no letter from you or anything like that. So I just needed to remind you that you are more than welcome to write to me and send a letter to me anytime you would like. Because it would be a fun little surprise to get something in the mail from you. Just saying. Anyway, I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hi. And, I love you, so I will…

25th Voicemail 4-13-2015 9:45pm

Good evening, Sam. Hey, I was just thinking about you and thought I would give you a call and I know that you like voicemail messages I guess. Anyway, so yeah, just thinking about you so anyway. Call me back whenever you want. Okay. I love you, call me later.