63rd Voicemail, 64th Voicemail – April 25th, 2015

We were in a really good place. We were communicating very well. I was there for her during a really difficult time. She was going through a lot of medical tests to find out what her stomach issues were. She was not even telling him about her appointments until after they were already over. I was supporting everything she had going on. And she was supporting me working so many hours. That’s why we had to spend a lot of time really late at night because that’s when I was available or that’s when she could sneak out of the compound to be with me.

63rd Voicemail 4-25-2015 1:06am

Hey baby so you said to call back and leave you a message so here I am. Anyway, I just listened to mine,  I just wanted to say hi so I hope you are having a good evening. Glad your day went somewhat okay. And, it’s been nice talking to you a couple of times. So thank you for calling me when you did, alright. I will not bother you for too long and let you get back to what you are doing. Okay. I will talk to you later.

64th Voicemail 4-25-2015 11:20pm

Hey, I just tried calling you back to get, and you are texting me. Anyway I just tried calling you back because I don’t know, you just hung up when I was trying to answer, like it barely started ringing and I tried to answer and you hung up, so. Anyway, just try me back later and you are no bother I think you are silly for saying that. Okay.

21st Voicemail, 22nd Voicemail, 23rd Voicemail, 24th Voicemail, 25th Voicemail – April 13th, 2015

This whole day we were laughing all day. So many weird things had happened and we were trying to get in touch with each other to share them. We were in such a good place together that she was being a lot more open about how she felt about me and us. We were completely in love. And very, very happy.

She also mentions me writing her a letter and mailing it to her. I had been traveling so much I didn’t have time to continue to write her letters. She loved the letters I had written and given to her. So she was reminding me to keep doing that but mail some so she would be surprised to get them. I asked if anyone else got the mail and she told me she was the only one with the key so it was safe. She said she would grab them and go into her room and lock the door before she opened it.

Each time I sent her a letter she would read it a few times then call me and be very emotional. I can write really good letters. And I have always been very romantic.

21st Voicemail 4-13-2015 1:43pm

Hey babe I saw you tried calling me a couple of times I was just trying to call you back. I just stepped out of a meeting to try to reach you. Anyway, I hope everything is okay, I love you very much and I will call you back in a little bit. Okay? Alright, I love you, bye.

22nd Voicemail 4-13-2015 2:34pm

Hey just give me a call when you have a second. Okay. I’m getting texts from you, give me a call, bye.

23rd Voicemail 4-13-2015 4:06pm

What is it with you babe, about texting me and then not answering me when I call? Holy crap. I am so confused by you. What were you saying about me like being the protecter. I never said I was a protecter. Why are you cracking up? I need to know why you are cracking up. So anyway, call me. Now. Obey.

24th Voicemail 4-13-2015 7:11pm

Well Mr. Cooper. So here you are throwing me to voicemail again. I’m just teasing you. So I just wanted to mention to you really quick that I was just out getting my mail and I haven’t gotten it for a few days but there is no letter from you or anything like that. So I just needed to remind you that you are more than welcome to write to me and send a letter to me anytime you would like. Because it would be a fun little surprise to get something in the mail from you. Just saying. Anyway, I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hi. And, I love you, so I will…

25th Voicemail 4-13-2015 9:45pm

Good evening, Sam. Hey, I was just thinking about you and thought I would give you a call and I know that you like voicemail messages I guess. Anyway, so yeah, just thinking about you so anyway. Call me back whenever you want. Okay. I love you, call me later.