Happy $5000 Father’s Day Giveaway

Update: We picked a winner and posted the screenshot for PROOF on my Twitter page.

Today we will be doing another $5000 Cashapp Giveaway. The last one went over very well. I’m opening up the comments/email sections on this blog as well as posting on my Twitter account/Social Media accounts. Just drop your CASHAPP tag if you can see this and someone will be randomly selected. The winner will be asked to post a screenshot of their Cashapp activity to prove they did receive the funds. I have loaded up my Cashapp with money a while ago. It’s ready to go. I pray it helps someone or a family.

Happy Father’s Day to all the cool dads holding it down. I know how hard being a dad is in 2021. It’s a lot to shoulder and a whole lot of doing things you don’t necessarily have to do. 2020 kind of sent everything we have ever known into a tailspin. Supporting the family has taken a whole new meaning. I appreciate my kids, I love them dearly. I know I’m a 2 star Dad raising 5 star kids. I try very hard every day and I’m trying to lead by example. I never thought I would be here with 5 kids, living my life in Denver and still no mom in sight. I am trying to figure all of that out but I refuse to settle.

We have some very fun Dad things planned for today. We are going to plan our next day trip for this coming weekend. We had a trip planned for Friday night but we had some unexpected things come up. That’s okay we will be visiting that place this week instead. I think that will work out much better for the weather anyway.

Call your dad. Don’t buy him a tie. Dads love food. Give him something good to eat and tell him how much you love and appreciate him. That’s all we really want. That and the remote all day. Love you guys! Eat your veggies and fruits!

Another CashApp Giveaway soon! $5000!

The last time we did a Cashapp giveaway it went very well. I had hundreds of DM’s and comments/emails on this blog about entering. The cash went to pay bills and fix a car. I’m so happy for the story that went with the gift. I love helping people. I prefer to do DIRECT cash giveaways so I know the money goes right to the person that wins. I don’t like the winner to wait or have to go through any red tape to receive the gift from me. Cashapp makes it easy and I’m so happy to be involved with the Cashapp family.

This giveaway will be for $5000! I will be posting details soon. The money is already transferred into my Cashapp account and is ready to go. We will again notify the winner via DM on Twitter. Then the transfer of funds will begin and confirmation the winner receives the full $5000. All you have to do is have a Cashapp account and sign up for the chance to win once I post the Tweet opening it up. Easy!

Hope everyone is doing well. My prayers and love go out to all the victims and families of the recent San Jose mass shooting. God bless you all!

Thank You for 5 Million, Here’s $5000!

Today is the day I’m going to give away $5000 to 1 WINNER via Cashapp. That’s the only rule, You have to have Cashapp because I’m not sending it via anything else. I will randomly pick a winner. I will send them a DM to verify their Cashtag and then I’m sending them their money. If they want to remain Anonymous, cool. I hope I get a thank you video to post. Good luck to everyone! And thank you for my 5 million visitors in 11 years of blogging!