Season 6 Tell All

Season 6 Tell All   Tamron Hall: Meri opens up about the shocking story that’s made headlines around the world. Meri: You all know it’s not surprise that I have been struggling with stuff. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that when Mariah left to college I don’t know if that just kind of Want more?

Season 6 Finale

Season 6 Finale Meri: So I guess I should bring something up. That I need to talk about. Meri lied about me being a catfish. I am male. I am real, we have met in person several times  and here is my side of all of this. When she concocted her lies about me she often missed the obvious truths. Want more?

192nd Voicemail, 193rd Voicemail – July 6th, 2015

We are still in love and still spending a lot of time together or talking on the phone. Things couldn’t be better. 192nd Voicemail 7-6-2015 10:55am Baby. My baby. Baby. Baby. Call me back, baby. Can you tell I listened to your message. Baby? Baby? Mmmmhmmm, baby. 193rd Voicemail 7-6-2015 12:21pm Hey I’m done so. Call me whenever Want more?