194th Voicemail – July 8th, 2015

Just another day where we talked a lot and texted a lot. So in love. 194th Voicemail 7-8-2015 12:44am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEI9dO-GPnc&feature=youtu.be Hey baby. Sorry I just saw your text it just barely came through. So yeah I’m just reminding you to call me because it’s been like an hour since you showered. Okay. Give me a …
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128th Voicemail, 129th Voicemail, 130th Voicemail, 131st Voicemail, 132nd Voicemail – June 8th, 2015

Very busy day for both of us. We were still talking about the Kendra issue and some of the rumors flying around. We were solid. It actually brought us closer together. We were very protective of each other. I had Lindsay going around getting rid of a lot of people talking about us on Facebook. …
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86th Voicemail, 87th Voicemail – May 8, 2015

We were struggling at this point. I was not happy and we had been bickering a little bit. We were working through all of it but it was becoming a problem between us these little fights. 86th Voicemail 5-8-2015 12:59am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmtNrYa0ok&feature=youtu.be Hi. So I kind of hesitate to call you this late. Just because I …
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