I sold out…then I hit pause

Because of the nanny situation I’ve decided to sell my app that I was working on to the software engineer that has been helping me create it. I know its monetary worth because I had it appraised and we agreed on a price I was happy with. And then…

I’m trying to deal with raising the kids on my own. I had a part-time nanny that would come in as needed. That did not work out at all. I’m here, trying to balance everything, and it just became too much. I had to choose. The app or the kids. I picked the kids. My kids have always been my dream. My career will be second to them always. I’m trying to get out of having a nanny. I want to figure out how to do the things I want to do and still raise my kids alone. I think that’s impossible at their ages. I know that in a few years they will be at school and I can continue on trying to find my next chapter. I kind of feel like I’m selling myself out or maybe I’m selling myself short. How many single parents have to actually go to a job 8 hours a day and still come home and do all of the family stuff. I can afford a nanny. I can afford several nannies but I don’t want that. I want to raise my kids.

Now a new idea has come up of having a live in nanny who can either stay in the house or stay in the guest house out back and would be available as much as I need. I could keep working on my app but limit the schedule down and mostly work from home. I could keep pursuing that dream and have the freedom to go to meetings and/or travel as needed for the app. I just don’t know. It’s complicated. I like my uncomplicated life. I’m thinking on it but how do you decide such a thing? I don’t need a nanny it’s more of a want so I can keep my app. But does this app mean that much to me? It’s a way to keep working. I’m not someone who can sit around and do nothing. I’m always needing to be busy.

How do you decide? I guess pray. The answer will come to me. I have plenty of time. I just have to figure it all out.

I invited like 11 people, what’s the big deal?

Greetings from the Lakehouse. It has been a really busy week for me. Today I had 2 trips out of town


which didn’t go at all like I planned!! @#@#$!@!!(((!!!!!!!


Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest I am ready to finish this thought Lol Sarah out of nowhere decided she wanted to go with me this morning. Which left Brandi and Heather who had time off today to pitch in once again. That’s probably the only reason Sarah decided she wanted to go. She said she wanted to get out of the house all day and “just be a kid again”. Fine by me come on! I brought my cousins Tristan and Tyson with me as well.


We hit Oklahoma City first. I sent them off for shopping then lunch, I went to my meeting, checked in at my office and met up with everyone. Out of nowhere Lindsay’s friend Becky calls me and said Lindsay said she can come with everyone to my house and she’s supposed to be at the airport in a half hour to meet up with me Lol Oh okay, I said who decided all of this? She said I’m just telling you what Lindsay told me and I think it’s really fun so I’m on my way I will call you when I get close, okay? Uhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh uhhhhhhhh




So Becky hung up on me really quick before I could say no. I blew up Lindsay’s phone then Ben’s phone which he answered on the 2nd call, amazing how that works when you know how to work the system. He said “Dude, I haven’t seen her” even when I heard her whisper a little too loud tell him I’m not here Lol Might want to work on your whisper game sweetness. Which I then said tell her I heard that and to get on the @#$@!@%% phone now. So he said here and she started in with Hey, what’s up?


What’s up. Let’s see. Becky, who is your friend and has had a crush on me for over 2 years now is going to be sitting with Peyton someone I actually dated for 1 month on a plane ride back to Chicago for 3 hours talking about hmmmmm probably me and why I won’t date either one. Also Becky wasn’t invited and I wasn’t even aware of any of this add in the fact she hung up on me before I could say Yes, no, get lost, or what are you talking about?


Lindsay faked a bad connection by making static like noises into the phone and said she’d call right back which is her way of saying get over myself and she will call me when I’m not so pissed off. She does that often Lol


We found Becky who needed money to put in her car to make sure she could pay for her Long Term parking on Sunday when I drop her off. So I had to go walk over to her parking spot and give her $50 because I did not have a $20 on me. She insisted we “take care of it now because I’m so broke I shouldn’t even be going on this vacation”. Wait, vacation? My level of frustration only rose 3 notches when she yanked out 3 bags,


3 bags!!! for 2 days!!!


Then I remember she is Lindsay’s friend and this is pretty typical. So I wheeled her bags for her and she talked nonstop about this hair weave place downtown she wants to visit so she can look at some clip in feathers, she Googled the address and where was it located, had I ever been there before?


No! I get my haircut for $12 why would I go to a hair weavologist for feathers? What? Is that even a real thing? Keep in mind this is the Becky that rolled around on the floor in the kitchen then crawled out of the house when Lindsay threw a Honeybun snack cake out of the front door to get her out Lol So I was already prepared for some randomness.


Everyone loaded, still on time, let’s go.


Off to Las Vegas to pick up the final group. We land, park where I can offload/onload quickly. Call Lindsay. No answer. Call Ben. No answer. Okay. Call Lindsay, text Lindsay. No answer, nothing. Okay, hmmm. Call Ben, text Ben. Finally Lindsay calls me back. She’s walked towards me still calling me and makes me answers. Then she says “I have another surprise for you, you will love this, gotta go cuz you are like right in front of me.”


The next surprise was 2 fold. She invited Drew our best friend and his family to come with us which meant a quick stop in Lincoln, Nebraska to get them. No problem. She said only one problem. They need to bring their dog with them because they can’t find anyone to watch her and can’t leave her alone all weekend.


SON OF A >>>>>>>>>>>


Lol So now we have Tyson, Tristan, Sarah, Becky, Ben, Lindsay, Drew, his wife, his son, his daughter, and their dog. I said well we only have 1 more seat left on the plane are you sure there isn’t someone else you could invite? Being a smartass, she said Oh hey let me text…………….. I grabbed her phone and told her to get her ass on the plane Lol I announced we will be dealing with Drew’s dog from Lincoln to Chicago, sorry, and no one text, call, facebook, twitter, smoke signal, or american sign language anyone else to invite them on this “vacation”. Lindsay said quit being a big baby, where’s the f-word cheetos at Lol


Off to Lincoln. Loaded everyone up they put the little dog in the carrier and buckled her into her seat. They also let her out while we were in the air and she peed on my carpeting. Great. I’m not cleaning that up. Lindsay said she’ll get a can of Resolve and spray it on there. Yeah right.


We waited for car service, my group needed 2 vehicles and now we are all safely at the lakehouse Lol This is ridiculous. It’s like a reunion or soriety sisters who spend all of their time talking and touching Tristan’s fake boobs. I’m exhausted. I’m hungry and I just want to hang out with my babies. The girls brought the boys up earlier today and called to make sure our Services were going to be finished up by tonight. The groceries hadn’t been delivered yet and I had a bunch of add on groceries since our small group blew up out of nowhere.


Lindsay is someone that thinks more people is better because that way she can be the center of attention and make everyone laugh. I just see a bunch of people I have to clean up after and feed 3 to 4 times a day. She gets out of all of the work part that’s why she does this. This time I took her aside and said you wanted this party, fine, but you will be helping me or this will be the last time. She shoved my chest and said no probz daddy-o she will handle all of it.


We will see. I’m very anxious for some reason. I am just on edge tonight. Maybe because I’m exhausted. It really has been a long week for me. I just wanted to hang out with her and Ben this weekend with my cousins. I thought that would be fun.


This will be fun too. So I’m going to stop complaining now that I vented this all out. I really do love all of my family and friends and I do plan on enjoying my time with them.


Everyone is passing my boys around like bags of chips. Thank goodness I have helpers here to pitch in. I’m going to bed early so I can get up early and start prepping breakfast stuff for everyone.


Wish me luck! Lol