Quality time

We have spent all of our time with Peace. She is the quietest little girl in the whole world. She barely fusses and when she does it’s for a few seconds. She’s eating good, she’s pooping and peeing like she should. Everything is good. Is it possible we end up with a very easy baby? My wife said wouldn’t that be just like her name. How funny is that. We are so happy. My wife holds her more than I do. I love looking at her. Her little face is so beautiful and my goodness all of that black hair Lol We can put a little bow in it. I went out yesterday and bought the outfit she will be in to meet everyone. I told my wife we will change her into it on the plane before we go home. I called car service already and made an appointment to be picked up so I don’t have to mess with it. I also didn’t want anyone to come get us at the airport. Knowing Lindsay she would be standing next to my hangar rental so she could scoop her up right away.

The girls all told me they have everything ready. Sarah said Lindsay has spent so much of her own money buying things. We have 2 different strollers and she found a stroller that will fit 3 babies Lol That is hilarious. I didn’t even know they had that. We have a side by side seated one for the boys. We also have the one in front, one in the back kind too. It all depends on where we are going.

3 kids. Wow. I’m 44 and I am going to have 4 kids by the time I’m 45! God is so good to me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve so many great things recently. My wife is so happy. She keeps hugging me around my neck and telling me how in love she is with our life. I am too. We are so excited to bring Peace home tomorrow. Everyone is going to love her. The DONT TOUCH rule will be in effect when the bigger crowds of family and friends start coming in. I do not want a sick baby right away. You can look but no holding her. That will be just for the 8 of us. Drew’s kids can hold her for a few but only if they wash hands before.

My boys still have no idea what a sister is and that’s okay. When we bring her home they will find out. My dog and her cat are going to have to adjust. Sam jr is so good with my boys. He runs around and the boys chase him. It’s really funny watching the boys go after Tristan. Heston will say titty titty instead of kitty kitty. We all just laugh.

We are going to hang out one more day here to make sure she is okay. In the morning we are going back to the hospital to make sure her lungs can handle a short flight. Her doctors said because we are both healthy and wouldn’t pass off any airborne germs to her she can go as long as her lungs sound good. I told my wife if she is in any distress I will land right away and we will have to drive back. She said okay.

I just put up 10 more videos and 12 new photos of Peace. She isn’t doing much yet but she is Daddy’s girl so I have to show her off. I already put a Batman onesy on her Lol I had to do that. It’s pink with a black Batman logo on it. My wife said where did you get that. I said I found it at Toys R Us when I was buying her foldable crib. We had to go buy one because the crib the hotel had for us looked gross. I was not putting my daughter in that. I told my wife, BRB and came back with a bunch of stuff. I’m glad we bought it because we can use it for the new baby.

My wife is now 14 weeks pregnant. Let me look at the app we use. Oh, our new baby is the size of a peach this time. How funny. It says baby is probably thumb-sucking and wiggling toes. It says the baby has probably doubled it’s weight since last week. It says my wife should be feeling hungry a lot. She’s over the throwing up finally. She still gets queasy when she smells something that triggers it but she is so happy to be done with the morning sickness.

This app is giving us fun and creative ways to announce the pregnancy. We did that already. We did that as soon as we wanted. Waiting to share that kind of news in our family won’t work. We have 3 nannies that can sniff out a baby faster than anyone so trying to hide it in our house, no go. We decided to tell everyone earlier than most but we wanted to. It’s our first baby together and I was so happy to learn I got her pregnant in our first year of marriage. We want a big family. We have settled on no more than 6 but we are more comfortable around 5. It all depends on my wife’s health and her desire for more. I told her even if she only as the new baby we can keep adopting.

She loves being a mommy. She said she has learned so much about life from taking care of my boys. So have I. It really is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. These kids, they have my whole heart forever. I love all of my babies! I love my life. Things sure turned out way different from I thought it would but I kept faith in God.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday!

Mystery solved

ITS-all-goodWe figured out what was causing such a bad stomach reaction in both of the twins because one of my nannies had the same reaction when she drank the same water we had been using in the baby bottles. She tried a glass of it to see if that was the cause. It was and we all thanked her for taking one for the team. I was going to drink it but I did not think that was it at all. So we are back on vegan baby formula and all is well. I did pitch that entire case of it so that kind of sucks but we have more coming tomorrow overnight express. Lesson learned.

Heston is still not eating as much as he was. Alex is doing great. They are both doing good. All is good back in the Cooper house! I’m home from work getting ready to fix dinner for my fam and then my boys and I will be watching the OKC Thunder playoff game and switching back over to the Cubbie game. Love this time of the year when I can get my 2 favorite teams going at the same time. I wanted to update everyone because most everyone reads my blog or twitter and I have received a bunch of how are the boys emails and messages.

We are okay. Just one of those things. I threw out that entire jug of water and the other 2 we had purchased from that store. I am glad we figured this out. I guess it’s just one of those things. We buy that special baby formula water you are supposed to use but we bought 3 jugs of it from a different store. I called there and the manager asked me to give him the product code number on it so he can call the manufacturer to report it. I was pretty pissed off.

I love my boys. I didn’t like seeing them sick this weekend. I also didn’t like changing twice the amount of diapers. I felt really bad for them. Big sigh of relief!

Tax day, did ya’ll pay your taxes? Don’t forget. I paid all of mine last week and was glad to get that over with. It’s a bigger amount each year and I’m shocked but that’s the cost of doing business and I’m happy it goes back into the American government to pay for all of our programs and funds.

I have decided when the boys are legally adopted we will be moving to Dubai. I know it’s going to take me month or maybe a year or two to get all of the legal paperwork to move there full time. I have to have all kinds of things before we can do that. I know in my heart it’s going to be great and the best thing for us. This is not the big announcement that I had talked about in an earlier post. That’s about something wonderful changing out of the blue. Love that kind of surprise. I’m very happy and still on cloud nine!

Have a great night. Go Thunder and Go Cubs! (And go Team Wanya!)

We’re just trying to heal up in this house today

IMG_5642  Yesterday and today have been pretty bad in my house. Heston and Alex are both going through something. We took them off of the vegan formula yesterday. I’m not sure that’s what is causing all of this but I wasn’t going to chance it at all. So now we are using normal baby formula. So far so good I guess. Things got a little worrisome yesterday so I took them to a clinic nearby to get them both checked. Alex was okay, Heston wasn’t. We took them home with some meds for Heston to put in his formula. It was supposed to help but it didn’t. I didn’t get any sleep last night because I was holding him, walking him around, or sitting next to him making sure he was getting better. I already cashed in my First Time Dad Doctor visit card, so whoever had $20 on April, you won Lol It’s stressful. We are supposed to let their bodies correct the issue and they are I guess but what do I know. I am making them both comfortable and trying to keep our same schedule. I’m exhausted. I did take a 2 hour power nap a little while ago and just woke up. Everyone is passed out right now. I had about 10 things on my To Do list for this weekend and got nothing done. It sucks.

My poor boys! It’s a helpless feeling and I don’t like it. But I’m supposed to listen to the doctor. Do any other parents have that moment where you say “What the heck does that doctor know anyway!” I had that this morning around 3am Lol It’s a little frustrating. The girls are doing so great helping me with them. The boys are getting extra, extra attention from the whole team. I feel bad because I know the girls had other plans too for this weekend but as they all said, this is what we get paid for so don’t worry about it. They are right, we will be coming back up here in 2 weeks.

Now my Cancun trip with Lindsay is on a maybe list. We are supposed to leave Friday night and be down there for a week. It’s an Abraham Hicks land cruise and she managed to get us a meeting with a new developer down there to get information and ideas on how Americans can develop buildings in Mexico. I think the boys are doing better but I need 3 good days in a row before I decide if I’m still going. She can take Ben or her mom if I can’t.

Wow, does my whole world shut down when my boys are sick. I haven’t touched my phone since yesterday evening and I had all kinds of notifications and texts on there. Sorry but my kids are my #1 now. Ya’ll understand that I’m sure.

A big congrats to a special someone who welcomed her baby girl into the world yesterday morning. I saw the photos, so sweet. God bless her and her family. I’m so happy for them all. She is a beautiful baby girl. Many, many years of happiness in store for her! God bless you sweet little one!

I need to go shower. I also woke up with a big shark fin Lol It was pretty cool actually. I took a selfie and sent it to our Group chat on Iphone Messenger. I’m still rocking the Pompadour but on Thursday I have a haircut appointment to shave it all off. Spring time I always cut it down to a caesar cut so I can grow it out for summer. caesar

It looks a little something like that. I don’t think that’s the real Julius Caesar Lol I just type into Google images whatever I’m looking for and grab the first one usually. This guy, it kind of looks more like Marc Anthony? Maybe? I don’t know I’m too tired.

I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend! The weather has been perfect! I had both boys outside for a little while earlier to give them some fresh air. It’s sunny and bright. Love that kind of weather here! Too bad we’ve been inside all day. I really wanted to get them out in the backyard a little and put down a blanket. I don’t want to do that when I know they aren’t feeling so well. Maybe next time we come up if it’s nice like this. Great Chicago weekend!

I need to find out what time Sunday night mass starts. I didn’t even make it into Church this morning. Don’t tell anyone! I’m going I swear Lol I just had to pick a later time. I think it starts at 5:30 here. After Church we are all going back to the condo. I think it’s going to be another long night. Poor Sarah. She really didn’t get a full weekend off at all. I feel bad about that. She’s so good with the boys. She was as worried as we all were. I need to give these girls a shout out. I really do appreciate everything they do. I have the worlds best nannies. They are so loving and kind with my boys. They are always talking to them and playing with them. This weekend they held them and really gave them extra love. Thank you ladies! I appreciate all 3 of you very much. I really could not do anything without you. I know nothing.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

What was that? I just dropped the baby!

not-cool  This morning I had to load up the babies and take them to their doctor for a checkup. This is the very first time we have left the condo. My nanny and I debated about what to put them in. My awesome dad skills were on top because I did not buy them winter coats for babies. Yes they have those. I had to run out and get them last night. So we put them in the coats, had the hats on them and put them in 2 pairs of socks. Then we threw really thick blankets over the car seats. I sent the nanny down first to warm up the Escalade. She also took the baby bag and whatever else we need in my backpack. Then it was my turn. She pulled the Escalade right by my elevator to make it a really short walk into the vehicle. That actually helped a lot.
Nothing says new dad like the time you drop one of the babies in the car seat. Mind you it was only less than a half of a foot drop but believe me the tears welled up and I almost had a panic attack. I need to work on my loading in the car skills. It freaked me out. But I recovered because we were running late and it was cold.
Oh yeah, the one thing no one told me was anytime you take the twin newborns out with the nanny everyone automatically assumes she’s my wife. When I started laughing because she is 24 years old and looks 18, she shot me a look like you better stop snorting at that. So I did. I talked to her about it later and we have agreed to let her answer that from now on. I never realized people would say that to me. Me with a 24-year-old Lol No beeping way! Way, way, way too young. My birthday is next week and I am feeling all 42 and whatever years I am today.
Heston, my big chunk of a son, is doing great. Thriving, gained a little weight and doing very well. He is alert and wiggly. All good signs.
Alex has decided to scare daddy. Fitting since he is the one I dropped this morning. I ratted myself out immediately and told the nurse, the nurse’s aid, the doctor, and probably the waiting room parents that I dropped my baby this morning. They did a very thorough check and said it didn’t hurt him at all. Then the doctor did the one thing a parent never wants to hear, he made a joke about me dropping my newborn. He said, “Don’t worry his brain damage won’t show up until he’s in high school Hahahahaha”. I swear if this guy could have high 5’ed himself he would have. Alex is not thriving. He spits up a lot. Apparently more than I realized. The nanny and I had been talking about it daily. Remember I did call in the other day about it and I was given some good advice on feeding him, as well as some gas drop things to help him. But we all agreed if he is still underweight in 1 week when I bring him back, then we are taking both of the boys off of the vegan formula I have. We hope it’s just gas or maybe a hard time digesting. But I have no problems going with normal formula if that’s what is going to help him. Then I made a dad joke and didn’t get one laugh. It was very lame anyway.
The boys are fine. They are doing okay. We just have to get Alex to eat better. I learned some ways to sit him up better and got advice on some products to buy to help with sitting him up properly. The nurse was nice enough to say it happens to a lot of first time parents don’t beat myself up. But we all know I’ve been beating myself up all day long. Ugh!
Oh and we ran out of Diet Coke which is the one thing my nanny told me she requires in the house at all times. So I ran into a store and bought her 6 cases of it. She should be stocked up for a long time Lol I came back with it in the cart and she said You spoil me. I said no, you are helping me late at night you need to your Super Juice to stay up!
We are finally in a routine. It’s going really well. And I’m able to sleep. Not all night. I don’t mind getting up at all. It does take me a few minutes but once I’m up I love holding them. We finally got them on a synched up sleeping schedule. That helps out a lot. My nanny is taking off tomorrow and letting the backup nannies split shifts tomorrow. It will be fun to work with them one on one finally and see how we all do. They are all 3 very sweet girls, young, loud, but very good with my boys. It’s nice seeing the babies with them.
So when do they start being more fun? They just kind of lay there. They wiggle. Make little noises but nothing loud. I can’t wait until they start moving around more. I want to crawl all over the floor with them and roll around. Right now all I’ve done is just hold them, kiss their heads, and talk to them. I’ve been reading books to them too. I heard once on tv that babies can absorb a parent’s tone and feel more relaxed. I kept running out of things to say to them that didn’t sound corny over and over so I began reading books. It’s working they fall asleep. Or they are just faking it so I shut up Lol
Either way my boys are okay. It’s been over a week and I haven’t done anything horribly wrong. Well I did drop Alex but I swear it sounds worse than it was. And he was fine.
I love being a dad! It’s the best job in the world! I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend with lots of fun plans and awesome family time.
God loves you and I love ya’ll too!



Another day of both of us working and making time for each other. I had injured my foot very badly. It was crushed. I had a cast on it for a long time. Then I began physical therapy. Meri  started helping me walk when I was able to rehab it by walking on my own. She was a very big help to get my foot feeling better. She had found this baby batman outfit and sent it to me. We were talking a lot about having kids together at this point. She does want another baby. Just not with him. The B of M blog is referring to my Book of Mormon blog post. I read the entire book and wrote a summary of my thoughts. It was very interesting to read what her religion is derived from.


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