Traveling Dad

Every night I get home and bring my kids something new. It’s usually just a magnet of whatever cities I was in that day. We have started a collection. The boys help me put it on the fridge. The whole side of the fridge is full of the places we have been. It became a thing last year we keep buying them.

Things are going great. I have been busy traveling going to all of the cities I need to visit one last time. We have decided NOT to do a company/retirement party this year. I don’t want it. I want a small gathering of my local office and that will be good enough. Asking everyone to fly out right before Christmas is too much. I already know how everyone feels about me and I also know we will continue to communicate. My employees are like my family. I love them all. We have all been through so much together.

My wife is now 26 weeks pregnant. Our son Talon is doing great. It’s coming up fast. Probably faster than we are prepared for. In January we will all be moving to Paris, minus 2 of the nannies. We will begin our new life and take a month or two from working on anything to get ourselves and our kids settled in. We also will be welcoming Talon at the end of January, that’s why we want an extra month off after my move.

My wife is moving very soon. Ugh. I don’t want her to go but we need to fly her over before she can’t fly. She also wants to make sure the house is ready and his nursery is ready. Peace and Talon will be sharing a room just as Heston and Alex share a room for now. The new house is big enough for all of the kids to have their own bedrooms when they get bigger. I’m sure at some point Peace will out grow room sharing and need her own Princess space. Lord knows my wife dresses her like one everyday. I come walking into the garage and see more clothes boxes that arrived during the day. My wife is on a mission to buy out all of the baby things on Earth I think. She’s half way done by the looks of it all Lol She said she’s not sure what kind of clothes available over there and wants to stock up now since shipping from the States might be a few extra days. I guess.

We are all in our French speaking mode. My wife is practicing a lot and insists at night after the kids are asleep it’s only French. She is getting very good. The class she took paid off. She is working on writing things now. Even I can’t remember some of the spelling but it’s fun to look it up and learn again.

How is everyone doing? I haven’t been updating as much because I’m out-of-town every single day. Today I am finally staying in Chicago. Peace is 13 weeks and we need to go get her ears pierced today. I’m going into work late. I don’t know why this is a thing but my wife asked me to take her. Of course let her be mad at me Lol She already picked out the little earrings at the shop that will do the piercing. She went in twice to ask questions. I’m supposed to just take her in, get it done, pay for it, then make sure she is okay. I’m sure it’s going to hurt. When I went through my earring phases throughout my life (Yes it was popular a few times) I remember it not being that bad. It was sore but it stopped being sore pretty quickly. I hate seeing my baby girl in pain so I hope she can handle it. My wife says she wants it done. I said okay. I have no idea what the appropriate age is for this thing but she googled it and had asked the doctor the last time we went to see him. He said her ears are fine, go for it.

My dog Sam jr has been very busy. He has a 3 day a week play date set up now. He gets to run around an indoor dog park (Yes that’s a real thing) with a bunch of his dog buddies playing with toys they throw out there and sniffing butts. Sarah said he has a blast and loves it. I think he is much happier with a yard. I am still doing our morning and evening walks together and he sleeps in our bed. My wife banned him for a little while because his snoring was out of control but he warmed back up to her and he’s back at my feet. The cat is still chill. I don’t know what else to say I’m not really a cat person. I have owned a few cats and much prefer dogs. Much easier to take care of. Cats could give 2 sh**s less about anything. My dog seems to care about everything and wants to know where I’m at and what I’m doing.

I had a great workout this morning. I’m going to go start breakfast. I haven’t been home lately to cook for everyone i the morning so this will be fun. Then I have to go wake everyone up.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Love ya’ll!


Baby shower tomorrow, I’m going out

Hey guys

It has been a very busy travel week for me. I have been gone every day and gotten home around 7pm or so each night. I had to make it home to watch the Cubs….lose. Geez what a disaster that last game was. It was a great season though and I can say I still like the look of our team. Go Cubs!

I have been so busy working that I keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry guys. I see your messages, I will write back to you tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon is the baby shower. My wife said I need to be there just to greet the ladies and then I need to go away. I said FINE! I’m going to Detroit. She said no you aren’t. I said thennnnnn I’m going downtown and she said that’s fine. I am kind of tired of flying right now anyway. I will go check out the condos and look around downtown. My kids have to stay at the house for all of the women to smother them with kisses and tell them how cute they are, or whatever it is you do with kids at a baby shower. I would rather at least take my boys with me but she said no they are needed for photos. Listen at this point in our marriage and this pregnancy she can have whatever she wants. I no longer try to argue. I just stand there about ready to say something back but then I look at her huge belly and think to myself just STFU bro Lol Get through this and in a few months you can have your wife back.

I am very excited for Drew to come next weekend. Boys trip! We are going to stay at the condos all weekend with Lindsay and just hammer out all of the paperwork. She is finally being reasonable. She was holding me hostage over money. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my 2 best friends and to finally get this contract over with. Huge weight off of my shoulders.

Tonight I am going home to cook a huge supper for everyone. I haven’t been cooking much this week. I did make 2 casseroles that no one ate. So I’ve been snacking on them at night while we watched the Cubs games. I was trying to help buy Sarah said what helps is your credit card and a call to order food Lol I guess they have been eating out a lot. I guess expecting any of the 4 WOMEN LIVING IN MY HOUSE to cook is too much to ask. My wife doesn’t cook. She has tried a few times but it’s not her strongest talent. I knew that going into this. I love to cook and she loves to eat things while I am prepping the meals. That’s what she does. The nannies clean up. That’s how they help and I appreciate it because then I feel like I can make any size mess since I’m not cleaning it up.

How is everyone? What did Trump do now? I see all kinds of a mess on Twitter but I haven’t really read it yet. Is he impeached yet? Is that happening soon? Anyone want to guess when his impeachment is coming? I vote next year by June. That’s what I think. He is just a bad President. He’s embarrassing all of us. It’s a shame.

I’m doing great. My wife is the in 26th week which means she is you know what all of the time Lol I feel like a stud horse but this is what she wants so I have zero complaints plus she is very very good at everything. I enjoy private time with my wife VERY MUCH. She’s also very appreciative of all of my creativity. Her baby bump is logistically something I have to think so it’s been fun to figure this all out together. She really is the love of my life. We laugh so much every day. She’s so funny and sweet. She is the best woman for me. I am glad I decided to call her back after she phone bombed me 3 times in one day. She said she needed to tell me something, when I called her back a little annoyed she said she forgot what it was but to meet her for dinner and she would figure it out. I said no. Then a few hours later I said yes. After that dinner I stopped dating the other 2 women I had been casually dating and we became an Us. She didn’t even move in until after we were engaged for a month. I told her we needed to work on that slowly for the boys sake, not because I was freaking out. She has been so great with the kids and seeing her with Peace melts me. My kids own me, but my wife has every piece of me that I have left. I love her. I really do. Abby (Insert Maiden name, still her lawyer name here) Cooper is my wife. I would do anything she wanted me to do. And we do want more kids but not for at least a year or more. She said 2 year break so we can get them out of diapers at least. I agree. Wiping butts x 3 is hard wait until our son comes. Baby butts x 4, geez, what did I do Lol

Speaking of our son, we have a name and I will be announcing it some time this weekend. I didn’t pick out the first name. It grew on me over time. I did pick out the middle name and I told her there is no other option for it. This is his middle name. She said if I felt that strongly about it, then she knew I put in a lot of time to think it over. I did. I really did. It’s very important to me and soon you all will understand why. And we have had a completely change of plans for the godparents, again. My wife said just keep Drew and Lindsay as all of the kids Godparents that way it’s just easier. I guess she can’t pick which sister Lol It turned into a huge deal and feelings got hurt so she ended up blaming me and told everyone I insisted all of the kids have the same god parents. That’s not true but who cares at this point because it got the whole damn thing diffused. I didn’t realize her family would be so upset over it. It caused 5 phone fights and 3 text wars. I had to take my wife’s phone away from her one night and told her enough, she was upsetting Peanut Lol Peanut is not her first name by the way, or his middle name. That would be silly. Most likely that’s his nickname for life now. I like it and that’s what we call him now.

I hope everyone is having a great week. My wife just got here so I’m going to hit Spellcheck then publish. We are heading home!

Yesterday was Eclipstatic!

We saw the Eclipse, sort of. It was pretty cloudy so we could barely make it out but I just added the 3 photos I took of it. Yes it’s in there somewhere. That’s Chicago though. Big event, weather shows up, enjoy.

Yesterday morning we met our adoption attorney from the agency we have been working with. She walked us through the steps we had to take which was signing some paperwork, paying the fee to the court and then it was our turn to go before the judge. I’ve known him for years. I’ve donated a lot of money to his campaigns and have always been a huge fan of his. He was happy to meet Peace. He held her afterwards for a family photo which I thought was very cool. She will have a copy of that photo forever now. He ran through everything and boom within 10 minutes we were in and out. Thank goodness we have our agency do everything Lol I would be so lost. Honestly this is the second time I’ve gone through this and this time was much easier. I knew the few questions the judge would ask me. I knew he would verify we wanted all of our documents sealed because of all of the harassment that continues online about me and my family. He asked my wife a few questions and then he signed the order. Boom! Done! Peace Taylor Cooper, welcome to our family. You now have 2 parents who love you more than anything.

After court we went over to our doctor’s appointment. We were a little early so I walked the boys around a little outside before we went in. We try to not have them sitting in a waiting room because the same 3 things happen every time.

  1. People ask if they are twins, ask are they identical, ask their names, how old they are…on and on
  2. People want to hold one of them and that’s not going to happen Lol
  3. We make a huge distraction for anyone that’s in the doctor’s waiting room and I end up apologizing to the whole room

Sarah is the one that came up with the plan to have one of us sit in the waiting room and when we get called in they come out and get us. It works out great. She’s so smart.

When it was our turn my wife came out and said let’s go. Then we had Brandi hold onto the boys in another waiting room all by themselves while we went to find out the sex of our baby.

Everything is good. My wife’s weight is up a little. She looks good, they put the jelly on the belly, they moved that laser thing around and there it was. Strong heartbeat. Then my wife grabbed for my hand and I held onto it. She wanted a girl so bad. I did too. That would even things out. Next thing I know we hear

“It’s a boy” and my wife started crying and laughing. I started laughing too and I kissed her then I said I told you I’m a boy maker Lol First my Ryan (RIP my boy) and now my son.

I’m having another son!

We went out to find Brandi and the boys. She said well what do we have and I said it’s a boy. She hugged us both and then I bent down and told my boys you are going to have a little brother soon. They have no idea but I hugged and kissed them both. Then I held my hand on my wife’s belly and said he’s in here he will be out in a few months. Still no clue. That’s okay.

After that my wife said “Peanut is hungry” which means feed her Lol We took the boys to a vegan restaurant nearby the doctor’s office. Man they had some great food. We had sandwiches and chips plus they have vegan cookies. My boys only wanted the cookies but we managed to get almost half a sandwich down them each. Heston just really eats anything. Alex is my picky baby. He won’t eat it if he doesn’t like the taste. He’s a little stubborn.

I almost forgot!

While we were sitting at lunch eating Brandi said to Heston do you want Mama to have a baby boy so you can play with him. Heston looked right at me than at my wife and said Mommy. That’s the first time either one of them have ever said it. We have repeated the words Mommy and Daddy over and over. This was a big moment. My wife started crying and gave him a big hug and a kiss. We tried to get him to say it again but he was all done. That’s all we got, just the 1 Mommy. Alex just kept eating. Peace was such a trooper yesterday. She really did very good all day. She didn’t fuss at all in court. She stayed quiet and chill while we waited and even all during lunch when I was feeding her. Can I just say how much easier it is to feed one baby at a time? I was actually able to munch on my sandwich while I fed her.

After lunch we took the boys to a toy store while Brandi waited in the Escalade with Peace. We wanted to get them a little something and my wife wanted to get some blue stuff for the baby reveal and a pair of baby shoes.

We got home and by the time I got all of the kids situated and ready to go they had put together the big box with the blue balloons in it. My dog wanted to eat the box Lol It was so funny. He kept trying to eat the corner. We had to put him back in the house.

We filmed our Facebook Live and we released the blue balloons. My in-laws were so happy. The video is on our family facebook page for everyone to see. We’ve already hit 1000 views! How cool is that. I love analytics. They are really fun for me to see. Most of our views came from Nebraska. I knew it would.

Yesterday was a really long day. We ended it with everyone giving us baby name suggestions. No I’m not naming my son Sam jr. I have a dog for that. No I’m not naming him after my dad or brother who have both passed away. My wife and I will pick something which means she will tell me what she wants to name him and I get to pick the middle name again Lol That’s how it was with Peace. We did both agree on it but it took her some convincing on that one.

I have written this paragraph 3 times now and I’m done if it erases again. I don’t know what’s up with my Macbook but it keeps erasing whole paragraphs as I’m typing. That means it’s time to get me a brand new one. I love getting new Macbooks! They really are the best laptops. Stupid thing. I bet it’s just something easy to fix. I will take it in today but I’m also buying a new one. One of my nannies can have this thing when I get it back.

Oh and I forgot the last new from yesterday. Out of nowhere Brandi told us she wants to move to Paris with us and be our nanny. My wife was very happy to hear that. I wasn’t. We already hired our team for over there. They are already living in our house and getting things ready for our big move. They even bought all of their furniture for their rooms and moved in. I mean we have it all planned out. I asked her why. She said she can continue her education since there will be 2 other nannies, she wants to be a travel nurse and what better place to travel all over than there. She said she has been praying on it for months and finally decided it’s something she wants. I said okay. It took me an hour to say okay. I was shocked. We will figure it all out. I mean I will have 4 kids soon. Why not 4 nannies? Lol We really were looking to just have 2. A main nanny and a backup one. I guess Brandi is now our main nanny. My wife said it’s going to make things so much easier and now she’s starting to pressure me into letting her take all of the kids over in November.

NO. I can’t do that. I can’t be without my kids that long. That’s 3 months. I just can’t do that. She doesn’t get it. We are going to have to discuss all of this more.

I need to get going. We are heading to Milwaukee on our first book tour stop then on to Los Angeles! If you are in one of the cities we are going to let me know. Leave me a comment here, DM me on Twitter or if you are in our Facebook pages let me know. I would love to meet some of my loyal long time readers and fans. I will already apologize to everyone that meets Lindsay. She is a very nice person but she has the attention span of a gnat. So she isn’t really rude she just gets done with talking to people very quickly. She’s really good talking all about herself than she is trying to communicate with other human beings Lol

We will see ya’ll on the road! Wish us luck!

Baby Gender Reveal!

We are having a:




Okay let’s have all of the baby boy names now. We need ideas! The gender reveal video is on our Family Facebook page now. We opened a big box of balloons and all blue flew out and up into the sky. My in-laws were so happy for us. Big hugs and kisses for everyone. My wife is very happy. She did want a girl and I did too but a son. Another son! I love it. God has blessed us so much already. I am so humbled to have this blessing in our lives. We love him so much already.


Court date and Baby Gender Reveal

This will be a very busy week for our family. This morning my wife and I are going to court so I can get Peace’s adoption finalized. All of her paperwork is ready. We will be sealing her adoption papers just like I did with the boys. It’s a closed adoption by the birth mom’s choice. We never have to share her or make time for anyone. She’s all ours! Legally mine but my wife is looking into adopting all 3 kids. She was really serious about that. I’m going to talk to our family court judge this morning about that. Obviously it’s too late to add her to Peace’s case today but I think we can revisit this soon. I’d rather get it all done before we move.

After court we have a doctor’s appointment to see how our baby is doing. Then we are going to find out the sex of our baby! Everyone thinks it’s a girl. My wife thinks it’s a girl. I think it’s a boy because I’m a boy making machine Lol So we are divided. Once we find out I will call Sarah and let her know so that they can go buy the right color balloons. Tonight we will open a giant box filled with the correct color on Facebook live and everyone will find out at the same time. We are having my in-law’s over for dinner and we are going to do the event live with them watching. It will be so great to see their reaction. I’m pretty sure some of my wife’s sisters will be there too.

Let me think what else. Oh. My wife has this entire week off for vacation. She won her court case. I knew she would and she wants time to bond with Peace. It worked out great since I am leaving for 4 days. I will be traveling with Lindz until Friday. We have dual book signings together. This trip has been planned for 2 months. We knew when her book would be out and we decided to lump everything together. I get asked about Lindsay at all of our book events. I really think everyone is going to love her book. Her book sales so far are doing great! She has quite the following. Not as good as mine yet but she will probably pass my book sales.

I debated on taking my dog with me. I miss him when I’m gone and he loves to travel but I think this is a very busy trip and he wouldn’t enjoy it. He’s going to stay home. He will be bummed.

We had a very fun Sunday. We hosted a pool party for all of the family members still in town from our Baby shower. We grilled out and had so many great stories and memories to share from yesterday. Church was awesome. I love taking my family to Church. I feel so proud to show them all off. My Church family have always welcomed in whoever I bring.

I need to get going we are going to be late for court. My wife said it’s the most disrespectful thing to do so I want to leave early because I am so excited for today! Peace Taylor Cooper is officially adopted after today! We have a daughter! I couldn’t love her more if I tried. She is the sweetest baby girl ever. She loves great in all of her pink Batman stuff Lol Yes I have some. Yes she has already been wearing pink Batman onseys. Did you think she wouldn’t? Come on ya’ll! Batman is the greatest!

Have a great Eclipse day! Don’t look up unless you are protected. Not sure what time it will hit around here but I’m going to try to take a pic with my old camera just in case it screws up or something. I was told not to photograph it but of course I’m going to try.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Peace, out?

About half way through the baby shower our daughter Peace Taylor passed out and fell asleep. We did from 8am until noon because that’s the set of hours when she is the most awake. We wanted her to meet with as many people as she could. I honestly thought after a while she would get pissed and let us know she was over meeting everyone. She is so chill she just hung out. Then she ate and right after her bottle (We do vegan baby formula) she went down. Sarah took her into my office where we set up a crib for the kids just in case. My boys loved all of the attention. I had to hear at least 1000 times how big they are getting. This is very true. They are the exact same height and weight right now. The last weigh in Heston was a little bigger in weight. I think it’s hilarious when people try to guess which one is who. Sarah can have one look and tell. I can finally do the same unless I’m only looking at them from the back. Then I just guess.

My wife was very pleased at our Baby shower/Office Open House and we loved having everyone. It’s also the last time I let Lindsay “handle everything, don’t worries”. She didn’t even make it back in time for the party. She showed up late last night and had a baby sombrero for each kids. She held Peace and fed her before she put her down for the night. She was teaching her all kinds of Mexican food/drink combos. Just what I want, my newborn to learn about tequila shots and lime tacos Lol

We had so many great photos and videos. I just put 5 videos up and 42 photos on our Family Facebook page. I’m glad I started that. It’s a private page that we only approve people we actually know. My wife is in charge of that and has to ask me, who is this. I love we have control over our content. We share almost daily. We were able to add all 5 of us in there so we can upload things right from our phone. The Facebook Live part is the best. We all can add short videos of the kids to share with everyone. It really does make it easier.

Okay so here is our schedule for next week. Monday we go to court for the adoption final steps, we go to the doctor, then we do the gender reveal that night. Tuesday morning Lindz and I head out for our book signing. A book store in Milwaukee contacted me so I added them last-minute to our schedule.

We will go to Milwaukee first then fly out to Los Angeles and do 2 book signings there at 2 different book stores, then we hit Lincoln Nebraska and we are there for 2 days. We have 4 book signings in Nebraska. Finally for our last stop we are going to Cleveland Ohio on Friday. We will stay in Cleveland until about 4pm because we have a meeting with the city.

4 days without my wife. It’s all apart of spending as much time teaching Lindsay everything I know. She soaks it all up like a sponge and I am very thankful at how smart she really is. We decided to do a joint book tour because everyone was going to ask her about me anyway and she thinks more people will buy the book if I’m sitting there with her. I have warned her for rude questions. It hasn’t happened to me much but she also has a lot bigger reputation than I do. She said she’s going to wear a tshirt with a photo of a catfish on it to each event. I said please don’t and she said just watch me. Which means she’s going to do it. She has that sense of humor. She embraces the negativity and uses it against everyone. I block and ignore it all away and enjoy the peace. She loves to stir **** up.

And finally the week after all of this mess we are taking Peace to Church to get baptized. We have already picked out her Godly name and finally agreed on what it should be. In our family we do the baptism as soon as possible and we give them their Godly name right away. Our family has always felt the longer you have it, the closer you are to God. It’s tradition and I want my kids to continue with it. My wife has a hard time understanding why we do it all at once and I said because for us it feels like our child is spiritually protected a lot longer. I told her it started way before I came around so we just are keeping things going.

That’s all that’s been going on, guys. Nothing else to report about. Things in my life couldn’t be better. I get a whole week with one of my best friends and I get to travel and meet some new people. All positive things. I already miss my wife and kids. Lindsay said she will buy me a stuffy (Stuffed animal) to cuddle with at night if I start B****ing too much Lol

I’m trying to figure out how much cash to bring on this trip. Lindsay doesn’t let me pay for anything but I try to do it before she can. I don’t like anyone paying for me at all. It’s always a battle over the check. This time if I bring cash I can hand cash before they have time to swipe her card Lol And when I show them the big fat tip they are getting I think they will pick me, not her. We shall see. She is a very expensive friend so that’s why I’m trying to figure this all out.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! We are getting ready for Church and I will update more tomorrow night. I will be announcing the baby’s gender next week some time. I’m going to pick a day and just do it. My wife said it’s okay because she has been going through my comments on here and on twitter dm and she didn’t realize how many fans we really have. I said it’s because I’m just writing about our life and I guess it’s fun to read. I don’t know why I have so many loyal readers I just know ya’ll are my blog family and I try to update a few times a week.

Have a good one! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Peace’s Baby Shower is today!

This morning from 8am to noon we will be hosting Peace Taylor Cooper’s baby shower in my office. I’m already here waiting for the caterer. My wife and the girls will be bringing down the kids in about an hour. I came here last night to meet up with my wife to see how things were going. The event planner that Lindsay hired had so much stuff Lol I guess that’s how she shows everyone how much she loves her niece. I have to send videos and pictures because Lindsay won’t even be here in time for the party. She’s in Mexico working and said she may be a little late. I said how late she said Sunday. I guess that’s her choice. Peace will be surrounded by love either way. Our daughter is not even a month old yet and she is already getting spoiled rotten. Good. My boys and I all cater to her. Anything she needs we all go running over. My boys are even starting to grab diapers for me. It’s so funny they fight over who gets to hand me one and then I take the other one and act like I’m using it too. They just laugh and are proud for helping me.

My wife loves all of this girly stuff. She kept picking everything up and saying she loves it. The pink baby shoe centerpieces are her favorites. I like the balloons with Peace’s name and birthdate on them. I thought that was a very good personal touch. I never thought of doing that but Lindsay said she ordered them and had them sent to the event planner. She said a sack of 50 balloons only cost $45. That’s not bad I need to do that for my boys’ birthday next year. I guess also for my wife’s birthday too. That’s coming up soon.

We invited the entire city of Chicago plus all of our out-of-town family and friends. I am very surprised so many from out-of-town showed up, especially my family members. The boys’ birth mom and both grandparents are here. I can’t believe it. Their birth dad  and his parents wished us well but said they wouldn’t be joining us. I understand that. I have sent everyone photos of the boys with their new baby sister. I have also let them all know we are also pregnant and having a baby next year. All of them have been very supportive and think it’s really great the boys will have siblings. I told them all we have set the number 6 in our head. We want 6 kids. My wife loves the idea of 6 kids but there is one condition. If she ends up with twins at some point we are done. Triplets we are done AND I’m cut off forever she said Lol I told her I’m a verified baby boy maker (Ryan) and that’s all I know.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will update more tonight I have a very busy travel schedule next week with Lindsay. We are doing joint book signings. Her book is finally out and it’s hilarious. I really did enjoy reading it. My wife read it and said Lindsay needs to go into comedy. She has such a way with words. I’m very proud of her telling her story and what really happened. So happy that bookstores want to book both of us. We have a 4 day trip starting on Tuesday because I go to court on Monday morning to get all of the adoption paperwork for Peace sealed up and signed off on by our family court judge and then right after that I’m meeting my wife at her doctor’s office to find out the sex of our new baby! I will be announcing that very soon. We are going to do a gender reveal party on Facebook Live for everyone that way we don’t have another party for it. She said almost all of the people who would come are on our Facebook let’s just do it on there. We are going to open a big box with the right color balloons in it. Our nannies will know the sex of the baby because they all said they are dying to know and they want to help us with the reveal part. We won’t tell anyone else. My wife’s parents will be coming over to find out live so that will be who is standing there with us. I know they will already start hugging and crying as soon as they find out. They love all of their grandkids so much.

I better wrap this up I think the vans just pulled up outside and I didn’t get a permit for them to park there to unload so we need to unload on the sidewalk real quick Lol

Happy Baby Shower to my beautiful daughter Peace Taylor! I hope you know how much we want you and love you! As of Monday you will officially be mine!

2 weeks of Peace

2 weeks ago today our precious baby daughter was born. It’s flying by. She is so sweet and quiet. She barely makes a fuss. Having a daughter in the house changes the whole dynamic. Both of the boys and myself are catering to her every need. As soon as she wakes up and starts crying the boys say Uh oh and come find me. I come walking out and say I know I know Lol They are her protectors already. I think that’s great! The dog also starts barking so he’s also a really big help.

This weekend was pretty chill. The girls finished up the last few days at #Lollapalooza. They have so many great pics and videos they shared. I put more of them up on our Family facebook page now. We relaxed and had a very good weekend.

This week I will have to go into the office tomorrow for half a day. There’s a meeting I have to sit in on because Lindsay isn’t going to be able to make it back here for it. She is flying all over the U.S. trying to handle my schedule. I can’t even handle my schedule so pray for her. Business is BOOMING! I don’t know why but we are at 65% capacity on all of our properties total. That is the biggest number we have ever had. We usually float around 40%-50% full. I’m so happy our leases are getting filled up and we can enjoy the economic boom the rest of the country is feeling.

No, it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s just the beginning of the end. The bubble always grows right before it bursts. Again like I’ve said, in 2018, s*** is going to hit the fan. I said that last year. I saw what was happening and I predicted a huge market shift.

My wife even pulled her investments out of the stock markets to protect herself. I told her leave it in, that is your money and she said no, I want to keep it my money. Amen. I do not invest anything in the stock markets. We invest in properties. Those are things I can’t lose because some other group(s) decides to dump all of their stock. It’s a safe investment and as long as we find the right people to run it, we are always fine.

Paternity leave would be pretty boring if I just had 1 baby. Having the boys run around too, that makes it so much more fun. This is such a great age for them. They follow me everywhere. They want to hang out. I’m loving it because I know when they hit about 12 I will no longer be “cool” or whatever slang word is popular at that time. I still think Lit is an awesome word. I try using it and EVERYONE IN THIS HOUSE ROLLS THEIR EYES AT ME. I had to cap that one.

Today is all about baby Peace and making sure she is still thriving. The nutritionist that we had with the boys is coming up today. I did not get along with her but my doctor recommends her so she is coming to do a check. I will do whatever I need to. I want to make sure she is healthy.

My adoption attorney will be joining us for dinner on Thursday. Without her I would have no kids. I asked her to come up tonight but she is busy. I’m excited for her to meet Peace. Adoptions are such a blessing. I knew in my heart that I would have kids I just didn’t know when or how. I really thought when I called her to tell her my wife was pregnant that would end our search for now. She said no, that is something that happens sometimes. I was not disqualified. Going through 1 adoption already helped us out with a faster process. She has already asked me if I wanted to go again. Of course I do Lol But not right now. I really do need to stop adopting babies. 4 kids all at once is enough of a great start. My poor wife Lol I still remember the look on her face when I said I know this is really bad timing but…

She is so happy though. She loves her little Pea. They have already bonded and Peace loves her mama. We have that new parent glow. I’m exhausted but that’s my own fault for not using my nannies more. I don’t want to. I have time off of work, I will sleep later. In a month. Or two. 3?

Have a great work week, while I’m just chilling with my kiddos!

God love you and I love ya’ll too!