Good to be back home

I had a really fun weekend with my son Alex in Denver. Mike and his mom made it up to visit us. The hospital stuff was routine and I’m waiting to find out all of the test results. It usually takes a week or so to hear back. Unless its something bad then I hear back soon.

We did manage to do a little shopping and get him some new toys. Of course we got the same toy for his brother because you know, sharing is caring Lol My daughter got a few things too. Mike’s mom has always been really good about picking out little outfits for her. As long as it’s pink we are fine.

We got home last night just in time for Game of Thrones. Did you guys see that? Wow! The battle was unreal. The dark smoke was a little annoying I had to stop and adjust the brightness on the tv a little. And the last scene. I knew Arya ran off for some reason I just didn’t realize what that reason was.

I’m home. Stephanie came over last night to say hi Lol Well and other reasons. She left early this morning. She’s a lot of fun.

Hope you have a great week!

We are moving home today!

We are all up early. I went and grabbed breakfast while Sarah got everyone dressed and ready for our flight. The kids are eating. I’m waiting for the shipping company to come pick up our boxes and then it’s time to go. Mike’s mom is on her way here to get the keys. I’m having a cleaning service coming today to clean the whole house from top to bottom. The landscapers came yesterday to clean up the yard. I think we have everything on my list done. The only thing I need to do is load the cat and dog into their crates and off we go.

Thank you Denver/Colorado Springs! We had a great time but you aren’t home. Hello Chicago, we are coming home soon! I posted the last of our photos from my phone. We had a great adventure here. The staff at the Denver hospital was very nice in taking a photo with us so I can say thank you to them and let everyone know how awesome they care for kids. It’s all on our Family Facebook page. Check out the photos and videos.

As soon as they load up all of our boxes we are heading to the airport. It’s going to be a quick flight then Brandi and Heather will pick us up. My vehicles are being shipped back also. That was expensive. I should have just paid 2 friends to drive them back or something. As long as they get back home in 1 piece, it’s worth it.

It’s moving day! I’m really excited. I missed my home.

Have a great day, guys. I may take a few days off from blogging so I can get the kids, pets, and myself settled. See you all soon.

We are leaving Friday to move, no we’re not

I took the boys to school today so they can say goodbye to their friends. I am already to move, everything is done and packed and we are leaving tomorrow morning. I was going to wait until this weekend but I decided against it. Why wait when we are ready? I do have a lot of things to get done once we are home and I want to get started. I told the kids this weekend we were going home and they are happy. Alex’s appointment went very well. We can fly him home, FINALLY. I’m so happy he is okay. Sarah is flying out tonight after work so she can fly back with me and take care of the kids. I’ve already made arrangements for all of our stuff to get picked up in the morning, very early and shipped back home. I’m literally taking the clothes on our back with us on the flight home. Everything else, clothes, toys, kitchen things will be at our house by Thursday. We have plenty of things at home to wear and use.

The girls have worked very hard getting the house ready. I saw it on Facetime this weekend and it looks like our home again. I can’t wait to sleep in my bedroom. MY ROOM. Not the room with all the kids stuff, toys, and clothes all over the floor. I can finally have my spacious and quiet room back. It’s just going to be very hard because we are missing someone in our family. That’s a lot of the reason we stayed away for a while to be honest. Too hard.

Jen and I officially ended our relationship. I took her out for a nice dinner, we talked about the zero chance of a long distance thing and we kissed/hugged goodbye a few times. We are going to be friends. We will still talk and text but I’m single. I’m very happy to be single. I am not ready for anything serious and I’m not even sure I want to start dating right away. I think this time, let her find me. Whoever God wants me to be with will find her way into my life somehow. I have too much going on.

The boys will start at their new school/daycare place on Monday. Still 2 hours a day in the mornings and the occasional Friday of no school. It’s going to be hard for them to  understand but we will adjust.

How is everyone doing? Enjoy these last few months of summer, guys. it’s almost over with!


My little helpers x 3

School is going great. The boys love it. They are making all kinds of new friends. The moms and the 2 dads that do drop offs and pick ups are very nice. We all share funny stories about our kids while we wait the few minutes until our kiddos come out of class. I guess I’m making new friends too. We have a playdate for this weekend. My boys have attached themselves to the little Asian girl in their class. Their sister is half Asian so I get it. It’s pretty cute. Her mom said she talks about the twins nonstop. My boys share with her. Let’s review that one. My boys are actually sharing with other human beings. That’s a miracle. We are doing our “homework” at home. We are just supposed to notice different colors of things and see if the boys can tell me the right color. They get purple and blue mixed up. I’m sure I would too at that age. They do okay on red and black. White is easy. Yellow is the one that trips them up. We are working on it. Peace helps. She has all of the colors in her wardrobe so we pull out her things to give them the full rainbow to work with.

My 2 hours with my Sweet Pea is awesome. She is so funny. She says dada and then lights up into a whole story of babbling. I just say Uhhhh huhh. Yeah??? Really now. She goes on and on. I love it. I’ve waited her whole life to talk to me and now that she is, I can’t get enough.

We get the boys after running our errands and go home. We put up all of the shopping stuff I bought and then it’s play time before we all help make lunch. My kids love to help me cook. The boys have little stools and we put Peace on the island to watch us. She grabs the fruit I slice up. She can’t help herself. We eat, clean up and go outside and play. We have started to do little field trips to places around Colorado Springs. I want to explore with them. I want them to get used to being in crowds. It’s tricky but we are figuring it all out.

I have hired 3 babysitters. I told them I can always give them advanced notice. If I actually need a babysitter it would only be for a few hours here and there.

Jen finally met my kids. They like her. By the end of the event the boys were holding her hands. It was pretty cool. She said they are all adorable and she can see why I never want to leave the house. I told her our dates are now going to have to be at my house or at hers unless I have family or friends in town to help me watch them. Mike lives here and said he can babysit if he’s not working late. I wouldn’t go out anywhere until after my kids are asleep anyway. I haven’t even kissed Jen yet. We are still just hugging. She lingers a little more each time and one time she ran her fingers in the back of my hair. I just laughed because it caught me off guard. She’s cool. Casual dating with friendship is fun. No pressure and we can just hang out.

We are moving back to Chicago in 3 weeks. Sarah found a school I can get the boys in. It’s pretty much a glorified daycare but it’s very close to my house. That part I like. I’m going to finish having this house renovated and Mike said he and his mom want to move in it and pay me rent. That’s fine with me. His mom lives in Denver and she’s wanting to be closer to him. I won’t charge them much for rent but I also won’t give it away. We are still thinking about a rent to buy option. It’s a nice house. I’m not sure they want to live in the neighborhood though. We will see.

I can’t wait to get home. I’ve missed everything. It’s in time for football season. And hopefully I can get in a few Cubs games before the season is done.