Toy Purge & #HurricaneDouglas

We survived 2 events the past few days. My daughter Peace’s 3rd birthday party and a hurricane. I think the birthday party did more damage in my house than the wind and rain.

Peace decided she wanted to open each and every single gift by herself. She refused any help, AT ALL. That being said I sat there with a few spectators off and on for a total of 5 hours until she got everything unwrapped. It’s not because she had a ton of presents. She had, what I would say, the usual amount. But being 3 and very stubborn she took her sweet a** time with each one. Then she started playing with things and needed a drink, a snack, to walk outside, to go see what the boys were doing. It was the last time I ever let one of my kids do that Lol In the end, I still had everyone help me cut the toys out that are so wonderfully strapped into a box. That took more time and we had to clean it all up. She had a wonderful birthday. She said she had the most fun ever. I did the best I could during a global pandemic. Checkmark that done.

Then it turned into Hurricane prep. I really don’t know we even bothered. We did more work to get the main house ready and closed up than we did to deal with the weather that never materialized. This is why we stayed. We had several weather guys telling us via the tv that this thing was going to swing out. It wasn’t going to hit us head on and to be safe but also know it’s not in our path. We got the outerband of hardly much. Windy, yes, rainy, yes, dark and cloud, oh boy yes. We were fine. We spent the whole time watching tv until the tv satellite flicked off a few times. The kids were a little anxious about all of the noise but more curious why they couldn’t go look out the window.

I wouldn’t even say I survived Hurricane Douglas, I did what all Nebraskans do when a tornado siren blares off, I went outside to go look Lol I’m very happy it took off the other way and no one was injured or had serious house issues. We had some palm fronds down and a few branches. Nothing major. We picked it all up within 30 minutes. Life goes on.

Back to beautiful Hawaii and enjoying the last bits of our summer.

The boys start school next week. YIKES! Yes IN SCHOOL, school. I went today and officially signed them up but I told the Principal, if I feel like my kids are in any type of danger from COVID I will remove them immediately and deal with the ramifications from that. I like their safety precautions, I like they are going to do their best to distance the students. I think we are okay. I feel good about it. My boys want to go. I can put Peace into a program but I decided not to. I will take her and her baby sister on little outings and we will continue the Little Mouse online class she’s already doing. I think that’s the best I can do for her this year.

Did I mention I’m sending my boys to a public school? It’s not a Catholic school. I’m not sure how this will go but when Heston realizes he doesn’t have to study religion he’s going to implode with happiness. He hates “so much Jesus, Daddy!” Lol Alex will be fine. I hope they make a lot of new friends. I really hope they both behave. I pray ALL of the kids, staff, teachers, and other parents stay healthy. For all of our sakes. I know my family will be doing our part. I’m done tossing and turning about this decision. I had a long talk with Kate about it. I think she really helped me decide. We will try it.

Rep. John Lewis passed away, his stay in the Capital is today. God bless that man. He really fought for equality for all. I will miss his voice and his sincerity. He was a great man and he leaves us with an enormous legacy. I pray I turn out even a 1/10 just like him. I’m trying.

Hope you all are okay. The rest of the day is all about purging toys. I brought some with us, we have bought some, and with all of Peace’s birthday gifts, some things are getting donated tomorrow. She doesn’t need all of these things. It’s time for another Toy Purge.

Have a great day, America! Love everyone outside of America too, hope you guys have a nice evening? mid morning? early morning?

Happy 3rd Birthday to Peace Taylor!

3 years ago my first daughter Peace Taylor was born. I remember being excited, scared, hopeful, and anxious. The first time I saw her I bawled my eyes out. She was this sweet, tiny, little girl. She had a soft cry and as it turned out she was a chill baby. My 2nd chill baby so far.

Wow, how things have changed Lol

Now, my once chill baby is now a big girl. She is sassy, attitude, NO DADDY!!!, and smart. Very smart. Everyone notices her cute smile first and how smart she is second. As soon as she speaks it’s obvious. She is learning at such a rapid pace I’m shocked at how fast she picks things up. She has a very strong memory, like me. But she’s smart. I know I’m smart because of my memory, not because I’m a smart guy. My powerful memory serves my mind. Because of my memory I have of lot of information stuck in my head that makes me sound smart when I’m just reciting what I’ve read. That’s why I read ALL OF THE TIME. She’s just like me, except with a lot less drama. She loves me to read to her and get our time snuggling. She LOVES to eat just like me. She loves colorful things and she loves to dance. She is all me in a much pretty package.

I have loved her from the moment I said Yes, I will adopt her. I will love her until my dying day. She is one of my best friends and I really just enjoy being around her. She’s so funny. She can be a brat. That’s what makes her different from my twins. She’s very individual. She demands independence and she has a stubborn side. I love everything she is and everything she will be. She’s my inner Peace. When I hold her my whole world calms down. Even today when we snuggle together she and I have our quiet talks. She tells me everything she thinks and asks me if I like her. I love her. I have a hard time telling her no. She’s too cute. I love watching her be a little sister and a big sister all in one. She is my middle child. She is everything I prayed for her to be.

Happy Birthday my girl! We can’t have the big party I wanted to give you but we can celebrate you all day and make you all of your favorite meals. Today is for you and for us to make you feel special. I hope you enjoy your presents, your cakes, yes there are 2, and your new sunglasses. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel whole. You are daddy’s girl. I love you my little Peacey Pie!

Manifest the Write Stuff & Happy 7th Birthday to my Blog!

I typed Happy Birthday and a set of colorful ballons didn’t float up from the bottom. Wow, I am an iPhone addict I guess. Hey guys! Welcome, welcome, wellllcome to 2020. I’m so happy you are still here and reading my blog. I started it on January 1st, 2012 because I wanted a fresh start from my original website. I remember the first post was me just testing out WordPress. It looked complicated and now I can safely say I sorta of know what all the buttons do on here.

How did New Year’s eve go for you? I was asleep before 11pm and then my gorgeous baby Sky, who we affectionately call Pudge (She has very pudgy cheeks and legs), woke me up to eat and get a fresh diaper. Man, I can not wait until I throw out the very last diaper in the next year or so. I’m kinda over all of that after 4 kids. It’s never the highlight of my day. I was watching the CNN version of New Years Eve that I had taped, but it was getting kind of weird so I went over to a documentary that I had taped. It was much more low-key and I was slowly dozing off. Then hit Midnight in Denver and my phone went off. Calls sent to voicemails, texts, and a few photos. I love my friends and family. They really know how to celebrate and I love seeing they were bringing in the New Year.

I had a very good night’s sleep and I feel productive this morning. Don’t worry that won’t last.

Let me go backwards for a second. On December 1st of this year the 2 months build on my guest house was supposed to be completed. They didn’t exactly hit that finish date it was a little after. But it was finally finished and we spent the rest of the month getting the furniture, décor, and things moved in. After promising my nannies, Sarah and Brenda, a million times they could move in soon I told them yesterday, today is the day. I spent most of the day hauling boxes on my movers dolly from their bedrooms, the garage, and a few from the shed we stored everything in. They spent the afternoon and evening unpacking. They have so many boxes left to do as of this morning so I know it’s going to be a fun time for them to decorate their house. It’s in my backyard. It’s meant to be a downstairs guesthouse for my visitors if I don’t have room in my main house slash the pool house for spring/summer/fall for my swimmers. It’s a small 2 story but it’s functional and that’s all that matters. It was a marathon build and I’m very happy to get an assessment later this month to see what kind of value I’ve added to my land. My house is located in Congress Park area/Cherry Creek area so construction was a challenge.

I can report the girls LOVE IT. I love having my house all to myself for the first time in almost 5 years. Just me, my kids, and our pets. I’m slowly working on getting myself and my kids into a routine where I can do this all by myself. Later this year when Sarah has her baby we will figure out what we are doing. They have both been put on alert probably around May or maybe sooner I will no longer need them. They are welcome to transition into different positions for me and my kids but I want to raise my kids.

I’m just as surprised as anyone that in 2020 I am still not married, still not dating anyone, and still not really putting myself out there yet. I mean, I sort of am. But not really. I will have to manifest the right woman into my life this year. I do want to share our life with someone special but after everything I’ve been through, I’m being extrremelllyy picky Lol Do you blame me? It will happen.

So here we are. I just got home with Peace. I took her to a nursing home nearby to serve breakfast to the residents. I signed up for it 2 months ago and forgot all about it until last Thursday. I got her all dressed up and she loved all of the compliments and sweet words on her pretty dress. She was so happy standing on a chair next to me wearing clear gloves and putting slices of bread into a 4 bread slot toaster. This kid is easily entertained Lol She said it was really funny daddy so I know things like that we can do with her at age 2 and a half.

Today is all about getting my sh** in order. I am a list maker. I know, nobody is shocked to hear that. I am lowering the prices on my houses I have for sale. I really just want to unload them. I have too many houses. I’m going to go later this week and trade in my 2 Range Rovers. I’m going to get 1 larger SUV. I have no idea what I want but I need it to have the 3 row seating. That’s a must. Sarah has my old Escalade and we kind of use that more than anything else. It fits all of us. I may need to go back to that. I will start looking that up tomorrow. What else? I did my 15 minutes of treadmill this morning listening to a podcast before Sky woke up. I had to top. That’s going to have to be good enough for the day. I will work on my new stretches. My lower back is tightening up. I think it’s the cold weather. It’s not feeling good. I’m trying to mitigate the pain somehow. If stretching doesn’t work I will go find an indoor pool and do that. Swimming has always helped with my back issues. That’s why every house has a pool. I need it.

I’m just checking out my 2019 analytics for my blog. Not too shabby at all.

I have 2,169 users that have signed up for my blog. They get the fun email saying I have posted a new blog so they can come here first and read what I said.
Since January 1st, 2012 I have written 827 blog posts. This will be 828 🙂
And in 2019 I had 2,180,592 page views. How cool is that!

I’m going to rest that stat after I post this blog. 2.1 million page hits. I love that. It means I’m really building a following.

Thank you so much for staying with me. 7 years. That’s a lot of my life out there in the interwebs. So happy to share the things I’m up to.

Watch what I do in 2020 Batfans! It’s going to be amazing! I love you all.

Happy New Year. 2020 is going to be great for all of you too. Manifest your dreams then watch them all come true.

4 days in Denver, Colorado, yes!

I just dropped the kids off at their Day camp. This is the last week/weekend they have to go to that. They will be so bummed out next week but I’m excited for all the fun I have planned for us.

First of all thank you, thank you, and a BIG THANK YOU from my daughter for all the awesome birthday wishes on our Family Facebook page. I did Facebook live a little from her party but we did keep it small and private. I’m so sorry the boys were so loud when I was trying to get Peace to talk on camera Lol Hey, that’s my life. The boys love to be filmed and for the most part want all of the attention. That dress was from Macy’s. I bought it special for her birthday party. Yes it is cute, since that was the majority of the comments, and yes her headband did not say on all night Lol She flung that off pretty soon after we wrapped up Facebook Live.

I uploaded all of our photos and videos from the past month including Peace’s birthday. Go check that out, guys. Be sure to welcome all of our new Batfans that have slowly been added to our page and interact with them.

I’m so happy to report I am leaving to go on my trip in a few hours. Lindsay ran down to the office this morning for a meeting. As soon as she gets back I’m GONE. Which means probably around 10:30am this morning. She will leave at 9:30am but she wants to stop to pick up a few things from the store.

I’m actually more nervous for her to drive my new Range Rover than I am for her watching my kids this weekend. She’s a speed demon (Always has been) and I just know there’s going to be a few lovely, new scratches on it when I get home.

So how is everyone doing? How much did you love Amazon Prime days this year? I just got the last of our orders in yesterday. I bought way too much stuff but you really can’t beat those deals.

My goal for my Denver trip is to check out my house renovations, talk to the general contractor to see what his timeline is and make sure all of our inspections are good. So far that house has been a breeze. I think it’s because it had such solid bones. I did a really good job picking it out. It’s only a 4 year old house so we only had to customize a few of the rooms. The best part is the kids picked out the bedroom colors and it was be completely done when we move in. I will not have to paint or do a single thing. Won’t that be nice. I’m also going to be hanging out with some of my gaming friends so I’m excited for that. Nice is meeting up with me on Saturday and Sebastian will be driving up also. It’s going to be a fun, fun, weekend. I really can’t wait.

I hope you all are having the best summer ever. I am because it’s been quiet, calm, and peaceful.

Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, beautiful little girl. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. She is our peacemaker, our joy, and our sweetness. The boys love their sister with all their hearts and I don’t know what I would have done if my beautiful Peacey pie didn’t come into my life. I always think about her adoption and her biological parents on her birthday. I don’t know if one day they will reach out to the adoption agency and ask for my info but they are always welcome into our family. I’m cool with changing the closed adoption they wanted into an open adoption any day they want. I pray they both change their minds some day. I look forward to raising Peace up to the very best life I can offer her and I sincerely promise she’s going to be an outstanding citizen, student, sister, friend, daughter, and (OMG) girlfriend, mom, some day. I’m leading by example by showing her as much love as I can daily. She knows she is special, she knows she is very loved, she knows 100% she belongs with me. She is a light in my life and hearing her laugh is literally one of the best sounds in the world. Right now I’m just her daddy but I know when she’s all grown up I can also be one of her best friends. I want nothing but the best for her and I will do all I can to educate her in whatever way she needs. She is incredibly smart and I’m pretty sure at some point she will skip a grade.

Peace, your little face is one of my favorite things on Earth. I love you, the boys love you. The entire world loves you. Never change who you are, and just be my sweet, happy little girl for as long as we can. Also, don’t grow up Lol Ever! I love you, my princess. You will always be Daddy’s GIRL!

Where’s my birthday boys?

The birthday party for the twins was good, but for whatever reason I got it stuck in my head I needed to do more. I don’t remember why. So we packed up the fam and flew down to Disney World for the weekend. This was fun until it wasn’t. I forgot how much you have to walk around at those type of places. Pushing the stroller loaded with backpacks and all of the things we bought, I wanted to go home after the first day Lol I really did, guys.

My kids absolutely loved their birthday party. We did a construction and fireman theme. The decorations were easy to find, the cakes were amazing! The family, the friends, and a lot of their classmates from school all had a great time. I had a few kids that didn’t want to leave. I get it, my house is a giant toy store with all of our crap stuffed to the gills plus all the new toys they had opened. One little boy threw himself on the floor and said he wasn’t leaving. Oh yes you are! GET THE >>>>>>>>>>>>> nevermind Lol We had fun. Seeing how much my boys have grown the past year, wow. This whole thing is just flying by. I love watching their faces when they open gifts. I love watching my daughter go throw the present pile and take whatever she wants. If you didn’t know, most people buy 2 of the exact same toy for twins. I’m fine with that because when they break Toy 1 I just open Toy 2 and after they break that one, SORRY ALL GONE.

We cleaned up the party and Jesse said that was one heck of a party. I said yes. From there we started talking about in the future we want to take the kids to any Disney theme park. I would like to avoid Disneyland for obvious memory reasons but I’m cool with Orlando. It turned into maybe I should have done that this year instead of holding it off. She went home and I spent the night thinking over everything.

I swear guys, in my head I actually rationalized the entire trip with they are so young still its better to go now so I can run after them and catch them if I had to Lol I’m not even kidding. I thought well, I’m old, I can’t keep up with them very well now, lets just get this over with. And BOOM. We planned it, packed up and flew down.


So Disney World is great. My kids LOVED IT. LOOOOOOVVVEEEED the whole day. I was sweating my a** off, eating things I shouldn’t be eating and waiting in lines longer than the first day of the new Iphones. I didn’t buy the express pass whatever thing. I should have. We did get on the rides. We did shop until we dropped but the best part was watching my kids get hugs by various characters. Mickey Mouse is literally the coolest mouse. I had all of us decked out in the most Disney related gear (Yes even our socks) that money could buy. We looked like his #1 fans and I’m sure everyone else was thinking WOW, bro Lol Just Wow. I don’t care. They mauled Mickey with hugs. My daughter actually fell in love with Donald Duck. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. It was a very long and exhausting day.

I woke up early the next day to sore feet, sore legs, and feeling my years. I soaked my feet for a good half hour before I realized this wasn’t helping much. I tried to figure out a different game plan but I didn’t have to. My kids woke up and wanted to go home. Ha! See it wasn’t just me. I think at their ages it was probably a little too much for 1 day. I should have split it up better. When we hit a beach we go out, play, go back in and rest. We didn’t really do that. I think they had done all they wanted and just wanted to go home and chill out. I didn’t even argue or try to urge them to stay. FINE WITH ME, LETS GO.

Jesse and the nannies were disappointed. I told them to stay there Lol They said no and I said next year we will do a much better job of this. Yes we will.

We are home and enjoying, let me look, 13 degrees weather. YAY? So checkmark another birthday milestone. We made it through. The only thing missing was my sweet little Talon. God rest his soul, I think about him all of the time. Time heals all but when will it ever heal that one? I’m doing my best here. I really am but I miss him. Every moment of every day.

I hope you all are doing well. My gosh we have a monster storm coming soon. Bundle up guys, winter is coming. I stole that from Game of Thrones. Who is ready for that show to come back on?

Birthday or Birthdays?

We survived the coldest I’ve ever seen in Chicago. We pretty much just stayed inside and did nothing outside. It worked. Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. A lot has happened.

The twins are having another birthday bash coming up soon. We are going with the construction/fireman theme. That’s what they wanted. I’m fine with that because it’s easy to find things for it. The invitations have all been sent out, the party treats have been ordered and the cake is going to be amazing. I’m going with a non-vegan cake for everyone to enjoy. The boys will be getting a smaller version all vegan. I’m pretty happy with how it’s all coming together. I swear it gets easier every year. I am going to go through this whole thing with a positive attitude and do my best to keep my mind off the fact that Talon can’t be with us. I still am not ready to talk about his passing. You know, maybe I never will be. Either way I’m going to do my best to focus on the boys and how much I love them. My daughter has been helping too. She is getting so big. It’s unreal how much my life has changed.

We did get into a truck accident last week. It looked worse than it was. I want to thank the makers of the Cadillac Escalade for making your vehicles so safe. My kids and I were hit twice and we all came away with small bruises. It was scary af. I almost had a heart attack. Okay not really but it felt like my heart was coming out of my chest. It was a reason to go get a new Escalade. Thank you State Farm Insurance. You guys are also the best. Made it a lot easier to deal with things. I have no idea what the rule is about pulling car seats out of an accident and re-using them in the new vehicle but I bought all new ones. I did not want to deal with it. I thank God we are all okay and no one else involved was seriously injured.

I just uploaded a lot of photos to our Family Facebook page. Including the photos from the accident. Well I should say of the truck after the accident. It was pretty crunched up, completely totaled. The new one is better and a lot stronger. I love it. I’m already having fun playing with all of the bells and whistles.

Let me think, the boys school is going okay. They could be more focused but it has a lot of play time and they can’t help themselves. The pre-pre-k school ends at the end of April so that will be fun. I think putting them into a school environment early was the best move. They need to learn how to share and how to follow instructions better. We are working on that. Things are going to get easier in the fall I’m sure.

Jesse and I are still dating. She’s pretty awesome. We are still not serious but we are both monogamous. We see each other about twice a week. It’s nice hanging out with an adult some times. My kids enjoy her. She loves to play with them while I cook and then after supper we sit and visit while the kids go crazy with their toys.

Guys I’ve settled into the good part of my life. It’s quiet, it’s no drama. Things couldn’t be better. I’m so busy taking care of my kids I don’t think to update this as often. I will try to do a much better job. I hope you all are doing well. I hope this is one of the few places online you can go to avoid all of the political crappola happening other places. I don’t support Trump at all but I also don’t feel the need to bellyache over him much. He is who he is and I don’t like him. That’s all I know.

It’s Sunday. Enjoy your last weekend day! Love ya’ll!

It’s a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday party and a surprise announcement

My daughter’s 1st birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since she came into the world. I didn’t get to meet her until 3 days later but it was worth the wait. She is still perfect. She’s very chill except when she’s saying dada over and over. She is my little snugglebug. She loves to be held, she loves to laugh and play. She’s doing all she can to grow up into a sweet little angel. Until her brothers take her things, then it’s whack-city Lol

Over the weekend we had family and friends fly into town. We were going to do her party on Saturday. Saturday morning she woke up sick. I said let’s try for Sunday. She still wasn’t doing better so I told them sorry, go home. We are going to do a small party with a ton of food and decorations because I still have everything we ordered. My living room looks like a garden Pooh party. You can barely get around in there.

Did I mention I’m still in Colorado Springs? Yes, we will be here for the next 7 weeks. Our house is finally all set up and ready. The nannies helped out so much with that. God bless them both. Sarah is flying in tonight. She wouldn’t dare miss the make-up birthday party. I texted her early Saturday and told her to hold off on her flight. We have a poop issue, not a pooh issue. She said okay. Lindsay has been here for a few days. She’s been very entertaining. She has Peace thinking that she runs the whole house, which she probably does. Peace gets everything she wants right now. Thankfully she’s not of age to know that she has such powers full-time. She mostly just wants some fruit. That kid is a fruit nut. She loves all kinds of chopped, pureed, or diced fruit. I’m very happy about that.

I had to reorder the Pooh cake because the boys destroyed the first one. I wasn’t very happy but I have to remember, kids will be kids. As long as we have the new one in time tomorrow morning I will be fine with it.

Alex is doing great. He’s getting around much better and his breathing treatments at night are going faster. We get to reduce down the dosage. I just wish that machine was quieter. It’s loud.

Man it’s been raining here all day. I wanted to get the backyard set up with a bouncy house but that’s not going to happen. I bought a nice size inflatable swimming pool so that the smaller kids could at least dip in with their parent holding them. It’s not big enough for adults to do anything but sit in it. I thought the 1-year-old friends might enjoy a dip. The sun is supposed to come out right around party time at lunchtime so I’m really hoping that we can do something fun outside. If not we can play the 3 games I found for babies and hope they have fun.

I’ve tried so hard to get this party perfect. I ordered way too much stuff. I made too many birthday present choices. I wanted a nice, small family gathering. It turned into a shindig.

Colorado Springs is pretty awesome. I’m starting to find my way around town. I love the local radio stations here. The morning talk stuff is pretty funny. They are playing a great selection of the newer songs and the old. I listen to it a lot while I’m cooking breakfast and then cleaning up. I really have enjoyed my time here. We haven’t been able to get out and explore much but I hope to soon.

Happy Birthday to my little girl, Peace Taylor! I love you very much and I really hope you enjoy your special day even though you aren’t going to remember any of this. We are still going to take a mountain of photos and videos. I will do a special Facebook Live tomorrow with the birthday girl for you guys. Be sure to check it all out on our Family Facebook page. I will try to update more tomorrow.

Have a great week! Love ya’ll!