Week 2 new business…no lets play legos

I’m trying really hard to keep myself focused on working on my new business idea. My kids are not. They want me to play with them. I’m really struggling to find the balance. I am also trying to synchronize nap time but that isn’t working out at all. Talon and Peace are on the same schedule, sort of. Heston and Alex are not. I try to play something outside or at least in the garage with them right before nap time to wear them out. Hoping that the 1 hour of sleep they get I can then work on my business. Brandi is doing a great job helping me out but so far I’m not balancing it out. I can after they go to bed. That’s about the only time I can really get things done. Luckily for me all of the people I need to talk to in the States are on a very different time frame so I can call them up during their mid morning and right before my bed time.

My wife loves her new job. She is settling in and figuring it all out. I love hearing about her day. She gets to go to court next week to observe. She said they invited her to sit behind them so she can see how it works. She said it’s going to be a long time before she can figure it all out and she also has to start work on her law degree (again). That’s the part she doesn’t like at all. We had a very long 3 day talk about all of it. She wants to stay here but if she finds out that it’s darn near impossible for her to get a law degree here, we will be moving back. She’s going to give it the rest of this year before she makes that decision. I didn’t think this would be an issue. I really thought she can work for an American law firm in Paris. There are several. She can find her new path. It’s not exactly the path she hoped for. I’m surprised. She is still trying though.

I love living here and I really want our kids to grow up in Paris. We haven’t begun to take any long weekends or enjoy the traveling we want to do yet. We want to wait until Talon is a little older before we start doing that kind of thing. My wife and I have a list of places we want to go. Up first will be London. She is dying to spend a whole weekend there. We even talked about just taking the boys. They are really good on planes and now that my newer plane is parked nearby and fixed up we can use it. It’s taken almost 3 months to get it all straightened out. I was really getting mad too. It’s not the kind of plane I can fly over the ocean with but I can hop from country to country here. I would never try to take it back to the States. For that we just charter planes. We don’t want to fly commercial with the kids, ever again Lol That just doesn’t work for us. I will pay the extra amount to get us back and forth. To me that’s worth the expense. I want my kids to be comfortable and not irritate anyone else on the flight.

We started our garden planning. We are going to do a smaller one and my wife wants to try to see what kind of things we can grow. She has an indoor plant that she bought the first weekend she moved here. It’s still alive. Now she thinks she can grow vegetables. We shall see. I think whoever we hire to do the lawn will end up doing the garden too. She has all of these great ideas but gets bored with it easily and we end up having to do something with it. It’s a little frustrating but the joy she has to start it, I just can’t say no.

From all of the messages I have received it looks like that god awful show is finally done for this year. Thank goodness. I’m happy to see more and more people are beginning to realize I’m not the bad guy in this whole thing. I fell in love. I loved her very much and was loyal. I just wanted her to be happy. She’s not. She’s living with a husband that says they are friends. That means I’m the last person that she had sex with. I don’t know how I feel about that. It just makes me very sad. She deserves so much better but she refuses to leave. That’s on her. She has lied so much to me, about me, and to all of her fans (All of you guys reading this) that it’s becoming clear she just wants attention all of the time. She’s not getting any. Why is that? Because Kody found out I’m real. He found out we did have an affair. For ratings or for whatever reason they refuse to clean up the mess Meri made of it. She will never tell the real truth. I know Kody finally knows the truth. He has read my book, read my blog and listened to every single voicemail. He knows. That’s why. You guys want to know why he’s shunning her so hard? Because he knows she cheated. I don’t feel bad about that at all. She told me her marriage was over. That part seems to be true. The rest of the things she told me were snippets of the truth.

Why do you think in all of these years they have never tried to shut down my blog, never tried to sue me? Because I have told the entire truth and you can’t sue someone for that. I followed all of my story up with PROOF. Every single thing I have said I can prove it. She can’t. So let her live in misery. It’s her choice. She’s not there for the kids, or the family. She’s there because that’s how she can make money. Yes she does have other things going on but nothing pays her like that show. Until that show goes off of the tv, she’s not going anywhere. She can claim all day long it’s because she wants to be in the family and help raise the kids (Lol yeah right). The truth is it’s about money. Keep in mind she got a free house. All she had to do was film parts of her life. Boom, FREE.

But is it really worth it? To embarrass yourself on tv, to live a lie and claim you were catfished (She wasn’t) and put up with an abusive, sexless, half-filled marriage to someone who literally tells the whole world he doesn’t want her anymore?

Is it really worth it Meri?

No. Very sad to hear. I wish she would leave. She won’t.

Is that the same dress Janelle wore in the last Tell Nothing?

Slow burning truths

I am just finishing up my first day working on my new business. I haven’t come up with a business name yet, I haven’t even filed the paperwork to start it. That’s what I’ve been working on today. I need a name. I’ve talked to some of my friends for suggestions. It helps but then it confuses me.

I’m starting a new online company that helps you do a Search with ALL of your social media accounts in one spot. If you want to see a photo of someone’s Halloween costume you type in Halloween costume and it shows you photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media accounts. Lindsay is the one that wrote the program for it. She did have help tweaking it. It was my idea and I did ask her how to make something like that happen. She said you just do this and started writing the coding for it. I’m so lucky to have her help with it. I think it’s a useful tool. I know that there aren’t that many out there. I think that my platform is a good way to connect people who you would never be in touch with and once you start looking at information you are essentially connecting yourself more to the world. We are working on the security functionality of it. I just need to focus on what to call it.

We are going to monetize it with ads later on. It’s going to be offered for FREE but we have to be able to accept ads on it. Not many just a few to start out. I’ve set aside $3,000,000 for the entire development, marketing, and launch of this new app and I really hope it works out. If it doesn’t, I’m not going to feel the financial hit from it. That’s why I capped it out with a number my wife and I were both comfortable with. She said she loves the idea and thinks it’s going to be a huge hit. I’m glad to have the support because I have had doubtful moments.

It’s new. It’s exciting and I’m really happy to share my new business adventure with everyone. I will not be needing investors, partners, or asking for donations. I don’t need help with it financially and I will not relinquish control over my idea or my app. I just need support help with the tech side of things which Lindsay and her Twitter friends are helping me with. I am paying them for that.

Wish me luck guys!

Also no I did not watch the Tell Nothing because I already knew nothing was really going to be cleared up. From what I’ve heard from my fans that sent me messages last night and this morning is it’s the same old crap. Meri is unhappy, she looks and feels completely lost without me. Kody doesn’t give a crap about her feelings or even wanting to fix it and the rest of the women say supportive things but do nothing to show support or even invite her into their lives. Same thing from 2 years ago, same thing last year, same thing this year. Nothing new. That’s why they truly tell nothing new. You see the relationship between Kody and Meri be exactly where I left her. It’s a sad state of affairs (Pun intended). She wants to stay in that kind of relationship with him, that’s her choice. She could leave. She won’t. Just like she won’t ever tell the real truth. We had a relationship. She was very happy. We laughed all of the time and she felt so much hope for a great future. We ended it and she crawled back into that hell she lives in. Except now it’s much worse because her husband who claimed from the beginning that he loves and supports her is now openly saying he doesn’t live with her. He doesn’t have sex with her. He doesn’t spend time with her.

I said that 2 and a half years ago. No one believed me. Now people are starting to see the real truth and I’m getting a ton of really great messages. A lot of trolls are apologizing to me. They see how this “reality show” isn’t being real. Did Kody or Meri explain WHY they don’t live together? Did they explain why they don’t have sex or they don’t spend time together?  Let me guess, this hard-hitting NBC reporter asked them Why, right?

My guess is no. That’s because they will ask the surface questions just around the edge of what you all really want to know but they won’t go in and really ask the tough questions.

So why is Kody and Meri in this place?

Because he found out our affair was real, because Meri won’t stop talking to me, because she continues to talk about it and he can’t stand it. He won’t begin to forgive her until she tells him the truth about me. If she does that, than she has her freedom, finally. He will either forgive her and start working on it or he will tell her to get out, finally.

Either way, this is what real polygamy is. It’s not for religious reasons. It’s not even about the family or kids. It’s about more than 2 adults saying they want to be together but struggling the entire way through. It’s emotional abusive to all involved and really tough to watch. All those happy, smiling moments are not worth all of the tears and hurt it causes if the adults are not in a good place with each other. It’s very embarrassing. Some people should not claim to be polygamists when all they are is 1 legal wife and 3 girlfriends.

Did Kody and Meri ever get spiritually re-married after the  legal divorce? No. Why not?

I wish her well. I moved on with my life a long time ago. I have a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. We are so happy and it’s real. Yes we do have fights and yes I do frustrate her but we work it out. We communicate, we try. We are always wanting to be together. We are completely in love and it’s the best feeling in the world. I wish that for Meri I really do, just not with Kody. He is abusive. She does deserve better. I hope she leaves him.

She won’t.

St Louis/Iowa City yesterday

Yesterday morning I got up really early. However before that let me do a quick update.

My wife did ask all of the questions she wanted to with Peyton. I guess Peyton talked to Lindsay afterward and said she felt grilled and slightly burnt Lol My wife is very thorough. They did whatever it was needed to be done or needed to be ridiculously overdramatized and when I picked her up from work I told her now UNFRIEND HER NOW. She did. I said don’t re-add her. Drop it. She did finally calm down about all of that. Her pregnancy hormones have turned her into a nut job. She admits it and that’s the label she put on herself. I don’t think or even refer to my wife as a nut job. I know better. She said she was jealous and she doesn’t ever want to feel that way because I don’t give her any reason to be jealous at all. She said it’s all the b****** in the world that flirt or hit on me that she’s afraid of. She said I’m a good-looking smiling friendly guy and she knows that’s very attractive. It doesn’t matter I have my black wedding band on and I openly express how much I love my wife and kids. Women are still trying to get at me. I said well they can’t. I’m married and I don’t ever want a divorce so no thanks. That made her feel a lot better, I hope.

The next morning was my St Louis trip.

I was invited to speak on 3 panels. It was all about commercial investments and how does it work in today’s economy. Actually right now it’s pretty good. Next year not so good. I did ask a PH.D economist on twitter about the economic downturn probability and he said it’s going to be a slow growth next year. That verified what I had said in 2016. The conference was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed learning from the other panel members. I had a great time discussing how my business has been able to sustain. I have never overreached, that’s why I’m still in business. I told them I’m not just conservative with our money and expenses I’m downright Grinchy about it. I won’t spend it unless we need it. I will use what we have until it falls apart. When it’s time to upgrade things I always have the money to get the best quality of items and we make sure to take care of it all. That’s how. I think that’s just common sense though.

We left St Louis and decided to stop into Iowa City to eat. It is one of my favorite places right by the airport. The food is delicious. They offer vegan options and I probably ate way too much. I took a bunch of muffins and cookies home.

My wife surprised me by picking me up at the airport. I texted her when I landed. She knows it takes me about 20 to 25 minutes to park my plane, lock up the hanger, and walk to the terminal where I exit the airport. She called me and said to text her when I was walking over. I did and when I walked out I called her. She was just pulling up. I know this because she honked at me Lol It scared the SH*T out of me! I jumped a little. She rolled down the window and said GET IN SEXY MAN! I died laughing then I got in and gave her a big kiss. I said what are you doing here! She said she missed me. I said what’s the real reason. She said she did miss me but she also just got off work so she timed it all together Lol I said I knew it was just because you missed me. She said she did but it was both reasons. I gave her a cookie and told her all about my day as we drove home. Then she told me about her day and what she had to do the rest of this week. Her work schedule has lightened up a lot so she’s really able to work on finishing up her last few things before she’s out of there. We are at almost a month and a week or so before she’s done working for a while. She excited for the break so she can really focus everything into her pregnancy but she’s also very nervous about when it’s time to go find a new job. Her current job she can do research from home online for their cases. They will pay her but at a reduced amount. She doesn’t want her law degree to go to waste so she is going to see what she can do about working in Paris. I’m all for it. Whatever she wants, I’m fine with it. Plus we have nannies to help out if she does go back to work.

We got home in time to hang out with the kids. I gave kisses to all of my babies and spend about 2 hours with them. We got them to bed late which made Sarah a little mad but I told her she now gets to sleep in a little so it will work out. She likes to keep our routine the same. It’s fine.

Today I had a big meeting to go over everything I learned at the conference. We all came up with some new ideas on how to market the businesses. I really like opening up discussions and listening to what my employees have to add. I always feel challenged but also interested. Someone wants to wrap up my Audi with one of those full company logos over the entire car. I snort laughed and said over my dead body. No way. I like to advertise but we don’t need it that bad. We are actually doing very well so far this year. I’m very proud of our teams and I’m really happy that we are NOT expanding any more this year. I told Lindsay don’t do it. Let us get caught up from the last one. Our Atlantic city office is finally showing a little bit of a profit. That one took forever to get going.

So I’m getting ready to go eat lunch. I don’t know where I’m going today but I’m happy to get out and enjoy the day.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sarah loves Dubai and Spain

I took Sarah with me on my trip to Dubai. She has always wanted to go. My office there is doing great. The money is starting to come in steadily and we decided to expand to newer services. They have a lot of regulation for out of the country business owners and we have been trying to figure things out. We are finally working with a great sponsor that has helped enormously. I had a great time meeting with my employees. We celebrated with a meal and bonuses. And then at night I took Sarah around to show her the city. We were able to see so many amazing sights. I had more time than I had last year for this trip.

Sarah enjoyed going shopping during the day while I was working. She got a lot of great Christmas gifts and souvenirs for her family. She also bought some traditional outfits for my boys. We haven’t put them in it yet because I asked her to wash them a few times to make sure they were cleaned up. You never know what you bring in your clothes when you go overseas. We finished up the trip with a special dinner and for about the 1 millionth time I thanked her very much for being our nanny. I told her how special she is to our family and that I never want her to go away. She said she thinks it’s a lot of fun now that they are getting older and she said it’s going to get a lot harder again as soon as they start walking. Right now we are just holding their hands and arms and they are stumbling all over the place. At least they are trying to stand up on their own. No one has taken their first step yet. We are all waiting to see who does it first. My money is on Heston. He is the more adventurous of the pair. Alex is a little more cautious.

I told Sarah we were going to make a quick stop for 10 hours. She asked where and I told her in Spain. She squealed with excitement. That is her number one place she wanted to see. I wasn’t sure with her school schedule and my boys getting more mobile if she would ever make it to Spain in the next few years. I had always planned for us to stop in but didn’t tell her until the night before. She immediately got online to pick the 4 places she wanted to visit in Barcelona. We quickly took cabs to each place. She was able to take photos and do a few Facebook live videos for her family and friends. She was so happy. Then I told her we have to leave. She was disappointed but I told her someday she will come back and spend more time. I know she will.

We got in very early this morning. By the time we got to bed my dog was barking, my babies were snoring and I just wanted a hot shower. I was able to sleep for 3 hours before my boys woke up. I got up when they did and they both started laughing. My boys are so weird. It was good to hold them again. I need them everyday. I miss them so much when I’m not home. I have a busy travel schedule for day trips the next 2 weeks. The good news is I am taking my boys to Lincoln to see my family. They will spend a few days with them while I head out west. I have to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver. Then I will be in Chicago for our family Christmas. And I will end my year with a few more day trips for work. I will be in New York City of New Year’s eve. I’m really excited for that trip. I plan to go down to Times Square to celebrate the New Year with some of my closest friends.

I’m working on writing a few posts to wrap up and recap my 2016 year. I’m so happy you are here reading this. My blog has been a great resource for people to find out information directly from me. Only Lindsay will have info that I want to put out there. My story is still going strong after all of this time. The more that gets said on the opposing side the more I fight to get the truth out there. I have always been honest and transparent. I have done my best to answer questions and give my comments on everything I find interesting.

I wish you all a great Holiday season. And I look forward to yet another year with all of you on my blog. 2016 has been a great year!


I have owned a house in Las Vegas for the past 8 years. I called it my condo because I only used it for boys trips for a weekend or vacations with my family or friends. It’s been a party place the entire time. And I’ve loaned it out to my friends so they can have a fun weekend in Vegas anytime they wanted. I upgraded it through the years and did a lot of landscaping out back. I finally sold the house. I am in a different phase of my life and owning a party house set up for movies/sports nights, pool parties, and all kinds of guy stuff just doesn’t fit my current life. I bought a rental house 2 blocks away from that house and moved into it. That’s where I’m living at for the moment. I’m going to be moving again soon. While I’m here I’m upgrading and changing out the flooring. It’s out of date big time. I already had a company remove all of the rocks in the backyards and lay down sod. I’m having to water it a lot so it gets some growth. I was told several times it’s going to die on me. But after a while it will grow. And be a nice grassed backyard. That’s what I’m hoping for at least. The inside of the house is pretty big. It’s going to be a nice family home for a family that is looking to upgrade. I’m getting a lot of the things fixed in the next 3 weeks. I think it’s going to come out really well.

I hired a kid a few months ago named Mark to help me start the Las Vegas firm. We have an office finally and are working on a lot of different investment deals. I had originally planned on flipping houses but it’s a softening market and I might get stuck sitting on them for longer than I want to. The price ranges I’m buying the houses for are great, but the upgrades and all the fixes leave a little profit. And that concerns me. So we are shifting things around and moving forward with our casino investments. I’m going to concentrate now on buying buildings. There are a lot of great opportunities here and I’m excited to see what kind of deals we get. I love buildings. I love standing there looking at it and dreaming in my head the things we can do with it. It’s like my own personal Monopoly game. Mark is doing a great job. He asks a lot of questions and gets things done on time. He is still not very confident but he’s getting more comfortable. He comes from the FLDS faith. He has 2 moms. Which is a little weird but they are both very nice. They both have long hair and wear long, homemade dresses. They are very pretty. He says they don’t wear dresses everyday but are always covered up. I guess that’s a religious thing. He is a nice kid and he’s smart. He is working hard to provide for himself, his family, and his Church. I guess his family still tithes to the FLDS Church because his dad and moms both have family still involved and he said if they stop tithing, they will always worry that their money isn’t going to help our their relation whether they agree with the beliefs or not. His dad and 2 moms left the faith before he was born. But they travel back to visit family and have to act completely different around them. I like Mark. He’s a good kid. I think he’s going to do a good job when I go back to Chicago. He is always finding things to check out or talk over. I like seeing how ambitious he is.

My construction business is booming. We have 12 divisions and they are all booked nonstop. Even in the winter time we have jobs lined up already. It is funding all of my investment firms and gas stations. Which is good since my gas stations are not doing so good anymore. I don’t make money on the gas, I make money on the things sold in the store. And listening to everyone we put in cafes to build up the coffee business. That’s the only thing saving my ass right now. Who knew coffee was so important? I don’t drink the stuff.

I’ve been able to travel and see my family a few times this summer. Being back in Nebraska is always a good time. So many memories of growing up there. It’s where I come from, but it was never my home. Texas is also one of those places I grew up but never really considered it home. I feel home in Las Vegas. I didn’t use to feel like it here.

Home to me will always be Chicago. It was my first big, bold, courageous move as an adult. I left Nebraska knowing I would never live there again. I loved my times in Miami and Miami Beach, year after year. But Chicago, man that’s a great place to live. I love it there. As soon as I get my businesses set up in Utah and Las Vegas I will be moving back to Chicago. And I plan to stay there for a long time.

I have met some interesting people in the past 5 and a half months of my life. All for the better. I have learned a lot and have found myself being more open and honest about my dreams. Work is finally calming down so I will have more time to write and read my books. I love read. I’ve been able to cook a lot more too. I usually prep everything on Sundays but this week I’m going to try to just cook. It’s different. I need different in my life.

I am adjusting to everything. A lot has changed the past few days and I am getting myself together. I know that things are going to be okay. This week at work is going to be tough. But no long hours. I’m getting burned out. I have a cruise to the Caribbean coming up soon. I’m looking forward to that. A week on a boat. I love to travel. I’ve been doing a lot of that. And I’m going to Dubai in a few months. I will stop in Paris on my way. I love going overseas. The Dubai office is finally starting to show a profit. It will be great to go see what my brokers there have purchased and what they are doing with it. It’s a booming part of the country and I’m proud to say I got in on it early. All of my connections through construction helped me find the right people to partner with to start a firm there. The laws are backwards and everything is 10 times bigger and more expensive than 5 years ago, but it’s a beautiful place on Earth. The architecture there is amazing. You can stand out on a hotel balcony all night just looking at the skyline.

I’m on my lunch break. I need to finish my sandwich and get back to work. I have miss ya’ll. I hope ya’ll are having a great summer! I love the comments. I only publish a few of them. The rest I just smile at. Thank you for coming here. You are loved!