This better be allergies

So I’m banished to the pool house because I had a fever yesterday. I’ve been struggling with a head cold? sinus infection? allergies? for 2 days. I’m short of breath and even taking the trash out to the bin is winding me. Sarah took a look at me and did her assessment. I had a small fever. I think it broke this morning. At least I hope so.

Homeschooling the twins is up and down. Some days they are into it, some it’s making them sit down and pay attention. It’s not easy for them or their teacher. She is trying her best to keep all the students engaged. I’m trying my best to keep them sitting there. Heston is the attitude and squirmy one. Alex loves online learning Lol I’m not at all surprised. 1st grade is going well. They just want to go back into school. Not until COVID is under control.

My other kids are all doing great. I love spending time with my girls. They are both at an interesting age. They like to play together, then they pull each other’s hair and scream Lol 1 and 3. Oh boy. The little kitten we found in a tire is doing well. She eats A LOT OF PATE/Oatmeal mix. Okay I just accidentally hit the caps lock key and I’m too lazy to roll back up there and fix that. I did not mean to emphasize that.

Things with Kate and I are going great. We are in that quiet, let’s be sweet and kind to each other all the time phase. I love it. I really do love her a lot. She loves me. I know that. Things are looking up for both of us. We just want that dang border to open up already. It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I’m getting ansty Lol It’s been a long time. Our daily phone calls twice or thrice? help out.

That reminds me of that Golden Girl episode when Rose wrote a theme song for Miami. Miami is nice, Miami is nice, so I’ll say it thrice. Then Dorothy stopped the song and said I’ll say it thrice???? It was really funny.

I’m doing well. Other than this being a little bit sick and coughing all over. I’m going to the clinic today. I need to call this morning to make an appointment. I just need some antibiotics or something. I am not at all thinking this is COVID. I have not been around anyone outside of our compound at all. This is just my usual early fall allergies I’m sure.

How are you guys doing? I will be writing back to all of the the emails and comments soon. I finished up all of the DM’s late last night. Sorry that’s taking so long getting back to you guys but homeschooling and these kids keep me very busy now. I love you all, take care!

It’s been cold, gonna be cold

Oh boy has it been cold outside. Looking at the coming forecast it’s about to get even colder. The kids are doing great with it. We load the boys into the car seats in the garage, we unload them into the cold and run into the school. School is going well. We have had some uhhh hiccups? Someone got hit, someone ate some paste. It’s been interesting. We are still working on our sharing skills but that is getting a lot better. My little Peace is also growing up fast. She’s gaining a vocabulary and I’m convinced she’s the smartest little girl toddler on Earth. She really is. She is saying words and repeating them over and over. She likes to laugh and run around the house looking at everything. She’s my little snugglebug after bathtime. I adore all of my kids. The boys are getting taller and thinning out. I can start to notice their growth spurts much easier now. I am starting to think on what sports we need to be doing this summer and I think we will do swimming and soccer to start. Not into football for them, they tackle each other enough. I think little league is a few years off still. I’m cool with trying them in soccer. I honestly don’t know much about soccer so I’m going to learn as they do. It will be fun.

We are going to be buying another house. I had downsized a lot of what I had but the housing market I’ve been looking at seems great. It’s in Texas so that puts me back to the area I grew up in. We need an escape from the cold vacation home. I was thinking close to downtown area of the city I want but not too close. Somewhere we can get on the plane and be at in a few hours. Somewhere warm for a weekend getaway. It’s a thought.

Oh yeah, hey guys anyone that ordered the Ebooks via Paypal they have all been sent out finally. We had so many orders it took them a while to process each one. Thank you all for buying my books. Sales have been amazing. I guess there is a reward in the end of a mess Lol Money!

Let me think, what else is going on. Oh we will be hosting some friends of mine from Nevada. They are coming to stay soon for a few days. It’s going to be so good to see them. Both of the guys have been doing very well in their business and have a conference in the city to learn more about taxes, shipping costs, etc. It sounds boring but I guess it’s what they need. I’m happy to play host and feed them. We finally put the nannies’ bedrooms back into guest rooms so I can finally host more people. The guest house is huge and got a revamp from the last guest that pretty much moved in Lol It was a mess. Fresh paint, fresh carpet, all cleaned up.

I guess that’s it. Things are quiet again. Thank goodness. Well until next weekend when you find out how much Meri’s daughter doesn’t believe her bs stories or Kristie’s bs stories. That will be fun. Then it’s a comment, question, bash session all over again. HOPEFULLY after that, we are ALL DONE with the Sam and Meri business. I keep hoping each season that damn show will move on but clearly Meri is holding on to something. I have no idea why or what. I really wish she would let it go. She has no intention of telling the truth and the only thing I can think of is she feels guilty. She knows she has lied about me, she knows it’s wrong deep, deep down. It has to be guilt. If you tell the truth and show proof then there shouldn’t be anymore guilt. I did and it freed me. I have never ran away from this part of my life. I knew just tell my side and show my proof things would be okay. I’m not at all proud of the affair but I did really love her. Maybe that’s what she’s holding on. She knows how much I did love her and wanted to be with her. She just can’t get over that kind of love. She’s never had it before. I don’t know.

Have a great day guys! Love ya’ll!

Sunday is the coldest

Guess who isn’t going to Church or the Bears game this morning? I’m still trying to catch up on sleep and get back to Central time zone and the fact that it’s going to be negative a million today wind chill I’m skipping out. I did watch a Catholic mass on tv this morning with the nannies and the boys. That was the best we could do. I do not want my boys outside right now. It’s not worth it. We had already done the first snow and made a lot of videos with them. The photos of them touching it for the first time are priceless. Heston made a big squeal and Alex started crying. It really shows how different they are. I love that we are all Catholic. It was a requirement on when I hired everybody. I want my boys to have a solid foundation. When they are old enough or they start questioning their own faith and beliefs then we can talk about it and see what’s going on. In my darkest moments my faith has always gotten me through. I want their hearts to be with God in all of their days. Before we eat we always pray at our table. I have taught my boys to Give Thanks. They both know what that means and we are still working on getting them to bow their heads as we all do and listen quietly. The only part they master is when we all say Amen that’s when one or both get loud and mumble something then laugh. It’s really funny and sweet. I’m trying.

Today it’s all about the boys. Our christmas tree is full of presents for everyone. The girls are all leaving at noon on the 23rd. They are going to be with their families for Christmas. Sarah is going to spend a few extra days and be back before New Year’s eve. I have to go to New York City for work and asked her to watch the boys. The other 2 nannies will be with their families and return on Monday. We worked this schedule out last month to make sure we would all get to be with our families for Christmas. The boys are going to help me wrap up some gifts I bought in Dubai and Paris for the girls. I don’t know how well it’s going to go but we will try. I think I have all of the presents sent that I need to send out. I have all of the ones we are taking to Lincoln for our family. Let me think, we are also going to make some homemade christmas candies on Friday night with Auntie Lindsay. I want their first Christmas to be really special. My boys have received so many gifts from Santa and our family. People have been so generous to them. I am going to thin it out and donate some of the toys because it’s overwhelmed. My boys do not need all of this. They already have too much stuff. I’ve also been receiving way too many gifts from Santa. I guess I have been very nice. I know I have been enjoying all the videos and photos from our Family Foundation. We are donating a total of $2 million dollars this year. $80,000 a day for 25 days. My cousin Tyson has been handling all of that. As a family we all voted on what charities we would help this year. We take the top 25 and do all that we can to help them out. It’s been so great watching the shock and reactions. It makes me feel really good about our family legacy. My grandmother would be so proud of us. It’s what she wanted us to do to carry on her lifelong work. Service to others is invaluable to your spirit and your soul. If you do not help others you are wasting your life on this Earth.

I have a heavy travel schedule coming up. I have to finish up the year with some meetings and good news. I also have to explain my plans for next year. 2017 will be my last year working with SJC. It is time for me to move on with my life. I have created the empire I always dreamed about. I have enough money saved up for 20 lifetimes and I know the money will continue to grow. Lindsay keeps a close eye on everything. She is always aware of where we are at on our weekly phone calls with each office. I know with her watchful eye and taking over 50% ownership things will go fine. She is ready and committed to stepping up. She does not want to be CEO. She does not want to do anything other than own 50% so I am selling 40% to her. I really would like to know how much weed investment money she has made because when I told her how much I wanted she didn’t even negotiate. She said she would put down a down payment and pay off the rest quarterly over a certain number of years. She said she has plans to expand even more and wants to take SJC into a new direction. She likes the commercial market right now but her Mexico energy investments are paying off really well right now. She wants to see what more we can do there. Her stockpile of rigs is more than we thought and now that she has become more transparent I am seeing how she was making all of this money for us over the past year. I’m proud of her ambition. I also worry she will grow tired of the administration side. She is not one to sit in meetings. She is a dictator and does not listen well. She also do not want a partner. I’m going to retain my 50% and do nothing. The silent partner she has always wanted Lol

I made breakfast for everyone and we have chili in the slow cooker for everyone. We are all trying to stay indoors and snuggle. Taking my dog out a few times a day is going to be horrible. We have a sweater for him and I thought about putting on some puppy boots but he’s not out that long. He has really impressed me with how he has been gentle with the babies. He likes to run with them crawling after him. He always runs and then comes back to chase them too. It’s hilarious. He enjoys them a lot more now that they are crawling around. When they start walking he better look out. Santa has also brought him a lot of great gifts. I think he’s going to enjoy all his chew toys. I’m happy to see everyone check out the tree for new gifts. The girls and I will be doing our family Christmas for them on the 22nd. I’m going to make their favorite meal and give them their gifts from me and the boys. I’m also going to open their gifts for the boys and myself. Sarah is really excited about the big gift she got me this year. She made it. She has been working really hard on it and she won’t let me see it. I can’t wait to see what it is. I’m sending gifts back with her for her family. I have known her entire family my whole life. I appreciate them letting me steal her away to help me raise the boys. She really has been a gift to us. I could not do anything without the nannies. They are all very special women and I enjoy watching my boys with them. They love their nannies.

I think we are getting closer to our first word. Heston has been figuring sounds out. I keep working with both of them to say Da da. I will probably cry the first time I hear it. I also know that’s the beginning of them getting over on me. They will be able to get anything they want and out of all kinds of trouble by softening me up. Sarah has already been trying to talk to me about not spoiling them too much and they need to learn what no means early. Even when they throw a fit she said stay strong and let them know they are not in charge. Otherwise I’m going to be a doormat all of their lives.

I’ve been writing this post off and on for the past few hours. I just put my boys down for a quick nap. We are doing these 30 minute naps twice a day instead of a full hour. Sarah said it will refresh them and give them a place of comfort when they are getting overly stimulated by everything right now. I have a lot of other posts I’m going to add on here today.

As always thank you for reading this. I’m so happy you are all here. It’s a joy and a pleasure to have you interested in my story. My life is only going to get better. 2017 is going to be great!

Cold, tired, busy

That sounds like a record album title.

Good morning folks. It’s cooooooooooooooooooold outside. I love Chicago but let’s warm it up over there my goodness. How are you? I’m great. I’m always great because I have nothing to complain about.

More book orders have gone out. We got behind (Again) and they are finally on the last few thank you for your patience. If you didn’t get it, check your Spam folder. For some reason gmail accounts shoves it into Spam. Weird. I have another Foster Parent certification class tonight then it’s time for American Idol. This is going to be a long day. I love getting off work and going home. No more running around crazy. I have to put laundry away. It’s sitting on the dining room table. I got lazy. I also need to go to the store and pick up somethings. I need to do that tomorrow night I guess. I’m starting to get prepared for my cousins to move in. Seeing her big beautiful baby belly I know I’m going to freak out. I’ve seen pictures but to be around it, it’s going to feel like a ticking time bomb everyday. Which in a sense it kind of is. I wrote down all of my office numbers, my secretary’s cell, home, and other contact information. I put it all on the fridge in case I am at work and she goes into labor early. I’m really trying to think of what else I need to take care of before they get here.

  1. Clean
  2. Grocery shop
  3. Make sure their rooms are ready
  4. Freak out
  5. O M G
  6. Hold it together
  7. Be happy
  8. Find inner peace
  9. Read a book
  10. Long walks on the beach with the wind….nevermind

I figure we will take it one thing at a time. It’s going to be a huge adjustment for all of us. My plan is to get really quiet. And just listen. I watched that movie 9 months with Hugh Grant. That lady YELLED AT HIM. I don’t want to get yelled at. But if I do, that’s okay also. I’m here for whatever happens. This is a very exciting time in my life. My family and friends are making plans to come visit immediately and I can’t wait to show off my boys.

I will NOT be posting their photos online. At least not until the legal adoption goes through. I want to be respectful. I will probably post a little hand or foot shot. Well, make that 2 little hands and 2 little feet. Something like that. The last thing on Earth I want is for the trolls to turn my babies’ photos into a carnival game. They do it to every photo. They are disgusting women. Truly heartless. I don’t need that.

I hope everyone is having a great week, staying warm, eating healthy.

I’m supposed to be working on an email. I’m at work right now trying to keep my mind focused but we all see how that’s going.

I am probably going to do a Question and Answer blog soon. Because of the new international interest in my story I have a ton of questions in the comment box that I haven’t gotten to. There are some great questions. I love questions. I really do.

So if there is a question you have always wanted to ask me (Be nice or be gone) now is the time. I will NOT post your questions on here. But you can use the form below to leave it and I will add it to my blog later if it’s both interesting and/or funny. If it’s mean-spirited you know that I don’t even see those, so nice try, and have a great day. I am pretty open about most of my life. There are some things I will not discuss. And I at least tell you I will not discuss that.

I’m hoping over the next few weeks since I will be spending time at home I can finally get caught up on all of my comments and book reviews. I admit, I mostly just approve and answer back to the most recent. They are at the top of the page. I go down and knock out a few a day then leave the rest. Lindsay said we are not getting as many nasty comments anymore.

Could it be true? Could this whole scandal finally be going away? I hope so. It’s fun and sad all at once. But it brought you here and that’s my reward. New friends.

God loves you, I love ya’ll too. Whatever you do today, do it with a smile. Smiles are my favorite 😉