Pencil me in? Why? Ohhhhh

Last night I went on my first date of 2020. I’m not supposed to use her real name so we will call her Bubblegum. This is because she was chewing it the entire dinner. I don’t know how she managed to do that but it was one of those things I didn’t ask. She asked me out yesterday when I went to the bank. She said just dinner. I could do dinner, so I said yes. I agree to meet her at a place she picked out and then went about my day trying to figure out why I am ready to date. She is a very nice woman, around my age (Yes really) and it sounds like very ambitious at her job. She is divorced with 2 kids who are out of the house. That sounds nice. She said she has been power dating all of last year and into this year. I don’t even want to know what power dating is but that sounds bad?

At the end of the date she felt pretty confidant I wanted to go back to her place for a Netflix and Chill. I said no, in fact I don’t even want a second date. She asked why and I had to sit there and list off the top 3 of a 10 list thing I had already decided on. Am I too picky? Lol She said 3 times she really was happy not having any kids in her house. I said I have 4 kids. She didn’t seem to mind until I told her how young they all are. And twins with hearing problems. She said it sounds like too much work.


So at that point I sat there and listened to her nitpick what I ordered and asked if my cologne was this kind or that kind. Wrong on 4 guesses. It turned out to be….well just not my kind of date. I know she will power date right past me and I wish her all of my best. She called this morning to see if I would change my mind. I asked if she was going to change her mind about my 4 kids being mixed in here at some point. She said “Oh I forgot about that part”. I didn’t.

Struck out on that date. That’s okay. Hey, at least I’m out here trying. So the next woman that asks me out I may just say no. It depends on who it is. I really think I’m better off going on a date with someone I find interesting. I think getting asked out is nice but it kind of puts me into a pressure situation from the start. I don’t necessarily like that.

There is someone I have a growing fascination with but her and I have barely talked. I’m saying we’ve exchanged 9 sentences total. I’m interested in her but not to the point I know enough to ask her out. She is probably married or happily coupled up with a great guy. I have no idea. I am sure I have zero chance with her so I’m not really putting in any effort at find out what could be.

So onward and upward? I have no idea what dating in 2020 will bring to my life. I just know it’s not the bank lady.

I am pretty content sitting at home with my dog Lol Maybe I don’t want to date, yet? I don’t know, guys. We will see.

Pittsburgh Day, Chicago Night

pittsburgh   Greetings from Chicago. I went to Pittsburgh yesterday for a meeting and then I was finally able to stick around a little and check out the sites. It was fun. I learned a lot and have a whole new respect for the foundations and history of Pittsburgh.

I don’t even want to talk about the Bears game. Geez. What else could possible happen this season? So many key players out with injuries. A QB1 and QB2 that aren’t getting the ball down the field. It’s been frustrating. 0-3. Not a good start at all.

But how about them Cubs! Looking good and getting ready for some post season action. The final home stand was fun to watch. I’m going to wait a little while before trying to get some post season tickets for me and Josh. Cam said he had fun at the game we went to but that was enough. Figures. It’s me and Josh from now on. The girls were both embarrassing and divas. They can go to games with their friends from now on.

It’s a little chilly in the mornings now. My morning workouts and runs are going great. I’m getting excited. The big Marathon is coming up! I registered under the best Marathon name ever. It cracks me up. I can’t wait to see my finish line photo with my Marathon name on the photo. You can purchase them right after the race. They also put your time on it. How cool is that! I bought a fitbit just for that race. To see how I do. I also bought new shoes last week and I’ve been breaking them in. It’s feeling pretty good. I think I’m ready to go. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. 6’6″ and a lean 175 pounds right now. I float between 185 and 175 anyway. I’m eating healthy, I’m hyrdating a lot. And I have been doing a great job on my warmup stretches and cooldown stretches. I don’t see any flaw in my training. I feel proud and ready to go.

Work is going great. We are set to close out the 3rd quarter and in a few weeks we will know what our profits are. I’m excited. Lindsay wants her bonus. She gets them twice a year according to her contract and she’s already texting me to just direct deposit her bonus in her bank account. I asked how did she know she even earned it and she just laughed and said silly boy then hung up on me. She has been doing very well. She goes to Mexico a lot. She goes to LA a lot. She is keep the West Coast busy and happy. I think she has finally calmed down a little. Well at least in her professional life. On weekends she still parties too much. She has not been drinking according the Peyton and Sarah. They both have vouched for her on that. It’s been interesting.

My twins are growing like weeds. Everyday it’s something new with them. A new facial expression, a new thing they discover. They are soaking up everything. Last night I took them out in their stroller so I could walk my dog. As soon as my dog started doing his business they both cracked up laughing. Apparently it’s funny. It made me laugh too. They both still have that baby smell that someday I’m going to miss a lot. For now I’m enjoying every second I have with them and praying to God our lives are all healthy and happy. I am truly blessed with them in my life. Twins is not easy at all. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has made me a much better and stronger man. I’m still working on my patience and my coordination. Trying to carry 2 babies is a little hard sometimes. I’m getting better. Diapers, no problem. I remember changing their diapers for the very first time. My hands were shaking. The nurse was helping me out and she said don’t worry you’ll do this about 5000 more times and you won’t remember how nervous you were. Well I did remember. And I got it right. Little did I know the first few months that would be my only job with them Lol Either changing them or carrying out a giant diaper genie bag of bad diapers. Yuck. Someday they will be potty trained. I can’t wait.

Eating is going well. No first tooth yet. I bet Drew Heston gets his in first. He picked Alex. That will be $50 and an I Told you So coming soon. I know Heston will get in a tooth first. They are both drooling like crazy and the baby books all say that’s a big sign it’s happening. Geez, my babies with teeth. This is going too fast!

I’m doing great. I am no longer dating anyone. I just like my life as is for now. I tried it, it didn’t go anywhere because I wouldn’t let it and I’m happy. At least I got back out there and know I can handle it. And I’m ready. Right now I’m focused all on my boys. And I don’t want to take any time away from them to go on a date. The lunch stuff was fine. But I can have lunch with my friends. It doesn’t need to be a date. So that’s on the shelf once again for a while and I really am happy I am making the right choice. When God wants my next girlfriend to show up in my life it will happen. I’m not looking for it at all.

I am happy. I hope everyone could be as happy as I am. Things are great and I can not wait to tell you guys what my babies will be dressed as for Halloween. It will be awesome!

Have a great week. I love ya’ll and I will update more later.

Busy, busy, and busy

I did not get my usual weekend update post out. I didn’t even attempt to write one. Things are really busy right now for me. I love it but I’m constantly tired. So here’s a quick update.

My boys are still learning how to be mobile. They are both scooting. It’s hilarious and they both make weird baby sounds but this is just their process. It has gotten much easier to tell the boys apart finally. I can 100% look at them and point out who is who. I hate that it has taken me this long. I’m with them as much as humanly possible but it was still a trick or two. Sarah had it down within a week. She’s that good. Let me get into the latest Sarah news. Sarah has been doing online classes to start herself on the path to become a nurse that Teaches classes. It’s a lot of reading and answering questions on the computer. She said she wants to be the nanny for the money and to help us out. But after the kids get into school or she sees that I’m doing fine on my own she wants to be prepared and ready to move into the next phase of her life. I love that. I wish her well and I told her she is welcomed to stay even after she knows I can handle all of this. I told her I never want her to leave us. Unless she gets married because that would be weird but I told her even after that she can still be here and work for us. She said she wants to stay and save up as much money as she can to put herself in a great financial position to have a nice apartment to start out in, a new car, and all of her tuition and school bills paid off completely. That is her goal. Happy to help with all of that. Sarah did start asking me about if I wanted to put the boys into baby classes. What’s that? She said baby classes are like mommy and me where they get to socialize with other babies, they get to do fun activities and it’s all about helping them learn with different stimuli and a teacher. I knew about the mommy and me thing. I got invited to one Lol But I declined because I did not want to be the only guy in there with all those women and I knew my boys would get all of the attention because they truly are the cutest babies ever. So I declined. I told her we’re not ready! She laughed and said you have to let go at some point. They need it. I said get me the book on it. I will read it. We can talk about it but if they go somewhere you are going with them. I don’t want her to just drop them off and come back. She said she would be there the entire time. I said how can you do a baby class with twins all by yourself? She said they have people there to help. She would find one that would accommodate twins and that she would figure it out. She said this is the age where they  are learning so much every single day and it’s good to get them out a little and experience the world. With her protection of course. I don’t wanna. They’re too young. I’m being silly I get that but I just don’t know. I need more info to make that decision. They are both drooling like crazy. It’s getting out of hand. Sarah said that means we are about to get our first tooth. She said it will come up from the bottom first. I am not ready for that! We just switched to solids Lol This is going way too fast for me.

I have 7 month old twins. Well in 2 days they will be 7 months. It is not easy. I have so sleep deprived most of the week that I don’t know how I function at work. And this time it’s not their fault. My boys sleep through the night. Finally. I lay awake at night and can’t sleep. I’m constantly worried that I am screwing up with them and no amount of therapy will ever fix them Lol I also worry about myself. I am going out a little. About once every 2 weeks I get out at night. Or I go to a Bears game or a Cubs game. I do something. But it’s not like it was before the boys came. That part of me is itching to get out more. But I can’t. I do not have time. Okay well I do have the time. I just don’t want to. I really think that I had these kids so that I could raise them. My nannies are here to be here when I’m at work. Or the few times a month I do get out. I have completely adjusted my work schedule and got rid of my overnight work trips. Someone else in my office goes or if it’s a bigger meeting I send Lindsay. She is doing great btw. She is working hard. The whole Ben break-up is getting easier and she is enjoying living in her new house all alone. Ben is still my friend. We talk a lot. He is still holding out hope she will want him back but he said he won’t wait forever. Maybe a few more months. At least she has began to talk to him again. I guess when she told him it’s over, get out, it got emotional. She is actually showing up for work on time now and staying all day. That’s a shocker. Lindsay has always worked to get the work done. Then she leaves. And you can’t find her. On weekends she completely disappears. You won’t get a text back from here until Monday morning. I know she’s reading everything because I see the Read Receipt on our Iphones. She’s just taking her weekends to do whatever it is that is fun. Her entire life has always been about really living. It’s kind of her motto. Live like you will die. So she does all of this crazy stuff, makes all kinds of friends everywhere, and has a great time. I envy that. It makes me want to hang out with her all of the time but I can’t. I have a family now. We are still very close. We talk a lot but it’s not everyday anymore. I’m busy, she’s busy. We email about work. And she might throw in a few personal things in there. I’m sure I do the same. She said I need to be at home for a few years. Get the boys ready for their great big lives because they will not have a normal childhood. Amen to that. I don’t even know what normal looks like. All I know is that I will show and tell them how much I love them and that will be their lives. No matter what my kids do, say, or become, I will love them the most. I have since I first heard the heartbeats. I fell completely in love with my kids!

Work is busy. I wish it would slow down but I keep expanding my businesses. The money is really great right now. We are all preparing for the financial hit that’s coming in a year and change so we are being cautious. But at the same time you have to make the deals that produce recurring income. Being a venture capitalist has never been easy. I have to make the best informed decision I can to move forward. When we lose a deal, it’s tough. You get your hopes up and really see potential then things don’t work out and you get bummed out. Lindsay goes with the F’ It Approach and charges full steam ahead without really looking at everything. When she hits a big deal, it’s really big. When it’s bad, it’s really, really bad and I get angry. But she makes us all money. I’m making more money now that I have ever made in my life. She is my only investor and she is the only account we run. Everyone else comes to us for advice and everyone else comes to us for help. I feel like a bank half of the time. You insert cashflow into someone’s business, you take over their management until it’s all straightened out and you expect them to continue running things within the new system. Most folks go right back to the same mistakes that got them into trouble. So we come back in, take a higher % of the profits and try again. Some people just don’t know how to change. I hope I’m not like that. I am stubborn but not immovable. I am so thankful to God for all of this good business. I’m putting more into my savings accounts than ever before and it really feels good that our monthly income margins are getting bigger and bigger. I have always wanted to retire early. I’m setting myself up to retire in 2 years. That’s my goal. In 2 years I will have 2 year and 7 month year olds. I will be able to do everything for my boys and we will be able to travel the world. That’s the dream. I don’t want to educate them in America. I want them to have a much broader scope of the world. I know we will be moving at some point. I keep wanting Paris but with all of those attacks it scares me. I have plenty of time to figure it out.

One last note so I can get back to work here. One of the ladies I had been dating, well she and I decided to end it. She has a chance to date someone new. She said he’s on the same page she is. They have only begun talking but he asked her out. She told me over lunch yesterday. I said I hope we can still be friends. I hugged her and told her to be happy. She told me the same. Great girl! She will make a great wife someday, for someone else. I am nowhere ready for a full on relationship. I’m not even in any hurry to start having sex again. Although that has been wayyyyy too long Lol I have had a lot of offers for hook-ups but that’s not me. I want to take things slow and develop love before I ever jump into bed with someone. I’m still working on me. I’m still learning about me. And I’m happy. I really am happy!

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day ya’ll! I know it’s y’all. I have never spelled it the right way so I can be unique. And who really cares anyway? Texas Forever! God bless you guys and I love you.

Let’s go CUBS x 3

Baseball is on my mind at the start of September. The cubs are looking great! I really hope this is the year. Been a fan for a long time and I know this team is special. I have tickets for 3 games this month. I’m pretty excited. Tomorrow it’s our boys day at the ballpark. We are taking Brandi with us. Because I’m not too sure about John or Josh holding my boys in case something happens. Cam will be fine he gets right in there. The other 2 kind of make me nervous and I know they will want beers so I don’t want my boys smelling Bud Light the whole game if someone needs to help me. Brandi is excited to join us. I told her I will be taking care of both of the boys the entire game but if I need some help that’s when I will ask for it. I’m not planning on taking up all of her time. I’m looking up what I can and can’t bring into the ballpark. I’m guessing now car seat and stroller Lol Which would make life a lot easier but that’s fine. I plan on holding one of them the entire time. If not both for a little while. I have their outfits already picked out. I put their names on the back of their jerseys because I’m a dork like that. And of course I have a matching one that says Dad Lol I’m so excited! I hope the weather holds up. That’s my only concern.

Work is going great. Nothing new to report on that. Just very busy.

Life is quiet just how I like it. And a few minor annoyances got taken care of. So far things are going really well. We are staying in town this weekend. The girls wanted a city weekend. I guess they have tickets for some show tonight. And shopping sales tomorrow. I don’t get it. I love to shop but lately I’m all about I am a Prime member and I love it. My items arrive a lot faster than they are scheduled to.

I’m also enjoying Great deals and a huge selection for my sizes. I like it all. Having  a great time going through stuff on my Ipad at night.

I’m eating very well this summer. My vegan cook books are giving me inspiration as well as a creative outlet. It’s been a lot of fun trying new foods. Although some of my recipes are just plain crap. If I won’t eat it, you know it’s bad. I’m not very picky.

Swim lessons are going great. They love it. I love it. We have a lot of good quality time in the pool. I’ve made some friends with the moms. I’m the only dad in there. And of course I love sucking in my stomach before I jump in the pool Lol I’m still in great shape but I’m starting to get hair in weird places. I guess that’s my age. I was told by 3 of the mom they are not a fan of my beard. When I showed up without they said it was much better. Again, my summer beard had haters. Oh well. They like my new haircut. I told them enjoy it because I change the cut every month. I like variety.

I was also told by Heather that my boys have way too much Batman clothing. Is that a real thing? As far as I know you can NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH BATMAN STUFF! I will agree the matching baby capes were a bit much but I did get a lot of great comments at the park that day.

Nice and quiet life. Family. I am really happy and things couldn’t be better. My dating life is going great. One of the women and I decided to just be friends and stop calling what we were doing dating since there was no spark at all. We continue to have lunch together once a week. She’s a great listener and she has very good advice. She also likes to tell me updates on her career and asks me what I think of her latest projects. Very proud to know her. Too bad it won’t work out but I think she is looking for a husband and I’m nowhere near that page in my book. I don’t know if marriage will ever be for me. I really like doing whatever I want with whoever I want. I keep it casual now. And it works out a lot better.

Baseball game tomorrow. Go Cubs! Hope ya’ll have a great Labor Day weekend. We are hosting a bbq up on my roofdeck. I can’t wait to have everyone over and feed the masses. It’s going to be a great party. God bless you guys and love to all of you!

Cookies and prayers

I grilled out again tonight. I’m really enjoying getting time to actually cook again. It’s fun figuring out what to eat. I admit I do stand with the fridge open looking inside for a few minutes. It can be hard cooking for one.
I baked cookies. I’m sending a dozen home with Mark tomorrow. To thank his moms for baking that awesome cake. It was really good. We sent the cake pan home empty which pleased them. They are really nice people. It’s still a little weird to me, but it’s who they are. And it’s interesting talking to them.
This week is brutal. My schedule has been jam packed. Meetings, phone calls, Facetime, Skype. You name it. I’m pushing myself to stay busy but it’s those quiet moments where my mind starts to drift into the past. Focus, focus, focus. That’s all I can do to get to Friday. If I can make it to Friday, it will be one full week and I know I will be okay.
Friday will be about Utah and the 2 houses I bought there. The demo is finished and it’s all about fixing them up now. I’m excited to see what the 2 contractors have gotten done. I hired a project manager to oversee both properties and she’s doing a great job. I’m going up to pick out paint colors, flooring, granites, and tiles. Then will go back in 2 weeks to see it all finished. I’m looking to sell first. If the houses don’t sell, I will rent them out to whoever at a fair price. Utah is an emerging market for real estate so it’s going to be fun to see what offers I get.
I got asked out on a date today. Which was very weird. I was talking to this woman and she was smiling and asking questions and then out of nowhere she asked if I was single. I said yes, and she said are you dateable? What the heck is that? I said yes….I think? She said guys that look like me are usually assholes. Lol I told her I was a nice guy but I had no interest in dating right now. Check back in a month. She said okay and left. Mark said that’s 2 days in a row I just laughed.
I am doing okay. Things seem to be going very smoothly in my life and I prefer to keep it that way. I’m making new friends and going out. Hanging out with Lindsay has always been scary/exciting. Hanging out with Lindsay in Vegas is a whole other level. We go downtown and I swear something always happens. That girl can make a friend just by standing next to them for 3 minutes at a crosswalk. And the people she meets are really cool and fun. I wish I could make friends that easily. I’m more reserved. Not really shy, I mean I can be. But I’m more cautious because I don’t really know my environment yet.
As I’m sure ya’ll have heard by now, a reporter and a cameraman have died due to an ambush on live tv. I did not see the footage and I don’t want to. I have already prayed for both of them and their families. And I prayed for the guy that did it to find peace in his next life. It’s so sad to know that these 2 folks woke up and went to work, never even thinking this would happen to them. I pray that everyone is safe tonight. And happy. You only get one swing at life, make it the best you possibly can.
I’ve still reading my book. The next section is a lot to take and I’ve had to read it a few times over. I’m excited to share my thoughts on it. The mind blowing stuff is much later, this beginning is more about setting the foundation of new ideas. It’s very inspiring to me. I love studying books. Heck, I just love books. I read way more than I watch tv. Although my tv is full of the most random shows you can think of. We won’t get into that, I don’t want to embarrass myself by sharing my tv watching habits. Lol
I hope ya’ll had a great day. Know that God loves you as I love you too. And enjoy the rest of your evening! I’m going for a walk.

Looking for Love

looking_for_love_by_marii85In my experience love shows up the moment God wants it to. If you go out looking for love, you will find it. But it will be the wrong kind of love. I have had a few relationships in my life. One with Lisa, who I met when I was a freshman in high school. She was my first everything. We dated until we graduated college and I told her I was joining the Marines. We broke things off because I didn’t feel it was fair we try to stay together while I was going to be away so long. 8 years later I came back home and she was single. We started right back where we left off. We moved in together, shared worship at Church, and tried to reconnect but it wasn’t the same. I loved her but I had grown, changed into a new version of what she knew. So we struggled. Then we found out she was pregnant. We weren’t meant to have children yet. The moment she told me I was totally shocked then I scooped her up and fell madly in love with our baby. We found out we were having a son. MY SON. And I couldn’t have been happier.

What happened after is that we again struggled to find ourselves. I felt that I loved her, because she was all I knew about women. In the 8 years away I stayed faithful to my commitment to her. It just felt like the right thing to do. I never dated, or anything else with anyone. I was too busy working on myself and working in my job assignment. I guess I had a romantic notion that I would come back to the States, knock on her door and she would instantly fall in love with me. But in reality that didn’t happen. She felt safe with me. I treated her very nicely. And what I found out years later is that she hadn’t been treated nicely by men while we were apart. She claimed she was faithful to me and I believed her. It was not the truth and that part surprised me but I accepted it. Why would anyone wait 8 years for me?

We got engaged because of family pressure. We had talked about marriage before but for some reason I would never take that step. That was God telling me she wasn’t My One. But when you know someone for so many years you tell yourself these stories about faith and love and how you should do something. What you should do is listen to your own heart and mind and pray for answers. People change. Relationships change and it hurts. Let me tell you. When I look back now I can clearly see where the problems were. We were not honestly communicating with each other. I was working, I came home and I did what she told me to do. I just handled her to do list. We would go to bed and have intimate times but not like I wanted. I’m sure not like she wanted to. It was just doing what a couple is supposed to do. I wasn’t creating love and finding the pureness of our devotion. Eventually we stopped being intimate and I just tried to take care of her and the baby the best I could.

Then she was in an accident. When Lisa was 7 months pregnant she was hit head on by a drunk driver. The baby and Lisa were killed instantly. It devasted me to the darkest level. I could not believe that happened to her and our son. I still can’t. I struggled to accept she was really gone. I felt myself living a life waiting for her to walk through the door. I went into thearpy and probably lost my mind. I was a functioning anger monster. I was so pissed that God would do that. I didn’t understand anything anymore and moving on was just not an option for me. I went into robot mode. I went to work and went home. Eventually I started hanging out with my friends again but nothing was the same. Dating was not an option. I was not in a place where I could let my heart move forward. It took 10 years before I was even really ready to try to date again.

In those ten years I had time to figure out what it was I really wanted for a wife. I wrote this list and put it in my wallet and told myself when you meet the right girl I can take it out. For me I was manifesting my greatest love. I put all of my beliefs and faith in God to let love find me. And that’s what you have to do in life. You end relationships and it hurts. No matter the circumstances, it’s a very painful experience. But what you don’t know in that moment is that you will be okay. Because God is about to show you a greater love than you knew. Patience is not my strong point when it comes to things I want. And I wanted nothing more than a wife. Here is my list of things I narrowed down that would fit who I truly needed in my life.

1. Godly woman
2. Kind heart
3. Family oriented
4. Loves and Wants kids
5. Shares her heart with me often
6. Dreams big
7. Loves to travel and have adventures
8. Can deal with my big life
9. Allows me the courage to be me and not ask me to change
10. Loves to smile

To me, these are the most important things. They are all I need to life my life with the right woman. And I pray it’s what I have found in my current relationship. You can find love again. But don’t go looking for it. The right person is there, somewhere. Making their way to you. And when you finally feel soul connected, nurture it. Be thankful to God everyday for this love. Bless your other half with sweetness and kindness. There is no rush in finding the right kind of love. If you rush a relationship and not nurture it into a solid foundation of friendship and respect, you will regret taking your heart into a place it doesn’t belong.

I have found a wonderful woman who had chosen to spend her time with me. We are talking about marriage and kids. She has one and wants more. We are sharing our thoughts and feelings, our frustrations and misunderstandings. We are communicating. It’s hard. Let me tell you guys, talking about your feelings is like eye rolling boredom. But when you start doing it more and more, it becomes natural and it’s not a pain in the backside at all. I grow and learn from her. She is teaching me about kindness. She is so sweet. So gentle with me. Until I piss her off. Then put on a helmet Lol But the greatest lesson she taught me was to never give up. Her faith in God and in me is very strong. We are building a new kind of love. We turned a good friendship into a great relationship. And I am very happy. So is she.

God has the right person for you. Be patient and don’t go on a search. Your special someone will find you I promise you that. And when you find them, wake up in joy everyday because Love is the greatest feeling in the world!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Saturday. God loves you. I love ya’ll too!

Is this really my life now?

tumblr_ldlfpavmov1qekgtho1_500  Hello and welcome to my brand new website. I’ve done this once before and I loved every minute of it. It became my therapy. What I have learned in my life is that looking back does nothing but teach me lessons I can apply to my future. So no need to tell you who I was. Let me tell you who I am.

I am a single 41 year old guy living in Yukon Oklahoma. I really like my house. I love the backyard the best. I know I will spend hours out there when it’s warmer. Today it’s cold here. I’m up early and getting ready to do my workout. I do the Bowflex machine, then run on my treadmill. I like working out. It gets all of my stress and aggression off of me.

Let me explain how I write these posts. I come up with the title first. Usually what my current mood is or a question I’ve asked myself. I write a little, save the draft and go do something else. Then I write some more and so on. Until it’s done. I have been known to write as many as 4 posts a day. It’s a lot I know but I usually have a lot to write about. My mind never shuts off.

Most of the time I have music on while I’m writing. A glass of ice water and I take my time. I put in a lot of thought and effort into every word. Because I really want to reach people with my ideas about life. It’s something I’m good at.

I am single and in the dating world. It’s going okay. Man, it’s scary out there. Dating at this age. I never thought I would be here but I am. I have been on 5 first dates. I never get to the next stage. Although I have made some new friends. And they are very encouraging me. One of my friends, Linda, has been very sweet to me. She let me know what I screwed up on during our date. I said something that she didn’t like. And of course being a guy had no idea until she shut down. When I asked what was wrong she told me and she was willing to listen to me explain what I really meant.

Communication, ladies and gentlemen really is the key. If you want a friendship, relationship, or strong family life you have to rip open your chest and head and say it. Even if you are scared, or don’t want to say it outloud, you have to. You owe it to the people around you.

The people in my life are wonderful. I have the best friends in the world. They really have been there for me. I’m reconnecting with all of them. It took a friends’ passing to remind us all how great we have it.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I love getting questions from people on here. I leave it open to anonymous commenting. I won’t know who you are, so ask away. Or if you want to leave your name, go for it. I love making new friends.

I hope you enjoy what I’m trying to create here. I will be working very hard over the next few weeks to get it set up the way I want. I look forward to sharing my life with all of you. I need to get to work.

Have a great day, you are loved!