Sunday is always Family Day

Boy do I have some updates to share. A lot has been going on, I have been extra busy and now I can finally tell you guys what’s been going on.

Brenda’s mom Lynn moved in for a few weeks to help us with the kids until my former nanny, Sarah, figured out what she was going to do. Sarah had her baby, a beautiful little girl named Rain. She does not know who the father of her baby is yet, but the only 2 guys that could be the dad have already been tested for DNA. The results will be ready in a few weeks. That’s a little nerve wrecking for Sarah. She loves being a mom. It was a huge surprise to all of us but I’m very happy for her. She will be a fantastic mom, she has been a surrogate mom to my kids and I have seen her motherly side. Sarah decided she wanted to move back to Denver. She enlisted her 2 best friends in Dallas and rented a huge SUV to make the trip as comfortable as possible. They left early yesterday morning and got her last night. Sarah will always be welcome with us. I have told her that for years. It was too hard for her to stay at her parents house. She said she wants her own life. She is not coming back here to be our nanny again. She wants to live in the guest house for a few months until she can figure out where to move to in Denver. She loves it here. She is FINALLY going to get a nursing job. She wants to teach nursing at the community college level which I think is great. So she is here, with her baby, and we are leaving her alone. The kids missed her soooooo much. The boys were crying and Peace kept grabbing her by the leg Lol It was cute. She is going to get her baby in the nursery and settled into a routine before she starts hanging out in our house more. She said she needs to be taken care of right now. I told her we will all pitch in to cook, clean, babysit while she showers or rest. It’s going to take a village. It always does.

My aunt is here. She decided to stay until next Saturday morning. She needed a break. She just got through a divorce and wanted to get away. I don’t blame her. My Uncle can be a little difficult to deal with. I pray they both resolve the lingering issues soon and then leave each other alone for a while. They need it.

And we just had a big family meeting. The plan we came up with may or may not work out. Here is what we are going to try to do.

Brenda and Lynn will be going home on Saturday morning. I am so appreciative of both of them for helping me out. They will be greatly missed. Sarah is staying a few months. When she can, she will pitch in and help me with the kids but I am not relying on her. I am finally going to be on my own with my kids. It was the plan since last year. I gave everyone months and months of notice. It is going to be hard. I want to do it. I quit my job and went part time to raise my kids. It’s that important to me. I have always wanted to be a dad. It took a long time for me to get here and now I want to do it.

I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves kids, she’s a teacher. We are kind of rekindling things after a huge breakup months ago. We are trying and it’s going very well. I know as soon as the borders open up I will travel up there and we can start all over again. I want a mom for my kids but more importantly I want a life partner. I want to be married again. We are going to take our time in building our relationship and I look forward to seeing how it goes. This is a huge step for me. I don’t date casually. I always have intention of things going into a serious relationship. I think I have finally met my match. I thought my ex-wife was it, but I realized after a year we were not on the same page in life. This time I have taken a LONG TIME to figure out what I need and want for myself and the kids. It’s the right time. I’m ready to start a big relationship. And I want it with her. I am happy. I am happier than I have been in a long time. Everyone is noticing it and commenting. I’m glad. I need all the support I can get, I do not have the best track record with women Lol

So how are you guys doing? We have the pool open already. The kids love it. They are swimming twice a day. It’s good to see how happy they are in the water. The swimming lessons they have all taken paid off. I’m doing the best I can to keep teaching them. I want them to be safe and I need to know they can get themselves out of trouble in the water if anything ever happens to them. Swimming to me is a life necessity. I think everyone needs to learn the basics.

We are playing a lot of baseball in the backyard. Guess who the best base runner is? Peace Lol She has picked it all up very fast. My goodness is my daughter smart. We are still doing a summer school program. It’s going well. I print off their worksheets in the morning. We spend about an hour each day on it and they like it. Education is key and my kids will go to college. I do not want them living life without a great education. That is priority #1. It’s giving us all a lot of bonding time and I really enjoy watching them figure things out.

Everyone is doing well. I hope you all are too. I have been fighting a bad headache all day. I think a house full of people, so much cooking, cleaning, and staying active finally caught up with me today. I crashed and burned. I’m feeling better now with 2 hot showers. My allergies are getting better but these migraines are impossible to deal with.

Take care of yourselves guys. Wear the damn mask. It’s only for a little more time, they will find a vaccine and we can be safe once again. Social distance until your local area says it’s okay. Please be aware there are guys like me out there trying to protect his kids at home from this crap. You wearing a mask means I have a less chance of contracting it and dragging it out home. I always wear a mask and gloves. I will until this whole thing is over with.

I will update more this week! Love you guys!

Can I move in? Not Yet!

Hey Batfans. I’m in Denver! The kids are back home being smothered with love and attention by Lindsay and my 3 nannies. They all decided to make it a girls’ weekend and I know that means swimming, laying out by the pool, shopping, and eating every piece of food in my house. As long as my kids are taken care of, I really don’t care what they do.

I got into town yesterday afternoon. I went straight to my new house to check things out. WOW! It has really progressed. The photos just don’t do it justice. I’m very happy with the finishes we picked out. I’m happy with the furniture, flooring, and mostly the landscaping. I’m not at all happy with the master bathroom, the kitchen, or the living room. Those are all things we can get fixed. It’s frustrating. If I lived here I could watch out for a lot of these mistakes and prevent them from happening. My guys are working very hard and I do appreciate them.

Guys, it’s almost done. Probably the end of August. DONE! I can not believe they can finish it up that fast. Of course I’m pushing for sooner but I don’t want to move in and have to do a thing. I’m going to be busy enough getting the kids settled.

All of the guest rooms and kids bedrooms are all done. The furniture is all in there but still in the boxes. I told my interior designer to send over her staging crew and unpack everything. Get it done, close the doors. The less rooms we have to deal with, the better. She told me it would cost me this much or that much and I said just get it done, soon. She said next week they will come over and get it all set up. Thank goodness. I just want them to do as much as possible so we can get in here sooner.

We have spent most of the morning and afternoon shopping, eating, and checking out the new neighborhood. Some of my friends know this area well and have been very helpful. We’ve had a chill rest of the afternoon focusing on our gaming and talking about how to better build the apps/game dev. The ideas are so interesting to me. I love it.

Tonight we are hosting a big dinner for everyone and then we will be heading downtown for a few hot spots. Denver is hopping after 10pm, I’m kind of surprised. We met some very cool girls last night that told us about a few places to go to tonight. I asked if they will be there and they said yes. I’m already making friends here. I like that a lot.

I just called to check on my kiddos. Everyone is fine. They are grilling out tonight for supper to make it easier. That means they will grill fish (Yuck) on my grill (Double Yuck) and I’m going to have to scrub the heck out of it the next time I use it.

I’m so happy here. Things are going smooth, I’m trying to remember how to get around town but it’s a big place. I hope I can find my way back to the house from downtown tonight. It will be fun but I’m a little worried about staying up too late again. My old butt needs sleep Lol I can’t hang out with these youngsters like I used to. 11pm and I’m zzzzzzz.

Anyone in Denver? Want to come say hi to me and my crew?

Happy early Mother’s Day

Good morning Batfans. How is everyone doing? I’m great. Life is smooth sailing right now and I love it. The boys are almost out of school once they are out it’s all about having a fun summer. My daughter is growing like a weed right now. She’s still small for her age but we are waiting for a growth spurt any time now. I’m doing great. I’m back to exercising and taking the dog for a jog with Peace in the stroller after we drop the boys off. It’s become a routine. The days that we can’t get outside because of nonstop rain and yes snow we workout in the home gym. Peace plays with her toys and we listen to music for kids. I didn’t like it at first but it’s supposed to get her used to the songs they will use at this school. I’m pretty happy with it now and I have memorized most of them. She sings along but not the words yet. She is become waaaayy more vocal finally. She’s such a little sweetheart. She’s so smart. I think she’s going to be the smartest one of my bunch. I don’t know. I only have to show her things 2 or 3 times and she gets it from there. The boys had to be shown over and over until one of them figured it out then showed the other. Usually Heston.

Good news on the adoption process, we are still in the loop. I don’t think we will get to adopt our new girl this year. I have to have patience with it. My adoption agency is working hard to figure out the best match for our home. I would love to just order a child like Amazon but that’s not practical and probably not smart Lol I want to complete my set of kids but I also know God has that all planned out and very soon my daughter will be here. I’m good with 4. Stephanie does not have kids which is okay by me. She’s also glad that I do have kids because she said she’s always wanted to be a mom. She has dated guys with kids before and she said that was hard when things ended. She loved the kids and wanted to stay in their lives as a family friend but both situations didn’t work out and she said it was probably for the best.

Stephanie and I are doing great. We are still in the just happy to be together phase. We laugh all of the time. We are now texting a little during the day. Just on her breaks at work. We decided not to spend every evening together that way we can all ease into this but we are doing what feels right. We skipped Monday and will skip tonight too but tomorrow she will come over for dinner and spend the night. We will skip Thursday and then I’m taking the kids to her place Friday night after she’s home from work. I’m glad she lives close to a Target that way I can go get anything we might need. We don’t have any plans but she said there are some fun places we can take the kids and if we had to we can just drive into the city and do our usual things. I’m trying to show her every part of my life but there’s still some things she doesn’t know yet.

She’s well aware of my past with Meri. I was upfront and honest and told her to google me. She just laughed and said how can anyone believe the tabloids. That’s been my position from day one. If you believe a tabloid you are not smart, at all. If you believe everything you see on the internet coming from “unnamed sources” or people who have zero access to me, you are also not smart. I’m so happy she looked at it herself and shrugged it off. She said she knows I got caught up in a situation and blamed for all kinds of crazy things but she isn’t worried about my past, she trusts me. I trust her too.

I know she said her sister is going to come by some time Saturday. She wants to meet me and the kids. I guess she has been talking about me nonstop. That makes me feel good. I don’t know guys, this may be the first big relationship since my divorce. I’ve dated a little but no one has been as great as Stephanie. I’m really enjoying getting to know her and hanging out. Dating is hard with kids. I have to balance everything and keep my mind on what is best for the family.

I just posted a bunch of Marine Corps pictures of myself and my family members who served to our Family Facebook page. I had been meaning to add those to the Marines folder I have on our photo albums but didn’t get it done. They are FINALLY in there. I added about 80 or so photos. Most of them are me and yes I haven’t changed much Lol I was tall and skinny wayyyy back then too. It was an honor of my lifetime to serve but near the end I just wanted out. I didn’t agree with the things the government asked me to do and I was severly injured making my decision easy. 8 proud years of my life and I made it out with my mind in tact. Sort of Lol I think I’m doing pretty good I know a lot of my brothers and sisters from my service time have not bee as fortunate and I pray for them to heal and live a happy life. I keep in touch with most of the guys I worked closely with and have done my best to support them however I can. It was an important time in my life and I’m glad I finally get to share my experiences through all of my photos. Go check it out and leave comments. My family and friends really enjoy reading the things you post. I’m happy to share as much as my life as I want to. I’ve made some really great friends off of my blog and Twitter and I hope you all enjoy watching my kids grow up through the photos.

Mother’s day is coming up this weekend and I have zero plans to do anything. I mean I could get the nannies to celebrate with me since Sarah has basically been their mom since day one. I do always send her flowers so that’s about all I do. I don’t know. It seems weird and without being in a longer relationship with Stephanie I just don’t want to make it weird. We will be leaving at noon on Sunday so she can go to her family Mother’s day party. They make a giant fuss over her mom and I’m so happy to hear she’s so close with her family. That’s very important to me. She did ask if I wanted to go and I said it’s too soon for me, sorry. She gets it.

So have a happy Mother’s day to everyone this weekend. I won’t be able to update more until next week. I have to get some work done the rest of this week and won’t find the time to update. I love you all and I will talk to you guys again soon!

Election Day, Go Vote!

Good morning Batfans. I’m ready to go vote. I just dropped the boys off at school. I came back home to drop Peace off. Someone is going to watch her for me. I’m sure I will have to stand in line a little while. I’m happy to do so! The midterms are just as important as a Presidential year. I am a registered Independent so my votes swing a little Democratic. I do not support Trump in any way. He is awful. I have hung up on many of the Republican robocalls trying to swing my vote. No thanks. I’ve looked at the ballot online for a few weeks to really figure out who I wanted to vote for. I’m ready.

It doesn’t matter what party you are for, please go vote today. Your vote does matter even if you don’t think it does.

Everything is great. It’s been nice and quiet. I’m slowly working on the menu for our family Thanksgiving. I have invited a number of people, about 30 or so. I hope they all show up. I’m getting it catered but I am making our own vegan dishes for me and my kids. Every year some of our friends or family do try a few of my vegan things. That always makes me happy. We took down all of the Halloween stuff and put up Fall décor. The rain stopped a lot of the outside stuff from going up over the weekend but it’s getting put out this week. We are supposed to get some snow on Friday. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I can’t wait. We had the fireplaces stocked up with firewood and those Firestarter logs. I can’t wait to make hot cocoa and sit with the kids in front of the fire on a snowy day reading books. It’s one of our favorite things to do.

Hope everyone is doing well. My heart goes out to all of the latest tragedies in the world. There are so  many and I have been praying for all. We do have one very special reader who just found out she has breast cancer. God bless Doreen and her family. She has a lot of choices to make soon and she told me she is scared but empowered. Please send your thoughts to Doreen. She has been reading my blog for a long time and has always sent in positive messages. You can beat this Doreen! You will be okay, I know it.

I love you guys and I will update again soon. Time to go vote!

First day of school or the 2 hours break Lol

I’m up early to get myself ready so I can get my boys ready for their first day of Pre-Pre-K. Yes it’s a thing. I didn’t even know it was until one of the moms at the play place asked me which school they would be going to. Uhhhhhhhh. So now I enrolled them, paid for the whole year even though we may be moving back home in a month, and I’m trying to figure out what to feed them for breakfast. I will be going with them for the full 2 hours today so I can see what’s going on. All parents are invited to stay today. I’m excited for them. I also am trying to remind myself to let the teacher take care of things. I’m so used to rushing over and just handling things. I really do hope my boys behave, but let’s be honest. They are my boys Lol They are going to be a disaster zone. Maybe not the first day. Maybe not the first week. But I guarantee you guys at some point I’m getting “the call” from school Lol

I’m going to go wake up my little monsters and get them ready. I’m dressing them in different shirt colors today to make it easier for everyone to tell them apart. We have to do photos real quick of them before we leave the house. I have a lot of little things to do.

Please God, make sure my boys behave. Amen!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

My wife is at the hair place getting her hair ready for tonight. She’s also doing nails and whatever else you ladies do in there. She slept in and woke up to her favorite breakfast in bed. The boys helped me put it all together on a plate and tray. They gave mommy their home-made Valentine’s day cards and then we gave them the cards from me, Peace, and Talon. She loved them all and smothered us all in kisses and hugs. She is not lifting a finger today. I’m making sure of that.

Hope everyone has a special day today. Guys, step it up this year. The women deserve it. Ladies, enjoy all of your special things.

Tonight I am taking my wife out for a fancy dinner. We are both getting all dressed up and going to enjoy a night with no kids and NO talking about kids. We haven’t had a date night since we went to see my wife’s new favorite movie and it’s time to reconnect.

I love my wife with all of my heart. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m glad she’s in my life and I love our kids. I can’t wait to have more kids with her. She is a great partner, a great friend, and the best mom in the world. I am the luckiest guy on earth to have her and we are going to celebrate like rock stars tonight. It is all about her. She is going to get swept off of her feet. I can’t wait for the rest of her surprises. I have worked a few weeks on this plan and so far it’s going very well. She keeps giving me huge smiles and kisses. That’s how I know I’m doing good. Well that and the dirty things she keeps whispering in my ear Lol

I love you Abby! Happy Valentine’s day!