We took the boys swimming tonight. It was a lot of fun. They are both getting really good and they have no fear of the water. They just sort of bob in the pool and float around then get to kicking or half kicking really.

Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t wait. My wife is excited too. I have worked really hard to get things ready in time and I pray it all goes well. It’s going to be a really, really good day. Hope everyone has a great night! Love ya’ll!

Time to Netflix with my wife. We are watching the series The 100. It’s pretty interesting.

The Best Father’s Day so far

For Father’s Day this year my boys made me some homemade cards which were very sweet and I loved them. Then my wife took me outside and showed me this. (It’s not my actual car but it’s the same model and color

It’s a 2017 Audi S5 Cabroliet in Glacier White, convertible! Here is the Motor Trend review on it for all my guy readers that want to look over the specs. We had been talking about getting a car for us to drive back and forth to the city for work once we move. Sarah would have the Escalade for the boys and herself and the Range on the weekends whenever she wanted to go do something. This will be a date night car for sure.

It had a huge red bow on it and I started laughing and teared up a little. No one has surprised me as much as this woman. She said it’s the one you wanted and I said I know! We took it for a short spin then came back to get ready for Church. My oh my! I can’t believe she did that but she said you are the father of our babies, you deserve it. Yes I do! She said Cam helped her pick out the right one so I called him up and he said if I didn’t want it he would take it off my hands. Thanks Cam! I’m keeping it.

After Church we took the boys for a ride in it then Lindsay took the nannies. It came home with a scratch. She said a rock chipped it which meant she was out on the highway with it. That’s fine. I can get that fixed. Man, I love that car. I love my wife and boys more but that car, Wow!

The rest of the day was a giant Sam lovefest and I loved it. We had a chef prepare 10 different vegan foods for us to eat all day and night. We really did have a fun weekend. We spent most of it out on the boat and on the jet skis. We all relaxed and ate. Lindsay and Dave took off last night when we did. We left the car at the lake house. Soon enough we will all be moved in up there and we will be driving it back and forth. My wife wanted to bring it home but I’m already out of parking spaces under our building. I would have to park it elsewhere and I don’t want to. We talked about leaving the Range up there and bringing the car but the Range can pack up more groceries and things we need. Plus with all the babies stuff it’s just easier.

Do I have the world’s best wife or what! She really is something. When we were laying in bed last night talking I asked why she bought me a car and she said you have everything you ever wanted already, I wanted to get you something you didn’t need and would never buy yourself. She’s right. I spent so much on my Range and the Escalade plus getting them both blacked out I kept telling her a good Ford car would be fine. She just laughed.

I’m happy when she’s happy. And this weekend she was very happy. We did sneak over to her parents for a few hours to wish her dad Happy Father’s Day. He has so many kids he just says he counts them Lol I hope I’m like that someday. So many kids to spoil and love on.

The last good news I want to share is we are going forward with the adoption. When we get back from the Ireland/Las Vegas 2 week vacation it’s a GO. I know it’s going to take probably a year or 2 but if we start now I’m thinking by the time Baby Cooper is 1 our adopted daughter will be on the way. Even if our baby is a girl we still want to adopt a little girl. That much we know. And if we end up with a little boy even better to have our daughter in the mix with all of her brothers.

I have so much good stuff happening that I don’t deserve but I love it anyway. My wife and kids mean everything to me I’m so happy and blessed. What a great weekend!

I hope ya’ll had a great weekend too. We didn’t cook out because I don’t like meat. It’s just easier to not cook out like the traditional FD weekend.

Have a great work week everyone. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Father’s Day 2017

  Let us all remember my 1st Father’s Day with my boys here.

Sunday is round 2 of that. This time with my wife playing host. Lindsay and Dave are here for the weekend. She wouldn’t miss this weekend. Plus her stepdad lives nearby so she’s going to meet up with him at some point. I asked her if she was going to introduce Dave to him and her stepbrother. She said No but with different words. She only sees them once or twice a year out of obligation to her mom’s wishes. They always ask her for money and she usually says no. I just hope she has a good time. I guess Dave’s kids did his big Father’s day weekend last week because everyone was in town for his son’s college graduation party. I’m glad to hear that. I can’t even imagine having Lindz as a step parent Lol That would either be my worst nightmare or the most fun. It’s a coin flip.

Speaking of Lindsay. Her plan for me to unblock the troll accounts has worked out better than I thought. I had Twitter lock up 8 accounts, suspend 3 accounts and it’s gotten pretty quiet in Troll-Land Lol If these nasty women would just leave me alone and go find something better to do with their lives I wouldn’t do that to them. Lindsay’s friends at Twitter have been a huge help and I’m glad to get rid of them. They are bullies. All of them. Not a nice one among the group at all. And no one likes hearing from them. I get a lot of DM’s from new followers saying how nasty they are and how they ignore them. I’m happy to hear that.

My wife has my weekend all planned out. We are at the lake house. That’s what I wanted. We are not grilling out like a traditional thing. My wife wants us to do our own traditions. She had the boys make me a few things. I’m going to love them whatever they are. She is having my favorite meals prepped by a chef. I think that’s very nice since everyone will be eating vegan all weekend. She’s also teasing me with a big surprise. I hope the surprise includes Drew somehow. I know he’s at home but I would love to at least catch him on Facetime or something this weekend.

It’s going to be cloudy and a little rainy all day today. I’m getting ready to get everyone on the boat for a quick trip around to see everyone. Then we will park and play with the jet skis until the rain gets heavier. Tomorrow will be nicer so we can spend most of the day in the boat. I had it filled up and ready to go. My wife loves the boat. Thank goodness for that because it’s one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. We haven’t made the journey down into Chicago yet. We will sometime this summer. But it needs to be a calmer day. Those choppy waves scare the shit out of me. Especially with my kids on board. My part of Lake Michigan isn’t that bad. I’m right next to a Marina so that helps a lot. Everything is kept clean here. We have our own private beach on my property. It’s not that big but the groundskeeper keeps it all cleaned up for us. And we don’t allow any glass down there at all. I had them put new sand all over it in May then grind it in so that it would stay put for a few weeks. The girls love the beach and how quiet it is. They still complain about the bugs but there’s not much I can do about that. My wife is on Zika alert which is ridiculous. I don’t think Zika is up here. Either way she’s being very careful and I do appreciate that.

I had more to write but I just got hollered at. I guess everyone is ready to go.

We are going on the boat! I will update more Monday.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Call your dad, if you don’t have a dad, call your mom. Call whoever is your father figure and say thanks. Being a dad really is the best job in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Memorable Weekend

  After a few weeks of debating our international move and finally deciding, it is 100%, no. It is 1,000,000% final. We are moving to Paris in January of 2018. Decision made. What’s Next?

This is now complicated by my wife going to give birth at the end of January. It also means at some point she is going to have to leave me behind and move before the baby is born. The debate was more with her own family than actually with me. Her mother and sisters don’t understand why she doesn’t want to have the baby here. I can list about 100 reasons why Lol It’s not my business though to deal with her family. That’s the rule. I just smile a big happy Son-In-Law grin and let her handle it. She has decided she wants our baby born in Paris. I’m very happy to hear it. We are talking about when to move her. First we kind of need a house. We have been looking online and I’m getting ready to send my personal assistant over there later this month to check things out. That’s the beauty of employing someone who does all your errands and such for you. This is going to be an ongoing discussion for several months on here. Just warning you guys.

I have the pleasure of having a meeting with the IRS this morning. Yay! Not really. They aren’t auditing me. They just need to talk to me. I paid my taxes. I also have paid my quarterly business taxes so whatever they want with me is unknown. Maybe I’m getting a huge refund! Like my accountant told me, well if they were coming to arrest you they wouldn’t make an appointment. Thanks a lot, Chad Lol We follow all of the rules. I take my charitable deductions like I’m allowed to do, I have filed all of my necessary paperwork to do business in all of the states we are in. It is curious to me however I didn’t lose any sleep over it. My wife is keeping me up at night talking about the baby. I told her see, this is exactly how I felt when I said yes to adopting the boys. I was so excited I couldn’t hardly sleep. Everyday I woke up excited, happy, and blessed. Children are a blessing. I also just happen to have the 2 most perfect children on the face of this Earth so that helps Lol My boys really are not a problem at all. Alex torques off every once in a while but he’s calming down a lot. Heston, well, he’s always been my chill baby boy. He only gets made if you take his food or toys. Other than that, he’s just happy being Heston. In fact it’s remarkable how comfortable he is with himself. I’ve had a lot of comments about that. I keep taking all of the credit with providing him with a very safe, happy, stable life. I don’t think it’s all me though. I think he is just one of those very rare people who doesn’t get rattled, ever. His brother will be bawling his eyes out at the top of his lungs and he just goes about his own thing. Lindsay swears he was a Buddhist monk in his past life. She said souls come back into a higher form they were previous so she’s convinced he’s going to be some kind of spiritual leader some day. I don’t know about that. I kind of hope he defines his own life in college and goes after whatever that goal will be. I really don’t care I just want them both to be happy. No pressure.

Let me see, we went to a parade, then to a big park party thing. Then we went to watch a wreath being laid to honor the veterans. We hosted a big picnic for a bunch of awesome veterans. Then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and just watching Netflix. My boys were exhausted. They took 3 naps yesterday. Normally they are good for 2 half hour naps. I guess all of that fresh air at the parade did them in.

This week I will be out-of-town almost everyday. Our family meeting went in circles, again. I honestly think they drive me nuts on purpose. It’s 4 against 1. Well 1 and a half because my dog Sam jr thinks he needs to attend these things. He sticks up for me by barking if they start yelling at me. It’s almost like living with 3 of my cousins and a wife. I swear the 3 nannies act just like them. All brats, all selfish in their own ways and no one listens to me at all.

Oh in other good news as of June 1st I’m finally out of my contract with my publisher. They are terminating it early which makes me Lol big time. I did all of their required meet and greets, book signings, and party events that I was supposed to. I told them I’m not doing a damn thing else. That was it and they are getting rid of me. Believe me on June 1st I will probably wake up at 12:01am to tell you guys how horrible they are Lol I’ve been pissed at them since the beginning. When we met in Los Angeles over a year ago I really thought it would be a great match up. I was completely wrong. Now that I have connected with other writers (Real ones, I’m not a real writer) they have told me how horrible my publishers really are. I had no idea. I just thought I had to do everything they listed in the contract. And I’m pretty sure they ripped me off. My book made them a ton of money. The other book, not so much but I expected that. That second book needs a redo. I’m working on that. I’ve been so unhappy working with all of them. There is not one legit business minded person in their entire company and I couldn’t wait to tell them to go suck eggs. I thought it would be a few more months. I guess they feel exactly about me how I feel about them. It’s not going to be a contentious breakup. I’m going to just block all of them and take control over all of my book accounts/social media accounts finally. I’ve had enough. They have done nothing to help me promote myself. NOTHING! I could have paid $300 for Google ads and gotten a bigger response. If it weren’t for all of the tabloids keeping my story alive I wouldn’t have made much money at all. The good news is I updated the book with a lot of new info and more photos. And no one knows it Lol So all of the folks that bought version 1 have no idea they are missing out. Not really my problem. I’m also getting the rest of my paperbacks sent to me. The publisher has about 1,000 of them. I demanded I get them or I was going to send Vinnie to go get them. I don’t really have a Vinnie, but I could go get me a Vinnie. And my Vinnie would go over there and kick in doors, grab boxes, and curse at them on the way out Lol They took me for serious and within 2 days told me it’s over. We terminate your contract effective June 1st. Thank goodness! See yaaaaaaaa Lol

Now I can finally publish my other book, without them. I have another book but it has nothing to do with my affair. It’s a really good book. I’ve made time to finish it up. I like it and I like the message it has. It’s universally nice and kind. My kind of book.

Oh crap it’s time to get my wife up. I have to go fix my breakfast than shower. Have a great, it’s Tuesday? Have a good work week guys! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Memorial Day Picnic 2017

  Good morning everyone. This morning we got up early to go to a Wreath laying event. It was very symbolic and emotional. Now we are hanging out and waiting to host our 1st Memorial day picnic. I have invited 35 guests from a veterans home to come eat, win prizes, and relax by the lake. It’s important to me that my boys understand the sacrifices veterans have made. This will always be a special day in our lives. My grandfather on my dad’s side served, my dad served, and I proudly served 8 years in the Marines. I got out because I was injured and I was done. I didn’t want to do it anymore. The only reason I joined up was because I did not want to go work construction with my dad. I ended up doing just that as soon as I finished with the Marines Lol All of my brothers and sisters in the armed services give up everything to protect our freedoms. Today is not just about your loved ones that have passed away. They are half of the reason we honor folks today. The other half is for all the men and women who have served, are serving, and will be serving this great country. I Love America. I don’t agree with some of what she stands for but I am proud to be an American.

Thank you to all veterans. I sincerely appreciate all you have done for all of us. Thank you to all people who love and support veterans. Your support is needed.

After our picnic the people will be going back to their home and they are going to find brand new 55 inch tvs installed in each of their rooms. They have these very small little screen tvs right now and half of them told us they can’t even see it. They turn it on for noise. That’s sad to me. I asked what size would allow them to actually watch tv and they said the bigger the better. We worked with Best Buy for our tv order, delivery, and installation. I didn’t ask for a discount and I already tipped the installers. Worth every penny. Especially for these folks. I’m very happy to be in a position to give them a little something back. Thank you for your service just isn’t enough sometimes. We aren’t going to play bingo or do anything ridiculous. They each will get 1 ticket. All of the tickets win a prize. No tvs Lol That’s already taken care of. But nice things they can use. As each ticket is called off they get to go to a table and pick out 1 thing. I thought maybe a random prize would be better but the social services lady told me they like to have power over some things since everything else in their lives is scheduled. I can’t fix or buy everything to fix their lives but for 1 afternoon we can make them feel very special and honored. Oh and fed very well. The ladies and I were prepping food all day yesterday and they will be helping serve the food. They all volunteered which I thought that was great. Everyone of them have family members that have served so this was an easy thing to help with. We have been planning it out for 2 months.

I hope everyone enjoys the day off of work if you get it. If not, go to a party after work and relax. I’m sure someone you know is throwing a bbq.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I will never forget the souls we have lost. Life is so very precious.

I miss my son Ryan. I love him and still think about him every single day. That will never leave me. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven. But not yet 😉

Mother’s Day 2017

For her own reasons my wife asked me (Told me) not to blog about her mother’s day weekend. All I’m allowed to say is she said Best Day Ever.

I have no idea why. It’s still unclear to me. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to change her mind so I will just say my boys had an awesome fun-filled family day with all of us then their grandparents. I ran around crazy making sure everything and everyone was perfect. It was exhausting and worth it. Put it in the books.

This week I have 2 trips out-of-town. This weekend’s plans are still a discussion. Last night’s family meeting went as follows and I haven’t finished all of the editing on it but this is pretty typical for us.

Family Meeting – Sunday May 15th, 2017

None of my friends believe me when I tell them what goes on at my family meetings. We are only supposed to discuss the schedule for the week so we can work things out about my boys. That’s all I intended for the weekly Sunday family meeting. That’s not what happens. Ever. This time I decided to record it on my phone then use Dragon software to translate it into text. I had to go back and fix some words but this is a true accounting.

Everyone but my wife sits down.

Me: Honey, we’re all ready.
The Wife: I know I know. I’m com…is Tristian in there?
Sarah: No
Heather: Hereeeeeeeee kitty kitty kitty…Trissssssssstannnnnnn
Brandi: Where’s my big boy kittyyyyy
Me rolling my eyes
The Wife: I found him he was laying in the dirty laundry
The Wife sitting down: Can we speed this one up I paused my show
Brandi: Oooohh what are you watching?
The Wife: We are on Season 2 of House of Cards. It’s getting so good, right? —Looking at me
Me: I guess
Sarah: Wait until you get to the last episode of that season and everything…
My wife interrupts: Don’t tell me! I think I know what’s going to happen but I don’t really know. I don’t know.
Me: Can we get this over with?
Heather: That’s what she said
All 4 start laughing at me, I’m not amused
The Wife: I haven’t heard that one in a while. That can be used for everything.
Brandi: Don’t get her started. She’ll never stop.
Me: Okay so I’m traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and I will try to make it back into town before supper. But if not…
The Wife interrupts: No you can’t go anywhere Wednesday, we have that thing. Move that to Thursday.
Me: Blank stare
The Wife: The THING! Remember we just talked about this yesterday morning.
Me: No
The Wife: Yes. O M G really? You said ok when I told you that you needed to be there.
Brandi: Does it suck getting old and losing all of your memory?
All 4 start laughing at me again
Me: Listen I really don’t remember and no it doesn’t suck because I have a great memory. Yesterday morning you told me we needed to go to a work event at lunch together so you can rail on some lawyer about something and if you do it in public he can’t start yelling back at you. See. I knew that.
The Wife: That’s right. You aren’t that old. Yet.
All 4 giggle.
Me: I appreciate the Quad Squad ganging up on me but can we just get this schedule figured out without all of the jokes?
Heather: Wait what did he call us last week?
Brandi: It was something about a
Sarah: The Fourosity. Which I thought was hilarious.
The Wife: You know your sexist labels for us could get you in trouble.
Sarah: Could we really sue him for calling us names?
The Wife: Depends on how offended we get. Suing may be too extreme but we could definitely guilt him into some special food treats. Make him run all over the city to pick up things.
Brandi: Gooooooooood idea. Let’s guilt him.
Heather: I’m so offended Hahaha
Sarah: I do like those cupcakes from Shay’s.
The Wife: I was thinking maybe he takes us all to another Cubs game Hahahaha Remember that?
Me: Never again. Can we just stop. Please.
The Wife: You called us names. In fact I think you like to antagonize us.
Me: No.
The Wife: It’s a pattern.
Me: No it’s not. I just want to talk about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…
Sarah interrupts: No we start on Sunday to set up for the evening shift. We don’t start the schedule on Monday.
Me: I know, that’s not what I meant. (Getting pissed)
Brandi: I’m hungry, does anyone want some of that dip?
Heather: Hell to the yeah
The Wife: Oh let me grab the crackers from the deli. They have some kind of seeds baked into them they are really good.
Me: No snacks! Let’s just do this already. Now I can take over Monday night, apparently Wednesday night but not Thursday. Friday…
The Wife interrupting: No we have that thing Friday too. Do you not write this stuff down?
Me: I’m looking at my phone right now. There’s nothing on Friday.
The Wife: Yeah, two weeks ago I told you we have to go out to dinner for Carol’s birthday in 2 weeks from Friday. That’s this friday.
Heather: Grab me a soda please, B.
Brandi: K
Sarah: I will do Monday to Friday days but this weekend I have plans.
The Wife: Do you have a date?
Sarah: Blank stare
Heather: Oooohhh who’s the guy!
Brandi: What guy!
Sarah: Shut up it’s not a date.
Me: No dates this weekend. I need all 3 of you.
Sarah: No I told you about this last week.
Me: No you didn’t.
Sarah: Yes I did. I said I can’t cover Saturday or Sunday next week.
Me: Sarah if you told me that I would have put it in my phone.
The Wife: You have been forgetting a lot lately.
Sarah: Or maybe you don’t listen.
Me: Well maybe you girls should stop telling me things when I’m not listening.
Heather: That’s like, always Hahaha
The other 2 laugh. Brandi comes back with dip, chips, sodas, veggies, and peanut butter.
Brandi: I can do Monday night to Wed.
Heather: Then I get Thurs, Friday, Saturday but not Sunday morning. I have a thing.
Sarah: I do not have a date.
The Wife: We already let that go but since you brought it back up, who is he Hahaha
Heather: Yeah, spill.
Brandi: Is it Jesse?
Heather: Who’s Jesse?
Sarah: Shut up.
The Wife: Jesse the building maintenance guy?
Sarah: God no.
The Wife: Then I’m out of guesses.
Me: Heather is down for Thursday – Saturday nights. Ok. See, I WROTE THAT DOWN (Holds up my phone on the Calendar, and no one pays any attention)
Sarah: I’m not telling you guys anything. You guys will stalk me again.
Heather: We only did that once and it was for your own good.
Brandi mouthful of food: Rrryyeeaahh
The Wife: You guys stalked her on a date, that’s hilarious.
Me: Ok who’s taking Sunday morning?
Sarah: They showed up at the bar we were at and stared at us the whole time. My date thought they were escapees from the hospital or something.
Brandi: Heather told me to limp so no one would notice us. So I limped all the way in Hahaha
The Wife: Shut up you did not Hahaha
Heather: It was to make everyone not notice us coming in but it backfired.
Sarah: It was embarrassing.
Brandi: Yeah, like, I totally took one shoe off and limped in like I was injured.
Heather: Then we acted all thirsty to try to score free drinks but it didn’t work.
Brandi: They charge $7.50 for a cosmo at that place. What a rip.
Heather: Yeah
The Wife: I can’t believe you two did that.
All 4 blank stare me then start eating again and ignoring me
Brandi: I need $50

Heather: No she doesn’t Hahaha Ask her why

Brandi: Shut up, yes I do. I need $50

Me: What for? (Dad stare)

Brandi: For a parking ticket.

The Wife: Give me the ticket.

Brandi: I haven’t gotten it yet.

Sarah: Then why do you need money for it?

Heather: Told ya

Brandi: Because I’m going to get a ticket when I park where I’m not supposed to.

Me: Park somewhere else. No $50. And no more tickets. Either one of you.

Heather: Hey I’ve been good.

Brandi: If I park somewhere else I have to walk like 3 blocks.

The Wife: Omg you can walk. And Sam’s right. You keep getting parking tickets when you know you can park elsewhere.

Me: That’s right.

Sarah: Are you seriously that lazy you can’t walk?

Brandi: I have to carry something. That’s why I need to park illegally. If I have the $50 I can pay it the same day and no one cares.

Me: I care, about my $50. Park somewhere else. Walk.

Brandi: You are really going to make me walk 3 blocks carrying something heavy?

The Wife: What is it you are carrying?

Me: Don’t back down. You told me we need to stand up for ourselves.

The Wife: Shush

Heather: You are about to get lawyered Haha

Sarah: Haha

Brandi: It’s this thing

The Wife: What thing?

Me: I already said park somewhere else.

Brandi: It’s a leg

The Wife: It’s a heavy leg?

Me: Your first question isn’t Who’s leg?

3 laugh, my wife does not

To be continued……



According to the website Bitches Who Brunch Lol the best places to get Mother’s Day brunch are listed below. It’s a great list and I’m considering my options here. I asked my wife if she wanted to go out to eat and she said yes. I offered to cook but she said she doesn’t think it’s fair I slave away on her day. I said I didn’t mind and I could make her favorites but she wants us to get all dressed up so we can show off the boys. I’m good with that.

I still have a bunch of things planned for her weekend. We are all supposed to be at her parents’ house at 5pm for the big mother’s day celebration. My wife and her several, several siblings and kids will be filling the home with all kinds of love for their favorite mom. I didn’t go last year even though I was invited. It was right around the time her and I were slowing down our dates. And by Fourth of July it was donezo. We took a small break from each other and then she called me up and said Where have you been at? That’s how we started dating again. And as we all know the rest is history.

So what do you get the non-birtmother, but definitely mama to your adopted boys? It took me a long time to figure it out. I wanted something personal. She always starts crying when we get her gifts. She is so appreciative. It took her a while to get used to my money. She still struggles with it a lot because she doesn’t want anyone to ever think she’s with me just for my money. I know she’s not. We have all of her debts paid up. We got her a new car, her parents a new house and I’ve been helping out her brothers and sisters when needed. They are a great family. They are my family now and I feel like I need to take care of them. I still laugh when we meet up for lunch and she tries to grab the check. She makes good money but I don’t want my woman picking up the tab, ever. That’s my job. I just want her to enjoy her meal and tell me about her day.

I think the most important thing about our first mother’s day is that she knows how much I love her for taking care of my boys. She is getting more comfortable being alone with them now. At first she didn’t want to get in Sarah’s way. I told her Sarah knows when to take over. She is not shy about speaking up or jumping in. I pay her to care for them as if they are her own. She is perfect with them. I trust her with their lives. She loves them so much and they really love her too. You can tell. I have started to depend less on Sarah and more on my wife. That’s how it should be. We did have a smooth transition (of power Lol) but we have had a few small issues. All got talked about during our weekly family meeting. Everyone is calm and no one is in therapy. We handle our issues like adults. We blame someone else, tear into each other, and start yelling. Just kidding. We just talk it out. The part-time nannies are my wild ones and I do have to talk to them often about things. For the most part things have been going well. My wife and I still haven’t had our first fight. She monitors all of my social media accounts, my cellphone, and my texts. She trusts me because I have no reason to lie to her or anyone. I had an affair. I was led to believe I was with someone who was living a single life and wanting to leave. I was lied to a lot. It was a bad choice and I paid the price. I also waited for the right woman and the right time for me. I found my wife and she wouldn’t let me go. It’s been the best decision of my life. I’m so happy. I really love coming home every night.

I hope you all have big plans for Mother’s day. My mom died years ago. Her tragic ending was my new beginning. After her funeral I decided to change my life and leave Nebraska. Chicago was my restart and I really thought I would end up married years ago. God does not give up on you. I have learned that over the years. I gave up on myself a few times but I always came back to God and I know He will guide me to where I need to be. I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I have a long meeting after that so my day will be tied up. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I love ya’ll!

Chicago Mother’s Day Brunch Guide